How To Be Totally Free & Paperless/Digital in 2 Weeks!
3.8 (7 ratings)
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How To Be Totally Free & Paperless/Digital in 2 Weeks!

How to Free yourself from the bulky, time consuming world of paper and other "Stuff" & Live a Life of Freedom.
3.8 (7 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
396 students enrolled
Created by Chris Weeks
Last updated 3/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • You will be able to Step by step install and use apps and easy software to scan all your paper items.
  • No tech skills needed.
  • Use your smartphone to immediatly give you access to all of your lifes needs and information.
  • Have all of your files, bills, receipts, paperwork, movies, music etc from your phone, tablet and/or computer.
  • Free yourself from clutter and shelving so you can travel, take time off, pursue things you didnt have time for.
  • Release yourself from the grind of "I need more stuff" to make you happy.
  • You will learn how organize all your paper onto flash drives and into digital cloud services and set up files for each topic. example: insurance, electric bills, receipts, recipes, motor vehicle, coupons, kids crafts, old photo albums etc and have your entire paper world easily converted into your portable smart phone, tablet and computer.
  • • The top 20 things you can and should eliminate from your life right now.
  • You will learn how to save money with easy apps on your phone and also get paid CASH with apps you use as well.
  • • How to make money everyday with just these 2 apps on your phone.
  • how to convert your bulky DVD and CD library onto easy simple flash drives and never buy another DVD again. Your whole entertainment library in the palm of your hand.
  • Access to All future updates as technology progresses.
  • Simplify your life
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  • No Tech skills needed.
  • • An open mind and readiness to learn new ways of thinking are both recommended
  • • A smartphone/tablet or computer
  • • No prior knowledge is required

Welcome to How To Be Totally Free & Paperless/Digital in 2 Weeks!

Here you will master Your whole life right in the palm of your hands while you're taking the course. If you are overwhelmed with all the unnecessary "stuff" and paper that todays world keeps drowning you with, then its time to live a life of freedom. Once you Remove and let go of the bulky, time consuming, mess of your papers, files, bills, receipts, DVDs, cds, and more. You'll discover that you can actually make money and save money, time and energy by turning your physical, paper life all to digital. You'll have Freedom to travel, discover or even just relax. You will be able to pull up anything you need in seconds from your phone/tablet or computer. You'll have Freedom to store and watch your entire dvd collection in something the size of your phone. A few things you'll learn in this course are, How, why and what to let go and get rid of from your life. How to create digital files and where to store them with ease. How to simply scan any paper document with your phone in seconds and have it stored safely in the file you choose.

Simply Scan receipts so no more drawers full of receipts as soon as you buy something.

Easily Earn Cash from apps on your phone Every Day.

You will learn step by step how to easily convert your DVD’s in a few clicks to digital with no technical skills and get rid of those bulky shelves holding all of them.

You will learn quickly and easily which apps and software to use and how to use them step by step so you become a master at your Super Simple Life. You'll be able to run your life and business from a coffee shop, the beach or anywhere!

Who is the target audience?
  • In this day and age there is no need for all the physical physical papers, receipts, bulky DVDs and music cds. This course is for anyone whos life is loaded with bulky papers, bills, receipts, books, dvds, This course is best suited for students, teachers, business owners, and anyone who handles the households paperwork or entertainment. Its suited for the person or family that wants to travel and have everything in the palm of there hand available 24/7 A life of Freedom! If you’re a business owner, student, housewife, love to travel and willing to follow the steps in this course to eliminate the bulk you have now, then this is for you. Remember once you get rid of the junk and go digital keeping up is a simple routine. This course is NOT for people who don't follow directions or are not willing to let go of the weight of the physical world to embrace the freedom of everything you need in the palm of your hand.
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
The Benefits of a Paperless Life
5 Lectures 20:38

Whenever you start something to change your life it's always good to know why you are doing it. This is your driving force and will get you to your goal and feeling you are looking for so we will cover your why before we begin the How.

Preview 04:06

How much stuff do you have and really use in your life that takes up space? Let's review this in YOUR life and get a starting point.

Preview 05:47

Watch this video to get an idea of all the things you can transfer to digital and then open the pdf and make a list of your own stuff you are going to convert to digital and get rid of the paper version. Include the things you can pay online and stop the paper portion from being mailed to you.

Preview 05:27

A quick overview of the advantages of a digital/paperless life. We forgot to mention destroying LESS TREES!

What would you do with all the time and freedom you have now?

Recap of section 1 to keep you moving forward.

Recap of Section 1
Setting Up Your Digital Life.
5 Lectures 19:41

This video will teach you about what a cloud server is and which particular one to use for free and why it will serve you in your new lifestyle.

What is an online Cloud server?

Step by step on how to set up your cloud server and storage for all your digital needs. You will complete your setup by the end of this video.

Setting up your online Cloud server

Now that your cloud is set up you will learn step by step how to set up your files so you can quickly and easily file each paper in the file you want so you can access it at anytime in seconds.

Setting up your digital files.

Which flash and external drives to use and why for all of your storage and mobility.

The Best Flash Drives to Store Your Information and Entertainment.

