Mastering The Sales Pathway
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Mastering The Sales Pathway

Create your own unique sales process to convert more sales
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Created by Ian Woodhouse
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create your own unique 10 Step Sales Pathway to massively increase sales conversions and business results
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  • You only need an open mind and commitment to working through the steps of the process, and a note book to take notes and brainstorm ideas.

What are YOU doing to make yourself stand out from the competition?

  1. Do you hate selling or just don't like the idea of being 'sales-y'?
  2. Do you struggle to connect or build rapport with your prospects?
  3. Do you often think "Maybe I'm just not cut out to be a sales person?"

Not long ago I was in exactly the same place so I know just how frustrating it can be to go through your whole sales pitch only to lose their interest and leave without the sale and wondering where it went wrong. Worse still is the added pressure that comes knowing your income or even your business is depending on you.

But it doesn't have to be this way!

What would you give to be able to double, triple or even 10 times your current income? It's an exciting thought isn't it and even more exciting to think of all the different things you could do with the extra money.

Today I can show you how to design and build your very own sales process. I will teach you how to naturally guide a sales conversation from building rapport to developing your Perfect pitch. I will help you hone your expertise moving forward with a simple 10 step process that is designed exactly for you and in a way that doesn't feel contrived or awkward or 'sales-y'!

I've spent many years perfecting this process and it is simply the culmination of thousands of hours of training and practice and I hate to think of how many tens of thousands of dollars spent. And unlike many sales courses available it is no 'off the shelf' one size fits all solution, In this course we will work together to create your very own unique and specialised sales process. 

You won't believe the results you can achieve, even if you hate selling now, and all for less than the price of an average meal.

If you want to achieve sales results you previously thought impossible then just sign up and I will see you on the other side.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people with a high value or complex product or service that will enable you to build trust, rapport and credibility easily and quickly. It is designed for sales people who don't like selling; or want to increase their effective / conversions; or for the entrepreneur who wants to turbocharge their sales results.
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Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
7 Lectures 22:51

This lecture gives an overview of what to expect from the course, why it is unique and why you should create your own unique Sales Pathway. 

Preview 04:35

In this lecture we look at old types of pushy salesperson have now changed into a modern relationship based advisor, what this means and how this reframe of your mindset can really accelerate your sales results.

Preview 04:17

An introduction to the human brain, how we think and make decisions and how we can use this information to connect and build trust with our customers.

Lecture 4 The Human Brain

How to be a buyers coach rather than a sales person and why this will skyrocket your success in selling.

Lecture 5 The Buyers Coach

In this masterclass I will teach you about the importance of building trust and rapport with your customer and how to do this before you even meet them with "Touchpoints" . I will also show you how to create your own unique and effective ways and why this method is a game changer.


A quick recap of what has been covered so far and the key points you should be aware before moving onto the next steps.

Preview 01:38
The 10 Step Sales Process - Steps 1 and 2
7 Lectures 25:53

In this lecture I will give you an overview of the 10 Step Sales Process that I have designed to help you  create your own unique Sales Pathway that is specifically tailored your own product or service offering.

Lecture 8 The Sales Process

The first step of the sales process is defining your purpose, what it is and why it is important as the foundation to your successful selling. Time to open the workbook and get started on the first step of your new pathway.

Lecture 9 Defining Your Purpose

In this lesson you will develop your Perfect Pitch. By defining your ideal customer you will then develop your 2 minute elevator pitch that will clearly and precisely explain to someone what you do, why you do it, how you do it and what makes you able to help them more than your competitors. 

Lecture 10 Step 2 Developing Your Pitch

In this lecture You will learn how to tie the different aspects of your pitch into a heart felt description of what you do that will leave your customer wanting to know more about what you do.

Lecture 12 Refining Your Pitch

In this lecture you will further define the parts of your pitch by refining your unique selling proposition (USP). You will develop a descriptive one line description that simply states what you do.

