Make them love you! Learn how to create intimacy in business
4.3 (6 ratings)
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Make them love you! Learn how to create intimacy in business

When other people likes you better, they are looking for reasons to make business with you! Make it happened.
4.3 (6 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
490 students enrolled
Created by Yair Schoenfeld
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create a significant personal rapport and "chemistry" with others.
  • Reach more influence on other people's decisions.
  • Better understand other people's emotional system and how to get closer to them.
  • Better use verbal and nonverbal communication tools to pursue other people.
  • Master the secrets of creating unique and deep connection with others.
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  • The course is mainly for people that develop a business career and understands that their ability to create personal rapport with others is crucial for their success.

Business is done by people, and at our world today there is always an alternative - your prospects and clients has always the option to make business with another person. Since each one of us is his own brand, we must know how to create intimacy and personal rapport with all types of people.

When they like you, they will try to find reasons to justify their tendency to work with you, and if they don't... they will look for reasons to throw you out!

Personal rapport, trust and "chemistry" will help you also to get more influence on the other side.

During the course, you will learn plenty of techniques, skills and methodologies that will make you much better in creating this abstract harmony between other people and yourself.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course will contribute a lot to people that wants to develop and improve their interpersonal skills. It is focussed on business relationships, and for sure will contribute significantly to create "chemistry" and personal rapport in any type of relationships between people.
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Curriculum For This Course
33 Lectures
The importance of creating emotional connection in business
6 Lectures 16:42

After so many years of investigating, learning and teaching all the components of creating unique "chemistry" with any other person, I would like to invite you to a learning journey with me! 

Preview 01:23

The people that we meet at business divide into two groups: Those who are trying to find a reason to work with us and those who are looking for a reason not to. So, be yourself! Give them the better version of whom you are and never be hypocrite!

Preview 04:00

Anybody can "small talk" with others. Creating intimacy is something totally else... 

Preview 01:32

Our brain is a complicated machine. Each one of us has at least two processing systems. Learn how to work with the one that responsible for our instincts, fast reactions and emotions.

Preview 03:55

Learn 8 simple behavioral principles that when you will keep them, people would attract to your company and would enjoy talking to you more and more...

The 8 basic rules that you should always keep.

Section Summary.
The simple actions that you can start from tomorrow.
11 Lectures 27:05

Babies are helpless. Nature equipped them with 4 simple secrets to win our attention and support.

What can we learn from...babies?

"The eyes are the window to the soul", William Shakespeare.  Learn to enjoy it!

The power of eye contact.

We are all having a great influence on others emotional situation. Learn how to contagion others with positive vivid energy.

Emotional contagious: Make them feel better!

Nature gave us sensitivity to scents in order to protect us and direct us. When you smell good people would enjoy your company more and would even find you more attractive. When you smell bad......well, you know!

Smell good - It is much easier to like a good smelling person.

Learn the difference between Sympathy and Empathy. Be empathic and learn what not to share with others. 

Do not cry - Listen to their cryings.

"Reflecting" is a simple but helpful technique. Learn what is it and how to use it.

Reflecting - Learn a beautiful and simple technique.

Show interest. Do it also by nodding and humming. It is simple but powerful.

Nodding and humming - a natural sign that you are there!

People likes to laugh. It improves their day and it is very healthy! Enjoy it...but remember the forbidden subjects.

Use your sense of humor (the right way).

Communicate your vision, values and beliefs. Don't shout it! (And if you don't have is the right time to find).

Leadership and self energizing.

Make sure that there is a linkage between your appearance and some other things that you want to transmit to the world.  

Your appearance tells who you are or at least how do you want others to see you.

Section summary: The "Well oiled machine" that is... YOU!
Opening POINTS - The secret of unlocking & penetrating the "hidden gates".
5 Lectures 20:15

Welcome to one of the most beautiful systems that every person has: The private personal zone, where our belief system and life values control our lives.

Learn how to identify and unlock this system and you will get much more intimacy and influence.  

What are "POINTS"?

In almost every sentence that we are saying lies a clue that might lead us forward and deeper inside the other person's internal belief system. Lets learn to identify and open it!

How to identify and open POINTS?

Here are some examples that will help you to make sure that you got it and that you gained the ability to use it.

Let's make sure that we got the new technique by analyzing some examples.

When you get so closer to others, creating a new type of intimacy at a higher level you must remember to stay sensitive at all times and to never abuse it.

Using POINTS? There is no way back.

Section Summary.
Body language tips...
4 Lectures 16:24

Simple rules that will help you to transmit openness and to welcome others into your life.

The basic rules of body language.

Non verbal communication might be sometimes the best way to "soften" tough or closed people. Learn how to use it.

The beauty of "mirroring" when handling with tough people.

Sometimes you are trying to create personal rapport at a business meeting and things are not going right due to interferences and other obstacles. Every interruption might be an advantage!

How to deal with interferences, interruptions and other obstacles...

Section summary.
The fantastic mechanism of LOVE.
4 Lectures 12:24

Professor Aron shows us how to create an emotional connection between two totally strangers, using simple process of mutual questioning.

The 36 questions research of prof. Arthur Aron.

Starting the journey from an almost "technical" type of questions, going deep inside to a very personal discussion, step by step!

There are three different types of questions, when leading the conversation the right way, you would have the ability to create a unique emotional connection.

The 3 types of questions that creates intimacy.

A reminder: This is a business' intimacy course, and it is very important not to cross the right line or to break the borders. Crossing the borders will charge its price!

Drawing the lines.

Section summary.
Finish your course with Emotional Quotient....and more!
3 Lectures 11:18

Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence, investigated by Dr. Daniel Goleman is a key factor in creating harmony in our relationships with others. Learn its components.

What is E.Q and how it is relevant to our mission?

Learn how to manage yourself at multi-participants meetings in order to maximize your personal rapport and "chemistry" with many people as possible. You can never know whom is crucial for your success. 

Multi-participants meetings: A trap or an opportunity?

Course summary - Treat them as you want to be treated!
About the Instructor
Yair Schoenfeld
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International sales consultant and trainer

Yair Schoenfeld is an international expert in sales, customer service and management. 

He is a passionate trainer that finds real happiness in empowering and teaching motivated sales and business leaders to maximize their potential and achievements.

Yair specializes in developing and leading results’ improving projects and processes for boards, management teams and sales and customer service units and individuals all over the world.

During the past 20 years Yair has enjoyed close work with both Israeli and international leading firms, in a wide range of fields which include banking and financial services organizations, insurance companies, high-tech firms, retail chains, communication, traditional industries, on-line gaming and more.

During the last few years Yair has developed unique seminars and courses for small businesses and entrepreneurs focusing on practical results' improving tools.

Yair's company, Schoenfeld Consulting & Training enjoy vast success in implementing tailor made and innovative models developed to suit various firms and businesses with different or special needs. These models are a result of relentless research, the ability to think out of the box, and close work with an excellent team of professionals.  

Yair in also the Author of two books:
"Best Seller" (2015)
"18 Insights I wrote for my children before entering the business world" (2016)