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Get more done in less time, beat procrastination, start or stop any habit in less than 2 minutes a day!
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About This Course

Published 1/2016 English

Course Description

With this premium personal productivity training, you will:

  • Dramatically increase your productivity
  • Beat procrastination
  • Start or stop any habit in less than 2 minutes per day
  • Get organized effortlessly
  • Get in total control of your career and life
  • Get more done in less time while being happier and happier

This course is 3 in 1: It includes video, audio and e-book versions. It also includes two Meta-Habit templates.

The course is organized into 5 easy-to-learn modules:

  1. The Secrets of New Productivity
  2. The Meta-Habit™
  3. The Productiveness Framework™
  4. 33 Golden Nuggets of Productivity Wisdom
  5. 7 Productivity Power Tools

Each of the modules is further divided into individual lessons.

You can complete the course in a single week. It will have lasting effects on your productivity, career and well-being.

In the first module (Secrets of New Productivity), you will learn how to..

Work smarter, not harder! Get more done in less time, earn more money, be happier and relax. Win in life and business.

When you try to become productive, you simply try to work harder. But if you become meta-productive instead, you will start working smarter, and become more productive permanently.

The Meta Productivity approach is the next level of personal productivity. It's a stand-alone system of powerful techniques and insights. All to make you super-productive with the least effort possible.

Increasing your productivity is a huge opportunity. How would you like to be able to get two days’ worth of work in a single day?

Productivity can be your ultimate edge. Once you become efficient, other inefficient people would have to work 18-hour work days just to keep up with you.

In the second module - The Productiveness Framework™ - you will get organized and dramatically increase your productivity while decreasing stress and overtimes. You will also become more confident in your work, knowing that you are always doing exactly the right thing at the right time.

In the third module, you will master your habits with the simple Meta-Habit™ system. You already know what you would like to do… But doing it consistently is the problem.

Have you ever started a new habit, then took a break due to an ilnness or travel, then never resumed it again?

With the Meta-Habit™ system, you will be able to:

  • Successfully start new habits in less than 2 minutes a day
  • Break old negative habits
  • Be consistently successful with your habits with minimum effort

Whether you want to exercise regularly, get up sooner, or lose weight… with the Meta-Habit™ technique, you finally can!

The Meta-Habit™ system will become your new superpower for changing your life.

The 4th module will make you a wise productivity genius.

A single “AHA!” moment can make you glad you’ve read a book.

And in this module, you will likely get at least a dozen “AHA!” moments.

You will increase your awareness of productivity, efficiency and strategic thinking. You will also understand yourself better.

These newly gained insights will then help you to increase the results you are getting in life.

You will learn:

  • How to get into the flow state ("doing without doing").
  • Why productivity is ultimately emotional and how you can use that to your advantage
  • The 2 most important laws of productivity
  • How to make decisions faster, and how to pre-decide
  • How to get back on track ASAP when you have a bad day… without sabotaging yourself in the long run
  • How to get more willpower (willpower is a resource you are probably wasting every day)
  • How to access and use your motivation

And so much more! There are over 33 valuable insights in this module that you can immediately apply in your life to become more successful.

In the final bonus 5th module, you will get additional 7 productivity tools.

You will learn:

  • How to get started on an unpleasant task and have fun while doing it
  • The best thing you can do before taking a break
  • Which one common mistake (that no one talks about) you should avoid when using a to-do list
  • How to get unstuck in your work and life

And so much more! Meta Productivity is jam-packed with valuable information, tips and powerful systems.

What students say about this course:

Meta Productivity is absolutely enlightening.

Not only do the authors offer great advice, but they break down everything you need to do to boost your productivity - they've made it foolproof!

Since completing their training, I've restructured my life and found peace in my work.

- Krista C, USA

... your Meta Productivity training is like nothing else I have used before. My productivity and organisation has sky rocketed. Very happy.

- Paul T, Australia

What are the requirements?

  • You should have a piece of paper and a pen handy, or a Word processor
  • (OPTIONAL) A printer and two highlight markers of different colors

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Become super-productive
  • Beat procrastination
  • Start or stop any habit in less than 2 minutes a day
  • Get and stay organized effortlessly
  • Get more done in less time
  • Have more energy and joy in life
  • Learn how to become valuable and indispensable to others

Who is the target audience?

  • If you want to become more productive, stop procrastinating, and take the wheel of your life and career and reap all the rewards, then this course is for you!
  • If you are afraid you might get fired or fail in business, then this course is also for you! Once you learn how to become truly productive, you will be able to take your career to the next level.
  • If you want to have more time, peace of mind and happiness in life, this course will help! You will learn how to stop being overwhelmed, stressed, and exit the hamster-wheel of daily busywork choking you alive.

