Manifest Joy, Desire, Crazy Success and Fulfillment Now
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Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Manifest Joy, Desire, Crazy Success and Fulfillment Now

Complete that bucket list! Make it happen!
5.0 (1 rating)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
29 students enrolled
Last updated 11/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Crisp. Clear. Defined. Sufficiently clarified goals and intentions have a tendency to materialize.
  • Integrate and map your objectives in a day of meditation to set up your 12-month plan of accomplishment.

  • Shape your year to allow for days off, celebration and time away from working.

  • Set weekly priorities and gain the power to say "No!"
  • Know from moment to moment, what is next on the plan.
  • Choose meaningful, exciting and realistic goals.
  • Find motivation to push through the hard parts.
  • Visualize with impact.
  • You enjoy deep meditation and journaling or free-hand writing on a regular basis.
  • You especially enjoy predicting the plot in any movie.
  • You will need to bring your burning goals. Create your list even before enrolling. Working on The Impossible? Bring it.
  • Be prepared to take notes for the creative ideas which may come to you.
  • You will need index cards, a big year-long wall calendar and creative goals. Introduction session includes a short list of office supplies recommended.
  • If you have a clipboard or notebook for keeping the printed PDF materials, that will organize your course experience.
  • We will use several free online software apps or utilities, easy to access and use.
  • Your lessons are a bit like trying on new clothes. These trials take place in our discussion tool, provided by Udemy.

About Mandala Manifesting, the Visionary Video Course

The course on manifesting has manifested itself!

Mandala Manifesting operates like the architect who depends upon other disciplines to get the project done. Each discipline (visualization, coloring, weekly worksheets, etc) contributes to creating a final "hologram," a minutely detailed plan for the creation of a long-nursed and rewarding project.

Coloring relaxes the anxiety-production “worry wart" brain. Gain a foothold against the resistances that block your flow. Develop habits which support creative work to completion. Incorporate visualization, outline technique and plan a year ahead by scheduling celebrations and days off. Time away is just as important as focused, productive work. The instruction supports integration of the method, not just into your work, but into your brain.

Naturally, as an astrologer, the mandala serves as a metaphor for the horoscope. The mandala is filled with pattern and so is the horoscope. If your life is routine and habitual, something has claimed your identity, and your creativity is suppressed.

With manifesting and mandalas, new creativity can be channeled as you do the exercises. Feel the feelings. Experience possibility. Be attentive to pattern. Train on an image everyday. The trajectory of creativity, from pure imagination to achievement, requires daily repetition. This is a pattern also, one that breeds new experiences in surprising ways.

Manifesting leads to understanding the Universe, its spin and rotation and from which everything proceeds, forever onward. Planets to molecules, to atoms, to galaxies, everything both rotates and circumambulates. Centrifuge. Recognizing these patterns, see them in the form of mandalas, train the mind's eye to expect joy. Create a better day, every day, until we have to ask, "How good can you stand it?"

Welcome to precognitive "manifesting."

The Law of Attraction is based upon the dynamics of the cosmos, and like the zodiac, it circumambulates a narrative sequence. The story of your life's twists and turns enables you to better plan your workload and commitment. Let's use these road markers to influence our schedule to appropriately maintain goals, in spite of disruptions. It is yours to decide when you've completed your manifesting work.

More than ten years after the appearance of the movie, The Secret, manifesting returns in the subject of this new work, Mandala Manifesting.

Friends who have both written their "Time Travel Essay" and who also have seen The Secret tell me that the film describes a concept that seems "selfish." Another criticized The Secret as well, saying the techniques "worked in subtle ways, but it's so easy to fall off track."

"Hedonistic," said yet another. Then, finally another said, "Haphazard."

Really? The Secret? I still haven't seen the 2006 release. I tried to watch, but something turned in my gut. Maybe it was the over-the-top graphics and music? Maybe it was the same impression? Was it stuck in a selfish fantasy of "riches" and not attuned to my larger vision of benefit for all?

I had endured the movie for only a few minutes. Decided it was not for me. One woman (moi!) rejects a hit movie, no big deal, right? But now I am struck.

I meet other people who speak of the same impression. When I identified the feeling it came from people who were average and kindly types, trying to be sincere, certainly. They too identified the insularity and selfishness, exclusive luxuries of the very rich (or those who are sure it matters).

