Master the Mind: a guide to joyful living
4.7 (24 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
47 students enrolled

Master the Mind: a guide to joyful living

Your mind is your world. Your life's experience is determined by how you think. Learn yoga wisdom and live joyfully.
4.7 (24 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
47 students enrolled
Last updated 2/2018
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What you'll learn
  • You will profoundly appreciate that the way you think determines how you feel about yourself.
  • You will have learned how the mind works and what you can do to get the best from it.

  • You will have a daily meditation practice to reinforce your understanding and gently usher you towards positive and joyful thinking.

  • You will be given an insight into your spiritual nature and how to approach and develop that understanding.
  • Whilst no particular skill set or knowledge is required, you should have an interest in self development

Everyone wants to live a joyful life. No one wants to live a miserable one, or feel hurt, angry, depressed or lacking in self worth. We know we shouldn't fall into these harmful emotions or attitudes, but we do anyway. More often than not, this tide of negativity becomes a way of life which seems too powerful to resist. It gives rise to the question: are we able to  change the way we think to live contented and happy lives? Or is it just the way things are?

When I was a young man many questions puzzled me. I felt like I was merely treading water, that an essential ingredient was missing, one which I couldn't put my finger on, nor understand. Life was a mystery hiding a secret. In the 1980s I travelled to India to study with a legendary Master to find answers to these questions.

During my time there, I learned many things such as the meaning and relevance of the great yogas: Karma, Gyan and Bhakti (the ways of action, knowledge and love), as well as the subtleties of meditation. I was taught the essence of the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita and other profound spiritual writings. 

  • One key point however, was the necessity to understand the importance of the mind, how it works, and how it can be shaped to bring out the best in your life. 

In other words, we/you can change. To live a happy, joyful life is in fact our true nature. The great Sage, Ved Vyas, wrote:

  • Everything you do in life has the singular aim to be happy. There are no exceptions. The underlying motive behind all actions is to be joyful. It is your essential nature, and it compels you to happy.

When you think about it, no two human faces out of 7 billion people are the same, no two leaves on a tree are the same, no two thumbprints are the same ... and yet, without being taught, everyone instinctively desires to be happy. It truly is our nature to be so.

Why do we struggle and often fail in this endeavour to be happy? Because of the way we use, or misuse, the mind. It is such an extraordinary power that it demands respect if we are to get the best from it.

Sage Ved Vyas cautions us:

  • The mind can either liberate you and bring you joy, or it can bind you, and bring you misery. It has the potential to do both.  

How do we change our thoughts for the better then? It seems such a hard and arduous road to travel upon. One reason many feel like this is simply due to habits that are strongly engrained because of a lifetime's practice of thinking a certain way. Habits may be hard to change, but not impossible. Many have succeeded in doing so, and so can you. All you need do is gain true knowledge of your self, of the power within, of your mind. 

  • If a room has been dark for a billion years but is suddenly exposed to light, the darkness will automatically recede in deference to light. In the same way, ignorance of the mind, of your inner nature, of the world, will also recede in the presence of true understanding. 

From where can this knowledge be found? There are many sources available but the most profound comes from the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita. It is from the essence of these writings, and from the teaching I learned from my Spiritual Master while living India, that I will present to you in this course. 

  • Your mind is genuinely the most powerful thing you have. How you think determines everything about you: your life experience, how you feel about yourself and the world around you. It shapes your present and builds your future. It is pivotal to your essential well being. 

This course is the beginning of realising your true potential and moving towards it. Mastering the mind is about you, about harnessing and focussing your mind to live a genuinely joyful life. Join me and discover this for yourself.


