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Master Rubik's Cube in 4 days!

Rubik's Cube explained like never before!
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Created by Hani Gamal
Last updated 5/2014
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This course is about getting you to solve the most famous puzzle in the world, Rubik's cube. If you tried to solve it in the past and failed, worry not...I am here to guide you step by step through my unique method.

I will be using 3D model software in most of my lectures instead of a real cube. I found out that it makes you see the moves far better, than if I used a real one.

The good news that I will not be using notes! Yes, that's right… I did not learn with it, so I will not teach it. Instead, I will show you the moves with arrows and shapes.

I believe anyone can solve the cube if he learned it like I did, that is learn a few moves and then practice it for a day, and then a few moves and so on, and that's exactly what I will be doing with you.

As the title says, you will learn to solve the cube in 4 days... but that does not mean you will be FAST in a week! NO, it will take you some time depends on how much you practice, to solve the cube in 3 minutes or less,and you will learn in a way that will enable you to memorize all the steps in 4 to 7 day.

So why take this course? Because it's unique, it's simple, and I don't use the cube's notes.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anybody from age 9 to 90
  • No previous knowledge is required.
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What Will I Learn?
By the end of the course you will be able to solve the Rubik's Cube from any position.
You will learn ALL the steps necessary to solve the cube from start to finish.
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  • Rubik's Cube
  • Patience
Curriculum For This Course
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3 Lectures 06:05

Welcome to my course, and short introduction of myself.

Preview 01:19

Tips for you on how to get the maximum benefits from this course.

How to use this course

In this video you will see me solve the Rubik's cube live in front of a camera, with the same method you will be learning in this course. I solve it under 2 minutes.

Preview 02:04
Day One - The First Layer
14 Lectures 16:12

a 7 pages pdf guide, contains all the steps and cases of the cube. Print a copy of it - in color - and keep it around with the cube. It will come handy when you forget a case or missed a step.

Master Rubik's Cube in just 4 days Pdf Guide.
7 pages

In this lecture I introduce the cube to you, and the names of the different pieces of the cube that we will be using through out this course.

Know your cube

In this lecture I demonstrate The Cross step which is the first step in solving the cube. In the next few lectures I will be explaining the different cases that will face you in order to do the cross.

(Step 1) The cross - Demo

In this lecture we will see the first case - and its the easiest case - for you to start doing the cross.

Case 1 - The edge is looking down

In this lecture we will see the second case that faces us in order to do the cross. I included a video to show you how to execute a move.

Case 2 - The edge is facing front

In this lecture we will see the third and last case, after that you shouldn't have any problems doing the cross.

Case 3 - There is not any edges on the bottom layer

Your first action step in this course, I will ask you to do the cross on the yellow side and then try it on 3 different sides.

Action Step

In this lecture I demonstrate how to solve the corners in the first layer. In the next few lectures I will be showing you the cases that will face you in order to complete this step.

(Step 2) The Top Corners - Demo

In this lecture I will explain the first case that will face you in order to do the top corners in the first layer. The moves you will learn in this lecture and the next 3 lectures are vital, and considered to be core moves in the cube.

Preview 01:01

In this lecture we deal with the second case on how to do the top corners. This one is relatively easy move.

Case 2 - Yellow looking to the right

In this lecture I explain the third case in how to do the top corners of the first layer. A little bit difficult this one, but If you learned the previous cases, it will be a peice of cake.

Case 3 - Yellow looking down

In this lecture I explain the last case on how to do the top corners of the first layer. This one combines almost all what you learned in this step - the top corners.

Preview 02:22

A recap of what you learned in day 1, from doing the cross to finishing the corners. Because we don't have the same shuffle, it will be impossible to have the exact same cube you and me, but you still can follow along and solve the same case that I am solving.

Day 1 Recap - Doing the first layer from A to Z

Doing the first layer is considered by many a proof that you are serious about solving the cube. Your action step will be doing the first layer from A to Z. Remember, speed is not the objective.

