Meditation for Racing Minds
4.7 (19 ratings)
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65 students enrolled
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Meditation for Racing Minds

A natural approach to meditation: It's easier than you think!
4.7 (19 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
65 students enrolled
Last updated 3/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Develop a meditation practice that is natural and instinctive and easy to implement into their busy days.
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  • Students need to be curious about a modern approach to meditation that takes into account their racing mind and busy schedule.

In "Meditation for Racing Minds," you will learn how to be gentle with yourself as you navigate the complexities of your active brain when you try to rest in meditation. This approach will quickly have you reaping the benefits of meditation, without putting more demands on your already precious time!  If the traditional approach to meditation leaves you feeling stressed, then this course is for you! As a certified meditation coach, outdoor enthusiast, and former Biology educator, I'll bring all of my experience together in this course and teach you how to meditate in an easy, natural way, and show you how to bring more nature into your meditation and your everyday life. This user friendly approach will change how you think about meditation!  You'll be given a set of seven meditation skills and then practice using each of those skills with guided meditations, nature videos, and challenges to explore on your own. You'll learn an approach to meditation you can use in your formal practice times as well as spontaneous moments during your day.  Take the strategies you'll learn here and start meditating on your own right away. 

Who is the target audience?
  • The target student for this course is someone who is totally new to meditation or who has tried meditation and stopped in frustration because they felt they couldn't do it or stop their racing thoughts.
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Permission to Rest
6 Lectures 15:53

In this welcome video you'll learn all the different things you can meditate upon. Once you understand that when you pay attention to something you love in meditation, such as the beauty of nature, triggering the relaxation response is easy! 

Preview 01:59

Once you watch this lecture, you'll understand how important it is to give yourself permission to rest, even for a minute.  Overcoming our cultural mindset of always being on the go will make such a difference in your meditation and in your day.

Preview 04:53

In this first guided meditation, you'll practice giving yourself permission to rest. Once you feel that empowering decision to rest, you'll incorporate it easily before all meditations and during the course of your day as mini-breaks. 

Preview 02:55

In each step of this course, I give you a one minute nature video with which you can practice your new skill. During testing of this course, so many people wanted the story behind the nature video and a reminder of the skill to be practiced. Here's the story behind the sunset meditation video I took at my house.

Preview 00:54

Practice giving yourself permission to rest in this one minute nature meditation. Studies have shown even when you can't get out in nature, looking at a picture or a video or spending time with a memory of being outdoors can have positive benefits. Give it a try! 

Lake Carey Sunset Nature Meditation

Each section will have a challenge video like this where you will be given specific ideas of how to practice the meditation skill described. This is just a starting point for you, be willing to explore meditation opportunities to fit you and your personality! 

Exploring Permission to Rest
Welcoming All
5 Lectures 17:21

In this lesson, you'll learn how nurturing it is to welcome all parts of yourself to your meditation. This concept may be different then what you've come to believe about meditation. This course busts the myths and stereotypes of meditation and makes it more friendly and accessible for people living a complex Western life. Give it a try and let me know what you think! 

Step # 2 Welcoming All

In this guided meditation, you'll practice welcoming all parts of yourself during meditation, an important skill to accept before going further in your practice. 

Welcome All Guided Meditation

In this short lesson, you will learn the story behind the relaxing waves in the Point Lobos Nature video. You'll also be reminded that while your watching the waves, welcome the rest of your experience as well.. thoughts, feelings, and emotions. 

The Story Behind the Point Lobos Video

Come sit by the water with me in California and welcome all that arises in this mini-meditation. Maybe you'll be inspired to linger with something in nature that you come across in your daily life.

Point Lobos Nature Meditation

In this challenge video, explore why welcoming your thoughts makes meditation easier.

Exploring a Welcoming Approach
Open Your Senses
5 Lectures 23:15

If meditation is resting in awareness, then you'll learn how important it is to both your inner and outer worlds to explore your senses for a richer experience. 

Step # 3 Open Your Senses

In this lesson, you'll go through a guided meditation where you awaken and explore each sense. Both life and meditation are richer when you are more present to what you are experiencing.

Open Your Senses Guided Meditation

In this lesson, learn how I came upon the stream in the redwood canyon and decided to sit for a while. Learning to linger with what you love, with your senses alert will help your meditation and your everyday enjoyment of life.

The Story Behind the Redwood Canyon Stream

In this nature meditation, practice opening your senses & feel yourself sitting in the stream with me! A few moments of resting with your senses wide open can calm you and give you more mental clarity when you continue your day.

Redwood Canyon Stream Nature Meditation

In this challenge, consider all the ways you can open your senses in totally enjoyable ways. Give yourself permission to take pleasure in your senses. In doing so, you'll be more alert to your everyday surroundings and more alert in your meditation. 

