mastering data integration (ETL) with pentaho kettle PDI
3.4 (236 ratings)
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1,666 students enrolled
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mastering data integration (ETL) with pentaho kettle PDI

hands on , real case studies ,tips, examples , walk trough a full project from start to end based on mySQL sakila DB.
3.4 (236 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,666 students enrolled
Last updated 7/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • develop real pentaho kettle projects
  • become master in transformation steps and jobs
  • know how to set pentaho kettle environment and deploy
  • be familiar with the most used steps of pentaho kettle
  • you will know to secure , validate , handle errors
  • check the performance and have the tools to solve issues
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  • basic SQL
  • database design

    Why should i take this course
    Isn't it obvious? Don't you want to be the best ETL, pentaho kettle developer?

    The course is the outcome of my 10 year experience with IT projects and business intelligence and data integration with pentaho kettle.

    I developed the course because I want to share my knowledge with you.

    the best way to learn technological software and concepts is via an online course,
    structured by a real developer with actual experience that guide you through his (my) Path to knowledge.

    I will help you master ETL with pentaho kettle .

    What is the course about?The course is about taking you from the beginning and transfer you to a master of Pentaho kettle .

    The main dish of the course is a walk-through of a real pentaho kettle project hands on, case study, tips taking you from easy steps that becomes more and more complex, layer by layer, as you go forward. That way you can learn pentaho kettle as a beginner but also become an expert as you go along (and practice)

    Also I cover

    • the concepts of data integration
    • why we need it
    • what are the tools used today
    • data warehouse concepts

    Structure of the course
    the course is divided 4 main sections:

    Section 1: Theory and concepts of data integration in general
    (if you already an ETL developer you can skip that)

    Section 2: setting up the environment

    install and operate the data integration with pentaho kettle.
    Including database management and profiling the database as a source.
    PDI, navicat (to manage database), jdbc drivers, JRE, sakila database example, mysql and more .


    • pentaho kettle environment.
    • navicat (best database manager in my opinion)
    • power architect

    Section 3: the main dish

    • full data integration project with pentaho kettle
    • project overview
    • detailed design
    • step-by-step (divide and conquer)

    until the successfully end of the project. Including some 80% of the steps used by pentaho kettle in order to master data integration.
    You can see all the steps in the curriculum (it's too many to write them here)
    just for the example:

    a. Connect to various data sources (databases, files…)

    b. manipulate the data
    changing strings, dates and calculations, joins, lookups, slowly changing dimensions, consideration of when and how to use different steps.

    c. Work with variables
    d. outputs steps (bulk load , table output , update/insert , file output…)

    Section 4: wrapping up - go to production

    You will learn how to:

    1. deploy the project.
    2. make it stable by securing the solution – validation, error handling
    3. logging
    1. performance
Who is the target audience?
  • the Pentaho kettle course is meant for people who has some background with SQL syntax , Queries and database design , you dont need to be expert on that , I will guide you through
  • in case you dont know SQL at all , i suggest you take a course specific for that before you enroll to this course
  • this course is only for student who are serious in working hand on , practice and some more practice . it is not a reading or watching . you will be an expert but only if you try everything i show by your self
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Curriculum For This Course
78 Lectures
1 Lecture 04:56
8 Lectures 30:50

The list of software we require in order to run and work with Pentaho ETL

What we are going to install?

Install mysql

JRE is required by Pentaho in order to run

Install JRE - java runtime

This lecture shows how to install pentaho data integration

Install pentaho data integration (kettle)

This lecture shows how to install navicat

Install navicat - mysql manager

Install sakila database (and notepad++)

this lecture shows how to install data architect - profile tool for databases

install power architect

This lecture will show how to install expresso, a tool that acts as wizard for creating regular explressions

Install expresso
Hands on - Pentaho
6 Lectures 01:15:00
Pentaho PDI getting started

kettle variables part 1

kettle variables part 2

kettle database connection

Pentaho repositories

schema introduction
Software Walkthroughs
2 Lectures 24:00
Navicat walkthrough

This lecture is about Profiling database with power architect

power architect walkthrough
The Date Dimension
10 Lectures 01:16:26

generate rows part 1

generate rows part 2

generate rows part 3

the add sequence

the select values

the mapping / string cut / string concat

the table output

the string operation

dim date summary
dim time
7 Lectures 41:58

arrange steps and create hours and minutes

Cartesian customer example

the modified java script value

the field set / filter rows / dummy steps

dim time summary
dim staff
6 Lectures 32:34

the table input

the data grid / value mapper

consideration 1 - historical data in dimensions

consideration 2 - truncate or update table

dim store
5 Lectures 35:03
dim store intro

the database lookup

the stream lookup

the insert /update step

the system info
dim customer
5 Lectures 35:01
dim customer intro

control "changed data only" input

down it goes with the stream

slow changing dimension - concept

slow changing dimension - example
dim film
5 Lectures 32:38
dim film intro


the merge join / sort rows / value null

the denormaiser / split fields to rows
4 More Sections
About the Instructor
Itamar Steinberg (inflow systems)
3.4 Average rating
239 Reviews
1,950 Students
2 Courses
MBA in the field of IT, Master of ETL

My name is Steinberg itamar,

I am in the field of information technology is for more than 15 years now,
I have a Master's degree (MBA) in information technology is an management.
My BA is also in the area of information technology from the University of Manchester.

During those years I was serving as manager and information technology expert
especially in the field of business intelligence and data integration.
all that time i used Pentaho kettle as the leading Data integration tool.

I started as a developer through team manager of development, head of the application department - responsible for all software, business processes and implementations,
also as project manager, my last role as an employee I was the CIO of the large company.

I was dealing with ERP, CRM business intelligence of course from all aspects of running a business. sales, transportation, customer service, imports, inventory, suppliers and manufacturing.

All of these areas gave me a unique perspective on business processes and how to analyze a company by looking at one large picture – that is the BI.
Of course that in order to combine all of those systems together you'll need data integration.

I have more than eight years working with pentaho kettle.
Six years ago I decided to start my own company - inflow systems and focus myself to business intelligence and data integration.
On those six years I, as CEO, was leading large business intelligence projects.
I hired several employees, very gifted, specific oriented to data integration and business intelligence. We have developed tens of projects from scratch at large companies like Alcatel Lucent (embedded solution), online gaming, binary options (stock market) and traditional businesses like food supplementary and organic food.

Today, I want to give from my knowledge to you because I believe that to share is the right way to go, during my learning phase I was reading a lot of books, struggling with the technology and I think I can make your life easier.