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Matlab keystone skills for Mathematics (Matrices & Arrays)

Matlab tutorials : Get familiar with all methods , commands , variables and functions for working with Matrices & Arrays
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Most of the Matlab tutorials just make you aware of basics shortly or a few other things, those things are not enough to quench your thirst for Matlab. But this is unique, complete and detailed course on Matlab. I started with the mathematics and my first step is Matrices & Arrays. Actually this will be a series of courses on covering different sections of Matlab step by step.
if you are newbie for Matlab, this course will help in raising your skill to intermediate level, making you aware of Matlab working environment and its tools.

Who is the target audience?
  • Matlab keystone skills for newbies
  • Beginners, who want to expand their exposure to next level
  • Intermediates , who want to refresh their knowledge
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What Will I Learn?
Creating Simpe and Special Matrices in Matlab
Indexing Matrix
Dimensions , Classes & Data Structure of Matrices
Resizing & Reshaping of Matrices
Shifting & Sorting Matrices
Diagonal Functions
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  • Matlab R2011b or any latest version installed on your Computer
Curriculum For This Course
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Introduction to MATLAB & Course
1 Lecture 00:59

Welcome to this course ( Matlab keystone skills for mathematics matrices & arrays ) , my name is ABSAR and i will accompany you along the course. If you are looking for basic skills about matlab, specially regarding matrices & arrays, you came to the right place. I will teach you basic concepts, commands and functions in matlab for generating and solving matrices and arrays. But it doesn't mean that this course is specified to mathematicians, this is for everyone, who is new to matlab or already know matlab and want to enhance his knowledge about commands and functions in matlab because in matlab whenever you need to deal with numbers or quantities, you will have to give numerical quantities to matlab in form of matrices or arrays. Every lecture is named after you are going to learn in that lecture so you may have a look on the topics of your interest. I focused on the things you need to know in a very concise way so you can learn a lot in a very less time.Hope you will enjoy this course with me. Let's move forward to out course curriculum.

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  • matlab tutorials for beginners
  • Basic skills for Matlab
  • matrix or array
  • basic commands in matlab
  • basic functions in matlab
  • inserting numeric values in matlab
  • Learn Matlab
Preview 00:59
Strating with matrices & arrays
2 Lectures 04:24

matrix is the basic data structure of matlab, it is two dimensional, rectangular shaped which can store multiple types of data elements like numbers, characters or logical statements,
matlab also supports data structure having more than two dimensions,
keep in mind that you entered any type of data, matlab stores this data in matrix / array form in the back end.
in this lecture we will learn to create simple matrix

Preview 02:37

In this tutorial we will learn "how to enter signed numbers into a matrix" ( in Matlab )
if you want to enter signed numbers in a matrix , always make sure that sign immediately precedes the numeric element.

Preview 01:47
Special Functions for matrices & arrays
8 Lectures 24:23

let's create matrix/array of ones or zeros . In other words creating matrix full of zeros or matrix full of ones using single command is taught here. ( in Matlab )

Preview 03:57

In this tutorial we will learn how to create identity matrix ( in Matlab ), as you know identity matrix is the type of matrix in which all diagonal elements are 1 while all other entries are zeros

Creating Identity & diagonal Matrix

Magic matrix ....!!!
its really a magic matrix ,, you are a magician here ,, and matlab is your stick...!!

In Magic matrix, you can add elements diagonally ,along the rows, along the columns, this will give you the same answer everytime , it's really a magic , isnt it ??

Preview 01:18

we will learn to create matrix and rows of random numbers in this lecture ( in Matlab ),we can also generate random numbers and can choose any number of elements from those random numbers.

Creating Matrix or Row of random numbers

in this tutorial i will teach you , how you can concatenate or interlink matrices , horizontally , vertically or in multidimensional ( in Matlab )

Concatenation of Matrices

In this lecture we will learn

how to replicate Matrix, how to tile the matrix, how to replicate and tile the matrix. ( in Matlab )

Replicate & Tile the Matrix

In this lecture we will learn

how to create block diagonal matrix. ( in Matlab )

Create Block Diagonal Matrix

we will create numeric sequence with increments or decrements, we will create numeric sequence without increments or decrements.

Creating Numeric Sequence
Matrix Indexing
4 Lectures 12:57

how to accessing single element in a matrix , matrix indexing. ( in Matlab )

Accessing Single Element

Accessing multiple elements in matrix or array , accessing multiple consecutive elements in matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Accessing Multiple Consecutive Elements

Accessing multiple elements in a matrix, accessing multiple nonconsecutive elements in a matrix or array. ( in Matlab )

Accessing Multiple Non-consecutive Elements

using logical or conditional statements in matrix indexing ( in Matlab )

Using Logicals in Matrix Indexing
Getting Information About Matrix
6 Lectures 14:56

Finding the size of array dimensions ( in Matlab )

Size of Array Dimensions

Number of elements in a matrix ( in Matlab )

Number of Elements in a Matrix

length of largest dimension in a matrix ( in Matlab )

Length of Largest Dimension

finding number of dimensions in a matrix ( in Matlab )

Number of Dimensions

classes of matrix ( in Matlab )

Logical Logical array of true and false values

Char Characters array

Numeric Integer or floating-point array

Integer Signed or unsigned integer array

int8 8-bit signed integer array

uint8 8-bit unsigned integer array

int16 16-bit signed integer array

uint16 16-bit unsigned integer array

int32 32-bit signed integer array

uint32 32-bit unsigned integer array

int64 64-bit signed integer array

uint64 64-bit unsigned integer array

float Single- or double-precision floating-point array

single Single-precision floating-point array

double Double-precision floating-point array

cell Cell array

struct Structure array

function_handle Function handle

'class_name'MATLAB class or Java class

Classes of Matrices

data structure used in matrices or arrays ( in Matlab )

Data Structure of Matrices
Resizing the Matrix
2 Lectures 05:18

Expand the size of matrix or array ( in Matlab )

increase the size of existing matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Expanding the size of existing matrix

Diminishing the size of matrix ( in Matlab )

decreasing the size of existing matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Diminishing the existing matrix
Reshaping the Matrix
4 Lectures 08:39

Reshaping matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Reshaping by 90 Degree

rotate matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Rotating the Matrix

flip matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Flipping the Matrix

Transpose of matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Transpose of Matrix
Shifting and Sorting the Matrix
2 Lectures 11:49

Circular shifting of matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Circular Shifting the Matrix

Sorting the matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Sorting the Matrix
Diagonal Functions in Matrices & Arrays
3 Lectures 05:17

Diagonal operations on matrix ( in Matlab )

Diagonal Operations in Matrices & Arrays

In this lecture we are going to find the trace of our matrix , ( in Matlab )
well , the sum of diagonal elements is called the trace of that matrix.

Trace of Matrix

extracting upper triangular part of matrix or array ( in Matlab )

extracting lower triangular part of matrix or array ( in Matlab )

getting upper or lower triangular part of matrix or array ( in Matlab )

Extracting Upper/Lower Triangular Part of Matrix
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As a fresh Graduate, i am well aware of student problems in learning new things while studying. I have some words for those students, you cannot jump to "success", keep learning step by step. One day you will be standing right there,you want.I have great interest in learning new things and solving complex problems,that's why Matlab is one of my favorite tools. Matlab was part of my course in past but now this is my tool to solve Engineering problems.

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