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Module 1 - The Secrets of New Productivity

The benefits and the structure of Meta Productivity training.


This short module will explain the difference between meta-productivity and productivity in order to explain what productivity really is.


Meta Productivity is the highest level of productivity.


There are many time management techniques and productivity methods that work. You've probably already tried some of them and you may have found many of them helpful.

But there is a problem with virtually all of them: they require a significant amount of self-discipline and willpower to work in the long-run.


The more things you've tried and failed, the less likely you are to give it your best shot when trying another new thing.


Before the information revolution, work was finite. It was usually clear when something was done and it was equally clear what needed to be done next.


In general, there is an infinite amount of work to be done.


Today’s world is fast-paced and complex. But that’s not the problem.

The real problem is that what needs to be done is often unclear.


Many people experience an endless cycle of "to-do list guilt." Whenever we work on something, we are not working on something else, and thus feel guilty. It's a trap - it doesn't matter what we pick!


To-do list guilt rarely travels alone; most times it has a loyal companion – decision paralysis.


To gain the maximum benefit from this training and to accelerate your learning, it's important not to skip this summary (as well as the summaries of the consequent modules).

Let's get started!

Section 2: Module 2 - The Meta-Habit

In this module, you will learn a very powerful method for managing your habits.


Nothing gives you more leverage in your personal productivity than habits.


Habits are stored learned routines that we perform regularly with little mental effort.


Because many of our habits have been formed unconsciously, we usually have more habits than we expect.


Low willpower, secondary benefits, and deeply ingrained habits. Are you ready to break your “shirt made of iron”?


There is one habit that trumps all the other habits.


The Meta-Habit™ helps you to take consistent action. While it seems like a simple tool, it’s very sophisticated – a lot is going on in the spreadsheet.


Imagine a big, complex maze with many valid possible paths to take. The maze represents our day.


Just the mere act of tracking your habits will lead you toward more consistent, successful action.


The Meta-Habit™ has built-in visual motivation.


The habit tracking, once you get used to it, won’t take you more than about 2 minutes per day.


Tracking your habits helps threefold in breaking bad habits.


Now that you know how the habit tracking works and why it’s so powerful, it’s time to make it work for you.


Decide which habits to track.


We’ve prepared Excel (XLSX) templates and Google Docs templates that you can use.


You will need to get some highlight markers: a green one and a red one. A third, neutral color – such as blue or yellow - might be also useful.


Filling the actual spreadsheet is a habit by itself – your most important one, in fact. It’s the Meta-Habit™.


Since the printed spreadsheet will last just a month, you will inevitably finish it one day. It is critical that on that very day, you print a new one.


Habits are one of the most powerful tools that we have for creating massive success in our life.


In the next module, Module 3, we will learn The Productiveness Framework™.

This framework is a powerful combination of several specific productivity habits and techniques that work very together in synergy.

Using your new power tool - the Meta-Habit™ - you will be able to implement these habits easily and successfully.

Section 3: Module 3 - The Productiveness Framework
About this module

I call this a "framework" because it helps you structure your day for optimal productivity. It's the "scaffolding" of your day.


Before we dig into the individual components of The Productiveness Framework™, starting with the Morning Ritual, let me quickly share one important insight with you.


Morning Ritual (MR) is a series of actions you take immediately after waking up. These actions can take anywhere from three minutes to several hours.


This tool/habit is essential for attaining peak productivity.


The Task Database is a backlog containing all the tasks you would like to do. It is essentially a set of organized to-do lists, ideas, and notes.

Organizing your Task Database
Summary of the “Task Database” habit

Goal List is the fourth element of the Productiveness Framework™.


Evening ritual is how you end your work day. It's a routine that stacks several techniques on top of one another and brings significant benefits. It's a time well spent with high ROI (return on investment).


It's great that we now know what the Productiveness Framework™ is, but until we've actually implemented it and started using it daily in our life, we haven't really learned that much.

Step 1: Create the Morning Ritual description document
Step 2: Create the Evening Ritual description document
Step 3: Create your Goal List
Step 4: Setup a Task Database
Step 5: Create a Daily Closed To-Do List for tomorrow

Because the Productiveness Framework™ is essentially a collection of five habits, you can use the Meta-Habit™ tracking spreadsheet (as described in Module 2 of this training) to put the framework to work in your life.


You’ve learned some very powerful productivity habits in this module and learned how to actually put them into action. Once you do, you will see your productivity soar!

Section 4: Module 4 - 33 Golden Nuggets of Productivity Wisdom

The main goal of this module is to help you think better about productivity. You will learn many new perspectives and mindsets here. This module aims to change the way you see the tactics and strategies of productivity.

