The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business

Learn over 20 different strategies and tools to cut your time spent on email in half and massively increase productivity
154 reviews
  • Scott Britton Entrepreneur at

    I'm Scott Britton. I'm a lifestyle entrepreneur and write about my experiences full-time at Before this I was a business development executive at SinglePlatform, a company acquired by Constant Contact for 100 million dollars.

    I'm passionate about personal development, marketing, and travel. I've taught over 5,000 students online and offline, spoken at various various events - including New York's CTO School, and been featured in Lifehacker, The Next Web, and Business Insider as one of the top 25 rising star's in New York Tech Under 25.

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The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System For Business

Learn over 20 different strategies and tools to cut your time spent on email in half and massively increase productivity
154 reviews


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Do you ever feel like EMAIL CONTROLS YOUR LIFE?

You there’s those days where literally all you do is spend time in your inbox reading and respond to emails.

It’s like you’re a little email salmon swimming trying to fight the upstream inbox current.

I’ve got some amazing news for you....


This Gmail course has taught over 6000 people how to effectively manage their email to increase productivity and GET HOURS OF YOUR LIFE BACK EACH WEEK.

So wait...does that mean I can spend more time in the kiddie pool on the weekends and less time in my inbox!!!??? You betcha!


Just look at what all the incredibly good-looking people on the right who’ve reviewed this course and gave it 5 STARS have said....

By the end of this course you’ll learn the deepest, darkest secrets of Gmail that only the greatest email ninjas know like:

  • Specific tactics to spend dramatically less time in your inbox (and why that's actually more productive!)
  • The best way to empty that inbox to zero like Speedy Gonzalez fast - BTW its super important to do that
  • Strategies to decrease the amount of mail you get. Yep, it's possible
  • Tools to not only manage all your contacts and connections, but ones that will also help you write emails that are a like...A ZILLION TIMES more effective
  • 20 different strategies and tools to be more productive with email

So if you want to reclaim your SANITY, LIFE, OR TIME or just send emails to ANYONE.....or just want to be more productive...hear me out:


You will learn how to become an email PRO and save hours a week over 43 short videos created by yours truly.

If 43 vids sounds like a lot, don’t worry - you can totally go buffet style to pick and choose exactly what you want to I love buffets.

So this sounds pretty darn good right?

Then here’s whatchya need to do to start taking this Gmail Productivity course right now:

  1. Scroll back up to the top and click the “Take This Course" Button
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  6. You’ll have to figure what to do with all this new time you have because you’ve GOTTEN SO GOOOOD AT MANAGING EMAIL

I will personally respond to any questions you may have as you go through the course so there's no worry if you're not sure how to take all of the information and apply it to your life...

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


Scott Britton - Productive Gmailer

P.S. The $49 price is an initial offering to build the students and positive reviews. I believe getting days of your life back and dramatically increasing your output is WORTH FAR MORE THAN THIS, so I plan on raising the price in the near future. If you want to take advantage of the initial price, I'd sign up sooner than later (Like now!)

    • People who use gmail will get the most out of this class. However, all people who spend a lot of time in email will get value out of this class.
    • Over 51 lectures and 3.5 hours of content!
    • By the end of this course, you will spend dramatically less time in email, receive less mail, understand tools to have more effective conversations, and increase the speed at which you get through your email.
    • In this course you will learn how to manage your email more efficiently to increase your productivity and output
    • This course is for people who want to increase their productivity and spend less time on email. Everyone from the email novice to expert will find value in this class.


