Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp
4.3 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp

Learn how your business can generate more customers; more sales and better online reviews by participating in Yelp.
4.3 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
477 students enrolled
Created by Steve Phillips
Last updated 9/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn More About Yelp And How It Works
  • Why Yelp Can Be Your No. 1 Business Sales Tool
  • How To Claim, Confirm and Optimize Your Yelp Business Profile
  • Why Creating A Strong Photo Gallery In Yelp Is A Key To Earning More Sales
  • How To Take Your Yelp Profile To The Next Level
  • How Online Review Websites Work
  • How Online Reviews Are Important For Your Business
  • How Some Reviews Never Appear in Your Yelp Profile And Why
  • How To Fix, Repair and Remove Negative Reviews in Yelp
  • How To Track Your Yelp Metrics
  • Understanding Yelp Deals and Advertising Options
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  • Students should have a basic understanding of Yelp or other business review websites such as Google+ Local, Manta, Yellow Pages, etc.

Starting in 2004, Yelp has earned its way to the top dog among review websites.

Originally designed so customers could find and review restaurants, Yelp quick expanded across the United States and now in every country around the world.

It was recently reported that there are more than 130 million Yelp users per month (and growing) with 80 million users accessing the Yelp app via mobile devices.

In this course, we'll explore:

  • How Yelp works to promote your business and earn you more sales and more customers.
  • How you can use Yelp to earn better search engine rankings in Google and other search engines.
  • How to get your business ranked higher within Yelp's own search engine.
  • How the Yelp review system works (and why some reviews aren't published).
  • How to use Yelp tools to create special sales offers to customers.

There are dozens upon dozens of online review; business listings and mapping websites, including Google+ Local (formerly called Google Maps or Google Places); Bing Local; Manta; City Search and many others.

While many small business owners don't have the time to create and manage multiple accounts and websites, they should create and manage their profiles in Yelp.

Consistently, Yelp is ranked in the Top 10 in Google search results on many local keywords. By participating in Yelp, you give your business the opportunity to be ranked higher and earn more customers and more sales.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for local businesses who seek more online traffic which will result in more customers to their store, restaurant, law firm, etc.
  • This course is ideal for business owners who have struggled with online review websites, such as Yelp.
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Curriculum For This Course
17 Lectures
Introduction to "Promote Your Business And Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp"
4 Lectures 24:26

While Yelp is free to both individuals and businesses, it's a tool that's typically not used to its fullest potential.

In this course, we'll take a deep look at Yelp and how businesses can be success in Yelp and earn more customers, more sales and better reviews.

This course covers the following:

  • An introduction to review websites and how they work
  • An overview of Yelp
  • Why Yelp is important to your business
  • Claiming, Completing and Optimizing Your Yelp Business Profile
  • Responding to Yelp Reviews
  • Create a Yelp Deal
  • Using Other Yelp Tools
Take notes. Get ready. Let's go Yelp!
Preview 02:26

There are dozens upon dozens of online review websites encouraging participation from individuals and businesses.

These websites, such as Yelp, seek individuals (also called "reviewers") to create a free account and use the review websites to find businesses such as hotels, restaurants, law firms and more within a specific geographic city or town. Reviewers can also leave comments and "stars" for businesses and earn recognition from Yelp and other individuals.

Businesses can also create a free account and claim their profile. Here, they can list location and contact information and work to gain higher rankings in the review website in hopes of gaining more traffic and more customers.

In this lecture, we'll discuss a few review websites and why they are important for every business and professional service.

Preview 08:10

Yelp is big dog among review websites. Not only was it the first review website - established in 2004 - but is soon grew to over 130 million users each month (and growing).

Currently, there are over 80 million reviews on Yelp and, in the second quarter of 2015, Yelp had a monthly average of 83 million unique visitors who visited its website via their mobile device.

As if you needed any more excuses for why your business needs to be active in Yelp, this lecture is all about Yelp and explains how Yelp grew; how it generates revenue and how some businesses don't like Yelp (but they need to embrace it anyhow).

Introduction and Overview to Yelp

If the number of Yelp users isn't enough to convince you about using Yelp for your business, then perhaps this lecture will present other glowing reasons.

By participating in Yelp, you'll not only create a presence for your business in an online review website, but you'll also be able to claim more real estate in search engine rankings.

Watch this lecture and see how a florist is ranked high in Google rankings AND is ranked high in Yelp as well. With a little bit of elbow grease, your business can achieve the same results.

Why Your Business Should Focus On Yelp

Test your knowledge of information covered in the first section of this course on "Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp."

Section 1
5 questions
Claiming, Completing and Optimizing Your Yelp Business Profile
5 Lectures 27:56

Even if you've never created a business account in Yelp, chances are good your company, legal firm, medical practice, etc., is already listed. The reason is because a Yelp reviewer added some introductory details about your business and, perhaps, left a review for your company.

Never fear.

In this lecture, we'll discuss all the details of how to claim your business profile in Yelp, so you'll have total control over your profile listing.

This lecture sets the stage for completing and optimizing your Yelp profile and gets you on the way to earning higher rankings in Yelp and more customers.

Claiming Your Yelp Business Profile

Have you claimed your Yelp business profile? Good!