What you learn here will directly support your productivity.


This module will provide you with so many useful perspectives on productivity that even if you only remember or apply a small part of them, you might be considered a productivity genius by others.


We are emotional creatures, even if we don’t like it or don’t want to be.


Have you ever thought about what exactly you care about? What do you value?


People who don’t care about what they do can never achieve great things.


Thinking upstream is about setting up conditions so the desired outcomes will happen almost automatically and inevitably.


By "worthy work", I mean work that's worthy of you.

You deserve worthy work. You should do worthy work.


Outcomes are the results you want. Tasks are the actions you take in order to achieve these results.


Flow is a state of the mind that you enter when you’re fully immersed in an activity.


In order to attain peak productivity, you need to be constantly optimizing and simplifying your life. Optimizing your life is impossible without a daily routine - therefore, establishing a routine in your life is crucial.

The Meta-Habit™ and Morning and Evening Rituals can provide you with a routine that you can keep improving.

#10 Seven random productivity tips

There is always an area of your life that you are already motivated to improve.


You get to choose your approach in life. Choose wisely.


If you’re creating value, don’t sit on it. Let it flow if at all possible.

#14 The law of diminishing returns

The rule is also called the “Pareto principle” (after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto).


Simplicity beats unnecessary complexity.


Our accomplishments should be celebrated. Celebrating your success allows you to step back and affirm that your work has meaning.


What is more important to you - your lifestyle or your work?

This is a trick question

#19 it’s written or forgotten
#20 It’s written or it’s haunting you
#21 Start with the worst

Making a decision is usually far better than making no decision and postponing it instead.


The easiest way to remove decisions from your life is to pre-decide them in advance so you always know what to do, and thus don't have to decide anymore.


Expected value (or “EV”) is a concept from probability theory. It’s extremely useful, because it can help you make better decisions in daily life.


You should always know what you’re currently focusing on in your life.


There are two kinds of focus - long-term focus and immediate focus. Both are critical to achieve our goals.

The immediate short-term focus is also called “attention.”


The grey zone is the biggest time-sucking black hole in our lives.


Let’s say that you want to dig a big hole in the ground. If you are persistent on the means and start digging the hole using a spoon, it will take you a year.


Think of willpower as the fuel you burn to keep yourself doing the right things.


You can’t be productive if you aren’t happy.

Happiness is an active choice.


Look at motivation as an emotion.

Like any other emotion, motivation is fleeting. It can’t last forever. To stay motivated, you need to repeatedly re-motivate yourself.


When I wake up and feel "off," the whole day might be a mere shadow of its usual potential.


In the Enneagram personality model, there are 9 types total. Most of them can experience great challenges when it comes to personal productivity.


This module increased your “productivity intelligence” – so now you have a higher awareness and deeper understanding of yourself and productivity.

Section 5: Module 5 - 7 Productivity Power Tools

Add the following tools to your personal “toolbox of success” and don’t hesitate to use them.


A countdown timer is a truly versatile tool.


Every time you re-evaluate a task, you are wasting time - this often happens with emails, bills, or tasks on a to-do list in general.


Music, when used as a productivity tool, can help you attain and maintain the flow state. In fact, you could call it a “flow hack” - music might be the last piece you’re missing to be able to get into the flow state regularly.


Even if you won’t be able to finish the task in the time you’ve available now, it might still be a good idea to start working on it.


By learning the following simple and proven technique, you will be able to greatly reduce procrastination. It allows you to remove inner friction and resistance.


If you want to start working on a difficult task quickly and effortlessly, this mental trick might be useful.


Thinking in writing is probably the single most powerful tool I've encountered in my life when it comes to evolving yourself, developing your awareness, and increasing your level of consciousness - in other words, becoming a better human being.

Summary of Module 5
Section 6: Meta Productivity Downloads
Audio book (MP3)

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Instructor Biography

Jiri Novotny, Personal Productivity Expert

Jiri Novotny is a personal productivity and human potential expert with over 11 years of experience.

He is the founder of Dextronet, makers of Swift To-Do List for Windows, a popular productivity software with over 1 million downloads worldwide. As a lead designer of Swift To-Do List, Jiri has received tens of thousands of emails with feedback from its users world-wide. This invaluable information has helped him understand personal productivity on a deep level.

Apart from this unique knowledge, Jiri has also extensively studied industry leaders such as David Allen, Peter Drucker, Michael Linenberger or Mark Forster.

He is author of 2 books on personal productivity, and numerous popular articles, some of them published on LifeHacker or Business Insider.

Meta Productivity is a culmination of his life's work.

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