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About This Course

Published 1/2015 English

Course Description

Learn the tools to change your financial situation and the life practices that will create greater happiness and gratitude in your life.

Prosperity Consciousness is a powerful energy that exists inside you that, once you choose to unleash, can create unlimited possibility, maximise your wealth, and totally transform your life.

This is what can create a wealthy and happy life rather than one of frustration and lack.

This easy-to-follow course contains the keys to generating true wealth; tools you can use to free yourself from limiting beliefs about money and simple tips on how to expand your wealth and prosperity consciousness. These tools will be with you for the rest of your life.

During this course you will discover:

1. What needs to change for you to maximize your wealth

2. How to shift your focus from Scarcity to Prosperity and wealth generation

3. How to receive money in a totally different way that generates wealth

4. How to transform your relationship with money

5. How to cultivate curiosity that opens up wealth possibilities you have been refusing to acknowledge

Life Changing Practices to Maximize your Wealth

The extraordinary tools, practices and insights contained in this course will facilitate expansion of your prosperity consciousness and set in motion a whole new way of being and living with awareness and with money and wealth.

The aim of this 'Maximizing Wealth' course is to help you awaken and unleash the power of consciousness over money. Along the way, this course will assist you to explore how and why you diminish your prosperity consciousness, so that you can understand, and then let go of, the lies that keep you trapped in a scarcity paradigm.

Content and Overview

Suitable for those who want a different way of being with money and wealth, through this course of 21 lectures, you will learn how to expand your consciousness around money and change your points of view so you can start to generate wealth dynamically. Starting with exploring what points of view you have that are sabotaging your prosperity, the course moves on to how to fine tune your willingness to receive wealth, using the secrets of generosity of spirit and gratitude, and the power of curiosity and being the question for wealth generation.

Once these have been practiced with a series of tools and techniques, the course will take you through a series of practical tools to assist in changing your life and finances to one of prosperity.

Students completing the course will have the knowledge and insights to change their financial reality.

Complete with quizzes and extra materials, you will be able to work alongside the authors to explore and change your points of view about wealth, money and prosperity so that this reality can start to work for you.

What are the requirements?

  • Students must be willing to change their points of view that are limiting their wealth, and be willing to change how they interact with money.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Change your point of view about money, wealth and prosperity so you can start to generate true wealth
  • Receive money in a totally different way that generates wealth
  • Ask questions that open up otherwise hidden wealth possibilities
  • Rid yourself of your scarcity mindset so you can start to generate wealth dynamically

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is for those who want a different way of being with money and wealth, one that is prosperous, open to possibilities, and provides revenue and wealth in ways they have never considered. This course is not for those people who want get-rich-quick schemes where they have to change nothing.

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Section 1: Money and Consciousness

You might learn everything about investment schemes, financial strategies, real estate investment, and the top secrets of high finance, but if your awareness, or consciousness, concerning money is based on the scarcity paradigm, then you will never have the sense that you have enough money.

Moreover, if somehow you are able to acquire a lot of money, you most likely will not appreciate it and, in all probability, will not be able to retain it! The good news is that you can choose to cultivate and expand your consciousness to create success and abundance. This is what we call prosperity consciousness.


Expand Your Consciousness around Money

This lecture is based on Chapter 1 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.'

Your consciousness sets up the foundation for the way you create your life. Your state of "Being" is the way you perceive and feel about yourself at any point in time. If you live from a place of Prosperity Consciousness and no judgment, you have freedom and you can receive unlimited wealth.

Money and Consciousness

Your consciousness always determines your condition and circumstance.

Your own awareness and consciousness are, at the end of the day, the most impressive asset that you own and they operate every day successfully.

Look at your life right now: Are you already functioning in that space of ongoing continuous abundance?

  1. Is your life enough for you? ... Are you joyful and exuberant? If the answer is no, what would have to change?....What would it take for that to show up?
  2. What have you decided is not possible, that is truly possible, that if you allowed it, would change your reality?

There is no point embarking on wealth creation if you don’t believe that it is truly possible for you to become wealthy.


The difference between a person who has a prosperity mindset and a scarcity mindset is much more than how much money they make or have. The difference is found in their consciousness and awareness.

3 questions

Discover the limiting viewpoints out of which you have created your life.

Section 2: Developing Mastery

Learn to Receive Wealth. This lecture is based on Chapter 2 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.'

Money is actually easy to attract. There is and always has been an abundance of money and resources - a never-ending supply. It is only your unwillingness to receive that makes these things hard to obtain.