Swamiji (Swami Govindananda)


  • "It was a genuine privilege to host Swamiji at Yoga Synergy. For 90 minutes he spellbound more than 80 people with his depth of knowledge, sense of humour and beautiful presentation. One thing really stood out and that was his ability to speak on profound philosophical subjects in a most easy to understand manner. A wonderful evening. Thank you Swami Ji."    - Simon Borg-Olivier, Director.
  • "I'm writing this to say thank you for all your videos and recorded sessions that I have had a chance to watch. My life is full of questions and even more answers! I know that some people would say, how come? There is a question - there is an answer, right? But not in my case, well, at least in the past 3-5 years. I'm glad that one day, I was looking for the answer about Yoga Philosophy, and I have found your three videos, Yoga Beyond the Mat. This trilogy, became my basic but so clear pathway to somewhere else, where some simple principles turned out to be the only way to follow up!!! I wish you a long life and many, many years of delivering the wisdom of the life to our hearts. Thank you for your time you take to teach us the principles of the Universe! I wish to meet with you in person, but it is just for one reason - to look into your eyes and to say thank you! Namaste", Arsenal R.
  • "I was delighted to have Swami Ji at our centre in Noosa, despite not knowing what to expect, having never met a swami or guru before. I thought he may have been too much for some of my more conventional thinking friends, however I learnt very quickly that his style is very current and approachable. His talk was informative ....having gathered some solid wisdom about human nature, and his method of delivery, with humour, made for an extremely enjoyable and educational afternoon.  I feel that you can pluck anyone off the street, place them in his workshop and they will immediately be captivated, intrigued and entertained. I wish him the very best as he continues on his path of helping people find peace in their lives".  - Frank Macchia Director urBanCALM
  • "When I first met Swami Ji it was very evident that he was a man of considerable knowledge and ability. After hearing him speak, I was quickly moved to invite him to be part of Inspya yoga's Teacher Training Course. Swami Ji has the 'X' factor and brings light and warmth wherever he goes."   - Lance Schuler, Director Inspya Yoga
  • "Swami Govindananda is a gifted and inspiring speaker. He is a true spiritual teacher who eloquently and simply communicates great spiritual truths in a way that is accessible and enlightening to the novice and experienced student alike. He shares his words of wisdom and love with a beautiful blend of entertaining stories and profound insight. We feel extremely blessed to have met Swami Ji and to have hosted him at our yoga school."    - Anthony Salerno Australian Yoga Academy Director
  • "I found last night a life-changing experience! For me it was one of the best 'presentations' I’ve ever seen. His faultless and penetrating oration punctuated with anecdotes and humour but always to the point was a joy to experience! The music was so powerful too and superbly played and sung. WOW! So thanks Swami Govindananda."  - David J, New Zealand
  • "He is a wonderful teacher and communicator - wise, humorous, accessible, clear, generous, authentic and humble. And he delivers his teachings with a knowledge and wisdom that are profound, deep and inspiring. He takes what some of us have been blessed to experience on the mat or in life - those peek moments where the sense of wholeness, love, quietude and peace we feel are an expression of our mind, hearts and bodies beating as one and we reside in a Space that is vast and undisturbed by time or thought - and gives us an understanding of this, our essence, our higher Self and the bigger picture of life and death.  And he illuminates the wisdom that lies at the heart of Yoga, which is both its beginning and end, with clarity and anecdotes that are both easy to digest and inspiring, reminding us once more of what is important and true. It is a privilege to be able to hear this wisdom (and experience the high vibration of the traditional Kirtan chanting) and to receive it in an environment that is dedicated to sharing that energy and supporting all of us as individuals and a community."  - Christina Pateras Yoga Teacher, Breathing Space, Avalon, Sydney Australia
  • "Swami Govindananda impacted our community with a calm nature and wise presence. His delivery of fundamental concepts of Vendanta was easily understood and accessible to all and his humor and wit made the session a delight to be involved in. We look forward to learning more from Swami Ji and embracing him in our beautiful community. A true example of a modern day Yogi for us all".   - Duncan Peak CEO/Founder Power Living Australia
