Advanced Persuasion & Marketing Skills - 21 Cognitive Biases
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Advanced Persuasion & Marketing Skills - 21 Cognitive Biases

A vision which every entrepreneur must have - Get one step closer to your success point by persuading people around you.
4.5 (21 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,940 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • increase their sale and revenue to a whole new crazy level . you can persuade people to buy your product with right ads and marketing . you can also use what i teach you to persuade anyone anywhere , investors , business partners , customers , friends , family anyone , if you really learn these and practice them you can make a huge change in your life and business.
  • Also you can ask me your questions about your business , marketing and how you can increase your sale .
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  • Know what are your goals and visions in your life.

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This course is a complete persuasion techniques for entrepreneurs which include 21 cognitive biases. I'm going to show you exactly what are these techniques, where and how you can use them and the reward for you will be more sales, more opportunities in your carrier, more customers and a powerful business foundation.

What some customers say about my courses :

- George: Excellent overall information. Very quick and concise breakdown of all 21 of the cognitive biases. I enjoyed going through the course and will be sure to watch it a few times a year. My company will thank me for it.

- David: Good refresher, one of those subjects area that should be revisited on a regular basis, plan to watch the course again and again.

- Enzo: Great and powerful course, one of the most powerful course in Udemy. This will definitely and specifically sky rocket your business or career even relationships to the next levels that you want.

- Saeed: Nice course, perfect presentation very simple language and examples. I really enjoyed and gain excellent information , the instructor was perfect.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone with any level of knowledge can join this course . what we talk in this course is something you have never heard .It's about 21 principles (cognitive biases) which almost all millionaires , billionaires and all other mega companies are using to have crazy sale . we start these principles from zero and practice them together .
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Curriculum For This Course
19 Lectures
21 principles of sales - part 1
6 Lectures 59:21

In this lesson we will learn the list of 21 principles or cognitive biases list . what they are and where they come from and then we will start talking about the most important one on the list . the one that if we don't use in what we do we will have low sales and that is the lollapalooza effect . 

the second you understand the power of these principles , you will learn them and use them in your life and business , same as all other successful people in marketing and persuasion .

Preview 12:49

Reward and punishment tendency :

One of the most powerful biases in this list is reward and punishment . we will learn the meaning of these principles and how and when you should use them in your business . 

You should always remember that : when ever your product is not selling , you must work on the reward . 

Preview 08:26

Liking and loving tendency :

here we will talk about the meaning of this principle and the benefits of fallowing this in your business and life . we will work on many different examples here to make it more clear . 

Liking / loving tendency and the next bias on the list which is dislike and hate tendency are exactly opposite of each other and we will talk about both in this lesson .

Preview 10:47

Contrast misreaction tendency:

In this lesson we will learn the cognitive bias number 4 which is contrast tendency . this one is one of the most powerful cognitive biases , again we will learn the meaning of this bias and how we must use it .

4-Contrast Misreaction Tendency

Reciprocation & Kantian fairness tendency :

This is one of the huge ones , even though it's hard to create this one in different situations but it will have a huge result . I know a lot of people who made millions of $ using just this principle . Sometimes we follow this principle in our relationships with people , friends , family even though we don't know that it is reciprocation .

so let's check it out and see how you can use this in your business .

5- Reciprocation & Kantian Fairness

Consistency Tendency :

I like this one because it's easy to understand , it's easy to use in business and the result is effective . In some lists they call this one "Avoid inconsistency cognitive bias" but here we will just use consistency to make it more simpler and understandable . with some small changes in your business you can create this bias , so let's start how we can do it .

6- Consistency Tendency

This quiz is about most of the principles that we have talked about during section one . there are several questions and try to analyze them , understand them and find the right cognitive bias in each question . 

Section 1
7 questions
21 principles of sales - part 2
6 Lectures 36:18

Doubt Avoidance Tendency :

One of the biggest obstacles that customers have to buy something is doubt , they doubt if your product is good , they doubt if it is worth it , they doubt , and your work is to remove that obstacle and let your customer pass to the point that they come and buy your product . 

we will talk about it more in the course so let's get started .

8- Doubt avoidance tendency

Influence-from-mere-association-tendency :

This one is so popular in the market and you have seen it a lot , but doing it is not easy and it needs capital (investment , cash ) . in this course we will understand the meaning of this cognitive bias and also we will work on some ways to do this principles with almost no capital .

so let's get started .

