Management Consulting Presentation Essentials Pro
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Management Consulting Presentation Essentials Pro

How to build an elite McKinsey presentation
4.4 (92 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
2,616 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand how McKinsey creates keynotes
  • Learn how to craft a compelling storyline
  • Become familiar with basic blocks of a management consulting keynotes
  • Know tips to create an effective storyboard
  • Be able to design McKinsey-styled charts
  • Improve your presentation skills
  • Understand how to create the ideal meeting room setup
  • Learn how to combine the best of written and oral presentation skills
  • Manage presentation nerves
  • Use eye contact and body language to build connections with audiences
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  • Basic working knowledge
  • Motivation to improve your presentation skills and do great work that makes a difference

In today's job market, you are only as good as your presentation skills. As the competition for high-level consulting and management positions becomes increasingly cutthroat, you need a powerful way to make your message stand out from the rest.

My name is Simon Richardson, and I'm excited to introduce you to the McKinsey presentation system. During my time as a corporate strategist, I've used McKinsey presentations to significantly grow many leading businesses using the same techniques you'll learn under my instruction.

Recent studies reveal that over 80% of clients intuitively prefer presentations that use the McKinsey system due to its unique mechanics and ease of understanding. My multi-faceted intensive course will guide you through the intricacies of management consulting presentations and cover a broad range of topics so you can begin utilizing the system for your own clients. You will graduate with a deeper understanding of the principles and best practices needed to compete in today's job market.

Topics include:
•    Exploring the basic blocks of a McKinsey-styled presentation
•    Learning storytelling for business
•    Writing powerful key messages
•    Building smarter storyline
•    What's a storyboard and why do you need one
•    Using dot-dash storyline and pyramid principle to craft a compelling storyline
•    How to build a presentation like a management consultant from scratch
•    Working with tables, words, and graphics
•    Understanding simple and complex charts
•    Managing presentation nerves
•    Setting up your room for presentation
•    Tips for handling a Q&A section
•    Essential body language techniques of public speaking 

Forbes reports that 70% of successful Americans say that presentation skills were critical to the development of their careers. Are you certain your skills are up to par?

If you're ready to move into the upper echelon of effective communication and presentation success, sign up today. I look forward to meeting you soon.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who's eager to learn management consulting
  • Anyone who's willing to create an elite presentation from scratch
Curriculum For This Course
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Hi, I'm Simon Richardson. Thanks for watching management consulting presentation essentials.

Feel free to contact me via if any questions.

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Preview 01:25

What you should know before watching this course?

1. Basic knowledge of management consulting and consulting project.

2. Some hands on experiences in editing presentation.

Preview 00:54

Why do consultants use PPT so much? 

1. It forces brevity. 

2. Executives are short on time. 

3. Communication is the goal. 

4. Executives are visual people. 

Preview 02:54

Here’re three principles that could help you build a great foundation for effective learning.

1. Here & Now

2. Stretch Zone

3. The Inner Critic

Preview 01:28

If you’re a paid member of this course, you’re going to have access to files for each chapter in this course.

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Management consulting fundamentals
4 Lectures 09:25

Management consulting, however, focuses on the industry of supporting and guiding management. The goal is to give insight to management about how to improve the performance of their organizations.

What's management consulting?

A consulting project can last for weeks, months or even years. It is a collaborative process which involves a client and a team of consultants. Their common goal is to solve one or more key problems faced by the client. 

What’s consulting project?

At McKinsey, client presentation is strictly confidential. There are not a lot of McKinsey presentation in public domain.

These links may be helpful to get yourself familiar with McKinsey styled presentation

US Postal Service Future Business Model

US Ski Association Study

Electricity Efficiency in the U.K.

Preview 02:23

A solid structure makes a presentation memorable and effective. 

How do you put together an excellent management consulting presentation?  

Here we're presenting a series of sample slides to help you understand main building blocks even better.

The basic building blocks of a great consulting presentation

1 question
11 Lectures 31:25

You need to follow a 4-step process to build an effective management consulting presentation.

