Meditation for Beginners. Feel Happier, Healthier, Clearer.
4.7 (3 ratings)
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34 students enrolled
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Meditation for Beginners. Feel Happier, Healthier, Clearer.

A variety of guided meditations to improve your physical and mental health. Sleep, energy, clarity, mood can improve.
4.7 (3 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
34 students enrolled
Created by Rebecca Allen
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Enjoy an array of health benefits from day one : Improved sleep, energy levels, peace of mind, balanced hormones, normalised blood pressure, reduction in stress hormones, better memory, clarity, and a general feeling of wellbeing.
  • Learn seven different ways to meditate.
  • Learn how to sit or lie down in alignment for meditation so that energy can flow freely and maximise the benefits for you.
  • Create a space in which you can meditate.
  • Dedicate and commit to a daily time for meditation.
  • Learn how to embed your meditation as a habit into your daily life.
  • Bring the benefits of meditation off your mat, out into your world and positively influence the outcome of challenging situations.
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  • You will need your body and five minutes per day. That's it.
  • If you wish you can also include a good quality incense stick (eg nag champa), a yoga mat if you'd like to lie on the floor (but a bed is fine), cushions or yoga blocks if sitting on a mat, a blanket to wrap up cosy if its chilly, a candle can be nice.

This course is for you if you feel a bit knocked off centre, find it difficult to get to sleep or wake up during the night, can't switch off your racing mind, feel panicked and/or fatigued, difficulty concentrating or have a lack patience with your loved ones. It's also for you if you are on a path to connect deeper with your true self. Meditation is a wonderful tool for revealing reality and making space for personal growth and development as a result.

Meditation can help to support your journey of healing or self development, sometimes straight away. The more you practice the better you'll feel and the easier it will become to deal with lifes challenges as they arise. Once meditation is embedded as a habit in your daily life, you'll have the added bonus of knowing that you have invested in an effective tool to deal with stress ... even just knowing that fact is comforting.

In this course you will learn a variety of meditation tools so that you can return to a sense of peace and clarity. Try all the meditations, there's bound to be a couple of approaches that you'll warm to.

Activate your inner peaceful warrior, confidently take your place in this moment, reconnect your body and mind, let go of stress held in your body and navigate peacefully through your thoughts and challenges and come home to your 'self'. What you learn during meditation practice can be applied to daily life situations, love and business, giving you a sense of confidence to deal with what life brings.

Materials included in this course :

  • Guided meditation videos.
  • Meditations are also provided in audio download format.
  • Seven different meditation techniques, something to suit everyone.
  • Suggestions for embedding the practice into your life.
  • Guidance with setting up your meditation space.
  • Continued support with your meditation questions.

A selection of 2 or 3 minute guided meditations are given. I suggest you work through them in chronological order, one per day. You can repeat the same meditation several times a day if you wish or do the meditation without the guidance to increase your meditation time.

Once all the meditations have been completed continue every day to embed the practice into your life habits.

Repetition, discipline and embedding meditation into your daily life practice is how it becomes a trusted tool in difficult times.

How long to complete this course
There are 7 guided meditations. I suggest to do one per day and then repeat until you have done 21 days of meditation practice. 21 days allows the development of a new habit. After this you can meditate alone, or source longer guided meditations.

Who is the target audience?
  • You SHOULD do this course if you are feeling overwhelmed, low in energy or facing into a live challenge.
  • You SHOULD do this course if you'd like to bring back sparkle and light.
  • You SHOULD DO this course if you feel anxious, nervous or fearful.
  • You SHOULD do this course if you'd like to experience an enhanced feeling of general wellbeing.
  • You SHOULD do this course if you have trouble getting to sleep, or wake up anxious during the night and have trouble getting back to sleep.
  • You SHOULD DO this course if you would like to utilise complimentary holistic health methods to enhance your regular medical health practitioners advice.
  • You SHOULD do this course if you like courses that continue to be updated and become more valuable over time.
  • You SHOULD do this course if you like the opportunity to interact with your tutor and ask questions. I'll always reply
  • You SHOULD do this course if you think you can't meditate.
  • You SHOULD NOT do this course if your health care provider advises against it.
  • You SHOULD NOT do this course if you aren't willing to dedicate 5 minutes per day to meditation. You can find five minutes :)
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Curriculum For This Course
Welcome To Your Meditation Course
2 Lectures 04:10

Hello and a very very warm welcome. I'm so delighted you are here and I look forward to introducing you to the joy of meditation. I hope it will have the same positive life changing impact on your life that it has had on mine. It will help you to feel calm and clear, navigate through challenges in a more positive way, learn from your experiences in life, feel more compassionate towards yourself and others, and generally enhance your physical and mental wellbeing.

