Master Excel Functions
3.4 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
152 students enrolled
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Master Excel Functions

Learn how to use Excel Functions and formulas to increase your ability to manipulate data.
3.4 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
152 students enrolled
Created by Joe Zawada
Last updated 2/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Manipulate Data better using Excel functions and Formulas
  • Understand how Excel Functions work
  • Understand how to combine multiple functions in one cell
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  • Need to have Microsoft Excel 2003 or greater. Preferably 2007 or greater to follow along.
  • Just very basic knowledge of Excel needed. No knowledge of Excel functions needed.

This course helps to teach you how to learn Excel Functions and Formulas. You will learn how to take that knowledge and apply it to everyday examples to show how you can use it at work.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. the 50 most common Excel functions
  2. The basics needed to get the most out of Functions
  3. Advanced and nested functions to truly show their power
  4. Real World examples to show how to apply it to your job

You should get this course because I have taught Excel to accountants for many years. I go slow enough and show every step, to help beginners understand. But I also go in depth for more advanced users to benefit.

This course is made up of over 4 hours of video and over 100 pages of screenshots and writing to help explain what Excel functions are all about. Get this course and I know you will increase your Excel knowledge!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is for people who want to learn how to manipulate data better by using Excel Functions
  • This course is for people who use Excel for their job but need help understanding it's functionality
  • This course is also for people who use Excel occasionally but just want a better understand of it
  • This course is not tailored for advanced users who know most of the advanced features.
  • This course is for people who consider themselves beginners or intermediate in Excel and want to improve their understand to stand out in their job
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Curriculum For This Course
71 Lectures
Complete Tutorial on 50 most common Excel function
50 Lectures 01:51:43

You will learn how the ABS function works and will be able to get the absolute value of any number.

Preview 01:22

Learn how to use the AND function to get TRUE or FALSE results

Preview 02:32

Learn how to average numbers with the AVERAGE Funciton

Preview 01:13

Learn how the CHOOSE function will pick from choices you give it.

Preview 02:42

Learn to combine fields with the CONCATENATE Function

Preview 02:58

Learn how to use the COUNT function in counting your data

COUNT Function

Learn how the COUNTA Function will count non blank cells

COUNTA Function

Learn the COUNTBLANK function and see how it counts blank cells


Learn how to use the COUNTIF function to count numbers based on criteria in a cell

COUNTIF Function

Learn how to use the COUNTIF function to count numbers based on criteria in multiple cells


Learn how the EXACT function will tell if two strings are exactly alike

EXACT Function

Learn how the FIND function will find something within a cell and tell you where it is

FIND Function

Learn how the FIXED function will round numbers

FIXED Function

Learn how the HLOOKUP function works for pulling data horizontally from tables

HLOOKUP Function

Learn how the IF function operates and checks criteria to give a TRUE or FALSE result

IF Function

Learn to use the IFERROR function to check your formulas for errors and return a value of your choice if there is an error

IFERROR Function

Learn how the INDEX function returns a value from an array of values

INDEX Function

Learn how the ISBLANK function returns a TRUE or FALSE if the cell is blank or not.

ISBLANK Function

LEARN about the ISERROR function and how it tells you if there is an error

ISERROR Function

Learn how the ISNA function checks for the #N/A error and returns TRUE or FALSE

ISNA Function

Learn about the LARGE Function and how it will pull one of the largest values in a range, based on your criteria

LARGE Function

Learn about the LEFT Function and see how it pulls the leftmost characters of a word

LEFT Function

Learn about the LEN Function and see how it will count th number of characters in a cell

LEN Function

Learn how the LOWER function will convert all characters to lower case.

