Memory Skills Improvement
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Memory Skills Improvement

Memory Types, Mnemonics, PEGs, Memory Palaces, Exercises, Nutrition, Meditation, Poem and so on .. (with sub-titles)
4.2 (10 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,066 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop additional confidence in your memory skills.
  • Remember your day to day things better if you apply the tricks learnt in this course.
  • Perform better in your role as a student, company executive, housewife, a mentor or any profession you are in.
  • have proud that your brain surely better trained and is ready to deliver better performance all your life.
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  • You should be able to use a PC or Mobile along with internet
  • You must have a belief on yourself that you can make improvements in yourself

There is no knowledge without memory. Everyone actually has a vast memory provided by the nature. It is up to us in whatever best way we can sharpen it and use it to our advantage. Actually there is no way to improve memory, however there are tricks and ways to improve the skills bby which our memory can be utilised at its best. This course has been created after a lot of field research and references to articles. The experience of training thousands of learners also goes in. That it why it has many innovative topics like -

Course Contents:
- More than 40 Sessions with more than 2 hour of videos.
- Attached resource with exercise sheets.
- Detailed chart of Memory Pegs.
- Section Level Quizzes.
- Many practical exercises while doing the video based learning.
- Types of memory explained in detail.
- Fundamental concept for memory skills improvement like Belief, Attention, Visualization,
  Association, Absurdity, Story Making and Rehearsal etc.
- Important Improvement Drivers like Sleep, Exercise, Nutrition and Attitude.
- Most popular memory system like Mnemonic major system, visual peg system,
  journey/loci or memory palace method are all there.
- Innovative things like Memory meditation, Memory Poem and Memory pledge is there.
- Useful tricks for solving day to day memory problems.
- Aroma techniques for memory improvement.
- Memory Diseases and Drugs.  
- Ageing effects and how to cope with ageing memory issues.

About 2 hours of video classes and then about 2-3 hours of exercise will give you enough food for thought and be prepared to have great feel within your brain.

This course should be taken to:
- Be prepared for great memory skills
- Learn the tricks that will improve your mental performance in all spheres of life.
- Impress others that you truly have a great memory.
- To prepare yourself so that you can take more advanced courses and be prepared
  to have a champion like memory.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for anyone from a 10 year old child to 100 year old super seniors.
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Curriculum For This Course
41 Lectures
About Course, Some Myths and Scenarios
3 Lectures 07:34

Here I will introduce myself, this course and what you will learn in this course.

Preview 01:12

There are lot of myths about memory. Let us try to bust them in this section.

Preview 04:20

With the help of some experiments we will give you scenario based understanding of some concepts of memory.

Preview 02:02

Memory experiences quiz
4 questions
Understanding Memory
8 Lectures 22:38

This video just gives you the talking introduction about the section on 'Understanding Memory'.

Preview 00:40

A crisp explanation of what your memory is capable of performing. Will give your basics in a simple to understand way.

Capabilities of Memory

Here different type basis and types will be told to you. Details about each type will be dealt in subsequent sections.

Preview 02:22

The memory type classification based on retention period split-second, short or long is discussed here.

Sensory, Short Term and Long Term Memory

Memory types based on our five senses, phonological, visual, smell, touch and taste has been discussed here.

Phonological, Visuo-spatial and other senses

Sometime we classify based on content for example mathematical, sound, topography etc. All this has been explained here.

Content Type Based Memory

Based on recall of memory we classify as explicit and implicit memories. You will learn these types and also know about episodic, semantic, procedural and self priming memories.

Explicit and Implicit Memory

We can also define specific type of memory content as being related to the happenings in past and happenings that are planned for Future. Since this type works in the dimension of time, it is also referred as the temporal memory.

Past and Future Memory

This one is a quiz based on type basis and types of memory as you learn in section 2.

Understanding of memory quiz
4 questions
Concepts in Memory Improvement
8 Lectures 23:21

Here is a talking introduction in section on concepts of memory improvement.

