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Men's Health - The Journey To Optimal Living

Master the unique health need of men to live an optimal life.
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Men have unique physiology and health needs that are often neglected.

Life is short - why not live an optimized life.

When it comes to men's health care issues, there is a lot of information around, but very few authoritative sources.

Usually when someone talks about men and their bodies, they talk about big muscles, getting ripped, and getting women. There might be some people who want that, but the vast majority of my patients & clients want to understand how to achieve optimal health.

What is optimal health?

  • Healthy body weight – Getting in shape without trying to be Mr. Universe
  • Heart health – Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure without prescriptions
  • Taking supplements – Knowing which supplements work and which to skip
  • Reducing inflammation – Preventing pain in joints and illnesses caused by cellular damage
  • Better sleep – Understanding how to sleep well so you can be alert and active
  • Improving gut health – A strong immune system and easy digestion are based on healthy eating and probiotics
  • Stress management – Managing your responses so that they don't manage you
  • Hair loss – Learning the reasons for and prevention of this common problem
  • Erectile dysfunction – Why you are struggling with something you couldn't stop for decades

All of these and many more men's health issues are covered in my course, The Optimal Living Program. It's all about mind and body health leading you to optimal energy, fitness, stamina, performance, and longevity.

3,300+ men have already joined the program, each getting the information they need to get healthy and stay healthy.

Who is the target audience?
  • Desire to improve health
  • Men who want to perform at their best
  • Curosity
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What Will I Learn?
Understand important mens' health issues
Better Health and Wellness
Learn what pitfalls to avoid
Improve performance
Understand how low testosterone can be dangerous
Which supplements to take and which to skip
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Curriculum For This Course
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Course Introduction
7 Lectures 17:47

Welcome to Men's Health 1.0. This lecture is a brief overview of the course and what you can expect. Remember that this course is designed for educational purposes only. Please watch the disclaimer video.

Preview 04:37

Mitchel Schwindt is a physician (M.D.), author, consultant, triathlete and will coach you through this course.

Preview 01:09

This course is grounded in science and research drawing on concepts from functional medicine, longevity and sports medicine. There is no hype. Watch the short video to learn why I created this course.

Preview 04:01

Contrast a typical health care encounter vs. using a different mindset and approach. This educational course provides the student with the inside knowledge to ask targeted questions and achieve results.

Preview 04:37

To reach your destination (health goals), you need to know where you are currently at. Complete this now and periodically to track your progress.

Men's Health Self-Assessment Tool
6 pages

Learn how to navigate the course to get the most from your learning experience.

Course Navigation

For this course I am your instructor / guide only. Please watch this short video explaining the purpose of this course.

Disclaimer - Watch This Please
How Do I?
1 Lecture 00:55

Introduction to the how-to module.

Preview 00:55
The True Role of T
5 Lectures 21:10

Do you have symptoms of low testosterone (Low T)??

Testosterone Self Quiz
1 page

10 common myths that can negatively impact mens health.

Preview 05:35

Andropause is real. This lecture explains the concept, symptoms and what to do about it.

Andropause = Menopause For Men

There are a variety of options for testing. Some controversy exists around which test is best. I share my thoughts and experience in this lecture.

Testing Options

This is a symptom quiz developed by the American Urologic Association. Take a moment and complete the quick quiz to see if you may have prostate issues.

I have added a link to a prostate cancer quiz also for you to compete.

Prostate Symptom Assessment - Prostate Cancer Assessment
1 page
Matters Of The Heart
3 Lectures 17:16

How much would you spend not to die?

Sort of a silly question, but it needs to be asked. Heart disease remains the top killer and unfortunately, the first sign of a problem for 50% of people is sudden cardiac death.

What if a quick test could find out if a problem is lurking in the shadows? 

This lecture discusses Cardiac Calcium scoring and what it could mean for you.

Preview 08:22

Cholesterol is more than just a simple number.

Many are ill informed about their cholesterol. I see it every day and it is disappointing. One doesn't fix a car by only listening to it and watching it drive but rather by lifting the hood and diving deep into the inside to discover the true problem.

Knowing the true numbers allows your health care professional to address the risk for heart attack and stroke. Don't let outdated tests determine your future.

Preview 05:04

This video covers 3 simple non-prescription techniques shown to decrease cholesterol. The goal is to reduce LDL and maintain or increase HDL.

Preview 03:50
Do This - Biohacking To Optimize Health & Performance
3 Lectures 12:30

Food is Medicine. In this lecture, we discuss how food can serve as medicine and prevent illness & disease.

Preview 10:15

The Power of C (hint: it's not vitamin C)
2 pages

Avoid This Bone Melting Drink

Contrary to popular advertising, cow's milk does not boost bone health.

