Pitch Yourself! Learn to Ignite Curiosity + Inspire Action.
4.5 (86 ratings)
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3,195 students enrolled
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Pitch Yourself! Learn to Ignite Curiosity + Inspire Action.

Learn to speak about your work with clarity, ease and authenticity. Never fear the question, "What do you do?" again!
Best Seller
4.5 (86 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
3,195 students enrolled
Created by Alexa Fischer
Last updated 3/2015
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Welcome! Latest: Course Updated on March 2015

What makes a person compelling? In this chaotic, over-stimulated environment, what makes people stop in their tracks, perk up their ears, and hunger for more? If you're interested in selling your organization, the art of communication is critical. I will teach you how to grab the listener's attention so they stay engaged and curious.

Your marketing campaign begins with your ability to speak with confidence, pitching yourself and your business. While it may be uncomfortable at first to promote yourself with passion and enthusiasm, this one act alone will fuel your business success. Do you have a dynamic and compelling elevator pitch at a moment's notice? Once you take the time to learn how to communicate confidently, you will shine brightly and ignite curiosity in everyone you meet.

In this course about how to speak with confidence, I will teach you:

1. How to connect to the passion you feel for your business or organization.

2. How to identify and remove negative thoughts that have been holding you back.

3. How to find the spark of your story so you can ignite the curiosity of the listener.

4. How to craft a dynamic elevator pitch.

5. How to seek opportunities to connect with new prospects.

6. How to capture the hearts and minds of your audience at any presentation.

Who should attend?

This presentation training course is ideal for anyone who has ever answered the question, "So, what do you do?". If you have ever experienced the slightest bit of hesitation, then you are missing the single biggest marketing opportunity to sell yourself and your business. Learning how to LOVE sharing your vision with the world is easy. Learn how today.

These video tutorials help you transform yourself from reluctant promoter to passionate communicator and teach you how to speak with confidence.

You were born to shine brightly, the trick is learning how!

Dive in. Explore the free lectures and ENROLL NOW. You have a 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days. No risk, huge rewards. Learn to pitch yourself brilliantly today.

Who is the target audience?
  • This presentation training course is ideal for anyone who has ever answered the question, "So, what do you do?". If you have ever experienced the slightest bit of hesitation, then you are missing the single biggest marketing opportunity to sell yourself and your business. Learning how to LOVE sharing your vision with the world is easy. Learn how today.
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Curriculum For This Course
40 Lectures
An Introduction to Market Your Message
2 Lectures 01:27

It's time you learned to LOVE pitching yourself and your business.  Every person has the ability to inspire others to action, you simply need to learn how to ignite their curiosity.  Take advantage of this simple, step-by-step process.  It's easier than you think!

Preview 01:27

Never underestimate the power of preparation. When you give yourself the ability to craft your message and practice your delivery, you give yourself the GIFT of being ready. Ready for that casual introduction to a game-changing client. Ready to wow an audience of investors. Ready to impress your future partner. Opportunities happen all the time and when you have your pitch in your back pocket, you welcome every chance to connect. Here are my top 9 tips to set you up for success.

Preview 8 pages
How to Connect to your Message
4 Lectures 05:03

When you are connected to your purpose, you literally light up a room.  Every individual has a SPARK inside of them.  The key is learning how to harness it's power.

Preview 01:45

Take a moment right now and take action. Reflect on the moments in life when you shared your enthusiasm for something (or someone) effortlessly.  What did you say?  How did you sound?  How did you feel?  What impact did it have on the person you were speaking to?  Write it down now.

1 page

Many years ago I came across a quote by Marianne Williamson that literally blew my mind.  I have turned to those words hundreds of times for inspiration and energy when I was feeling even the slightest bit dejected.  We all need a boost now and then.  What quote inspires YOU?  Take a moment and write it down, both for yourself, and in the comments below.  Maybe your words will inspire US!

Preview 03:18

I like to keep words of inspiration on hand to give me a boost from time to time.  If you have not already, I encourage you to write your chosen quote on the worksheet provided as well as keeping it posted by your desk, in your car, or next to your bed.  I would love to know... how do quotes inspire YOU?  Please leave your comments below!