Action Step - doing the first layer
Day Two - The Middle Layer
6 Lectures 14:19

In this video I will demonstrate how to do the middle layer. This is my own way of solving this layer and you won't find it any where. Most of the methods I saw involves flipping the cube upside down, but I find this confusing. The yellow face stays on top at all times of solving this layer.

The Middle Layer - Demo

In this lecture I will teach you my way of solving the first case in the middle layer. This layer is actually much easier than the first one. Very soon you will be able to do the first 2 layers in resonably short time.

Preview 02:17

Case 2 is very similar to case 1, only its like a mirror image of it. Don't worry, I still think it's much easier than the first layer. I will explain it step by step as the previous one.

Case 2 - The edge has to move to the right from where it is now placed.

This is actually not a separate case, because it involves the previous two. If you mastered the last two cases, this is just a cocktail of them.

Case 3 - There is not any edges with 2 colors matching 2 faces

A recap of what you learned in day 2, the middle layer. Even if we don't have the same shuffle of the cube, you can still follow me. If you have reach this far, there is no reason not to continue your way to do the full cube.

Day 2 Recap - Doing the middle layer from A to Z

Congratulation on reaching this far. A heavy action step is waiting for you, because we are close to the hardest part in solving the cube, the third layer. I just want to make sure that the first 2 layers are clear in your head, so it will not be confused with the next 2 days. Good luck.

Action Step: doing the first 2 layers
Day Three - The Bottom Layer Part 1
4 Lectures 15:24

In this lecture I define what it means that a corner is in the right position. In the next videos we will correctly position all the bottom layer corners. The bottom layer is divided into two parts, this part deals with how to position the corners correctly without paying attention to its orientation.

The Bottom Layer – Right Positioned Corner

This is the only step that is not systematic. There is 11 moves in this step in total, but some times we are going to do 9 of them or 10, or the total 11. A very critical step this one, and involves a brand new move, so take your time with this one.

Preview 03:56

After we correctly positioned the bottom layer corners, it is time to correctly orienting them in their respective colors. This step might take some time to complete, and it might seem that you are messing things up.. don't worry, follow the instructions and it will work.

Orienting the corners – part 2

Well done reaching this far, you are so close of finishing what you started. In this lecture I review with you the complex bottom layer part 1&2. Try to keep up!

Day 3 Recap - Doing The Bottom Layer Part 1
Day Four - The Bottom Layer Part 2
6 Lectures 25:37

In this lecture we start from where we left off, all corners are done, and only one edge needs to be solved. If ONE side is finished can also be used if there is NO side is finished. This lecture and the next one are really fun to do, and when you get faster, and reach this part... it really looks awsoum.

Preview 02:29

This lecture is the final one, give your self a pat on the back for finishing this course. By the end of this lecture your cube will be complete. This lecture has two possibilities...I explain both of them.

If TWO sides are finished

Recap of what you learned in day 4.

Day 4 Recap

The longest video in the course, I will be doing the cube from A to Z. Grab your cube and lets have fun.

Cube Marathon - Doing The Whole Cube!

Congratulation on finishing the cube... this lecture is to tell you what's next after you learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube.


A link to the website of the 3D software that I've been using to explain the cube.

About the software I am using
About the Instructor
4.4 Average rating
43 Reviews
2,006 Students
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Musician, Photographer

Hi, I am Hany Gamal. I live in Egypt. I studied photography, and video editing in fine art college. Then I took a 2 years course with New York Institute of Photography.

I studied guitar with The Royal School of Music, and I finished Grade 8 guitar back in 2004.

My real passion is teaching, so I teach everything I know... photography, guitar, and even Rubik's Cube - which I can do in less than 2 minutes.

I worked as a freelance photographer, a camera-man, a video editor, and a guitar tutor at International British schools.

I run a chess club in my school were I work as music and performing art director.

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