NLP Techniques to skyrocket confidence and self-esteem!

Proven Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques you can use on your own to feel confident, powerful, whenever wherever!
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About This Course

Published 2/2016 English

Course Description

Welcome to my new course spring 2016! This short intensive course comprises practical techniques that I use with great success on a daily basis in live sessions with clients and have done for the last ten years. I've carefully and deliberately chosen techniques that you can do WITHOUT a partner. 

This is a practical course, with almost zero theory, devised for a busy individual who just wants to DO IT - get strong and confident without using up time learning the nuts and bolts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming! When you buy an appliance, you want it to do certain things, but you don't necessarily want to know the mechanics of how it does it! If that's your situation: you want expert assistance in getting strong, motivated and confident in record time, this is the course for you. If you want theory - the hows, whys and wherefores - the whole nine yards - stay tuned for my upcoming courses here, or you are welcome to check out my NLP certification training courses. There's plenty of NLP theory as well as practice on those! :)

If you're not familiar with what NLP is, for now, it’s simplest to define Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as a personal development tool that you can use for rapid change in how you feel how you think and how you behave. This short course is jam-packed with proven to be effective techniques to feel better about yourself, boost your self-esteem, get motivated to achieve what you want to achieve and feel confident and strong.

The NLP techniques I’ve chosen for you in this intensive course EACH take just a few minutes with the exception of the Super Self-Esteem Booster exercise takes around 15 minutes. All of the exercises on this course have been proven to be incredibly effective over the last ten years with thousands of clients and groups locally here in Ottawa, and all over the world. My work using hypnosis and NLP has been featured in over 20 newspapers the length and breadth of Canada, including the full page Saturday feature in our capital's 'paper, The Ottawa Citizen and one of Canada's largest circulating newspapers, The Montreal Gazette. Additionally, there are video testimonials on our training website saying how awesome my NLP and Hypnosis training courses are!

The course material is colourful, featuring occasional music, animated text accompanying my voice explaining what's to come, then guiding you through each step of each technique.

As a bonus to all of you, there is a complimentary 11 minute 'Relax and Revitalise' meditation audio for you to download from my website. No subscription required.

Let's get started! If you need any assistance with any technique, I will be happy to help you.

Louise Goddard
Master of NLP, NFNLP Instructor and NGH Hypnosis Instructor

What are the requirements?

  • just bring your focus, concentration, a willingness to learn and make changes in how you feel
  • a safe and comfortable space where you'll be undisturbed and you can devote your ENTIRE attention to the exercises. Sometimes you may find it easier to get the best from the techniques if you close your eyes. For that reason, choose a time and place where it is safe to close your eyes.
  • You should not attempt this course while operating machinery as you will need your full concentration on the exercises and sometimes you may be requested to close your eyes for brief periods.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • rapidly take control of their own emotional state, boost their self-esteem, elevate their mindset to positivity, resilience and confidence
  • use these confidence-boosting Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques on their own, without any knowledge of NLP.

What is the target audience?

  • best suited for someone who wants a no-fluff course that is practical, quick and easy to use.
  • the course is for YOU if you would like an intensive NLP session for confidence that you can re-do as many times as you wish.
  • this course is probably not for you if you're not at a stage where you want to take action, put in a few minutes of effort and use the power of your mind to get stronger and more confident
  • not suited for someone looking for a lot of theory and explanations about neuro-linguistic programming

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

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Get rewarded.
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Welcome to the the course! Congratulations on taking this step towards mastering your mind using this collection of NLP techniques so you can get confident, feel strong, feel motivated and powerful, whenever, wherever!

Section 1: Introduction to a new you

A super-brief definition of neuro-linguistic programming - NLP for short - before getting straight to the action!
Remember this particular course isn't about theory or teaching you what NLP is and its principles. It's about giving you the tools to change your emotional state whenever you want and wherever you want.


In this lecture, you'll take around four minutes to learn how to create and use an NLP technique called anchoring guided by Canada's top hypnotist and NLP Master Instructor of NLP, Louise Goddard.
Arguably this is the most important technique to learn in NLP. Many other techniques I successfully use with clients both in NLP and within hypnosis, involve anchoring of some kind. This exercise teaches you and leads you through how to do a basic self-anchor.
Once you practise and perfect this, you will be able to feel strong and confident in seconds. I have successfully taught this technique to clients all over the world over the last ten years. I recommend you practise it, totally committed and focused, every day for two weeks at least.
With practice, clients say it becomes automatic - that a surge of confidence arises without consciously using the anchor! The moment, for example they step into that boardroom, set foot on the golf course, enter that interview room, take to the dance floor. their mindset, their physiology are of confidence and empowerment. Check out the testimonials on my website!