1 page
Identify Your Obstacles
2 Lectures 02:11

We all have fears. They may be physical, mental or emotional, but sometimes we simply need to name them to bring them to the light of reality.  Once you bring them out from the shadows, they are much smaller than you imagine them to be!  What fears are you ready to overcome?  Let us know!  The more you reveal, the faster they crumble.

Preview 02:11

In this exercise you will list the ten top fears you have about promoting yourself and your business.  Once you have all ten, chose ONE and then decide to take positive action.  Are you afraid to have all eyes on you?  Then find a comfortable place and time (perhaps with your family at dinner) and interrupt the conversation with an announcement.  Decide in advance what you would like to share and then do it with EASE.  In order to overcome the fear, you must take small steps.  You will be amazed at how quickly your fears fade!

1 page
How to Inspire Others
6 Lectures 09:11

You never know when you have made a difference in someone else's life, but your actions DO matter.  It's just rare that we hear how MUCH impact we have had on another person.  If you are so inspired, please write about who has had a profound impact on YOU in the comments below.  When you acknowledge someone's efforts, we all win.

Preview 06:01

It's time to take credit for your good work.  Please take a moment and write down all the positive feedback you have received about yourself and your work.  If you have not received enough, then by all means write down the compliments you SHOULD HAVE received.  You deserve it!  Then, please share your best compliment in the comments below. Applause!

1 page

Now we are going to go a bit deeper...  WHY do you love what you do?  In order for you to ignite other people's interest, you need to connect to the REASON you are so lit up about it yourself.  This simple connection is the fuel for your light.  Connect to it and you will inspire everyone you meet!


Have fun with this exercise...  While it may be tempting to write the most obvious answer, challenge yourself to write non-stop for 15 minutes.  This stream-of-consciousness writing will help you discover new reasons you had not yet considered.  After you are finished, please share what new discoveries you made in the comments below.  Thanks!

1 page

LOVE is a very contagious emotion.  When you are connected to all the reasons you LOVE your work, people feel it.  They smell it and they want to be around you.  What do you LOVE about your work? 


Take action now.  Write down all the reaons you LOVE your work.  Be as specific as possible.  Then write down a specific time when you were deeply moved by your work.  If you are so inclined, please share your stories in the comments below.  I love a good story....

1 page
The Power of Positive Thoughts
5 Lectures 09:29

Did you know that our thoughts create our feelings?  It's true!  So... when we have a positive thought, we create positive feelings.  Conversely, a negative thought ("I can't stand talking about myself") can lead to a negative feeling ("I feel horrible when I have to meet new people").  In this chapter I will show you the true power of positive thoughts!  Enjoy...

How to Build Confidence

In this video you will learn a technique called Energy Muscle Testing.  It was my pleasure to learn this technique from Psychiatrist and Author, Daphna Slonim, MD.  She graciously shares her insights in this upcoming interview. Watch and then try it for yourself. 


Now that you have watched the interview, use the following notes to try it with a partner.  Remember, this is not a contest of strength.  You are calibrating your energy with another person so you get a true "yes" and a true "no".  Once you get comfortable with the technique, there are so many ways to use it in your life.  If you have any questions, please let me know!  If you would like to watch a free 10 video series about the technique, then go to: http://www.udemy.com/energy-muscle-testing/

Try it Yourself! How to do Energy Muscle Testing
2 pages

It's confession time.  We all have stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves.  You might say, "I get completely tongue-tied meeting new people or I am a horrible self-promoter", but now that we know that negative thoughts weaken us, we need to examine the limiting beliefs that are holding us back.  It's time to come clean, so you can have a fresh start!

How do you typically describe what you do?

Take action now.  What is your story?  What have you been habitually expressing about yourself mistaking it for WHO YOU ARE?  Write down everything you may have said or felt about yourself now.  If you care to share, please do.  You will soon be shedding these limiting beliefs!

1 page
How to Train Your Mind
4 Lectures 05:07

Are you ready to transfer the way you think about yourself as a communicator?  Remember, your thoughts create your feelings, so you need to redefine how you THINK about yourself as a speaker in order the change the way you FEEL about yourself as a speaker.  Action creates results.


