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Start a successful online business as a digital publisher, editor or review writer. Learn from top earners in the field
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Course Description

The Ultimate Coaching course for Google Adsense. 15 more spaces left at only $10 (Usual price $75)

LEARN HOW TO MAKE AT LEAST 10 000 USD PER MONTH through Google Adsense. Become a specialist editor, community editor or trend writer. Learn proven shortcuts to distinction by avoiding all the traps that will waste your time and slow you down. Start your own online business within a popular community with NO CAPITAL required and without re-inventing the wheel.

See the feedback below from 500+ learners. This is not your average entrepreneurs' course: It is loaded with highly effective growth hacking tactics, used by the most successful Adsense entrepreneurs.

Now includes a free copy of my latest e-book to help you grow your business: “Growth Hacking 4.0" and “Social Media Marketing Guide"

Why this is a good time to start a career in Digital Publishing:

For the past 12 years Google Adsense has been a booming industry. It has now become a multi-billion dollar industry, which many successful entrepreneurs are tapping into. However some big hosting providers and domain name sellers are capitalizing on new comers to the market and are making equally high profits from selling domain and web design services to them that will lead to nowhere. With rapid growth in Africa and India, the average Adsense business has the potential to double in size between now and 2018. You should capitalize on this growing trend through a strategy that has the right scale from the start, which is what we teach you in this course.

Perhaps you already attempted to achieve the successes of the individuals who founded Mashable, Perez Hilton, BusinessInsider and WebMD but failed because your goals were unrealistic? This course will teach you HOW to achieve the right scale within an Adsense community to compete with other successful entrepreneurs who are making a fortune. This course will equip you with all the essential knowledge to run a social business on the web, which provides you with a big fat Adsense paycheque every month!

If you would like to learn proven success tactics to form an actionable business plan outlining the exact steps you need to take in order to earn at least 10 000USD per month through Google Adsense, then this course is definitely for you. The process taught is a rapid learning curve that will involve hard work in the beginning. After establishing yourself, it then leads to the second phase of a passive income that requires less than 8 hours work per week.

Bonus additions: Learn more about the policies and procedures to adopt for Facebook marketing, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media marketing channels. Learn more about growth-hacker marketing. We teach you so much more than just basic Google Adsense integration.

By completing this course, you will become an expert at setting up profitable Adsense businesses. You will learn about so many new tools to help you make money online. This course has also been published on Amazon and other international press outlets. Now incredibly there is no excuse - you can join a very lucrative business, starting today.

What are the requirements?

  • A good understanding of English
  • A computer and internet connection

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 19 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • Receive thousands of social media visitors to your content
  • Join a profitable community of editors
  • Add multiple online revenue sources
  • Manage a passive income business
  • Be an editor of a specialist online portal
  • Start an online business with no capital
  • Understand Facebook Marketing
  • Understand the principles of social media marketing including twitter, linkedin and other platforms
  • Implement growth hacking tactics
  • Learn which wordpress skills are required
  • Earn tonnes of money with an online review community

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who want to be independent of location and run a profitable online business
  • Experts who want to reach the world with interesting and informative content
  • Business owners and digital publishers
  • Social media marketing managers
  • Digital marketing managers
  • Business strategy consultants

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Section 1: Lessons from successful publishers who use Adsense

Welcome - this is YOUR course, enjoy it and do participate in the forum.


This describes exactly how Adsense works and provides live examples of how publishers make money with it.


Learn proven shortcuts to earn money on Google Adsense without the need to own or design a website. If you are an expert in some topic, this teaches you to leverage the social scale and infrastructure of existing websites who will pay you 100% in revenue share.


In this session we evaluate some publishing opportunities. We look specifically at Amazon Kindle, Likedreviews.com and About.com. Depending on your needs, you can choose the one which is best for you.


This is one of the biggest opportunities available right now to earn passive revenue online. This video explains how you can use Likedreviews.com to tap into a huge online community. If they accept you as a premium reviewer, you could do really well as a review writer and magazine editor. You can write about any topic and there is more than 200 categories.

Section 2: Keywords: Looking beyond the headlines

Learn how to use keywords that will make your content more influential. This section uses the example of Pete Cashmore and "Mashable" to demonstrate how popular keywords lead to more traffic.


A live coaching session on how the Adwords keyword planner can be used for longtail keyword research. We use the case study of a client in Ecuador, which can be applied to any other online business.