These guided meditations are just two or three minutes long but they'll make a huge difference to your life. You'll also find audio downloads of each video in the resources section for each meditation so you can listen to your meditation on any device.


Preview 03:13

Lets remind ourselves of some of the many benefits you can expect from committing yourself to a daily meditation practice. HUGE incentive, yes?

Commit now to one 3 minute session per day. Two sessions are even better.

The secrets to success are -

  • Repetition
  • Discipline
  • Repetition (see what I did there!)
  • Practice

To embed your practice so that the benefits filter throughout your life, on and off your meditation mat, try to commit to meditating daily.

Did I mention ... it's ok for your mind to wander. This will happen. It doesn't mean you can't meditate. As soon as you notice your mind has wandered gently bring your focus back to the meditation, and this is important ... without giving yourself a hard time that your mind wandered.

Benefits of Meditation
Preparing To Meditate
3 Lectures 08:25

How to sit in alignment on a chair for meditation. This is important to provide space for breath and energy to flow freely during your meditation. The correct alignment also helps to improve your posture and maintain the position in comfort for the duration of your meditation. Make sure you are seated correctly to ensure you are not distracted by discomfort.

If you find sitting a strain then lying down might be a better option. The advantage to a sitting posture is you are less likely to fall asleep, but if you are meditating at bedtime, this can be a good thing!

Alignment of -
The feet.
Knees and upper leg.
Spine, neck and head.
Placement of hands and arms.

Preview 02:31

How to align and support your body lying on a yoga mat or bed for meditation. The golden rule is, be 100% comfortable.

This can be the best option if you find the sitting postures uncomfortable to hold for the duration of your meditation. Just keep in mind that meditating is a 'letting go' of your physical body but your mind stays alert and focused. You are most likely to fall asleep if you choose lying down for meditation. If you persistently fall asleep while trying to meditate it's a sign you aren't getting enough sleep at night. Try to get more sleep, magically, meditation will help you with that. Do your best to stay awake until the end of your meditation and if you're in bed ready for sleep afterwards, its a great way to ease into sleep at the end of meditating.

Alignment of -
Feet and legs.
Neck and head.
Hands and arms.
Placement of support pillows, blocks or bolsters.

Lying On The Floor

Various options for sitting in alignment on the floor for meditation.
Sitting on the floor is a great option for shorter meditations and for longer durations as long as you can maintain the posture.

Advantages of sitting on the floor -
  • Being in contact with the Earth helps you to feel very grounded.
  • The Earth provides a very nurturing and natural foundation to rise up from through your spine and upper body.
  • As you sit you are building core strength through your back and stomach muscles.
  • As you sit you are opening the hips and pelvis, wonderful for free energy flow to channel all those meditation benefits throughout your body.
  • You won't fall asleep so stay engaged with meditation.

If you find it difficult to maintain the sitting posture, try the lying down or sitting on a chair version. Slowly build strength for sitting over time.

In fact, the Sutras say that the purpose of Yoga is to build our physical strength in order to be able to sit for long periods for meditation. This is because meditation will calm the thoughtwaves, allowing us to see clearly our true self within, without distortion. This reality is Enlightenment ... but we're not quite there yet. We are at 'how to sit', for now :)

Floor Sitting Variations -
  • Legs in front.
  • Lower legs crossed at the shins.
  • Easy cross legged pose.
Preview 05:07
Meditation Practices
14 Lectures 31:09

In This Lecture -

  • How to observe your breath with a focus on the nostrils.
  • What to expect.
  • What to do when your mind wanders.
  • Invitation to share questions in the discussion section.
  • Invitation to share any immediate benefits you experienced.
Observing Your Breath - The Nostrils. Guidelines.

Fully guided meditation of the Nostril Breath with an audio download option.

Observing Your Breath - Nostrils. Guided Meditation.

How to observe your breath with a focus on your Ribcage.