Now it's time to take action.  Identify where you have had limited beliefs about yourself as a communicator.  Once you have identified them, then take a moment to write the OPPOSITE statement.  Transform the negative into the positive.  Then, identify your new positive statement about yourself as a communicator.  Finally, re-train your mind by posting this statement everywhere.  When you glance at it, you are creating a new imprint.  When you change your thought, you change your feeling.  In two weeks, you will FEEL more confident in all your speaking opportunities.  Do it now.

1 page

Opportunities to connect are EVERYWHERE.  When you challenge yourself to seek new people to talk to, you are planting seeds of opportunity for yourself and your business.  Take a moment and identify places that you already frequent (coffee shops, the gym, grocery stores) where you can strike up a conversation.  Have any ideas to share?  Please leave a comment and inspire our community with your suggestions.  Thanks!


Try and list at least 10 locations where you can reach out to new people.  This exercise alone will open your eyes to the possibilities that are all around you.  If you are hard pressed to come up with ten, then by all means, get out and visit new places.  The opportunities are EVERYWHERE.

1 page
The Elevator Pitch
8 Lectures 12:51

What exactly is an elevator pitch?  You have probably heard this term time and time again and perhaps you have thought you should have crafted one by now, but never did.  Here is an introduction to one of the most important aspects of growing your business.


This quote by marketing guru Seth Godin summarizes the key components of an elevator pitch.  What do you think is the definition of an elevator pitch? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.  Thanks!

1 page

Over the years I have distilled my own journey into a story that defines how I transformed my career from an actress to a teacher.  Here is a clip from a live presentation I gave in 2011.  While I have refined my story over the years, it is one I go back to time and time again.  Here is the WHY behind my work.

Now it is time to reflect on your story.  Use this exercise to recall the details of your own journey.  The more impact your story had on YOU, the more power it will have to your listener.
1 page

Ah... that age old question, "So, what do you do?".  When you are prepared with a dynamic and engaging answer, you will never cringe when you hear those words.  Sharing your story can be FUN when you are prepared.  Let's get started!

It's time to turn your attention toward the habitual way you have described what you do.  Drawing from your previous answers, see if you can infuse your story with your WHY.  Grab your audiences attention from the start with a concise, yet riveting way to describe what you do!
1 page

A winning pitch has a very simple recipe.  Passion + Purpose + Preparation = Awesome.  Time to put the pieces together to craft your new incredible pitch.

Time to get talking!  Once you refine your pitch to include your new stories and nuances, take your revised pitch to the streets... You will be able to refine your pitch once you observe reactions from others.  Who asks for more details?  What aspect lights people up?  How do you feel sharing your story?  Take note... Please be patient and compassionate with yourself along the way.  Your polished pitch will come with time and practice.
1 page
Presentation Techniques
9 Lectures 10:43
Here are some of my best reminders about effective public speaking.  Enjoy!

Keep this guide handy to remind you how to shine.  Small adjustments can make a huge impact.

1 page

It's amazing how powerful this simple gesture can be.  The minute someone sees you smile you send them the message that you are open, friendly, trustworthy and kind.  Make your audience want to be around you before you even speak!


If you want the key to relaxation, all you need to remember is to breathe.  If you find your heart thumping, your mind racing and your palms beginning to sweat.... Pause and take a deep breath.  When you do, you will calm down, get focused and ground yourself in the present moment.  Try it for yourself!


Never underestimate the power of eye contact.  Make sure you engage your audience by giving them the gift of your attention.  Be generous!

I always tell my clients that once you are prepared, you can have FUN.  Put the work in beforehand, and it will allow you to be more free in the moment.  Trust me!

When you picture your success, you pave the way for your vision to come true.  Visualization tames negative thoughts, grounds you in relaxation and puts your audience at ease from the minute they lay eyes on you.  See for yourself!

At the end of the day, you cannot control what other people do.  You can only be responsible for your part of the experience.  If you can learn to not take things personally and let go of your desire to have a particular result, you will be happier.  This I know to be true.  Put your best foot forward, and then pat yourself on the back.  Onward and upward!


Thank you so much for taking this course!  I am honored to be a part of your journey.  If you would like more useful insights and musing, please head over to my website at: alexafischer.com

I share some of my best material on my weekly newsletter, so please sign up today.

Wishing you all the success in the world,


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