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  • SECTION 1:
    An Introduction to Increasing Your Productivity in Gmail
  • 1
    Class Introduction
    An introduction to the class including some personal results
  • 2
    Understanding the Purpose of Email (And Why That's Important)
    This lecture describes the purpose of email which is important to understand so we can distinguish between output and business.
  • 3
    The Four Frameworks to Improve Our Email Productivity
    This lecture discusses the 4 most powerful frameworks to maximize our productivity in Gmail (and all email!)
  • SECTION 2:
    Decreasing The Frequency of Checking and Processing Email
  • 4
    Understanding the High Costs of Interruption
    One of the most disruptive things to productivity is interruption. This module outlines the high costs of interruption as it relates to email.
  • 5
    Introducing the Concept of Batch Processing
    Batch Processing is the most efficient way to deal with you email. This lecture outlines the concept in detail.
  • 6
    Creating An Environment Conducive to Batch Process Successfully
  • 7
    [Demo] Adding Browser Bookmarks to Ancillary Services
    This is a demo of how to add bookmarks to ancillary services we often use in tandem with Gmail to create an environment where we can successfully execute batch processing.
  • 8
    BatchedInbox is an excellent tool that allows us to specify the times at which email is visible. This lecture provides a broad overview of that as well as a live demo.
  • 9
    Inbox Pause
    This lecture describes the tool inbox pause which has similar functionality to BatchedInbox with a tad more control.
  • 10
    Using Filters + Labels to Selectively Process Certain Messages
  • 11
    [Demo] of Filter + Label Creation
    This is a live demo of how to create filters + labels to selectively process certain emails.
  • 12
    How to Handle Time Sensitive Emails While Still Batch Processing
    This lecture describes how we can leverage multiple inboxes with filters and labels to handle time sensitive mail from select senders while still executing batch processing.
  • 13
    The Alias Trick to Pre-empt Batching Marketing Communication
    This lecture outlines how to take advantage of gmail aliases in order to avoid unwanted marketing communication.
  • SECTION 3:
    The Most Effective Way to Process Your Email
  • 14
    Introduction to Processing Your Email Effectively
    This introduces why its important to have a clean inbox and introduces the Reply, Archive, Delete, Defer framework.
  • 15
    The Difference Between Archive / Delete
    This describes the difference between archiving and deleting a message. It's important to understand this as we strive to have a clean inbox.
  • 16
    [Demo] of the Reply, Archive, Delete, Defer Approach
    This is a live demo of me taking the reply, archive, delete, approach, defer to my inbox.
  • 17
    Deferring Execution with Boomerang
    This lecture dives deeper into "deferring" emails and introduces the tool I use to do that Boomerang.
  • 18
    An Alternate Method to Defer Execution
    This lecture shows how you can use multiple inboxes in conjunction with the "star" action to defer execution.
  • SECTION 4:
    Decreasing the Amount of Mail You Receive
  • 19
    Introducing "Pruning"
    This lecture outlines why you should always be pruning your inbox and how exactly to do it.
  • 20
    This lecture describes how you can use to mass unsubscribe for unwanted marketing emails.
  • 21
    Identifying Pruning Opportunities with the "Optional" Label
    This lecture introduces one way to identify any email you can unsubscribe from as you process your email.
  • 22
    Understanding the Email Ecosystem To Receive Less Mail
    We cover the dynamics of email communication so that we can send and receive less messages.
  • SECTION 5:
    Contact Management
  • 23
    The Goal of Contact Management
    This introduces effective concept management and what we should strive for.
  • 24
    The Most Important Gmail Contacts Setting
    This lecture outlines the auto-complete contact management setting in gmail as well as the general contact manager.
  • 25
    Making Contact Data Actionable With Brewster
    This lecture describes an iphone app called Brewster which helps organize our contacts across multiple commonly used services including gmail.
  • 26
    Using Contactually to Stay in Touch with Important Contacts
    This lecture outlines Contactually which is a great tool to stay in touch with our networks.
  • SECTION 6:
    Tools to Have More Effective Email Conversations
  • 27
    Newsle and Job Change Alerts
    This lecture describes two excellent tools to that help you write better email content and stay abreast of your network: Newsle and Job Change Alerts
  • 28
    Undo Send
    This lecture describes UndoSend, a powerful feature in Gmail Labs.
  • 29
    This lecture describes Rapportive, which is a powerful tool to write better emails.
  • 30
    [Demo] of Rapportive and How to Find Someone's Email Address
    This is a live demo of rapportive. It covers how you can use it to write more effective emails and find most people's email address.
  • 31
    Boomerang to Automate the FollowUp
    This lecture outlines how you can use boomerang to automate the process of having to remember to followup with someone.
  • SECTION 7:
    Increase the Speed At Which You Process Your Email
  • 32
    The Magic of Canned Responses
    This lecture outlines gmail labs feature canned responses.
  • 33
    Using Streak Snippets in Tandem With Canned Responses
    This lecture outlines an alternative to canned responses called Streak.
  • 34
    [Demo] of Canned Responses and Streak
    This is a live demo of canned responses and streak in action.
  • 35
    Searching For Messages Efficiently
    This lecture outlines how to use search filters to rapidly decrease the time you spend looking for a message.
  • SECTION 8:
    Course Summary and Putting This Knowledge into Practice
  • 36
    Review of Decreasing the Frequency We Check Email
    This is a review of the concepts in Section 2.
  • 37
    Review of How to Process Your Mail Efficiently
    This is a review of the concepts covered in Section 3.
  • 38
    Review of How to Decrease Email Volume
    This is a review of the concepts covered in Section 4.
  • 39
    Review of Effective Contact Management
    This is a review of the concepts covered in Section 5.
  • 40
    Review of How to Have More Effective Conversations
    This is a review of the concepts covered in Section 6.
  • 41
    Review of How to Increase Our Speed in Gmail
    This is a review of the concepts covered in Section 7.
  • 42
    Next Steps: How to Build these Practices into Your Workflow
    This outlines the most effective next steps to add these practices into your workflow.
  • 43
    Gmail Productivity Worksheet
    1 page
    Fill out this worksheet to put all the concepts touched upon in action!
  • SECTION 9:
    PDFs of All Lectures
  • 44
    PDF Copy of Lecture 1
    9 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 1
  • 45
    PDF Copy of Lecture 2
    41 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 2
  • 46
    PDF Copy of Lecture 3
    11 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 3
  • 47
    PDF Copy of Lecture 4
    9 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 4
  • 48
    PDF Copy of Lecture 5
    12 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 5
  • 49
    PDF Copy of Lecture 6
    8 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 6
  • 50
    PDF Copy of Lecture 7
    7 slides
    This is a PDF copy of Lecture 7
  • 51
    PDF Copy of Lecture 8
    30 slides