I've shared the acidic nature of milk and how the body pulls calcium from bones to buffer the acid. You don't have to believe me, but read on if you want to avoid breaking your hip and dying prematurely.

The Facts About Milk

Researchers published data on 61,433 women and 45,339 men who they followed for 20 years and 11 years (males).

Women who drank 3 or more glasses of milk a day had a 60% increased risk of hip fracture and 16% risk for breaking any other bone.

1 glass of milk = 15% increased risk of death from heart disease

1 glass of milk = 7% increase risk of cancer

3 glasses of milk / day = 93% increased risk of death

For men, 3 glasses of milk a day increased the risk of dying by 10%

reference: BMJ 2014; 349 doi: (Published 28 October 2014)Cite this as: BMJ 2014;349:g6015. This was an observational study, but the data are certainly concerning and this is not the first time it has been presented that milk is not the panacea for bone health many believe.

Avoid This To Live Longer
Sexual Function
6 Lectures 39:38

This is an issue on a massive scale. 1 in 3 Men experience some form of sexual dysfunction. This section will explain the how and why, and share critical factors you need to know. 

Preview 11:39

Intro to ED, causes, treatment options including drugs, natural remedies and alternative therapies.

Erectile Dysfunction

Activity: Hey ADAM? Did You Do This Yet?
2 pages

Sorry for the misdirection, but I wanted to get your attention. I often hear my clients / patients/ athletes tell me they don't feel "x,y or z". So it must not be important, working or critical to health or performance. There are many hidden dangers and pitfalls that can be avoided if one knows where to look.

Roasted Nuts

Learn the issues around premature ejaculation and options for treatment.

Hold Your Horses - Premature Solutions

Sperm production and function are influenced by a variety of factors. This lecture explores the issues around sperm and what causes them to perform poorly.

Infertility - Poor Swimmers
Stress - A Worthy Adversary
5 Lectures 59:03

This module covers stress and its effects on the body. Stress management and adaptogens are covered in additional detail, including recommendations from functional and sports medicine research.

Stress Management

I sat down with anxiety expert, Linda Esposito, and dug deep into the issue. Listen in as she shares decades of wisdom on a topic I know most of you are faced with on a daily basis.

Anxiety and stress are unavoidable in daily life, but learning to deal with anxiety in a positive way creates a whole new reality.

A close friend of mine pointed out the only group of people who aren’t stressed and faced with anxiety –those already buried in the ground!

I got a lot out of our conversation and I’m sure you will as well.

Preview 13:25

Part II

I sat down with anxiety expert, Linda Esposito, and dug deep into the issue. Listen in as she shares decades of wisdom on a topic I know most of you are faced with on a daily basis.

Anxiety and stress are unavoidable in daily life, but learning to deal with anxiety in a positive way creates a whole new reality.

A close friend of mine pointed out the only group of people who aren’t stressed and faced with anxiety –those already buried in the ground!

I got a lot out of our conversation and I’m sure you will as well.

Defeat Anxiety Part II

Defeat Anxiety Part III

Sleep is a critical factor in establishing and maintaining health. Hormone production, including growth hormone and melatonin, require proper sleep. This section covers the use of melatonin and other sleep hygiene strategies to promote restful sleep.

Preview 08:24
Midcourse Check In
1 Lecture 01:06
The Mental Game
4 Lectures 03:13

It's easy to get wrapped up living the story someone else scripted for you. This lecture walks you through shifting your mindset to create the future you desire.

Writing The Next Chapter Of Your Life?
4 pages

Dr. Cuddy's work showed that posture affects hormone levels and stress. Adopting a power pose boosts testosterone by 20% and decreases the stress hormone cortisol by 25%.

Posture As A Weapon

Finding Calm
3 pages

This issue will be huge in health, medicine and society in the immediate future.

This Shade of Green Is Dangerous
Water Works - Prostate and More
2 Lectures 07:50
What's A Prostate?

What is a PSA and what can cause it to be elevated (besides cancer).

What About The PSA?
6 More Sections
About the Instructor
4.2 Average rating
71 Reviews
6,193 Students
6 Courses
Physician, author, consultant and triathlete.

Dr. Schwindt has been teaching live courses on a variety of topics and is passionate about life-long learning. His focus is on simplifying the entire process of learning and his conversational style of presentation helps students rapidly master the topics presented.

He is a published author and several of his books have reached the top spots in their respective categories. He also hosts two podcasts sharing his unique perspective on health, wellness and endurance sports.

Dr. Schwindt is board certified in Emergency Medicine and has a particular passion for the crossroads of medicine and technology. Dr. Schwindt has completed the fellowship curriculum for functional and sports medicine fellowship and finds joy in helping fellow athletes reach their potential and optimize their health. 

Contact him through the student question section or twitter (DrMitchelMD) he enjoys interacting with his students and helping students meet their goals.

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