Master Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds
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Master Pronunciation of English Vowel Sounds

Listen to and practise vowel sounds and perfect your pronunciation
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
6 students enrolled
Created by Guy Fforde
Last updated 5/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Pronounce all twenty English vowel sounds correctly
  • Distinguish between similar vowel sounds like in ship (i) and sheep (ee).
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  • You just need a minimum of Elementary level English

Do you find it difficult to really hear the difference between certain sounds in English?

For example, what is the difference between Sheep and Ship?

Many students of English have difficulty with vowel sounds in English because they often don't exist in other languages and this can lead to serious problems in their communication.

In this course we look at the twenty vowel sounds in English, how they sound, and how they are usually spelt.

We then practise the sounds together.

Also included are audio files of the lessons themselves, and some practice sentences that include lots of words with the sounds from each lesson. You can download these and practice them at home, in the car or wherever you like!

This course is split into 10 lessons and we look at two sounds in each lesson. By the end of the course you will have covered every vowel sound in English. You will also gain familiarity with the transcription alphabet, which you can then read in dictionaries and understand exactly how the word is pronounced. 

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their accent, particularly if they want a British English accent.

Who is the target audience?
  • Suitable for all levels from Elementary to Advanced
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Curriculum For This Course
Let's master English vowel sounds!
11 Lectures 29:46

In this course we will look at the pronunciation of all 20 vowel sounds in English. We will look at the transcription alphabet letter for each sound and practise each sound together.

Preview 00:39

1 -  fish /fɪʃ/ - tree - triː

In this lesson we look at the sounds /i/ and /iː/

You can download the audio of the lesson (called Lesson 1) and the practice sentences (called practice lesson 1) 

/i/ - fish

pick, trick, thick, thin

usually spelt with 'i' - exceptions - pretty, women, busy, decide, village, physics

/iː/ - tree

see, bee, treat, beat

common spellings - ee - speed, sweet: ea - team, peach: e - medium, refund - exceptions - people, magazine, key, niece, receipt

word pairs - bit-beat - fit-feet - sit-seat - sick-seek

Practice sentences

A big bee lives in a tree. 

Pick up your keys and bring them to me. 

I want to see who'll live with me.

Preview 03:55

2 - Cat - kæt - Car - kɑː

æ - cat, sat, bat, mat

always spelled ‘a’


/ɑː/ - car, market, start, glass

common spellings


/a/ - glass, path

exceptions - laugh, aunt, heart


word pairs

- cat-cart, hat-heart, chat-chart

Practice sentences

The cat sat on the mat.

The car went far under the stars. 

Can you chat about the last chance?

Preview 02:03

3- clock-klɒk - horse- hɔːs

clock - hot, pot, got, off, on

usually spelt ‘o’

exceptions - watch, want, sausage, because

horse - floor, wall, draw, caught, thought


or - score, floor

al - bald, wall

aw - prawns, draw

others - warm, course, thought, caught, audience, board

Practice sentences

There's a hot clock in the bottom of my sock! 

There's a small wall being hit by a ball. 

Stop hopping and walk to the door.

Preview 03:01

4 - bull-bʊl - boot-buːt

bull, full, butcher, cook, book, look, good

2 main spellings, - ‘u’ and ‘oo’


boot, pool, moody, true, student, soup, shoe

spellings - oo, u or ew

exceptions -  suitcase, juice, shoe, move, soup, through, queue

word pair


Practice sentences

Pull the wool and move the shoe. 

The book looks good and the movie is groovy. 

The pool was full so we looked round the zoo.

Preview 02:51

5 - bird - bɜːd  - computer - kəmˈpjuːtə

bird, term, prefer, dirty, third, curly, turn

er - ir and ur

exceptions - learn, work, world, worse, journey


computer - always unstressed

other, nervous, about, complain, director, information

compare prefer - pre - schwa - fer - bird

Practice sentences

The word you heard was bird, not third. 

The singer is bigger than the other figure. 

I've heard that there are no others in the world.

Lesson 5 - Bird - Computer

6 - egg - eg - up - ʌp

egg, menu, lend, text, spend, plenty, cent

usually spelt with just ‘e’

exceptions - friend, already, healthy, many, said

up, public, subject, ugly, duck, hurry, cup

usually spelt with just ‘u’

exceptions - money, worried, someone, enough, country, tough

dead - dud  -- bet - but  -- bed - bud

Practice sentences

Let the vet get wet.

Love your mother like no other. 

Get some honey and bet some money.

Lesson 6 - Egg - Up

7 - train - treɪn - phone - fəʊn

train, save, gate, railway, plain, may, say

main spellings - ‘a’ - ‘ai’ and ‘ay’

exceptions - break, steak, great, weight, they, grey

phone, broke, stone, frozen, mobile, roast, coach

main spellings ‘o’ and ‘oa’

exceptions - owe, slow, although, shoulders


Word pairs

lane - loan  -  cane - cone - drain - drone 

Practice Sentences

Train your brain to stay out of the rain. Go slow to show your flow. The pay is too low to train for the show.

Lesson 7 - Train - Phone

8 - bike - baɪk - owl - aʊl

bike, fine, resign, shy, cycle, flight, frightened

main spellings - ‘i’ - ‘y’ - ‘igh’

exceptions -  buy, eye, height

owl, hour, lounge, proud, ground, town, brown

main spellings - ‘ou’ and ‘ow’

no exceptions!

high - how - buy - bow

Practice sentences

Lie in the sunshine and drink fine wine. 

How brown is your cow? 

I like your mouse in its little White House.

Lesson 8 - Bike - Owl

9 - boy-bɔɪ - ear-ɪə

boy, boiled, noisy, spoilt, coin, enjoy, employer

main spellings - ‘oi’ and ‘oy’

ear, beer, engineer, here, interfere, beard, appearance

main spellings - eer, ere, ear

exceptions - really, idea, serious

boy - beer -- toy - tear

Download the audio here:


Practice sentences

Coins are good toys for boys. 

A deer is near to my ear. 

Your voice in my ears is joyful and clear!

Lesson 9 - Boy - Ear

10 - chair-ʧeə - tourist-ˈtʊərɪst

chair, hair, fair, airport, stairs, rare, careful

main spellings - ‘air’ and ‘are’

exceptions - their, there, wear, pear, area

tourist - very unusual - euro, furious, sure, plural

tear - tour -- care - cure

Practice sentences

I don't care if My hair is fair. 

To tour in Europe you need some euros. 

I'm sure my chair is pure horse hair.

Lesson 10 - Chair - Tourist
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