  • Plan: this is identifying and analyzing the problem.
  • Do: you have to develop and test a possible solution.
  • Check: Measuring how effective the test solution was. Consider how it could be improved.
  • Act: This is when the solution should be fully implemented.
Plan - Do - Check - Act

Plan Do Check Act methodology 

An iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continual improvement of processes and products.

Using PDCA approach

All consultants need to tell stories. It begins when we make proposals to clients. During those discussions we are using stories to explain how we did the work previously, what is changing in the industry, what is happening with their competitors, and perhaps most importantly, why we can be trusted as consultants.

Exploring storytelling for business

We design and connect headlines to create a compelling storyline in presentations. In this lecture, we'll explore how to plan a great headline.

Preview 03:30

In a management consulting presentation, the vertical logic and horizontal logic must be MECE - Mutually exclusive and collective exhaustive. 

Keeping vertical and horizontal logic MECE

Let us learn some examples that are MECE and non-MECE.

Learn the difference between MECE and non-MECE

If you are working with a McKinsey partner to prepare a PowerPoint presentation – also known as a “deck” in consulting – when being asked to work on a storyline you may also be asked to prepare a "Dot-Dash" version of that storyline.  

Creating dot-dash version of storyline

The storyboard concept is commonly used in management consulting. 

Storyboards act as a fast way to set up a presentation in a structured way. 

The art of storyboard

Storyboarding is a powerful technique to convey a concept or idea concisely. 

The linear and visual process make people instantly follow what is communicated. 

Storyboarding for business

One of the crucial tools used at McKinsey is the Pyramid Principle. This is a methodology for structured communication. The key points of it are:

  • Begin with the answer.
  • Group and summarize your supporting arguments.
  • Logically order your supporting ideas.
Pyramid principle - Logic in writing and thinking

A big whiteboard is always a must for management consultants. It provides them with a lay out of what they have and what they need. It can allow for remarkable analysis and storyboarding.

Using a whiteboard

1 question
24 Lectures 37:19

First off, congratulations for making it this far in the training program. We have already covered how to plan your management consulting presentation. We will now dive in to how to actually draft your decks in an effective way.

Using language journalism for accuracy and clarity

Using the right words is critical to the flow of the logic

Choosing the right words to connect with your audiences

In this lecture, I'm going to provide a detailed explanation of cover page objectives and information.

Creating cover page

The cover page of your presentation is your first impression. 

All of your hard work is dictated by this page. If it doesn’t stand out, you miss a great chance to communicate with your audiences at first.

Great examples of cover page

This slide answers the first question that pops up in the minds of your audience, which is – “What is this presentation about?”

Exploring agenda page

As a management consultant, I've all been at a client meeting at one point that seemed a bit off. Poorly structured and planned meeting can waste time and lead to no result.

This is where a meeting agenda template can come in useful.

Here're some templates for designing an effective meeting agenda for your next meeting.

Effective meeting agenda templates

A good title or "lead" will concisely and effectively

  • capture the audience's attention,
  • explain why the page is important, and
  • show how the page contributes to the storyline.
Delivering key messages

You should avoid writing headlines which are obvious – management consultants are not paid to say the obvious.

Avoid writing obvious headlines

Under the headlines which contains our key messages, the body of content must always feature the most important data to support the headline. This is the sole purpose of the body to reinforce and add credibility to the headline. To achieve this, you will feature ideas, findings, data, information and knowledge from the research period. 

The body must always support your headline

With the bulk of the page it should be made up of content and exhibits which support the headlines. Typically, these take the form of graphs, tables, text, maps, or other exhibits that reflect what the team has learned. 

How to write the body of a consulting presentation?

Now let us dive in to see how to use bullets in a management consulting presentation.

Understanding best practice of bullet points

The way you present your bullet points matters.

Using two column bullet pages

In McKinsey presentations, we can find lots of different graphics or exhibits to help you understand key messages even better, but how can we find the right type of charts? How can we better visualize our points? In this lecture, we’re going to answer these questions.

Preview 03:05

In the body section of a slide, we have four formats to present information – Graphics, tables, words, and combinations of the above. In this lecture, we’re going to talk about how to choose among these elements.

