The Complete Raw Food Course: Basics, Entrees & Desserts
4.2 (26 ratings)
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232 students enrolled
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The Complete Raw Food Course: Basics, Entrees & Desserts

Be an expert with this comprehensive course: sprouting, seed cheeses, dehydrating, sauces, dressing, entrees & desserts
4.2 (26 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
232 students enrolled
Created by Susan Teton
Last updated 1/2014
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What Will I Learn?
  • By the end of this course you will have mastered the basics of raw food preparation.
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Get ready to enjoy the bliss of eating the most delicious sensual food experience on Earth.

Learning how to make Raw Food inspired the beginning of my health and beauty adventure! I learned by “doing” when I went away to a Shaman Training in Oklahoma 24 years ago. No one had heard of Raw Food then, and that included me. I was surprisingly awakened to a sensuality with food that I had never even dreamed of.

Within a few days the puffiness around my eyes, as well as the rest of the body, disappeared. My joints moved easily and the light came back to my eyes. I had been a constant dieter and now I was free. I never counted another calorie and ate freely whatever I wanted from vital food from the Earth. I literally reversed signs of aging and you can too.

Basically, the reason Raw Food works so well for people is 4 fold:

1.You are getting an abundance of nourishment that your body is most likely craving.

2.You simply cannot over eat it – it is so satisfying.

3.You will never have to count calories, fat or carbohydrate grams, and portion sizes again. You can eat to your heart’s content.

4. Seriously, it is so delicious you will not even believe it.

Raw food is easy, but takes learning some new techniques. This is why I created this course in visual format. Once you understand it and “see” how it is made, rather than read how it is done, you will have the simple tools that will give you a lifetime of nourishment and intense pleasure.

In addition, once you learn the techniques, you can pick up any raw food preparation book and instantly know what the author is talking about and how to do it.

Here is what's included in this course:

1. First, you learn the basics of working with nuts and seeds. This includes soaking, sprouting and blending.

2. In the videos I show you how to do it all with close ups, which my students find extremely helpful.

3. Since nuts and seeds are at the core of Raw Food, once you understand the simplicity of working with them and how to maximize their flavor and vitality, you will find a new way to nourish and bring substance to your meals.

4. You will learn how to put excellent fats and oils into your daily life; oils that nourish you and aid you in weight loss. Utilizing them with other raw foods will deliver sauces and dressings so delicious that you will want to drink them, and you can if you want.

Raw "living" foods are the best way to begin to nourish you in a way that your cells love. Nourishment means "beauty".

Nourishment means "vitality".

Nourishment means "radiance".

These can all be yours now by learning to incorporate Raw "living" foods into your life.

Once you learn the basics you will learn how to blend foods together to make outstanding entrees, such as:

a. Raw Soups

b. Raw Food Pizza

c. Rich Luscious Sauces & Dressings

d. Roll Ups

e. Yummy bread-dough crackers

f. Juices

g. Seed Cheeses

h. Nut & Seed Milks

I. Desserts to Live For

j. Pairing with Organic Wine

The Raw Food Basic & Entree's Course is designed to give you everything you need to incorporate raw "living" Foods into your daily life.

Use this course to awaken you to the sensual pleasure of eating vibrant food from the Earth, full of aroma, flavor and richness.

The course has 15 Instructional Cooking Shows (4 hours) with photos and recipes. Enjoy!

Who is the target audience?
  • People who want to eat delicious food, turn back the clock, loose weight, heal or boost their immune system.
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Curriculum For This Course
27 Lectures
Introduction to Raw Foods
1 Lecture 05:44

This is a short video where Chef Teton gives a little personal talk about her experience with nutrition and results.

Preview 05:44
Raw Food Basics
6 Lectures 49:43

Sometimes people just don't know where to start. This video clip shows you some of Chef Teton's favorite equipment so that students can become acquainted with their options.


The basics of Raw Foods involves germinating or bringing to life nuts and seeds. This is the beginning of the sprouting process. Here you will learn what soaking looks like and the process that the foods take on their soaking journey.