Recap of section 2 to keep you moving forward.

Recap of Section 2
The beauty of great apps.
3 Lectures 10:10

Here is a list of free apps you can use for your mobile and free lifestyle while on the road or just around your area. These apps are great for making your life easier and helps you get things done quicker.

A List of Apps for your lifestyle.
1 page

A video explanation of each of the apps on the pdf. you downloaded for daily life.

Which Apps to use for each of your lifes needs.

This video will show you which apps to use to scan all of your documents that you have and everything you receive in the future so that you are organized and paperless.

Which apps to use for scanning your documents.
Start Scanning all of your files.
4 Lectures 17:54

This video will take you step by step in scanning your documents and how to use the app in detail quickly and easily.

Scanning your documents with this App.

Another detailed video with a different app to scan all of your documents in real time from my iphone.

Scanning your documents with this other App.

How and where to shred all of your old documents once you have scanned and filed everything so your house and mind will be free with space and ease. How to locate a shredding place in your area.

Shredding your old documents.

Recap of Section 4 to keep you moving forward.

Recap of Section 4
Turning your DVD's and CD's into digital form.
8 Lectures 18:13

Here is a PDF with links to free software for transferring your DVD's to digital.

Which software to use to transfer DVD's.
1 page

This video will walk you thru where to download free software to transfer your DVD's to your external and flash drives so that your entertainment is always with you too.

Where to download free DVD transfer software.

This video will show you my DVD library on my external drive and give you an example of how its filed and the ease of it.

DVD's on an external drive example.

You will learn step by step how to use this software to transfer your videos to your external drive. Just follow along and transfer your DVD's while watching this video.

How to use Handbrake DVD software.

You need this extra downloaded software for encrypted DVD's like disney and more so you can easily transfer those too. This will walk you thru where and how to download it onto your computer.

Extra software for encrypted DVD's.

Step by step video for using this other software for transfering DVD's to your external drive.

How to use Makemkv DVD software.

This video will walk you thru which app to use to stream videos from your computer, laptop, tablet or phone to your TV and how to use the app.

How to stream movies to your TV or tablet.

Recap of section 5 to keep you moving forward.

Recap of Section 5
Bonus Section, How to Stream Movies and TV Shows for Free from the internet!
3 Lectures 11:53

Bonus! Free apps to stream movies and TV shows to your computer, tablet, phone and TV for FREE! download the pdf. list after watching the video.

Free TV Shows and Movies online

This video will show you a box you can connect to any TV to stream the latest TV shows and Movies to your TV for FREE! This will turn your TV into a Smart TV. You will be able to surf the web, go on Facebook and watch thousands of TV shows and movies for FREE.

Streaming Boxes you can use for all your entertainment.

Recap of section 6 to keep you moving forward.

Recap of Section 6
Setting Your Lifestyle to be Mobile and Travel.
1 Lecture 00:00

Here are the top 28 things you can do right now to start your new lifestyle of a Super Simple Life. Start today!

The Top 28 Things To Do in the Next 48 Hours!
2 pages
Bonus #2 Making Money with These Apps Everyday.
5 Lectures 29:59

This one app could make you hundreds or even thousands of dollars and easily pay for this course. download and start using it today. This video will show you how and where to get it.

Making Money With This Free App!

This app will help you accumulate points that you can use for gift cards from the biggest retailers around you. This app can also easily pay for your course with the money you will earn from using it.

Making Money with Shopkick App.

Recap of section 8 to keep you moving forward.

Recap of Section 8

Nice work, here's a quick video from one of my "recording studios" My RV.

Congratulations! You finished the course!

Here is a last min video I shot using the field agent app while I was out buying milk. I made a quick $3 which isn't much but it paid for the milk : ) I made the video so you could see how easy and quick it is to make money using this app.

Live Demo of Field Agent App.
About the Instructor
Chris Weeks
4.2 Average rating
16 Reviews
498 Students
2 Courses
Entrepreneur, Simplifier

I have spent my whole life simplifying the difficult things in life and making money to be able to travel and have amazing experiences. Creating opportunities to make life exciting and worth being alive is my primary purpose and I am here to share with you all my knowledge and systems I have learned along the way along with the mistakes I have made for you to avoid, so you can begin to experience the things you have been hoping for and make them come true.

It's much easier for a single guy to travel the world and live off almost nothing so I wanted to be the example of a family man who builds his systems for you with a wife and kids. We also have the challenge of my youngest daughter being special needs and how we create an exciting life around her needs as well.

We have traveled to over 11 different countries, experienced the grand canyon, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, zip lined thru rain forest, African Safari and now own a beach house in Costa Rica.

Within the last year we have minimized all of our "stuff" and gone completely Digital and Paperless to remove the clutter in our lives so when we travel we can have everything we need right with us. We sold a bunch of "stuff" we have not used in years and bought an RV to make life more adventurous in the United States.

Come join us and our courses will walk you step by step how to do what we did and teach you the ease and freedom of simplicity. I am here for any questions you have and will give you 100% of my attention and experience.

Welcome aboard : )

Chris Weeks