Master College Admissions: The Common Application

Get ahead of the curve on college admissions with our expert advice and tricks for the Common Application.
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Master College Admissions: The Common Application

Get ahead of the curve on college admissions with our expert advice and tricks for the Common Application.
30 reviews


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We get it. College admissions are confusing. A lot of the times you just feel lost in the sea of information that's out there. It feels like a daunting process and is difficult to get started in the right direction. But no worries-- Learnerator is here to help.

In this course, you will learn:

  • What each section of the Common Application entails
  • How to deliver meaning in your activities sheet/resume
  • The fundamentals of a great story and how to tie things together
  • What makes a story stick
  • How to master your story

This course includes: 6.5 hours of easy-to-follow video mashup content, engagement exercises, and unlimited support.

The best part about this course is that it's continuously growing. We personally respond to questions and create a new videos for the bonus section of this course based on the questions we receive.

What are you waiting for? Join the most enrolled course on Udemy for college admissions. Enroll now to start mastering your story today.

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    • An open mind.
    • An eagerness to take control of your college applications.
    • A desire to create unique and memorable essays.
    • Over 46 lectures and 6.5 hours of content!
    • We'll walkthrough all 9 sections of the Common Application
    • We'll create a reference sheet for your application deadlines.
    • We'll explore potential areas of interests/career paths.
    • We'll address common concerns of students when it comes to standardized tests.
    • We'll elevate your resume/activities sheet to a whole new level.
    • We'll breakdown what makes a great story.
    • We'll gain insights on how to make a story stick.
    • We'll equip you with helpful tips and tricks in editing your essays.
    • We'll address how to decide which teachers to ask for letters of recommendation.
    • We'll begin to master your story.
    • Students who want to gain a better understanding of the Common Application
    • Students who want to begin crafting their Common Application essays
    • Student who want to articulate their individuality clearly and effectively
    • Students who are applying to colleges and universities in the United States directly from high school
    • Parents of graduating seniors who are new to the college application process
    • Parents of graduating seniors who want to provide their children with the necessary tools to achieve college application success


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  • SECTION 1:
  • 1
    This video welcomes you to Master College Admissions: The Common Application. It also provides background credentials on Will.
  • 2
    Course Overview
    This video describes the objectives of this course. In this course, we'll cover a variety of topics ranging from understanding the college admissions playing field, introducing the STAR method, and breaking down what makes a great story.
  • SECTION 2:
    College Admissions Background
  • 3
    The Playing Field
    This video outlines the competitive landscape of college applications. We'll look at some key statistics about graduating seniors and how they're approaching the application process.