9- Influence from mere association tendency

Simple pain avoidance and psychological denial tendency :

This principle is powerful but it only works on some special situation and you can't use it everywhere because it won't have the effect .

let's start this lesson and learn how and where you can create this effect n your business .

10- Simple pain avoidance and psychological denial tendency

Excessive self-regard tendency :

This one looks a little funny but it still has a great effect if you know how to create it . These days we mostly see this in online dating sites but it is possible to make it any where , so let's get started .

11- Excessive self-regard tendency

Overoptimism Tendency :

Again this one is possible in some situations not all but i can't say how many times i see this one during a single day . People start to over believe and defend things or persons or brands that they don't even know and it's only because of this principle . so let's start Overoptimism tendency and learn how you can do it .

12- Overoptimism tendency

Deprival super reaction tendency or Scarcity :

this one is very huge , very powerful . This one is my favorite and what ever i do , 100% i will follow this rule . you don't have any limit in this one and you can go crazy on it . before i learn this , every time someone was using this on me , my mind started to block everything and just repeat " i want this product now " . we talk about this a lot and we will work on many different examples to make sure you understand this one . A lot of people use this principle by chance and they don't know how they can increase the power of this principle in their business and ads .

So let's get started .

13- Deprival super reaction tendency or scarcity
21 principles of sales - part 3
7 Lectures 45:49

Social Proof Tendency :

This one is also one of the powerful ones which is about the effect of the others on us . This principle has been proven many times over the past decades and in this lesson you can see a test that scientists have done on people . using this principle will attract more customers to your business and market .

let's get started and learn more about social proof tendency .

14- Social proof

Curiosity Tendency : 

this bias will help you to bring customers back to your business over and over . most of the people and companies who knows about these cognitive biases forget this one and if you work on this principle you will be able to spend less capital ( investment , cash ) on ads and more on your product and business . So let's go and start learning more about curiosity tendency .

15- Curiosity Tendency

Stress Influence Tendency :

this cognitive bias and the first bias which was punishment bias are close . In the punishment bias you have to show the customer what will bad happen if they don't use your product , but here you have to put your customer under pressure to accept your offer but not directly .

To learn more about stress influence tendency , let's get started .

16- Stress influence tendency

Availability Tendency : 

In this lesson we will talk about everything in your business that has to make your product available for your customer . As much as your product availability increase , the number of you customers will increase as well , and if your availability is low , mostly you will have no sale or very low . to learn how to fix or increase the availability in your business let's get started . 

17- Availability tendency

Authority-Misinfluence Tendency :

This one will help you to persuade people to accept you and your words a lot easier . You can use it in business , in sales , in management , in life , at home , in the bank  everywhere . So generally authority bias will be helpful in every aspect of your life and to learn more about it , let's continue and start this lesson .

18- Authority-misinfluence tendency

Twaddle Tendency :

Twaddle tendency bias is very useful in each part of your business . This principle will help you to present a more convincing product , website , business and so on . Many people don't know about these and they wonder why their sales or feedback is low . This principle generally says that you need to say more and more .

To learn more about twaddle tendency let's start our lesson .

19- Twaddle tendency

Reason-Respecting Tendency :

This principle is talking about the reasons that why customers must buy from you but it's not this simple . Here we will  go deep in this principle and show you different examples on how you can use this bias in your business and marketing to increase your revenue . 

To learn more about this principle , let's get started .

20- Reason-respecting tendency and ending
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I born on October 1990 and i lived with my family until i became 17 . during these years i have started to learn and practice a lot on 3d design for many years . When ever i wanted to rest i was making something 3d . Our family business is about meat production and it is very successful . After i became 17 years old i traveled to another country to continue my study in architecture . Again while i was studding architecture i was also interested in other fields like several musical instrument and composing music . I released my first musical album on December 2010 . 

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i was learning from my mentor almost around 2 years , i have learned a lot and what ever he thought me in business and life changed everything for me and our company . our sales increased to a whole new level . The quality of my life changed . Over all these years i practiced a lot to be a better designer , programmer and entrepreneur . The reason i joined Udemy was that i wanted to share all these knowledge with people who really need it . I didn't find all these knowledge and experience easy and it was so hard for me to get here , but i want to help all the people out there who want to change their lives , to become successful at their business .