One of my favourite techniques to teach! In this exercise, you're going to anchor a resource, e.g. confidence, empowerment, to a person or group of people with whom you need to be more confident and empowered. Maybe it's a relative you find difficult standing up to, or a boss, or colleagues in a meeting. Whatever it is, or whoever they are, you can transfer your previously set anchor of confidence and empowerment to the face or faces of this person or these people! Ready? Let's do it!

Section 2: What is the point of becoming confident?
The vibration of confidence
Section 3: Stop replaying negative events or conversations in your head

This quick 4 minute NLP technique will help you let go of any negative or annoying events or conversations that you keep replaying in your head.
Of course it won't erase the event from your life experiences, but if you follow each step giving it your full concentration, it will leave you indifferent to whatever it was that was previously bothering you, leaving you space for more positive thoughts and feelings.

Section 4: Program yourself for success!

Are there situations where you’d like to behave differently? Do have a goal in mind?

Maybe you want to be more confident in a work or social setting, give a flawless speech, or maybe you want to get motivated to start and successfully complete a new project, or activity.

With the New Behaviour Generator 1, 2 and the Program yourself for Success techniques, you will program your subconscious mind with a clear picture of your goal. Your subconscious mind will organise your actions so that they fit a pattern consistent with achieving that goal.

After the first time, I recommend going back to the beginning of this video and doing this exercise 3-5 times. Everyone's different, but on average, people take around 10-12 minutes to do this WITH the recommended repetitions. Do it until you EXPECT success. I would then give yourself time to do these techniques every week at least once a week.


This is a tweak on the New Behaviour Generator technique we just did. It works well with performers and athletes who wish to increase their abilities with a particular skill or behavior, or for anyone who wants to get better at something, whether it's learning a new language or perfecting a language you've already been learning and bringing it up a level.


This powerful technique through speed & repetition builds on the New Behaviour Generator. Note that the technique is preceded by an explanation of what's to come. Again, you may find it easier to close your eyes to do this effectively, so make sure you're in a safe place to do this. You'll need your full attention, so ensure that you have switched off, muted, or unplugged anything that could distract you!

Section 5: Recognise your positive qualities

This is an introduction to the Develop your Self-Appreciation technique.


During this lecture, you'll go through and complete a self-appreciation exercise. It will take just over five minutes for you to feel good and recognise the amazing person you truly are!


Like all of the techniques on this course, I have used this Self-Esteem booster technique over the years very successfully in live sessions with private clients and in group trainings. It's been a favourite with many of my clients.  It's based on the 'Self Esteem Quick Fix' exercise that is taught in our NFNLP NLP Master Practitioner trainings. I've added to it and changed some of imagery to make it more pleasing to more people. I've tested it on many clients, and 100% prefer this version. I hope you enjoy it. 
Use it to lift yourself out of a low mood and feel strong, confident and happy. It's the longest of the all the techniques on here so given today's busy way of life, I recommend using it at least twice a week for four weeks. That said, if it helps to use it more often and you have the time to spend these fifteen minutes on yourself more than twice a week, that's great! Ensure you're in a place where you can safely close your eyes and be undisturbed for 15 minutes while you completely fully to doing this exercise.

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Instructor Biography

Louise Goddard, Master NLP & Hypnosis Instructor, Confidence Coach

Hi, I'm a full-time hypnotist and NLP Coach. I'm a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Certified Hypnotist. I've been working full-time with clients for almost ten years, (and a teacher and trainer for twenty-two years!), and running internationally recognised certification trainings in NLP - Basic and Master - and hypnosis, as I am also an NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) accredited Instructor of Hypnosis and an accredited National Federation of NLP (NFNLP) Instructor of NLP. If you have any questions about how to use any of the techniques to your maximum benefit, please do not hesitate to email me. I am happy to help.

Louise Goddard, MSc Masters of Science in Business and Management (ongoing)
BA Hons Modern Languages, CHt, M.NLP, CI
Calgary, Alberta, Canada (formerly of Ottawa, Ontario)

Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Society of NLP)
Certified Hypnotist
Certified Hypnotherapist (Certified through the American Board of Hypnotherapy)
Certified Member in Good Standing of the National Guild Of Hypnotists
Certified Teacher of Adults since 1994
NFNLP Certified Instructor of NLP
NGH Certified Instructor of Hypnosis (CI)

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