Life is abundant if you are willing to receive it

In order to create any kind of limitation, you have to cut off your receiving. Whatever you are unwilling to receive creates a limitation of what you can create in your life.

If you are experiencing a limitation or difficulty in your life, whether it has to do with work, family, relationships with clients or business dealings, there has to be something that you are not willing to receive. What you have decided you can't receive limits, what you can have.

When you notice that you feel contracted and limited, make it a practice to become more receptive and vigilant. Catch yourself in the act of resisting or reacting to something and ask yourself this question: ‘What am I unwilling to receive here?’

Asking yourself ‘What am I unwilling to receive here?’ will allow you to become more aware of your fixed points of view about your reality.

Being open and willing to receive everything with gratitude and without judgment will allow you to expand your awareness and ability and to access limitless possibilities beyond your previous experience.


The amount of money you have created in your life is in proportion to the willingness or unwillingness to receive it. is never the problem. The problem is your unwillingness to receive, which is a by‐product of the way you think about money or about yourself.

4 questions

Money is actually easy to attract. There is an abundance of money and resources - a never-ending supply. It is only unwillingness to receive that makes these things hard to obtain.


There is no limit to gifting. This lecture is based on Chapter 3 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' This world is operating based on the practice of give‐and‐take instead of Gifting and Receiving. It’s a point of view that says, ‘I give you this, then you must give me that’. It’s an exchange modality.

Gifting and Receiving is a state of generosity of spirit.

The more generosity of spirit you have for the others, the more abundance and miracles you will be willing to receive in return.

Most people have been programmed to believe there has to be an exchange for everything that is given or taken. They give with the expectation of receiving something in return: ‘I’m going to give you this, but I expect something in return.’ This is the give‐and‐take program, which the vast majority of people engage in daily. When you engage in give‐and‐take, it creates obligation, expectation, projection, judgment, separation, and rejection.

The difference between ‘Gifting’ and ‘Giving’.

'Giving' drains energy, 'Gifting' accumulates energy. Giving creates separation and obligation. Gifting leads to connectedness. Why not stop subtle energy leaks in your life by turning your ‘Give‐and‐Take program’ into ‘Gifting and Receiving’

When you engage in Gifting and Receiving you allow your energy to be open and flowing in every area of your life. Life will always be a miracle.


You have to be able to receive in order to gift. You have to gift in order to receive. This world is operating based on the practice of give‐and‐take instead of Gifting and Receiving. It’s a point of view that says, ‘I give you this, then you must give me that’. It’s an exchange modality.


Just being grateful for everything. This lecture is based on Chapter 4 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' Gratitude is the place in which we are grateful for everything that we are, and everything that we have, with no judgment.

Gratitude is a way of celebrating the rightness of whatever is in your life and creating more space for infinite possibilities to come your way. When you live from a place of gratitude and willingness to receive everything without judgment, you have infinite choice.

It is impossible to be prosperous without a willingness to receive with gratitude. Gratitude is about receiving, and receiving is about gratitude. Gratitude goes hand in hand with Prosperity Consciousness.

To expand your mastery of Prosperity Consciousness you can begin by being grateful for what you have in your life. You can be grateful for the strength and vision you have right now without depending on meeting certain goals to give that feeling to you.Whatever you appreciate and are grateful for will increase in your life.


Living with gratitude involves living with no resistance. It is about remaining constantly open, vulnerable, and unresisting to any energy. It is about totally being and embodying gratitude. Gratitude is not just a response to attaining something we desire or expect; it is a state of being. It is a part of who we are in every moment.


Questions open up new possibilities. This lecture is based on Chapter 5 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' The question generates an incredible powerful attracting energy to bring you the people, circumstances, and opportunity you desire in life. When you live in the question, infinite possibilities are available.

When you are being curious and being the question, then there is no conclusion possible . . . . .. infinite possibilities are available. A question allows you to expand your zone of awareness and see beyond conventional concepts. When you live as the question you can’t ever make a conclusion.

A question creates the possibilities of things, not the limitations.

  1. It allows you to see beyond conventional concepts.
  2. It helps you make better decisions.
  3. It opens your mind, connects us to each other, and shakes outdated and limited paradigms.
  4. It creates an invitation for the universe to provide what is possible

Being the question is the ability to function consciously and productively, rather than reactively and unconsciously. Questions help you to facilitate the changes you desire. They help you overcome obstacles and enable you to function from your knowing. You can change anything by being the question that allows it to change.