LOWER Function

Learn how the MATCH function will find a cell in an array of cells and return its position in that array

MATCH Function

MAX Function

Learn how to use the MID function to return the middle number in an array

MID Function

Learn how to get the lowest value in a range with the MIN Function

MIN Function

Learn how the NOW function gives you the current time and date

NOW Function

Use the OFFSET Function to return a cell or range of cells

OFFSET Function

Learn how to use the OR Function to give you TRUE or FALSE based on your criteria

OR Function

Learn the PRODUCT function to give you the result of multiplying numbers

PRODUCT Function

Learn how the PROPER function will change the case of text to its correct way

PROPER Function

Learn how to get a random number from the RAND Function

RAND Function

Learn how to get a whole random number from 1 to x with the RANDBETWEEN Function


Learn how to replace parts of text with the REPLACE Function

REPLACE Function

Learn how to repeat text with the REPT Function

REPT Function

Learn how to get the rightmost characters from text with the RIGHT Function

RIGHT Function

Learn how to round numbers with the ROUND Function

ROUND Function

Learn how to round down to a number with the ROUNDDOWN Function


Learn how to round up to a number with the ROUNDUP Function

ROUNDUP Function

Learn how the SEARCH function will find an item in a cell and return its position

SEARCH Function

Learn how to get the smallest, 2nd smallest, 3rd ...value in a range

SMALL Function

Learn how to substitute text within text using the SUBSTITUTE Function


Learn how to add up numbers based on a criteria

SUMIF Function

Learn how to add numbers with the SUM Function

SUM Function

Learn how to add up numbers based on multiple conditions

SUMIFS Function

Learn how to get Today;s date with the TODAY Function

TODAY Function

Learn how to get your text into ALL caps with the UPPER Function

UPPER Function

Learn how to pull in data from another table with the VLOOKUP Function

VLOOKUP Function
Excel Function Tips and Tricks
10 Lectures 01:14:15

Learn the difference between absolute cell reference and relative cell reference

Absolute verse Relative Cell Reference

Learn how to use formulas in Arrays

Using Arrays in formulas

Learn what the common Excel error messages mean and how to get around them

Common Excel Error Messages

Learn how formulas work when using a formatted table

Formulas in Formatted Tables

Learn what the most common VLOOKUP errors are and how to fix them

Common VLOOKUP Errors

Learn the step by step way to nesting an IF Statement

How to Nest an IF Statement

Learn how to name a Range of cells in Excel for use in Formulas

Naming a Range

Learn how to use Paste Special with Formulas

Paste Special

Learn all about the Status Bar

Status Bar

Learn how to deal with multiple matches when doing a VLOOKUP statement

Multiple Matches with VLOOKUP formulas
Advanced Excel Functions
6 Lectures 40:05

Learn how to randomly choose among your choices your supply


Learn how to use these two functions to check for errors in your spreadsheet and replace the errors


Learn how to check for multiple criteria in your IF statements without having to nest IF Statements


Learn how to use this powerful multi function to pull information from tables. This will replace VLOOKUP.


Learn how to pull in a cell or multiple cells of information from other tables


Learn this error fix for one of the most common VLOOKUP errors

Real world Examples with Questions to help learn
5 Lectures 45:27

Learn how to break apart a phone number with text functions and count how many people meet certain criterias.

Real World Example 1

Learn how to calculate someone's age with date functions and use the VLOOKUP to pull over Employee data from a larger table.

Real World Example 2

Learn how to calculate a golfer's average score, calculate lowest and 3rd lowest score and count the number of golfers that meet certain criterias

Real World Examples 3

Learn how to calculate bonuses on sales using the AND statement and nested If's

Real World Examples 4

Learn how to count the length of User Id's and shorten or replace them if too long.

Real World Examples 5
About the Instructor
Joe Zawada
3.4 Average rating
6 Reviews
152 Students
1 Course
Excel Specialist

I have used and trained Microsoft Excel in an Accounting environment for 15 years. In that time I have learned how to use many of the Excel functions in order to help me manipulate my financial data better. I work on many spreadsheets in my office and have helped many accountants to work more efficient by teaching them tricks and tips in Excel.

I have also worked a lot with pivot tables and interactive dashboards to display financial information. All of these skills have helped me to master so many aspects of Excel to enable me to work more efficiently and also to train other accountants in using Excel.

In addition to training people in my office, I also do freelance Excel work for other companies when they need an excel expert. Additionally I write tutorials and make videos and post on a blog to help train more people in using Excel.