Get Started Marketing Your Alternative Practitioner Business
4.7 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
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Get Started Marketing Your Alternative Practitioner Business

From website to webinars, attracting more clients and beyond!
4.7 (8 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
35 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a Wordpress website, from finding a domain name, to setting up and personalizing the site, to finding and editing images for the site
  • Set up an email list (customer list)
  • Be able to understand and implement SEO so that their site is findable on search engines
  • Understand online marketing, from affiliate sales, to partnerships, Facebook ads and more
  • Understand all the options for growing your practice both with clients and passively, from webinars to workshops, products and beyond!
  • Understand if paid ads are useful, and if so generally which ones are helpful
  • Integrate a spiritual sensibility into growing their practice, understanding the hidden agendas of their souls, the workings of energies, and how to identify a purpose around their work.
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  • Either the student will have a qualification in their therapeutic modality or they are currently studying.

I’ve worked in alternative practice as a solopreneur for years (as a coach, bodyworker, alternative healer), working from home, and sometimes in clinics, as well as traveling and giving workshops at a variety of venues. I have also had a freelance writing and website creation/SEO business. I understand firsthand how hard it can be to grow a business when your business is heart-centred therapeutic work. I also get how having an online presence and building marketing around your online work is instrumental in creating a business that can be both local and global.

No doubt about it: there are special considerations if you are in a healing profession as a practitioner. It is NOT the case that marketing is a one-size-fits-all proposition.

As someone (you!) who wants to do healing/helping/bodywork for a living, so much of your business is about branding YOU, as the wonderful, unique practitioner you are. This makes our kind of work fundamentally different from the kind of marketing you need for a group practice, a local pizza shop, and so on.

Marketing yourself is increasingly online, increasingly competitive, and increasingly technical. You may not consider yourself a technical person, but you can do it, because I am making it very simple. I am so, so passionate about helping healers get their names and their work out there! I want to see you angels with genuine gifts and compassion have the same awesome websites and marketing techniques as other businesses. You can DO this!

And let’s face it, being a practitioner is not, at least immediately, a hugely lucrative field! I see lots of very expensive marketing courses out there for practitioners and healers which promise the earth and cost thousands. You probably can’t afford this if you’re starting out, so I wanted to create something hugely valuable, for those who really need it, that costs very little. I spent years studying and teaching myself all this stuff, and now I want to offer it to you, so that you practitioners can do what you do best, help others!

Who is the target audience?
  • those who have training in an alternative healing profession (from Reiki, to massage, coaching, clairvoyance and beyond!) and want to set up their own business
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Curriculum For This Course
49 Lectures
2 Lectures 07:38

Why I've created this course for the practitioners out there! Find out what you will learn from creating a website, to how to do SEO, ads, webinars, online courses, membership sites, workshops and retreats (heaps and heaps).

Preview 04:53

Short "how to" suggestions to get you started.

How to use this course
Branding. Who are YOU and what do you offer?
3 Lectures 22:25

In this lecture I explain WHY you must brand YOURSELF when you are a practitioner in a healing modality, what that means, and some important considerations. Please see the worksheet at the end of this section attached to the final lecture (Lecture 5) in order to figure this out for yourself and YOUR business. 

Preview 03:01

Find out what matters when it comes to identifying the tone, colour, consistency and feel of your brand. Also find out the lowdown on getting yourself a logo!

Logo & Finding a tone, consistency, color, feel for your brand

Learn why it's important to choose the right business name and domain name which are right for YOU and your business/healing skills/approach. You will get a clear understanding of WHY your website matters specifically for your business, and you will understand how identifying its purpose will guide you further in developing a marketing strategy. Worksheet below helps you figure it out for YOUR business!

A business name, domain name, your website's PURPOSE!
Let's Make a Website
6 Lectures 01:07:13

By the end of this lecture, you will know the ins and outs and the 'to dos' of getting a domain name, hosting, and a website that you can do yourself (or at least have maximum control over).

Domain name, hosting, DIY website

You will know by the end of this lecture how to find the right Wordpress theme for you, how to install it or have it installed for you, and how to customise your site to YOU.

Find, install & customize a Wordpress theme

In this lecture I let you know the most important parts of your website, from your bio ("About" page), to the main info you want to convey about your services. Please be sure to do the worksheet below after watching the lecture.

Prepare basic information for your website

I tell you how to create pages, posts, select categories and tags, insert media (images), create or alter your menus, widgets and more. A MUST KNOW for those of you with Wordpress sites. Save yourself having to pay someone else and from having to wait around for help!

Using Your Wordpress site (creating stuff on it)

You will learn how to find free images, or purchase them in order to legitimately own copyright! I also show you how to use a free tool called Canva to create and edit images easily for all your business needs.