Breakthrough takes you in the opposite direction. You are challenged by other kinds of possibilities. So, where's your creativity and breakthrough? Where's that unrequited desire? Do the pressures of daily existence intrude on your intentions? Do they impede your creative progress? do you dream of some perfect image of happiness located someplace far away? Do you also wonder if more discipline would help to manifest a better life experience?

Manifesting is not merely about an experience of isolated wealth.

Mandala Manifesting involves some astrology. It is about enlisting and enrolling a community of supporters for your cause. You will be coloring mandalas, while meditating on life's purpose, on planning, intentions and goals. Some coloring occurs with planetary events such as the time of an eclipse, or the retrograde of Mercury. There are a number of other exercises which lead to quickly realized Manifesting.

Section One, "Time Travel Essay" brings you forward one year. "Why is everyone congratulating you? What is possible? What is worthy of your manifesting focus. Clarify a possibility there, and the rest is repetition.

This video course requires under two hours to view--at present. Plans to expand are in work. Two workbooks are meant to accompany the video course and provide a coloring book for adults, and a calendar planner for the year. The instruction requires activities which lead quickly to reasoned goals that also get us out of our comfort zone, and into "The Zone" of inspiration. Best of all is the manifesting. I've got some amazing stories to describe my own experiences of Manifesting (over and over!).

I'm an astrologer, been looking at horoscopes since 1970, all mandalas. I draw inspiration from astrology, productivity innovations, and a profound curiosity about the brain. The quantum physics exploration brings a fresh new "order" to the process of desires and goals. All of which lends to the not-yet-released section on "Speaking in Code," building confidence with neuroplasticity and "My Future Me."

The goal of Mandala Manifesting is to create a new world for our children and share the joy and the discipline of coloring while journaling. All the exercises put you in the perfect mindset for manifesting.

Mandala Manifesting adds planning and project management to the test of manifesting. This discipline provides creative, flexible and efficient methods to constantly push your project to completion. Never abandon another novel again. Or the dream of love. Or the need for bigger, better, more wonderful living. This course has structures that once integrated, can move you into the flow of your work, your ideal, or your life.

  • Experience the magic combination of powers which forward the dream
  • Allow bigger, more exciting goals to develop from the heart
  • Become more confident about the future
  • Enjoy a greater depth of awareness from which to create a new life
  • Gain mastery over time and resources

The course is a goal-structuring plan for the next 12 months. Focus on a "reset button" of quiet and serenity while doing something that only the (superior, list-making) Left Lobe of the Brain would dismiss as, "mindless" work. Coloring is the pause needed by the constantly organizing brain, in order to change channels, from Left-Brain Critical Thinking, to Right Lobe Global Awareness. Flow is accessed through this gap. We begin with goals, but not at their beginning! We use the Backwards Planning method to visualize goals at their completion.

Where's your creativity and breakthrough? Where's that unrequited desire? Do the pressures of daily existence intrude on your intentions? Do they impede your creative progress?

For some artists, a planned calendar is impossible. There is no way. But then, there's reality. The gallery that wants to show new work. They wants a show in 17 months. 24 all new pieces must be created. For this artist, the manifesting plan enables a more positive experience in creation of the new work through a vision that sticks permanently and is repetitively crossing your awareness.

Visualizing in detail is mapped and managed with outlines or notes in structures, and a determined activity to prepare in advance--far in advance. Mandala Manifesting provides scaffolding for your inspiration, and draws from several well-known productivity disciplines to create a concrete plan.

Who this course is for:
  • If you believe in the magic of what you are about to create, and want a solid structure to help it come to full fruit, this method will create that opportunity
  • Those who have wakened to a new life from having recovered a trauma or health disaster can shape their wishes into actuality
  • Artists, Authors and Creative Types who can't relate to "planning" and who are frustrated with their passion. Just having the passion doesn't mean it can also be your business. People who are authoring a new life, ready to take their talent seriously, and demand solutions also be creative.
  • If you use the word "intuitive" and "inspirational" when you think of what excites you, this might be the planning and executing course you need.
  • Aspiring performers who need to take their career to a much larger perspective.
Course content
Expand all 23 lectures 01:44:44
+ Manifesting with Visualization
1 lecture 06:14

Where can Mandala Manifesting take you? You have felt frustrated that goals are highly developed but fall short of completion. Manifesting elevates the level of its possibility once more.

