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the Lightroom CC + 6 Made Easy, Taught by a Pro Photographer

Learn all my Lightroom secrets, tips and techniques. Get organized and make your images pop!
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Created by Chris Parker
Last updated 12/2016
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80+ Lightroom Made Easy Tutorials!  Whether you're using Lightroom CC or 6, you'll learn everything you need to know to master the software.  Guaranteed.  

Hello, my name is Chris Parker, and I've been a professional photographer for 25 years.  I've been teaching Lightroom for over 3 years.  Plus, I have 7 courses (just on Lightroom) published on Udemy!  Over the last 7+ years I've used Lightroom to process hundreds of weddings and thousands of portraits.  

Check out one of my many testimonials...

RAVE REVIEW! (This testimonial sums up all the courses I provide)...

"The content of the course is perfectly structured and expertly delivered. The flow of the content builds knowledge and skills in a logical fashion. Chris has a really good presentation style. Of key importance, when students ask questions, Chris answers them in a thorough and comprehensive manner. Highly recommended. Regards." ~ Mick

  • This ENTIRE course is being RE-DONE, as of October 22nd.  New content, new lessons, new resources + photos, and more coming in the next few weeks.

In this Lightroom CC + 6 mastery course I share all my secrets, tips & techniques.  

This is a complete guide to Lightroom 6 & CC. Everything you need to know to use and master this software. From organizing and editing your images to sharing via printing, slideshows and more.

You'll learn how to use all 7 modules; Library, Develop, Map, Book, Slideshow, Print and Web.

Includes photos you can use to follow along and additional free resources (presets and templates).

I'll share my personal insight, techniques and recommendations for properly using Lightroom. Join me, with over 1500 other students, in the Udemy discussion area for additional questions and assistance on Lightroom CC + 6. It's like having your own personal Lightroom coach.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 + CC is designed for photographers. It provides you the ability to organize, edit and manage your photos like no other software. The Lightroom tutorials start off explaining what Lightroom is, what catalogs are and how many you should consider having. Then we'll dissect the interface and learn how to customize for our own personal preference. From there, you can follow along as we import photos, organize and do advanced searches. Once your organized, we'll explore all the options for creating works of art by editing in the Develop module.

Use the provided photos, to follow along as we create basic and advanced edits. Once you've completed your edits, we'll move onto sharing your photos with the world. Learn how to create slideshows and web galleries. Plus, we'll learn how to properly take your photos out of Lightroom and export for prints!

Once you've completed the Lightroom video tutorials you'll have a full understanding of how to use Lightroom properly and productively.

At some point, the Udemy system will ask you for a review about this course. Please understand that it is Udemy asking and not me (Chris Parker, your instructor). I do not agree with asking for a review so early (it's out of my control) in the course and ask that if you're not ready to give a review, please do so only when you're ready. I appreciate all feedback and use it to improve my courses.

I Hope your enjoying the course thus far. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm here to help you achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

Yes, I really do care AND answer ALL questions. :)

Who is the target audience?
  • Digital photographers of all levels
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What Will I Learn?
How to use Lightroom productively
Master Lightroom in 1 day
Understand all the tools in Lightroom and easily apply to your own work
How to edit properly and productivley
How to organize your photos
How to create a book in Lightroom
How to create a slideshow in Lightroom
Export your photos with presets
Use the Print Module to create files for your professional lab
Add keywords to your images
Fnd any photo, among thousands, within seconds
Increase your chances of getting your images displayed on the first page of search engines
Know where to start your editing process
Learn hidden secrets within the Develop Module - for editing precisely
Use keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity
Export photos directly to your Facebook page
Use smart previews - for when your traveling and you want to take your catalog with you.
Use Collections & Smart Collections (my favorite)
Edit in the Library Module!
Photos resources included to follow along
I could go on and on. But, I think you get the picture. :)
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  • PC or Mac
  • Lightroom 6 or CC
Curriculum For This Course
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Getting Started
12 Lectures 48:53

Understanding what Lightroom is will help build the foundation to a fast and productive workflow.

What is Lightroom?