  • "Swamiji has been involved with our Canberra community and two yoga studio’s for the last few years. Swamiji has delivered many workshops, in house retreats, and information sessions to our yoga students. He is one of the best teachers we have ever had the pleasure of hosting - delivering philosophy and ancient teachings in a meaningful, yet practical and humorous way. His knowledge is deep, giving him the capacity to sit with any audience - from those who are new and curious, to those who have a regular spiritual practice. Compelling, easy to understand and insightful - Swamiji is often sought out by us and our students regularly for one on one sessions. Swamiji and Carmen’s sessions are often combined with kirtan, creating an experience that is rare and special. We look forward to hosting them regularly, as they have become a big part of our community." - Justine and Marcus Janssen Power Yoga Canberra
  • "Swamiji is an exceptional inspirational speaker, a highly respected and revered individual. He is our friend & guide. Wanderlust festivals are a caldron of ideas on how to be your best self, how to pick your path in life, how to find your true north. Wanderers seek the wisdom of spiritual and mindful living leaders, but also how to apply this to their self. Swamiji brings a real, modern, urban approach to the ancient philosophies of India. Often light hearted, always warm with love, and teaching profound yoga wisdom and meditation. We are ever grateful and welcome him to return to our festivals in North America, Australia, New Zealand and around the globe."  - Festival Director Australia/New Zealand Wanderlust
  • "We had the honour and pleasure of having Swamiji Govindananda speak at our Inaugural International Ayurveda and Yoga Conference in April 2006 in Sydney, which was a landmark event and the first of its kind in Australia! He once again did us the honours by presenting at our 2nd International Conference in April 2009 at the City Recital Hall in Sydney CBD together with 11 International speakers.
    In 2006 Swamiji was a keynote speaker at our Conference and he had the whole crowd of nearly 400 participants all spell bound for 50 minutes! He also conducted a post conference workshop for which we received very positive feedbacks. He once again enthralled the audience this time in April 2009 with his dynamic presence and his knowledge. He is a great singer and plays the harmonium beautifully. People were amazed hearing him sing sanksrit and hindi bhajans with excellent pronunciation as a westerner. His diction, his wisdom, his classic style makes him a great Orator and we were so happy that we got this opportunity to have Swamiji once again capture the audience with his pearls of wisdom on the Bhagvad Gita and the Indian philosophy of Bhakti Yoga! He is a dynamic speaker and wherever he speaks people get so entranced with what he has to deliver! It comes from his heart and soul!    Swamiji takes you on a journey of the soul to find and experience your true reality, inner peace and happiness and ultimately, the love divine. We would not hesitate to recommend Swamiji for any conference, as people will benefit greatly with his wealth of spiritual knowledge and experience in connecting with their Higher selves and achieving that mental equilibrium to sooth the senses and calm the mind, which is so much needed these days, with our busy lifestyles!"  - Farida Irani Founding Director Ayurveda Yoga Australia

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to improve how they feel about themselves, who suffer from depression, anxiety or sadness, or who want to know the mysteries of the mind and its true potential. This course is also for those who have an interest in yoga philosophy and teachings of the East such as the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. It is for those who choose to make a change in themselves and wish to live in positivity and be joyful in their life experience.
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The importance and power of the mind cannot be overstated. It lies at the heart of everything that happens in your life because the way you think determines how you feel about yourself and the world around you, not only in the present but in your future also. Your mind can either be your best friend by bringing you a positive, joyful life experience, or it can be your enemy and cause you great harm. 

To understand how the mind works and put to this knowledge into practise is the key to an amazing life. There is no need to suffer through anxiety, depression, or sadness. Through understanding a few simple principles you can elevate yourself and be the person you always wanted to be: happy and joyful. And for those who feel well adjusted and doing ok in life, you would be surprised at just how much better you can be. 

This series lays bare the mysteries of the mind. The knowledge presented draws from timeless knowledge like the Bhagavad Gita (also known as the Yoga Shastras, the Scripture of Yoga) and the Vedas. A knowledge that has enthralled countless men and women through the Ages. It is for everyone, including you, if you would simply access it.

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