How to choose between words, tables and graphics

Top McKinsey-styled charts

Graphs tend to be poorly presented. This is normally because of space issues and the challenge of fitting everything in. This results in very small font sizes being used – which can look inconsistent with the style used elsewhere. 

Keeping graphics simple and clear

In this section, we’re going to review some good and bad examples of charts.

Preview 02:00

Besides charts, we also use table to display quantitative and qualitative data.

When there are too many relationships in a graph, or we want to make calculation, or emphasize a single value, we’ll choose a table.

When to use tables?

Word slides have several uses. Normally, we use to lead audience through logic flow.

When to use words slide?

A device which you may want to add to your slide is called a "kicker." These are used to add clarification, summary, or the implications of the information which has been presented on the slide. 

What's a kicker?

Using a kicker to add clarifications and implications

Good presentations are events along the journey of change that require planning and cannot be recycled.

Understanding version control

Management consulting is not the right industry for you if you want widespread public acknowledgement of your work. The industry worries about results and focuses on the big picture. 

Remember why you are paid to be there

It is crucial to learn how to prioritize, especially when up against a deadline during a project, a management consultant can almost analyze every aspect of an organization, but majority of the analysis makes no or little impact on your objective functions, so do not boil the ocean.

How to prioritize slides?

1 question
3 Lectures 03:22

When you are writing, remember it is all about your audience – not you.

Management consulting presentation guiding principles

There is a simple but powerful checklist you can follow to make sure your presentation is absolutely ready to go.

A checklist for more persuasive presentations

In this lecture, we’re going to learn how to choose meeting room as a management consultant. Although sometimes it’s not our job to book meeting room at the client’s site, yet it’s always reassuring to double check with the facilitator if the meeting room is ready for our presentation.

How to choose meeting room?

1 question
14 Lectures 33:27

As I am working with many multi-million businesses throughout my career, we can tell you that attitude has a much bigger role in presenting success than it does in other areas of life.

Attitude is everything

For most people public speaking is one of their major fears despite the fact that we are often called on to do it. Presentations are not always to hundreds of people, but daily presentations to team members and clients are common occurrences.

How could we manage presentation nerves?

Manage presentation nerves

Mark Twain is said to have commented that naked people have little or no influence in society and that clothes make the man. 

How to dress for a business presentation?

Ways to dress for work

Now let us discuss setting up your presentation room.

The best way to layout a room is dependent upon a number of factors which you should consider:

  • The space available
  • The size of the audience
  • The level of activity and interaction required
Setting up your room for presentation

Major components of conveying authenticity and therefore, your trustworthiness are body language and eye contact. As an elite management consultant, they are critical. 

Preview 03:27

Listening to someone with a pleasant voice can be a pleasure.

On the other hand, the opposite is also true. 

Improving the quality of your voice

In a real presentation, you ideally will have a beautiful document with clear headlines. With that in place you then need to be able to talk in your presentation. Often this is the area which management consultants find challenging. Often they are too stiff, even seen as too professional.

Which oral presentation style should you use?

We have all sat through a presentation where the presenter has simply read off their slides. Remember how boring it was? Now imagine what your clients will feel if they see you simply read out the PowerPoint presentation you have created. They will be bored and distracted.

Don't read your slides

Here is a sample process that I wrap up my presentation.

Great ways of wrapping up presentations

Meetings are a series of communications — an event to define problems, set expectations, shift focus, make decisions and move things forward, so wrap up slide should also apply these rules.

Wrap-up slide samples

This lecture will show your the typical format and content of client update meeting minutes.

Basic sample of client update meeting minutes

In most of management consulting meetings, we also leave time for Q&A section but Q&A of a presentation often stokes fear in seasoned management consultants. 

How to hand a Q&A section?

By doing so you will avoid overloading your main slides. I guarantee that if you don’t do this, you will overwhelm your audience and they won’t get the ultimate message you’re trying to convey.

Using appendix

1 question
3 Lectures 04:02

For more resources, check out I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your tight schedule to join this course. I am looking forward to connecting with you in the future, and hearing about your excellent career achievement.

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