Before you start to update and complete your company profile, you should first take some time and view Yelp profiles for your competition.


Check out the competition in Yelp. See how they are presenting their firm, practice, etc. to Yelp customers. Are they making outrageous claims? What did they forget to mention in their profile that you could mention in your company profile? Have they won any awards? Read your competition's reviews.

This process is a great way to set the groundwork to position your company differently - and better - so that your business sets itself apart from local competition.

We'll go through the position process in this lecture.

Why You Should Read Competition Profiles in Yelp

The most important part of the Yelp process for businesses is completing and optimizing your Yelp Business Profile. Yes, it is even more important than earning good reviews.

In this lecture, we'll review the important factors in completing your business profile; discuss the role of keywords and search engine optimization in Yelp, and cover some other steps you should take within your Yelp Business Profile.

Completing and Optimizing Your Yelp Business Profile

Photos are huge. Think about how many times you stop and take a look at a picture online everyday.

Yelp Business Profiles gain more attention than those profiles without photos. In fact, visitors will stay 2-and-a-half times longer looking at business profiles than profiles without pictures.

Customers want to see your business; your restaurant; your office, etc. Photos reveal a lot about your business and they give customers an opportunity to potentially preview the experience they will have with you.

Why Creating A Strong Photo Gallery in Yelp Will Earn You More Customers

While you always want to improve your Yelp profile and keep it updated with accurate information; content improvements, and recent pictures, there is another step you can take that will benefit your Yelp profile and presence and that is promoting your Yelp profile.

In this "top secret" lecture, we'll discuss how to promote your Yelp profile which will drive more potential customers to your business profile and help your company earn more reviews the honest and ethical way.

Take It To The Next Level By Promoting Your Yelp Profile

Test your knowledge of information covered in the second section of this course on "Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp."

Section 2
4 questions
Yelp Reviews: Love Them or Hate Them, Here's How To Embrace Them
4 Lectures 26:17

One of the most important benefits of Yelp for business owners is reviews.

Unfortunately, the way Yelp handles reviews receives more complaints and is often misunderstood.

In order to catch fake reviews, purchased reviews, etc., Yelp created its own review algorithm called the "Yelp Review Filter."

All reviews must pass through the Yelp Review Filter and some reviews - including good ones and bad ones - may not immediately appear within your Yelp profile.

Understanding The Yelp Review Filter And Why Some Reviews Are Hidden

Every business loves to receive a glowing, five-star review on Yelp. However, five-star reviews have to be earned and, at times, customers aren't so quick to leave a great review for your business. You see, we've come to expect good service; good food and beverages. It's what we pay for. It's an even trade, right?

But if an individual doesn't receive good service or products, then they are super quick to post a negative review.

As a business owner, you should recognize and respond to all Yelp reviews for your business.

Recognizing and Responding To All Yelp Reviews For Your Business

As much as you may try to provide excellent services and / or products with your business, a negative review will one day appear on your Yelp profile.

Face it: you're not going to make everyone happy all the time. Bad things can happen. Mistakes can be made. A staff member might be having a bad day, etc.

In this lecture, we'll look at negative reviews and explore your options on how to deal with them in Yelp.

How To Repair Negative Reviews In Yelp

While we all want to awesome, five-star reviews in Yelp, you should never be tempted to purchase fake reviews from anyone for your Yelp account.

Should Yelp catch you buying reviews for your Yelp profile - and they have the tools and methods to catch you - they will slap a "Consumer Alert" warning label on your profile for all customers to see.

Why You Should Never Buy Fake Yelp Reviews

Test your knowledge of information covered in the third section of this course on "Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp."

Section 3
8 questions
Using Yelp Resources and Yelp Tools
4 Lectures 14:24

Another great Yelp tool for business owners is Yelp Metrics.

Here, business owners and managers can track traffic to their Yelp business profiles, including views of your Yelp profile from mobile devices.

It's a great way to see how people are finding your Yelp business profile; the number of customer "check-ins" to your business via Yelp; mobile check-ins; photos uploaded by customers; Yelp Deals sold, etc.

Tracking Your Yelp Metrics

Yes, Yelp is free. However, in this lecture we'll discuss some advertising opportunities Yelp offers to business owners, including Yelp Deals and Yelp Ads.

Both are designed to generate more traffic and more customers to your business.

Understanding Yelp Deals and Advertising Options

Yelp wants your business to succeed by using Yelp; earning good reviews and participating in Yelp Deals and advertising in Yelp.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise when Yelp offers some extra tools for business owners with Yelp Help; three different (and well-written) Yelp Blogs and Yelp Webinars.

We'll explore these tools in this lecture.

Utilizing Yelp Help; Yelp Blogs and Yelp Webinars

Test your knowledge of information covered in the fourth section of this course on "Promote Your Business and Earn More Sales By Mastering Yelp."

Section 4
3 questions

Make sure you use the Business Profile Worksheet to ensure you'll completing your Yelp profile with all the necessary and correct information. The Business Profile Worksheet can be a value resource when claiming your business profile with other review websites as well.

Feel free to ask any Yelp questions you might have in the course "conversation" area and I'll be more than happy to help you with any problems you might be having with Yelp.

Also, if you'd ever like for me to take a look at your Yelp profile, please let me know. I'll be happy to take a look!


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