Here is a recipe for a delicious juice. At the time I used a Champion Juicer, which is great for sorbets, but now there are many other juicers that surpass the mechanics of the Champion. Chef Teton actually prefers green smoothies now over juicing. Instructions for those are in the Raw, Cooked and Cultured course as well as on her website:


Turning seeds into powders is a fantastic way to make a luscious addition to vegetables. They add an amazing flavor, plus good fats and richness to veggies and other raw and cooked food dishes.

Seed Powders

Utilizing a grater in certain ways adds greatly to the versatility of meals. A good grater is light, easy to travel with and can turn an ordinary carrot into a yummy juicy raw veggie.


Seed milks are the bomb! They are easy, nutritious and much better for you if they are made fresh from nuts and seeds. The good news is that they are more affordable to.

Seed Milk
Raw Food Delicious Dressings
6 Lectures 33:27

This dressings literally started my culinary career. You must try it. People used to say, "What's in this? I just want to drink it!."

Preview 18:25

Recipe: Lemon Tahini Tamari (Golden Elixir Dressing)
2 pages

When you make some fresh carrot juice, make sure you save some of it and the pulp for this refreshing delicious dressing. You can also pick up a fresh carrot juice from your local juice bar, and make sure you get some of the pulp too as it acts as the thickener.

Carrot Tahini Tamari Dressing

Recipe for Carrot Tahini Dressing
2 pages

OMG, this dressings or sauce, which is made from tofu, is thick, delicious and good on EVERYTHING! Seriously. And, if you don't think you like tofu, just ignore that because you (or anyone else) will ever know that tofu is what makes this sauce thick and creamy.

Sensual Savory Dressing

Recipe for Savory Sauce
2 pages
Raw Food Entrees
11 Lectures 01:03:10

Here we go. This is the best recipes ever for a raw pizza saouce. It is great to make for guests because everyone loves it. It is so delicious and full of nutritious food.

Raw Pizza

Recipe: Luscious Marinara Sauce (Pizza Sauce)
2 pages

This pizza dough is made from buckwheat. These pizza dough crackers can be enjoyed with all kinds of foods: pizza sauce, seed cheeses, avocado, cheese and nut butters! They are a great gluten free option that is softer and more moist than those hard and dry raw food crackers.

Dehydrate Raw Pizza

Recipe: Raw Buckwheat Pizza Dough Crackers
2 pages

Here is another way to turn nuts into another amazing food like a seed cheese!

Nut Cheese

Recipe: Mac Cheese Topping for Pizza
2 pages

Now that you have learned to soak nuts and seeds you will learn to make some yummy recipes, like Hummus.

Heavenly Hummus

Recipe: Hummus
2 pages

Recipe: Raw Almond Soup
2 pages

Sea Veggies and particularly Dulce, are a easy and potent way to get your minerals. Soaking Dulce is easy and tastes great when eaten simply. No need for tons of cooking to enjoy this nutrient dense food.

Dulce Avocado

Now that you have learned about new foods, and made some seed cheeses, now you can roll them together in a Nori Roll up!

Nori Wraps
2 Lectures 13:08

In this video you will learn how to use nuts and frozen fruits to make delicious sorbets. With the addition of nuts the sorbets are rich and satisfying.

Dessert: Nut Berry Cream

This is a great video clip to learn about labeling distinctions for organic wines and wines made with organically grown grapes.

About Organic Wines
1 Lecture 00:52
Ending Thoughts
About the Instructor
Susan Teton
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Eat to Look & Feel Great!

Susan Teton Campbell – Bio – 2013

In 1991, the passion for Susan Teton Campbell’s life work was ignited when
she read Diet for a New America by John Robbins. Bringing her extensive
marketing and media expertise to the Robbins’ organization, EarthSave
International, Susan created and promoted the award-winning Healthy School
Lunch Program (HSLP).

Collaborating with top nutritional and environmental experts in government,
business, and academia, Susan created a curriculum that motivated students
nationwide to make healthier food choices. In 1997, with funding from
the American Cancer Society and the USDA, Campbell took her program
to Hawaii, inspiring the state to be the first in the nation to create plant based
alternatives for school menus. When the Physician’s Committee for
Responsible Medicine rated the health of meals at American schools in 1998,
the HSLP was in three of the top 10.