Preview 00:34

Without belief no system works. Belief can change our brain chemistry in a positive way. How? Let us see in this section.


Any memory process starts with attention. How the process of attention actually works let us dig a little deeper here.


Most popular formula and probably the minimum requirement for memorization is association. Let us understand the concept of association in detail in this session.


The concept of making absurd images for better memorization was discovered hundreds of years ago. Let us know how it works with the help of relevant examples.

Preview 02:42

Any thing which is verbose is difficult to remember, while anything which is iconic and has an associated image or animation or episode is easily remembered. Let us get this point in its totality.


Making stories and episodes of anything will create a sharper picture in our mind. A good memory person always takes help of this concept.

Story making

Although rote learners do rehearsals, but it has its power in better retention when done with the right tricks in your bag. Let us look what is there in the bag.


This is a special quiz to check whether you got the concepts of memory rightly.

Memory improvements concepts quiz
4 questions
Memory Improvement Drivers
5 Lectures 19:52

A talking introduction of section on memory improvement drivers is given here.

Preview 00:14

Good skills of memorization is not possible without the right amount of sleep. Let us understand its importance in this section.

Right Sleep

Right nutrition for memory means selecting right foods and avoiding wrong foods. It is also important to have right timings to take the food. Learn all this in this session.

Right Nutrition

Physical exercise improves circulation of oxygen in the brain and induces hormones for better memorization. How and what of exercise can be learnt in this section.

Right Exercise

It is the attitude, which fulfills the need of belief as explined earlier. So attitude is one of the most important memory improvement drivers. Types of attitude and its effects can be learnt here.

Right Attitude

Memory improvements drivers quiz
4 questions
Memory Systems
6 Lectures 33:37

This video just gives you the talking introduction about the section on different memory Systems like Mnemonic major system, PEG System or Journey Method etc..

Preview 00:30

Mnemonics are used to make associations in the memory. There are various type of methods to form this association actively. Learn about these types such as based on senses, based on creativity, based on memory paths etc.

Mnemonic Systems

Mnemonic major system is based on the works of Major Beniowski, which was further enhanced by Pierre Hérigone and Harry Loyrane has been discussed here.

Mnemonic major for numbers

Here is a system to define Visual Pegs that are either shape based or rhyme based and using such a system to remember numbers.

Mnemonic visual pegs for numbers memory

Using visual PEGs for remembering lists with formation of story has been explained in this session. 

Visual pegs for lists memory

The most famous system for remembering list which is used by champions is this system which is referred by different names such as journey method, loci method or memory palace method. It is explained here with a simple example.

Journey, Loci or Memory Palace method

Memory Systems Quiz
4 questions
Practical Implications and Frills
11 Lectures 30:13

Here is a video introduction to practical implications and frills section.

Preview 00:39

Problems like forgetting the key, forgetting invitation dates, forgetting to wish someone have been discussed here. Suitable methods to get rid of such problems have been suggested.

Preview 08:04

Being an practicing aromatherapist, I also wanted to give to additional help regarding how aromatherapy can also help you keep your memory in good order.

Aroma for memory

Information about most common memory diseases and the drugs in market has been provided in this session.

Memory diseases and drugs

There is some modern research related to ageing effects on memory. Knowledge about this research can help you take actions to reduce the impact of age on memory. Know about these researches in this session.

Ageing effects on memory

A discussion related to your expectations and to guide you about not overusing the tricks is given here.

Practical and philosophical aspects

This is most unique session that will give you a way to remember memory tricks with the help of a poem.

Memory poem

Here is a specially designed guided meditation which you can perform along with the instructions.

Memory meditation

Here is a pledge or promise you make to yourself after learning from this course.

Memory pledge

Some useful reference links have been provided in this session.

Organisations and articles references

Some discount promises, websites to join and other bonus information is given here.

Bonus Lecture

Practical Implications Quiz
4 questions
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