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  • Colleen McGuckin
    Clear, Concise, and Helpful

    Great course. I did it all in one day. Got to inbox zero after living with 6000+ emails haunting me day in and day out. Lots of cool features I didn't know about were discussed and most importantly he shares his processes for dealing with email. Only downfall is that some of the plug ins or add ons used are not free, so if you want to implement the exact same system you will be paying monthly. Not a drawback to me.

  • Jeniffer Fisher-Reid
    The Ultimate Gmail Productivty System for Business

    This course was very informative and very comprehensive. I had no idea that so much can be accomplished with Gmail. I look forward to implementing the new skills I learned.

  • Fonda Clayton
    A great overview of how to organize your email and not the other way around

    I hope that Scott will create an addendum for some of the apps that are no longer available, etc. With that said, I enjoyed the pace. I was able to follow along on my tablet and implement in the moment. There were a couple of parts that where confusing to me. Filters and labels: this has nothing to do with the course, they have always perplexed me. I am overthinking it, however I now have a reference to revisit, once I am clear on HOW I want to use it.

  • Sam Featherstone
    Practical. Tons of examples.

    Didn't have to focus 100% on this which was nice. I still got a lot out of it. Has some great ideas for tools that he uses and if it's not something I'd use, I can just skip forward to the next chapter. Actionable things that we can do to be more productive, including tips on etiquette. I'm glad I took this course, for sure.

  • David Lantz
    Lots of tips on how to use Gmail more productively

    The Ultimate Gmail Productivity System for Business course by Scott Britton has lots of tips on how to use Gmail more productively. While I use Microsoft Outlook for personal email, I teach for several universities and they use Gmail. Having taken this course, I will now work on having email from each school delivered to one gmail account where I will sort and tag it using the lessons I learned in Scott’s course!

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