Images Troubleshooting: Get images, Using Canva for editing

You may want to use an online booking system and/or collect payments on your website. In that case, I walk you though how to set up Timely for online bookings and install the code on your site so that visitors can book your time there. I also show you how to use your Paypal account to create buttons and install that code on your website. 

Installing payment options and online booking on your website
Let's Create an Email List
6 Lectures 44:06

Understand why you need an email list and how it can grow your business!

Why have an email list? What is it?

I talk about options out there and explain why I'm using Aweber and Mailchimp as examples.

Choose an email list provider

How to use Aweber to create a new email list, name it, and get the settings right. Also how to do automation and create a broadcast announcement!

Aweber: Create and name a new email list, check settings and create emails

How to use Mailchimp to create a new email list, name it, and get the settings right. Also how to do automation and create a broadcast announcement!

Mailchimp: Create and name a new email list, check settings and create emails

How to do this on Aweber. Again, regardless of who you choose, learning how to create and copy/paste code and where to put it on your site is invaluable for ensuring that your website has an 'optin' form so that visitors can join your list!

Aweber: Create and install an optin form for the list on your site

How to do this using Mailchimp!

Mailchimp: Create and install an optin form for the list on your site
SEO for your online presence
8 Lectures 47:50

A must watch. Before you spend the time to do SEO you need to understand what it is and figure out if YOU need it or not.

What is SEO? Understand if you need to do it or NOT!

The first step in SEO is figuring out what keywords people type in to find you on search engines. This lecture walks you through how to use Google Keyword Planner in order to do just that.

On Site SEO: Google Keyword Planner to find your best keywords

Jaxxy is a tool for searching for keywords. They have a free trial and in this video I walk you through how to use Jaxxy for finding the best keywords for your business. Some find it simpler to use for SEO as well as potentially more accurate.

Using Jaxxy for keyword searching

By the end of this video, you will know how to use Webmaster Tools, and Google Analytics, and have some guidance for setting them up for your website. This is definitely required for good SEO!

On-site SEO: Using Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

You will know how to set up your website so that it is SEO friendly and helps search engines find you. You will know how to set up your site's title and sub-titles, blog titles, alt tags on images, urls.

On-Site SEO: Setting up your site, blogs, and pages for good SEO!

Why write them. How many, how often!

Planning your blogs

Learn how to make the content on your blogs SEO-friendly! You will know how to plan your blogs so that they contain the keywords that search engines need to direct people to your website. You will know how to use long-chain keywords for maximum success, and will be able to plan a list of blogs for your site.

Schedules and content of SEO-friendly blogs

You will know exactly what they are, if they are useful, and how to get them and use them.

Marketing your services for an "in person" practice
10 Lectures 40:12

What this section is and is NOT, and how to use it to be most effective!

Intro to this section on marketing a client-based practice (in person sessions)

Here I present some tips for ensuring consistency in your business practice, including some suggestions at a more 'energetic' level for setting up your business and dealing with clients. 

Best Practice: what it is and how to ensure it

By the end of this lecture you will know how to identify your customers, including their demographic, habits, and where they hang out (for example). And you will know some tips for finding them and getting your name and offerings into their minds, hands and heart. 

Identify your customers

Are you a social media person? If so, this video helps you learn how to use it strategically to grow your business for free!

Using Social Media for free promotion

Understand what you can achieve by attending events for self-promotion: which events to pick, and how to do it.

Attending events for self-promotion

You might be someone who loves to create events, talks, workshops and so on. Whether or not you derive a profit from this, it's a great way to get your name and offerings out to the public.

Creating events for self-promotion

What can you offer in exchange for a potential client's email? An ebook to solve a big problem they have? An article about what you do? A series of emails (set up in your email list automation which I explained how to do earlier) which reveals amazing facts or information every few days over a period of weeks? Ideas are endless. I will talk here about how to add value to your potential clients.

Giveaways: Write an ebook to give in exchange for emails

Understand the value of strategic partnerships to growing your business, and how to get started cultivating the right people for potential collaboration and more.

Strategic Partnerships

You will learn the importance of great testimonials, how to get them, and how to use them!

Get testimonials from happy clients!

Local press may or may not be right for your business. Here I talk about what it can do for you, the factors involved, and some ways in which you and your story might be of interest to local press. Be sure to do the worksheets if you are considering it!

Get Press
Marketing Your Online Business
6 Lectures 33:49

How to use this section, what it is and what it IS NOT. Important to watch!

Preview 02:53

What it is, and factors to consider in case it aligns with your goals and temperament. 