Prosperity consciousness always begins with a generative question. The exuberant expression of your life is governed by the power of the questions you are being. The role of a question is to expand awareness, not to get an answer. A question empowers, an answer always dis-empowers.

“If I had an hour to solve a problem, and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first fifty-five minutes determining the proper question to ask, for once I knew the proper question, I could
solve the problem in less than five minutes. Many people are looking for answers and not asking the wisest questions.”
~Albert Einstein


Living your life from the energy of it. This lecture is based on Chapter 6 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' Following the energy involves asking questions so that the universe has an avenue for responding.

Creating by ‘following the energy’ is about receiving and creating your life moment by moment. It is not about using control, force and effort as a way of making things occur in your life.

Are you willing to follow the energy, rather than using force and effort to make things occur in your life?

In order to create by following the energy, you have to stop functioning from a linear construct - Stop thinking about what you have to do in order to have and in order to be. If you are forcing yourself to do things according to your ‘To Do list’ you are not following the energy. Following the energy involves asking questions so that the universe has an avenue for responding. The universe is an unlimited place with unlimited possibilities. It will provide unlimited opportunities and possibilities if we will ask it questions.

Truth always makes you feel lighter. A lie always makes you feel heavier. - Ask yourself throughout the day, “Does this feel light? Is this what feels the lightest and most joyful activity for me or am I making myself do it because I think I have to?” Whenever you feel a heaviness, a resistance or a reluctance to continue, it is a sign that you are not following the energy.

Key Insights from section 2
Section 3: Conscious Creation

Whatever You Would Like to Be, You Have to Be It Now, Right Up Front. This lecture is based on Chapter 7 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' To be prosperous, you must make a choice to become greater than what you've been willing to be. Becoming prosperous and abundant starts with you.

If you choose to be wealthy and generate unlimited amounts of money, you have to become what you wish to be in this moment, right up front. You must be willing to perceive, know, be, and receive that you are abundantly rich. You must truly believe and trust that you are. Soon the conditions of your life will transform to resonate with your new level of prosperity consciousness.

If you choose to have an enormously abundant and truly prosperous life, then you have to consistently be congruent with the energy of enormous wealth and prosperity in every moment, from now on.

To be wealthy and prosperous:

  • You must make a choice to become greater than what you've been willing to be.
  • You must be willing to perceive, know, be, and receive that you are truly prosperous and wealthy.
  • You must truly believe and trust that you are.

Judgments block you from connecting with the essence of money. Judgments create separation and alienation. It limits your capacity to receive. Whenever you go into judgment about anything, whether it is a positive judgment or a negative judgment, you stop yourself from receiving anything that doesn’t match that judgment.

The moment you have a judgment about rich people or money as bad or wrong or if you see having money as a moral issue, then you stop perceiving and receiving money.

  • What points of view, judgments and emotions do you have when you think of money?
  • What is money to you? (When you think about money, what are your first thoughts?) Be honest with yourself. Be honest about what emotion you are feeling.

Your perception and your points of view about yourself create your reality. When you make a change in your perception and points of view, then you get a corresponding change in your outer reality. You can try this for yourself. Allow yourself to perceive, know, be, receive, and trust that you are abundantly rich.


What does it mean to be out of control, out of definition and out of limitation? This lecture is based on Chapter 8 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.'When we talk about being out of control, what we are talking about is having no limitation and being willing to not be controlled by anyone or anything and everything you do is from your choice.

To create your life as a celebration instead of obligation, trauma and drama, you have to be willing to be out of control, out of definition, out of linearity, out of form, structure and significance.


You always have choice. You have the ability to choose and the ability to choose something else.


Do what you enjoy. This lecture is based on Chapter 9 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' When you do what you love, money will flow more rapidly toward you, as long as you are not operating in the scarcity paradigm.

Loving what you do brings abundance more easily and effortlessly. Conversely, not liking what you do with your time and energy diminishes your flow of abundance.

Do you know the essence of what it is that makes you feel the joyfulness of being an exuberant expression of life? If you don't know what it is that you would love to do, then ask yourself the following questions

  • What brings joy into your life?
  • What is the one thing that you can do so easily that it takes no effort? If money were not the issue, what would you choose?
  • If today is the last day of your life, would you choose to do what you are doing? If not, what needs to change in your life?

Living on the creative edge means having the ability to receive everything! This lecture is based on Chapter 10 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.'

People who live on the creative edge recognize their oneness with the universe. They know that the universe will provide infinitely if they ask and are willing to receive. They create their lives from receiving instead of through control, force and effort.