Non-destructive vs. Destructive. Which one is Lightroom? Watch to find out.

Understanding Catalogs Step 1 - Non vs. Destructive editing

At some point, the Udemy system will ask you for a review about this course. Please understand that it is Udemy asking and not me (Chris Parker, your instructor). I do not agree with asking for a review so early (it's out of my control) in the course and ask that if you're not ready to give a review, please do so only when you're ready. I appreciate all feedback and use it to improve my courses.

I Hope your enjoying the course thus far. Please contact me anytime for additional questions/support. I'm here to help you achieve your learning goals and looking forward to your success.

Yes, I really do care AND answer ALL questions. :)

Preview 00:28

Important Message

What is a Lightroom preview? Find out and learn how it effects your workflow.

Understanding Catalogs Step 2 - Previews

Understanding the Lightroom catalog is essential. Learn what a Lightroom catalog is, it's limitations and how it can effect your workflow.

Understanding Catalogs Step 3 - What is a Catalog?

New to Lightroom? Learn how to create your first catalog.

Creating a New Catalog?

Setup you Lightroom catalog settings for a productive workflow.

Catalog Settings

Setup your Lightroom preferences for a productive workflow.


This Lightroom 6 lesson is imperative. Skip at your own risk.

Backup Your Catalog

Doing this will save you time and money.

Backup Your Extras
Library Module - Working With The Interface + View Options
7 Lectures 28:58

Discover the Lightroom interface and how to customize for your own personal workflow.

Interface Basics

Locate and discover the Lightroom tools.

Tools Panels

Viewing options within Lightroom.

Viewing Options

Grid info overlays provide easy access to important information.

Grid Info Overlays

Grids & Guides Customization

Use the Lightroom Compare & Survey modes to "compare" photos side-by-side.

Using Compare and Survey Modes
Importing & Exporting
7 Lectures 36:02

Download the included resource files to follow along with and practice what you've learned.

Download Working Files

The fun begins, with importing your photos into Lightroom! Detailed info on all settings and why certain selections are more important. Do it right or your workflow and productivity could suffer.

Importing From Your Hard Drive

Import your photos into Lightroom via your camera or media card.

Importing from Camera or Media Card

Setup a Lightroom watched folder. A watched folder will automatically import your photos into Lightroom!

Preview 02:04

Get your photos out of Lightroom.


Sync your Facebook account with Lightroom. Doing so, will allow you to automatically post to Facebook without leaving Lightroom.

Export - Publishing Services
Library Module - Image Manipulation
4 Lectures 21:14

Edit your images directly in the Library module. Plus, I'll share my 2 cents on using this method and how it will effect your workflow.

Quick Develop

Merge images captured at different exposures for a high contrast image. Tip; Lightroom does all the dirty work. Learn how.


Did you leave your wide angle lens at home? No worries. Stitch 2 or more photos for a perfect panoramic image. It's easy, Lightroom (again) does all the dirty work.

Library Module - Organization
15 Lectures 01:02:59

Lightroom "Smart Previews" are perfect for road warriors or those that work on more than one computer. Learn how to use and create Smart Previews.

Working with Smart Previews

Getting organized in Lightroom streamlines your workflow, helps you be more productive and allows you to spend less time in front of your computer! This is step 1 and an essential part of your workflow.

Flags, Stars & Color Labels

Lightroom quick collections are, well quick and convenient. Learn how to use for your current project.

Creating Quick Collections

Down and dirty Lightroom organization. Make your life easier with Collections and Sets. A must for a productive workflow.

Manual Collections and Sets

The best kind of Lightroom collections; Smart Collections. These are going to blow your mind! Can you say automatic! I loooove "Smart Collections"!! Learn how to take your productivity to the next level.

Creating Smart Collections

Lightroom keywording; another essential part of your Lightroom workflow. That is, if you want to be productive too.

Image Keywording

Take your key wording up a notch.

Keyword Sets

Get crazy organized with keyword nesting!

Keyword Nesting

How to complete your keyword nesting project faster.

Import and Export Keyword Lists

How to use Lightroom image metadata.