You will -
  • Explore the movement with great attention to detail.
  • Stay fully into the present moment.
  • Enhanced awareness of where your mind wanders to.
  • Where you are holding stress in your body?
  • Simply becoming an observer of what is.
  • Acceptance without judgement.
  • Invitation to leave any comments, observations or questions in the discussion area.
Observing Your Breath - The Ribcage. Guidelines.

Observe your breath fully guided meditation with audio download option.

Preview 03:20

In This Lecture -

  • Guidance on how to focus on the in and out breath with a counting system.
  • How to gently extend the out breath for deep relaxation.
  • Triggering the relaxation response.
  • Breath count for sleep.
  • Reflect on the benefits you are feeling so far.
  • Invitation to continue posting your observations, queries, questions and suggestions in the discussion box.

Counting the Breath Guidelines

Fully guided meditation for Counting The Breath method and an audio download option.

Counting The Breath Guided Video Meditation

In This Lecture -

  • Finding meditation difficult? Mantra could be the one for you to stay more focused.
  • Todays Mantra.
  • Keep coming back, enjoy the process.
  • Invitation to post any questions over in the discussion.
Using a Mantra Guidelines

Fully guided Mantra meditation with an audio download option.

Using A Mantra Guided Video Meditation.

In This Lecture -

  • Deeeep relaxation with my personal favourite method of meditation.
  • How to feel the breath in your belly.
  • Releasing and emotional physical tensions.
  • Invitation to let me know how you get on in the discussion area.
  • Which has been your favourite meditation method so far?
The Belly Breath Guidelines.

Fully guided meditation for the Belly Breath, or Full Yoga Breath with an audio download option.

The Belly Breath Guided Meditation Video

Lets use the Five Senses.

The Five Senses. Guidelines.

Guided meditation for the five senses.

The Five Senses Guided Meditation Video.

Where to find The Gap in your meditation.

The Gap. Guidelines.

Guided meditation to observe 'The Gap'.

The Gap Guided Meditation Video.
Developing Your Practice
2 Lectures 02:20
Bringing meditation off your mat and into your day

Embedding a daily practice
Closing Ceremony
2 Lectures 00:51
Farewell & Thank you

Bonus Lecture : Support Group & Future Courses
About the Instructor
Rebecca Allen
4.7 Average rating
3 Reviews
34 Students
1 Course
Meditation Coach, Yoga Teacher & Shiatsu Therapist.

Meditation Can Change Your Life
Reduce stress, sleep better, balance hormone levels and blood pressure. Develop an enhanced sense of wellbeing and manage challenges confidently.

How Meditation Changed My Life
I first discovered meditation at the age of 12 when I was intrigued by a leaflet on the subject. My parents had separated and meditation helped me to find a sense of peace and understanding about it. I remember that the calm I experienced was such a relief.

I returned to meditation time and time again throughout my life. It helped me to keep an even keel when both my parents were ill and passed from cancer. It saved me when my marriage broke down.

In the last five years I have embedded meditation as a daily practice. Both my Shiatsu and Yoga Teacher courses included meditation which reaffirmed my beliefs in it's potential to support and heal.

Meditation has made such a huge difference, the unmanageable has become manageable, confusion has been replaced with clarity, pain has evolved to joy, isolation is now connection. I have travelled well through emotional storms.

Find Your Sparkle
I want others to have the opportunity to experience the benefits of meditation. I want others to have the power of meditation percolate throughout their lives and the lives of those around them.

I feel that we can all benefit by rekindling our sparkle. To do this search inside, look into your heart. Use meditation as a way to calm the ripples on the pond, so you can see clearly into the depths and reveal your true self.

Meditation is simple, yet powerful and is accessible to all.

I am still journeying, still learning. Journey with me?

Environmental Science, Honours BSc 1994
Marine Science, MSc 1997
Reiki I 2003
Shiatsu Massage Dip 2012
Holistic Massage 2013
Coaching 2013
Yoga Teacher Training 2014 (200)
Pregnancy Yoga Training 2015

The Daily Me!
I live in rural Ireland with my daughters. As a busy Mum and business owner I make sure to find time for fun, adventures, my own yoga, meditation and eating as wholesomely as possible. I adore home grown and home made food, foraged wild foods, smoothies, juices. I've a hot passion for homemade probiotic food and drink too. I like to draw and paint with watercolours, I find it very therapeutic. I do enjoy a glass of fine red wine, an excellent bar of raw dark chocolate and toasting my toes by the wood fire, cuddled up with the kids.