Script is included in case you prefer to read!

Preview 06:14
+ Our connection and interaction
1 lecture 02:20

Claire-France Perez, author and astrologer, presents Mandala Manfesting. Continued support to explore the goals and objectives you want to pursue is available on Google Hangouts. Answers to your questions will appear in the "answers" section inside the course, and additional support and "office hours," and telephone number are contained in the twice-monthly newsletters. Watch for them in your email.

Preview 02:20
+ What is it like to manifest the important things in life?
2 lectures 02:28

Destiny awaits. Today you breathe in a new person. You re-invent yourself and are becoming <enter vision here> in 12 months. Let's go there.

Preview 01:33

Download creative worksheets to define goals and aspirations. These deserve a fully discussed (even if it is with yourself!) if casually written description. Worksheets help you focus, get a full picture of what you want, not just the three or four words that express it too fast. This is your moment to describe and consider what you want. Your life should be strong with your flavor, your demand from it. This is the beginning.

Preview 00:55
+ Write Your Time Travel Essay
10 lectures 21:01

With this exercise you envision a future moment of joy and excitement. Why create a story? Because narrative is how the brain learns and remembers. Narrative is the basis of successfully re-patterning our own process. We begin with a story of triumph from January 2015.

Visualize a Congratulatory Event
13 pages

You'll need the PDF download entitled "Newspaper Report on Your Good Works"

Newspaper Report
1 question

There is unexpected power in a narrative. The power of story is reflected in every effort we make to connect with or influence people. Every movie, song or joke has a narrative. A narrative is the story's back bone. The astrologer sees the power of the narrative connecting it to patterns in circular, like the mandala or the horoscope.

Your pattern can be changed by creating the narrative of the future. The blessing of being born into a human experience is that life can be imagined, planned and made memorable and loving--on purpose. The narrative is the path we will use to simply jump over all obstacles and simply arrive at the goal without having --yet-- the accomplishment. By skipping ahead imaginatively, we get a better view of what's possible.

The pattern is narrative. What is narrative? We can say it is the basic story. Boy meets girl. Boy kisses girl. The pair fall in love. Several trials to their relationship ensue. Each supports the other. Wedding bells. Baby crying. Graduation Ceremony. Wedding. And the circle repeats. That is narrative. Let's study this narrative from the HONY blog.

Nadia Lopez worked on her goals. She took a stand for the students. She stood in place and everyday applied the right pressure in the right environment and with the right goal, and they were enrolled in her goal, they were "on board."

In this visualization, you too have worked on your goals and have tried hard for your creative progeny. You are copying this story's structure while making it your own.

The power of story is reflected in every effort we make to connect with or influence people.

When you start with the first sentence, say the words out loud in the mirror. Film yourself saying them. Do they sound a little bigger than you are right now? It is therefore a good fit for your story.

While writing, you have first imagined an event shared by friends and family. What event is this? What are you wearing for this occasion? Imagine everyone who attends your event. Why are they congratulating you?

Let's get started. Write each sentence in your notes and shape the story to fit yours.

This Might Be Your Story

Your vision must also be worthy of you. Your goal must add value, add good will to your life, and for someone else, even if it is seemingly only one person. Those are the defining requirements of properly constructed manifesting goals.

In twelve months a lot can happen.

Twelve months, maybe 18 months from now?
1 question

Rewrite the first line of text, "Nadia is fearless." The PDF document (Newspaper Report on Your Good Works) has a list of a few (40+) adjectives to describe the intensity with which the heroine fights off her detractors. How will you accomplish the same path? Are you fearless? Undaunted? Choose one from the list. Try them on like costumes. Later, remind yourself--often.

Standing with Conviction

Stand back, here I come. I'm a manifesting badass. In my first showing of skill and bravery I will:

I'm a Manifesting Badass
1 question

The (2) second and (3) third statements of the story are discussed here.

Clear, concise goals are key to overall happiness. Science can prove it.

Systems in Place

Following your heart means giving your mind a back seat while listening to your heart rate. Does it go faster when you think of something exciting? What exactly would make you happy, really elated in the one-year time period?

Strong Feelings
1 question

Reaching our goal means that we will have changed something. Who or what is that?