Lecture 11 Developing Your USP

In this lesson we will define your perfect USP so that it forms a clear and accurate part of your Pitch

Defining Your USP

We have spent quite a bit of time on step 1 and 2 of the process so we will have a quick recap to ensure you have completed all the necessary tasks so far, remembering each step builds on the previous one.

Lecture 13 Quick Recap
The 10 Step Sales Process - Step 3
7 Lectures 29:05

In this lecture I will teach you how to develop your metaphor or your story, so that you can use your personal experiences to develop a deep connection with your client as part of the trust and rapport building process.

Lecture 14 Step 3 Your Metaphor

In this lecture you will build an emotional bridge to your customer in a way that your story becomes their story, and how your journey so far can now help them, what they can expect from you, what you will need from them and ultimately the outcomes they can expect to achieve with you. 

Lecture 15 Their Story

In this lecture you will bring all the elements of your story into your pitch so that it sounds natural and creates an honest and heartfelt connection with your customer to show that you know exactly what they are facing and that you can help them.

Lecture 16 Writing Your Story

In this lecture you will develop a set of tools to help you prepare for your customer meeting. Mindset, mindfulness, gratitude, presentation, punctuality, nerves will all be covered with methods for success.

Lecture 17 Getting Ready to Go

In this lecture you will learn about dealing with different personality types, how to communicate effectively with them and why it is important that you keep control of the sales process so that the customer is able to grasp your key points.

Lecture 18 Communicating Effectively

In this masterclass I will delve deeper into pre-building rapport and trust with your customer by refining and perfecting your  "touch points" and give a real life example of how effective this can be.


We have covered a lot of ground in regards to building trust, rapport and your credibility so it is an opportune time to have a quick recap and ensure you have covered all the steps needed so far. 

Lecture 20 Quick Recap
The 10 Step Sales Process - Steps 4, 5, 6 and 7
5 Lectures 22:36

In this lecture we will establish if there is a fit between your product / service and the customer's needs. I will also show you how to vanquish the 'white elephant' in the room and create an almost irresistable demand or want for your product or service offering. 

Lecture 21 Step 4 The Buyers Conversation

This lecture is about raising objections up front, understanding what the key objections are and some examples of the best way to phrase and answer them.

Lecture 22 Step 5 Raising Objections

In the Situation Analysis you will design and use a series of specific questions to gain an in-depth understanding of your customer's needs and issues as well as clarification that you have covered all of their concerns.

Lecture 23 Step 6 Situation Analysis

In this lecture you will use the information gained in the previous steps to create specific solutions and options aimed directly at solving your customer's most pressing need or issue.

Lecture 24 Step 7 The Solution

In this lecture we will do a quick recap of the last few lectures to ensure you are clear on where you should be up to at this point of the process.

Lecture 25 Quick Recap
The 10 Step Sales Process - Steps 8, 9, 10 and BONUS 11th Step
5 Lectures 15:48

In this lecture I will teach you how develop your list of tools of 'proof' that will show how your offering to the client can or has been accomplished previously. 

Lecture 26 Step 8 The Proof

In this lecture you will develop your own best way to gain agreement on going forward in a manner that is acceptable to both parties. 

Lecture 27 Step 9 Gaining Agreement

In this lecture you will confirm the process of moving forward and ensuring that the next steps are clear and the customer knows exactly what will happen from here.

Lecture 28 Step 10 Moving Forward

Bonus step the all important FOLLOW UP!

Lecture 29 Bonus Step

A quick recap to ensure you are on top the last 4 steps prior to finishing.

Lecture 30 Final Recap
The 10 Step Sales Process - Wrap Up
2 Lectures 05:17
Lesson 31 Key Points to Take Away

Some final points on the making the process work and mastering your very own unique Sales Pathway.

Lecture 31 Conclusion
About the Instructor
Ian Woodhouse
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Sales and Marketing Coach

I am a sales and marketing coach who brings over 25 years of practical and easy to use experience to the table. I am a forward thinking coach with a record of helping people increase sales effectiveness and improve sales productivity by engaging new and innovative sales techniques that are easy to implement and provide outstanding results.