As part of the HSLP, Susan co-authored The Healthy School Lunch Action Guide,
a 184-page resource manual published by EarthSave International in 1994.
The guide was sold/distributed to teachers and parents across the country
while Susan went on a national tour, speaking to thousands of parents,
administrators, government agencies and associations (National Food Service
Association). The tour included numerous TV and radio appearances.

Following her tenure at EarthSave, Susan, with key members of the Natural
Products Industry, formed a Washington D.C. lobby for natural food and
supplement manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. In collaboration with
New Hope Media, Susan envisioned and founded the Natural Products
Council, spearheading a national marketing campaign, featuring celebrities such
as Paul McCartney, Woody Harrelson, Kevin Nealon, and Ed Begley, Jr.

In 1998 she collaborated with Citizens For Health (Boulder, CO), to launch
a national campaign, Let’s Keep Organic, Organic. The campaign broke U.S.
Department of Agriculture records for consumer letters received. The result
was a rewrite of the policy that set national organic labeling standards.

In 1998, with a Rockefeller grant, Susan founded Spirit In Action (SIA), Inc.,
an organization, which exists to make the health and welfare of children the
overriding consideration in all government, corporate, and individual decisions.
SIA’s projects bring awareness to the interplay of nutrition, environment,
economic, social, and cultural factors that impact American youth.

In 2001, after years of studying with notable nutrition/health professionals,
Susan took her nutrition knowledge into the kitchen when she created menu plans
for retreats put on by Byron Katie International. The success of the food program
led her to head up the sales and marketing efforts for The Schools for The Work
of Byron Katie, during the launch for her first best seller, “Loving What Is”.

Recognizing that most people know what healthy food is, but lack the skills to
prepare it, she went on to develop recipes and menu plans for large resorts and
celebrities, actively teaching food service personnel and private chefs.
Following a one year In 2003-2005 she launched
her “functional food” style to become an instructor for home chef and
professional culinary students at Laguna Culinary Arts, in Laguna Beach, CA.

Relocating to Maui, Hawaii in 2005, Susan launched her multi media company,
to produce media products for nutrition culinary education. Her first media
project is a culinary practice combining the best of the essential dietary
components of the Centenarian Cultures – a healthy combination of raw,
cooked and cultured foods. Essential Cuisine, A Journey From Seed to Soul is
produced in a 6 Set DVD format (23 cooking shows) and an e-book under
the brand “Chef Teton”. The set is sold and distributed
online, in Whole Food Markets, Amazon, and Internet distributors worldwide.

Convinced that food is a significant factor in the rising epidemic of youth
related health issues, Susan also produced Teens Teaching Teens, a 9 segment
DVD cooking show starring 16 yr old Landon Bell.

Susan holds nutrition, culinary and education certifications from Body Ecology
Diet, Raw Living Foods, Ayurvedic Cooking, WSET Wine Pairing, and
Experiential Education (Ropes Course) – “Team Building In the Kitchen”,
The Work of Byron Katie and recently completed the Avatar Master, Professional
and Wizard Courses in 2009.

Locally on Maui, Susan is a regular teacher for Whole Foods Market Kahului,
and is the wellness chef for the 2009, 2010, 2011 Maui County Agricultural
Festival sponsored by the Maui County Farm Bureau. She was the executive
chef for the seven-day Agricultural Design Conference hosted by Maui Aloha 
Aina Association, and is a regular speaker/teacher for various organizations like
the Farmers Union, Vegetarian Society, and the American Heart Association.

Susan is the Chair of Slow Food Maui Convivium, a board member of the
Maui Food Technology Center (funded by Maui County) and is a nutrition/
culinary instructor for the County of Maui, Department of Aging. Susan
continues to provide nutrition/culinary coaching to her clients nationwide.

Susan is a seasoned educator, public speaker and media guest. She holds retreats
on Maui with with her Essential Cuisine format, aligning the body, mind, soul and Earth.

Contact: Susan “Chef Teton” Campbell