Expecting Higher Expectation

How well can you visualize your goal? How crisply do you see its details? This is the key.

Dimensions of a Dream
1 question

S.N.A.F.U. = Situation. Normal. All. F**ked. Up. This is the "before" picture in your visualization, that situation or condition which is transformed by your goal's acheivement.

Situation Normal

"Luxury is feeling unrushed." How do you experience this feeling?

Pretending to Be Me!
1 question

When you define a goal you are speaking of your capabilities and hopes. What do these choices say about you? Describe your no-go zone. Write about the expectation you have put into place in order to create new standards.

Professional Pretending

Your future self is calling. That person is different from you. What temptations were fought on the battle toward your goal?

Temptations and Argument With Our Future Self

Complacency is the enemy, not self-doubt or confidence. The comfort zone is the battle ground. Don't give in! What kind of response do you need to prepare for confronting the urge to "skip just once."

You Waited All Your Life, For This?

Short cuts, temptations and "side jobs," all signals that a certain restlessness is setting in. You will write about how to habitually break with the complacency that tends to hide and grow, even if uninvited.

Maintaining a Quality Standard

The goal of this class is to get in front of someone else to expose your contribution. They are the one who can help. Or, the ones who will participate with your work as an audience member or reader. This course is not just about dreaming. We want to share with others. We aren't that tree in the forest that nobody heard.

Mandala Manifesting: Is it visible to others?
3 questions
+ Sample Newspaper "Good Works" Stories
3 lectures 12:21

Lisa is visualizing a new career in New York City.

In addition, find a few mandalas to get your coloring started. Blank and lined pages are for journaling.

Preview 02:19

Here's a sample worksheet and the essay it produced for Lauren, young British blogger living in India.

Preview 06:20

Here's a sample worksheet and the essay it produced for the author of this course, "CF"

Preview 03:41
+ Life Inventory: Keepers & No-repeats
1 lecture 00:00

In a complete change of pace we are assessing our current situation by integrating what we "pluck" or keep in terms of experiences, and what we "shuck." It is a matter of taste! Go through your diary or calendar in the past year. Select events that you loved and wish to repeat. That's a "Pluck!" Consider adding these in annual fashion. With long-term planning now possible, build on the good time, and create more good outcomes, with purpose.

Similarly, the ones we want to clear off our calendar forever are given some final attention. How likely is that situation ever going to rise once more? If unlikely, then it's in the past. But if there is any likelihood, any echo of a chance it might repeat, then we must change tactics. It's time to expand levels of professionalism or become more resolute in the area of greatest complacency.

Finally, this is a meditation on what and whom you value. When you value it over your own needs and satisfactions, then it's a priority. Consider the ones who have contributed, the ones to whom you might owe a gratitude. Your closest friends or people from your past but deeply welded to your soul. These are "The Stakeholders." They feel your fears and anxieties. They know your heart. They cheer you on. They too have something "at stake," something precious in the game. It's you.

It is for them you take every caution and consideration. It is our goal to elevate their role in your manifesting agenda. You will create an association with each one, tying it to your goals, in a manner sacred to the trust between you.

Your goals have this entire group who are invested in your success. They occupy a seat at the table of manifestation. They inspire tension and emotion.

Preparation (research?) for this part of the course requires last year's diary or calendar and about 90 minute to reflect and make a comprehensive list for each category. This is inventory only.

Preview 15 pages
+ Coloring the Mandala
3 lectures 05:49

Relax the mind and use the mandalas for coloring with any medium. Always bring a journal and record your thoughts as you spend time in the coloring exercise.

Preview 22 pages

In the intial Manifesting training, your mandalas are to be colored at will and spontaneously, with whatever means at hand. Their integration into your new pattern is to serve as entry to deeper meditation on the various activities surrounding your goals. Suggestion: be ready to journal on thoughts surrounding your intentions and goals while coloring, and allow your mind to wander in various fantasies about your intention.

At times and on occasion, coloring is simply not possible. for this purpose, the following will serve in its place. Enjoy my colorful and dynamic mandala ambience videos.

Preview 03:00

At times and on occasion, coloring is simply not possible. for this purpose, the following will serve in its place. Enjoy my colorful and dynamic mandala ambience videos.

Hands-free coloring: Lots of mandalas!