Utilizing Image Metadata

Have some fun with your Lightroom organization.

Paint Can

De-clutter your Library grid view and stack your images.

Image Stacks

Basic search via sorting.

Basic Sorting

New and fun (but not so practical) Lightroom 6 feature; Face Detection. Learn another method for organizing your images in Lightroom.

People View
Library Module - Search
5 Lectures 13:15

All your hard work will now start paying off when you learn to search for photos within Lightroom. Imagine being able to find a specific photo among thousand and thousands of files within seconds. Find out how.

Attribute + Text Search

Quick tip on narrowing down where that one file is located.

Filter Lock Criteria

Are you excited yet at the prospect of "Searching"? Let's take the Lightroom search to the next level with a Metadata search.

MetaData Search

Presets are your best friend. Anything to make your job easier and more productive, means more time with family and friends. Lightroom filter presets make searching a breeze.

Using Filter Presets
Map Module
4 Lectures 11:53

Who says getting organized is boring? Check out this fun way to organize your photos.

Geo Coded + Non Geo Coded Images

A quick way to organize faster.

Use Saved Locations

Feeling ambitious. Use this technique to streamline your Lightroom geo-tagging.

Smart Collections + Geo Tags
Develop Module - Basics
7 Lectures 30:43

Time to start editing your photos! Let's learn the basics of the Lightroom Develop Module first.


Lightroom develop presets. Use to streamline your workflow and increase your productivity.

Develop Presets

Install the free presets that are a part of this course. Use to follow along and then you can use the presets for your own photos. :)

Free Develop Presets

Learn how to install Lightroom develop presets.

How to Install Develop Presets

Go back in time with Lightroom "Snapshots + History". Plus, learn how to create virtual copies.

Snapshots, History + Virtual Copies

Start developing a productive workflow. Only do this if you want to spend less time in front of your computer.

Developing a Productive Workflow
Develop Module - Edit Tools
8 Lectures 46:18

To crop or not to crop? That is the question. Learn the techniques for cropping.


Streamline your workflow with Lightroom's "Clone + Healing" tools. You may never have to use Photoshop again (at least for the majority of your photos). How? Re-touch directly in Lightroom! Learn how.

Clone + Healing Tools

Graduated filters, for precision and control over your editing.

Graduated Filters

Red eye reduction. Learn how to click it to fix it.

Red Eye

I looove Lightroom adjustment brushes!! Learn how to use adjustment brushes to streamline your Lightroom editing. Adjustment brushes provide you with the control once only available in Photoshop! Learn how to use, to help with your creative vision.

Adjustment Brush

10 free adjustment brush presets. Use and modify for your own use.

Free Adjustment Brush Presets

How to install Lightroom adjustment brushes. Quick tip, it's not the same location as your Lightroom develop presets.

How to Install Adjustment Brushes
Develop Module - Edit Panels
12 Lectures 01:08:44

Step one in your Lightroom editing workflow.

Adjusting White Balance

Step two in your Lightroom editing workflow.

Adjusting Dynamic Range

Step three in your Lightroom editing workflow.

Adjusting Presence

How to use the Lightroom tone curve for more precision over your dynamic range.

Tone Curves

Learn how to adjust individual color channels via Hue, Saturation and Luminance.

Adjusting HLS + Color

Take your creative vision to the next level with Lightroom's split toning.

Adjusting Split Toning

How to diminish the dreaded "digital noise".

Adjusting Digital Noise

Learn how to properly sharpen your images.

Adjusting Sharpening

Lens distortion got you down? No worries. Quickly and easily fix lens distortion!

Adjusting Lens Correction

Add a little pizazz to your photos.

Adjusting Effects

Learn how to select pre-defined profiles or make your own. It's your photo, your vision and Lightroom gives you the choice that's right for you.

Adjusting Camera Calibration
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As a photographer and graphic designer for 25 years I've learned one important thing; A productive workflow will allow you to earn more.

The goal of my courses is to help you master what you need to know in 1 day or less. Life is too short to spend on things you don't need to know. No Fluff. Learn what you need and apply. Spend less time in front of your computer and doing more of what you love.

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