    *Note*: 2.1 million enter college; not the workforce.
  • 4
    Engagement #1
    Engagement #1 will help you create a go-to reference sheet for the colleges you intend on applying to.
  • 5
    This video summarizes Section 2: College Admissions Background.
  • SECTION 3:
    The Common App
  • 6
    The Organization's Background
    This video provides insights on the mission and functions of the Common Application organization.
  • 7
    The Fundamentals
    This video breaks down the 9 sections of the Common Application that will be explored in this course.
  • SECTION 4:
    The Applicant
  • 8
    The Applicant
    This video teaches you about what information is requested from you in the Applicant section of the Common Application.
  • SECTION 5:
    The Future Plans
  • 9
    The Basic 4-Year Plan
    This video teaches you about the Future Plans section of the Common Application.
  • 10
    Engagement #2
    Engagement #2 will allow you to discover your Myers Briggs Type Indicator, potential career paths, and potential majors/areas of study. 
  • 11
    This video summarizes Section 5: The Future Plans.
  • SECTION 6:
    Demographics and Family
  • 12
    The Demographic Background
    This video describes the information required from students in the Demographics section of the Common Application.
  • 13
    The Family Background
    This video highlights the information required to complete the Family section of the Common Application.
  • 14
    This video summarizes the key points of Section 6: Demographics and Family.
  • SECTION 7:
    Secondary Education
  • 15
    The Education
    This video describes the information requested for the Education portion of the Common Application.
  • 16
    The Academics
    This video highlights the Academics section of the Common Application.
  • 17
    This video summarizes the key points of Section 7: Secondary Education.
  • SECTION 8:
    Student Involvement
  • 18
    The Extracurriculars and Work Experience
    This video describes the importance of the Extracurriculars and Work experience section of the Common Application.
  • 19
    The STAR Method
    This video teaches you what the STAR method is and how to apply it into your activities sheet.
  • 20
    Engagement #3
    Engagement #3 puts your STAR skills to the test as you create descriptions for your three top activities.
  • 21
    Final Tips/Reminders
    This video provides you with final tips and reminders to keep in mind in completing the Extracurriculars and Work Experience section of the Common Application.
  • SECTION 9:
    The Writing
  • 22
    What's your X-factor?
    This video asks you to think about what your X-factor is.
  • 23
    Engagement #4
    Engagement #4 has you reflect back on critical moments of your life to think about what lollipop moments could potentially make for a powerful college application essay.
  • 24
    Prompt #1: The Central Story
    This video presents the first prompt of the 2013-2014 Common Application.
  • 25
    Prompt #2: Failure
    This video presents the second prompt of the 2013-2014 Common Application.
  • 26
    Prompt #3: Challenging a Belief
    This video presents the third prompt of the 2013-2014 Common Application.
  • 27
    Prompt #4: Safe Place
    This video presents the fourth prompt of the 2013-2014 Common Application.
  • 28
    Prompt #5: Rite of Passage
    This video presents the fifth prompt of the 2013-2014 Common Application.
  • 29
    This video summarizes the key takeaways from Section 9: The Writing.
  • SECTION 10:
    The Story
  • 30
    What makes a story?
    This video poses the question of what makes a story.
  • 31
    Engagement #5
    Engagement #5 questions you to explore what makes your favorite stories so great. 
  • 32
    An Aristotle Lesson
    This video teaches you the fundamentals behind Aristotle's Dramatic Arc.
  • 33
    How do I make my story stick?
    This video provides crucial tips to making your college application essays stick with your readers.
  • 34
    Engagement #6
    Engagement #6 has you categorize each part of your stories in respect to Aristotle's Dramatic Arc. You will then rank these stories in order of "sticking power". 
  • 35
    The Tips and Recap
    This video provides vital essay writing and editing tips while also summarizing Section 10: The Story.
  • SECTION 11:
    The Signature
  • 36
    This video breaks down the Signature section of the Common Application.
  • SECTION 12:
    The Recommendations and Reports
  • 37
    The Teacher Evaluation
  • 38
    The School Report
    This section highlights what you need to provide your guidance counselor in completing the School Report section of the Common Application.
  • 39
    The Mid Year/Final Report
    This video discusses the Mid Year and Final Report of the Common Application.
  • SECTION 13:
    The Wrapup
  • 40
    Final Tips
  • 41
    Final Thoughts
    This video concludes Master College Admissions: The Common Application as Will provides his final insights on the college admissions process.
  • SECTION 14:
    Bonus Content
  • 42
    Officer Positions, Self Reporting, Additional Information Qs, and More
    In this bonus content video, Will fields student questions about listing multiple officer positions, self-reporting versus sending scores through the College Board, what to do about the additional information section and how he came up with the 3.4 GPA cutoff.
  • 43
    STAR Method Resume Walkthrough
    In this bonus content video, Will takes what you did in Engagement #3 and transforms it into the beginning of a STAR Method Resume. See the attached document to use the template yourself.
  • 44
    Breaking Away from the Pack

    In this video Will discusses:

    -The 11 Myths of College Admissions

    -Why You're Not Special and Why that Doesn't Matter

    -Identifying Institutional Priorities: How to Figure Out What They are Looking For

    -Early Decision/Early Action: Yay or Nay? Should I Do It?

  • 45
    Writing Well - What Actually Works and Why

    In this video Will discusses:

    -Why the Essay Can Make or Break You

    -Step-by-Step Breakdown of Winning Essays: What Made Them Work?

    -How to Find a Topic that Sticks

    -Writing Hacks to Kickstart Your Essays

  • 46
    Thinking Like an Admissions Counselor

    In this video Will discusses:

    -A Day in the Life of an Admissions Officer

    -How Admissions Approaches Applications

    -To What Extent Pure Stats (SAT/ACT/GPA) Matter

    -How Admissions Officers Evaluate Essays and Teacher Recommendations


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  • Ian Bass
    Extremely helpful

    As a senior, I feel this course has put me ahead of many of my peers. I can now approach the Common Application with ease, thanks to this course. Very helpful and worth it. If you are thinking about it, just go ahead and do this course now!

  • Lauren Sherwood
    Great Course

    So thankful I stumbled upon this course. There are no college admissions guidance programs available to me in my small Midwest town. The curriculum helped me totally rework my common app, pick up tips and new insights to the entire admissions process, and make me generally more confident as I apply to big-name, top ranked schools. Will is there to answer any questions along the way. I'd say good luck to you all, but after completing this course, you're already a step ahead of the thousands of high school seniors who haven't taken it!

  • Teddy Jungreis
    Priceless College App Info

    I was a little skeptical at first about College Creed. But after watching one video, I realized how helpful the program is. As a senior working through the college app process, I found the walkthrough lectures to be very relevant and informative. The videos are short and sweet, covering everything you need to know about that particular topic efficiently and effectively. I would absolutely recommend College Creed to everybody i know.

  • Patrick Burns

    I had high expectations for this, but it definitely exceeded them. All the videos are helpful, but also easy to follow and down to earth. I'm looking forward to the future because I know the product will only get better.

  • Rob Zebrowski
    Well-made and professional course!

    Would recommend this course to any high school student looking to make themselves stand out among all other applicants.

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