Exploring Opening the Senses
Speak Nicely to Yourself
5 Lectures 21:18

In this lesson, you'll learn how being nice to yourself in meditation will keep you coming back for more! Many meditators are so tough on themselves, they often stop in frustration. Consider being nice to yourself like you would when spending time with a dear friend.

Step # 4 Speak Nicely to Yourself

In this lesson you'll be guided through a breathing meditation that is gentle and empowering.

Guided Meditation on Breathing

Learn the story behind the Pacific Grove nature video and be reminded that there are no rules for you to follow when you meditate.

Lecture 19 The Story Behind the Pacific Grove Waves

In this nature meditation, practice speaking nicely to yourself. There's no wrong way to spend time in nature, simply rest in awareness and be gentle with yourself.

Pacific Grove Nature Meditation

In this lesson, you'll be encourage to seek out meditative moments during the day where you can practice the skills you are picking up in this course. Each exercise is simple, yet profound in the effect it can have on your mind, body, and spirit! 

Exploring Being Tender with Yourself
An Effortless Approach
5 Lectures 25:58

In this lecture, you'll learn why meditation can feel effortless, if approached the right way!  

Step # 5 An Effortless Approach

Learn how to combine opening your senses with a favorite memory. The past will be brought into the present and you'll benefit from being in the positive experience once again. 

Guided Meditation: No Sense of Effort

In this lesson, you'll learn how I came to video the Carmel River and you'll be reminded to go with the flow in your meditation. 

The Story Behind the Carmel River Video

In this nature meditation, you'll learn to welcome the flow of meditation with great ease. Working hard in meditation only leads to resistance. Instead, as you spend time with the Carmel River, be at great ease and let this carry over into your regular meditation. 

Carmel River Nature Meditation

In this set of challenges, you'll consider ways to explore being in your day to day world with a greater sense of ease. You'll see that taking advantageous of meditative moments can be as rewarding as your formal meditation practice. 

Exploring an Effortless Approach
Be Willing to be Surprised
5 Lectures 19:12

In this lesson, you'll discover how being open to being surprised will enrich your experience. You'll learn that you can have intentions for your meditation, but it's important to drop any expectations.

Step #6 Be Willing to be Surprised

In this guided meditation, you'll bask in the feeling of gratitude and experience the normal, fluctuating rhythms of meditation. 

Guided Meditation: Gratitude

In this short video, learn how I came to video a snowfall while away on a family reunion. Be open to taking delight in nature in normal places close to home! 

The Story Behind the Surprise Spring Snow

In this nature meditation, join me for a brief rest while watching a spring snowfall. Be open to being surprised and delighted. Meditation is definitely not monotone! 

Surprise Spring Snow Nature Meditation

After watching this challenge video, you'll be ready to explore ways to be delighted, to experience child-like wonder, in everyday moments, enriching your life.

Exploring Being Surprised
Use a Wide Open Embrace
5 Lectures 17:58

In this lecture, you'll learn that you can approach meditation with the same attitude you have when spending quality time in nature.  Take it all in! 

Step # 7 Use a Wide Open Embrace

In this guided meditation, explore a sense of expansion and spaciousness. This is another skill that will help you develop a strong foundation to your meditation practice. 

Guided Meditation on Spaciousness

In this video on the sequoias, learn how a sense of wonder in nature and being open to a full body experience in the outdoors is such a great meditative tool. 

The Story Behind Walking Around the Sequoias

In this short nature meditation, explore the grandeur and spaciousness of the sequoias with me. Then bring that same sense of spaciousness into your regular meditations.

Walking Around the Sequoias Nature Meditation

In this challenge video, you'll learn to combine all 7 skills when in meditative moments. Once you understand this approach, your meditations will never be the same! 

Exploring a Wide Open Embrace
Course Summary
1 Lecture 03:29

In this lesson, we'll review the 7 skills or strategies that help you to meditate with a racing mind by welcoming everything in a very easy way, just like you do when you spend time in nature. 

Course Summary
About the Instructor
Bernadette Kozlowski
4.7 Average rating
19 Reviews
65 Students
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Certified Meditation Coach

Bernadette Kozlowski RYT-200 is a certified meditation coach who works with clients around the US. With a master's degree in Biology, she enjoys bringing the science of meditation to her classes. Bernadette works with students in-person, on the phone, through Skype or FaceTime, and through workshops and retreats. An educator for 25 years, she brings a welcoming teaching style to her course. Bernadette is especially noted for her ability to help people who have struggled with racing thoughts in meditation and who don't have a lot of time but want the benefits of a regular meditation practice that fits into their busy lifestyle. Bernadette continues to train under Lorin Roche, PhD, and Camille Maurine of Pranava Meditation School in Marina Del Rey, California.