Affiliate Marketing

Find out what your options are for selling stuff online!

E-Commerce (selling stuff)

What is a webinar? What does it involve? Who is your potential audience, and how would you make it work with your business? Find all this out and more!


Are you a teaching personality? If so, what might you teach that would be different, unique, of value, and align with your practitioner offerings and goals? This video gives you much to consider. The worksheet helps you apply it to YOUR business. 

Online Courses

Paid membership sites are a great way to make passive money, but only if you have the right offering, the right visitors, and so on. In this lecture I talk about the many considerations involved in creating a membership site.

Membership Sites
Paid Advertising
4 Lectures 39:58

In this lecture I will suggest how you might figure out if paid ads are right for you, before going on to look at Facebook and Google Adwords in more depth.

Are paid ads right for your business?

Learn all about Facebook ads: various options, contexts, how it works for different purposes, and if it is or isn't right for you. I also suggest how to do it or get it done for you if you want to trial it!

About Facebook ads

Learn all about Google Adwords: various options, contexts, how it works for different purposes, and if it is or isn't right for you. I also suggest how to do it or get it done for you if you want to trial it!

Google Adwords

There are so many different forms of paid ads that you might consider, depending on your business goals and types. In this lecture, I tell you about a few options that could work for a practitioner and how they might be suitable for you.

Classified ads, Directory listings, newspaper and magazine ads
Spiritual and Energetic Considerations
4 Lectures 34:56

Here I discuss some energetic considerations of being in the business of healing! This is a key lecture that helps you place your business in the context of your soul journey and personal growth.

Preview 07:39

Some practical tips for self-care and client preparation and reflection. 

Self-Care and Client Preparation/Reflection

Does your soul/higher self have a grander vision for your work as a practitioner, and how can you spot it (and what does it mean?) In this video I explain ... but the worksheet helps you do some reflection in order to work out what your 'hidden curriculum' might be!

Hidden Curriculum: you attract the clients you need for YOUR growth

A meditation to help you tune into your purpose, direction, and thus marketing as a practitioner. This can be done periodically but no more than every 3 months. It's a good way to gauge where you're at with your work and how aligned you are with your soul purpose and the direction your marketing is taking!

A Meditation for you! (and our conclusion)
About the Instructor
Dr. Michelle Dixon
4.5 Average rating
22 Reviews
87 Students
2 Courses
Ph.D., Practitioner of Healing Modalities, Entrepreneur

I'm an unusual combination of entrepreneur and healer, with a thirst for knowledge, a love of business and innovation, and a deeply intuitive and caring sensibility which has enabled me to work successfully as a practitioner and healer for many years ... even whilst starting and running other businesses, including an online startup, Kindred Global Mentorship!

After receiving a Ph.D. in Economics in 2002, I had a complete career change and dove deep into working as a holistic and alternative practitioner with a speciality in bodywork for emotional healing, especially de-armouring and energetic healing. 

I am qualified in NLP, hypnotherapy, myofascial release, and life coaching, and am currently studying Biodynamic Cranial Touch. I am an intuitive by practice, not a psychic by birth, and as such I have cultivated and deepened my intuition over the years. This includes medical intuition, and much else. My experiences have deepened as I have learned techniques for self-care. Due to my academic background, I have always brought a rigorous intellectual approach to my work. I feel that it's important, as best as possible, to understand 'why' something is so, and draw on other disciplines whenever possible for explanation and insight.

I have seen hundreds of clients, facilitated more than 30 workshops around Australia, and have run three residential retreats. My bodywork speciality is really de-armouring, which is a somatic approach to releasing emotion from the body, and getting the chi moving in order to experience bliss (sometimes called Kundalini rushes or energy orgasm). Along with this bodywork, I offer a holistic spiritual-based coaching, which can cut straight to the heart of the matter and very quickly create massive change.

I publish writing regularly in several online publications on matters of holistic health as well as business. As an entrepreneur, I have done freelance web design, marketing and content writing. I am currently building a startup in the tech space, Kindred Global Mentorship. I love holistic and spiritual practice AND I love entrepreneurship! I have a lot of mental energy, so doing bodywork can feel like a beautiful meditation for me.

It is only after years of teaching that I have decided to put my approach and learnings into courses for the masses. I founded my academy "Plan Be Academy for Somatic Practices" in order to train other practitioners and carers in my approach, and as part of this run retreats in which I facilitate Shamanic body de-armouring for emotional release, to expand intuition and experience bliss!

My passion is in sharing my insight and techniques to help healers, carers, seekers of personal development, and entrepreneurs be more intuitive, connected, and self-loving. I am also the proud mother of three amazing children.