The essential point here is that living on the creative edge is about awareness and the ability to access infinite possibilities and universal knowledge beyond your own imagination and experience. Choosing to live on the creative edge is essential for creating abundance.

One way of starting to live on the creative edge is to begin to create your life as a present‐time adventure with gratitude and generosity of spirit.

Setting the creative process in motion

  • Ask, ‘If I had unlimited amounts of money, then who would I be that I am not willing to be now?
  • Become aware of what you would like to create.
  • Ask, ‘What and who would I be if I had that?’
  • Tap into the energy of what it would be like to be that.
  • Set out immediately to be that!

The aim of this lecture is to help you awaken and unleash the power of consciousness over money.


Prosperity Consciousness is a choice. This lecture is based on Chapter 11 of the book 'Prosperity Consciousness-Leading yourself to money with conscious awareness.' Prosperity consciousness is not directly related to the amount of money you have. Rather, it is the relationship you have with money and material wealth, as well as with yourself and all things. It’s about the way you treat yourself and others and about the abundance you are willing to perceive, know, be, and receive in the world.

If you want to experience a world that is caring and supports your images of your life, begin looking at what you are saying about yourself and the world. You can change your encounters with people and the world by altering what you expect. What you get is precisely what you expect and believe you will get.

Tune into your own energy and your life to get a sense of your reality.

  • Are you a creator source of your reality?
  • Are you totally in charge of creating how you react and respond to any given situation?
  • Do you make your own choice or do you always listen to something or someone outside yourself to get an idea of what you should be, do or have.
Final Words
What do you know?
7 questions

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Instructor Biography

Chutisa Bowman, Pragmatic Futurist

Pragmatic Futurist, author and speaker Chutisa Bowman is best-known for her work in Strategic Awareness, Prosperity Consciousness, Conscious Leadership and Leading from the Edge of Possibility.

Chutisa has come to epitomize the pragmatic futurist, due to the depth, poignancy, foresight and courage of her convictions. Chutisa draws on her background as a senior executive in listed companies, her own entrepreneurship and transpersonal psychotherapy as an executive adviser, media contributor, author, a keynote speaker and facilitator.

She has devoted her career to inspiring people to challenge today’s certainties and consciously create the future by cultivating awareness of coming changes, and developing strategies to adapt quickly. She assists organizations and individuals to consciously manage the transition from past to future, and provides practical approaches to thriving in the coming decades.

She has become an internationally recognized thought leader through her books and is an inspiring speaker on greater possibilities to create everything people already know is possible, but which they have never chosen.

Career Profile

Chutisa Bowman is an author and globally recognized thought leader in human potential. Drawing from her background in Psychology and 25 years of professional experience in management and operations of public companies, Chutisa inspires and encourages people globally to expand their vision to become pragmatic futurists and lead with strategic awareness.

Chutisa is trained as both a psychotherapist and conventional behavioural scientist and ergonomist. Through working with top business leaders around the world for more than 2 decades , Chutisa has developed an expansive view of the global business landscape. She currently holds the position of director of ‘LifeMastery’ and ‘Conscious Governance’, based in Melbourne, Australia, and consults with over one thousand Nonprofit and corporate organisations each year in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia.

As a mom, she also does her best to walk her talk when it comes to living consciously, setting up The Luxe Project with her daughter Sharidan which sources art and fashion with a backstory - selling contemporary designer bags, art and homewards made from the hand embroidered fabrics of South East Asia’s hill tribes.

Instructor Biography

Steven Bowman, MD of ConsciousGovernance, is an internationally recognized Governance, Strategy, Risk and Leadership advisor to CEOs and Boards worldwide. He has held CEO positions with major organizations such as the Australasian Institute of Banking and Finance, the Finance and Treasury Association, CPA Australia, and has been a Director of the American College of Health Care Administrators. He is a past President of the Australian Society of Association Executives, has a Masters degree in nonprofit management from the USA, and has held a number of Board positions internationally. He has personally worked with some of the most respected executive leaders globally, and brings a unique perspective to his work that merges personal awareness with Board and executive level corporate skills.

Steven pioneered the teaching of nonprofit management in Australia at the Monash/Mt Eliza Business School, one of the most prestigious business and MBA schools in the Southern Hemisphere, and taught there for 11 years. He has lectured at Monash University, Melbourne University, and Swinburne University and has been awarded the honor of Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and Fellow of the Corporate Law and Accountability Research Group at Monash University. He has featured in Sky Business News, Yahoo, Qantas radio and various business magazines.

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