Section 3: Skillset for editors and digital publishers

We list all the skills needed to be successful as an Editor or Publisher and teach them in this section. External references are also made to help new users understand some very basic concepts such as Wordpress. We discuss Google Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird as well as link building tactics

1 page

*BONUS LESSON* Your ability to dominate a category will be achieved by applying longtail theory. This will enable you to become a content authority in your area of specialism. This simple concept of longtail theory in keywords, enabled both Google and Amazon to start off small and grow into formidable giants and category killers.

Section 4: From Adsense to Amazon and GooglePlay

Once established as a content authority online, we show you how to use Amazon and GooglePlay to brand yourself and increase your profit

Section 5: Using Adwords as a growth accelerator

Here I will show you the criteria that most online communities use when they promote your content. This way you can easily beat the system and get your content featured for extra traffic and revenue.


Keyword research, specific promotions and growing your reader circle quickly is all possible through Awords. This section teaches you how to accelerate your growth curve with Adwords.

Section 6: Multiple online revenue streams

Digital publishing offers editors the opportunity to monetize their influence. Here you will learn about some very profitable revenue streams, such as lead generation and featured articles that will grow your revenue base substantially. With Adsense earnings as your starting point, this section shows you exactly how to complete your portfolio.

Section 7: Growth Hacking 4.0

This video trailer is a guide to the growth hacking 4.0 e-book, which is included as a complimentary part of this course. Enjoy it and please send us your feedback.

33 pages

Growth Hacking is rapidly overtaking conventional marketing. This E-book will help you master some of the most potent growth hacker marketing tactics, which will also help your Adsense business to grow quicker.


This example uses a simple contact form on a Wordpress site to attract good quality content. User generated content should help both the user and the platform, resulting in a win-win.

Section 8: Social Media Marketing
23 pages

Whether you use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other platforms, understanding influencer engagement and appropriate social media policies will be essential. As a vital tool to help you move forward, this course now includes a free copy of my latest Ebook on policy and influencer engagement.

Section 9: Conclusion and success stories
1 page

You can access the latest list of business opportunities that are available right now. I suggest applying to become a premium editor with Likedreviews. If you are accepted you can use the methods taught in this course to earn an excellent income.

3 pages

This section concludes with success stories of other individuals in digital publishing. It provides an overview of the Adsense industry and shows that $10 000 per month is a very realistic goal for a motivated individual publisher

Instructor Biography

Adriaan Brits , MBA Marketing Coach

Adriaan is a marketing consultant and entrepreneur with a successful track record. He provides consultancy to large organizations and start-ups, working with interesting teams of growth-hackers and social media experts. By taking his courses on Udemy, you can save thousands in consulting fees and have access to some brilliant profitable marketing advice. International, Luxury and Digital Marketing are his passions, in which he holds a MSC degree from Oxford. He is a firm believer in continuous development and a dedicated researcher in his field.

With extensive business experience in AMAR/EMEA and APAC regions, he offers valuable insight on all his courses. He is also at the forefront of E-commerce business development, digital marketing, and social media marketing, where he frequently liaise with teams of digital marketers and developers. The courses he design engage learners from beginner to executive level. Anyone wishing to spend time with a MBA Marketing coach of a high caliber will really enjoy his courses. It is very interactive, innovative and comes with a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Adriaan says: "I really look forward to meeting you and engaging with you on the course. It is an interactive environment where our sole purpose is to help you gain valuable business skills that you can turn into profit. Through Udemy, I aim to make excellent advice available at very affordable prices, thereby creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs"

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    • Paulo Lemos

    A whole new perspective on Adsense

    A lot of Adsense courses will lead you to build websites and social networks in a traditional way. Adriaan Brits, on the other hand, will let you know how to do things in an unorthodox way. You will able to face the Web and the possiblity of a great revenue, in a different way. The course has a lot of pratical advices which will surely help you to grow a sustainable Adsense bussiness.

    • Sherry S

    Detailed, Actionable Information

    Mr. Brits obviously put some thought into preparing this course; each high-value section flowed seamlessly and logically to the next. Being new to the topic of Google Adsense digital publishing, I realize I will need to go through this course at least one more time, but the instructor is knowledgeable and engaging so it won't be a chore :) I particularly liked the instructions for creating a solid income plan. Look out, profitable digital publishing business. Here I come!

    • Mr Olanrewaju Robert

    Am liking the course

    The course is short and punchy, I have learned some of the things that I dint learn in a longer training in the few videos, All thanks to the trainer.

    • Kay Michaels

    The course helped in learning Adsense in depth

    The instructor was very much engaging and the production quality is very good.

    • Steve Marchant

    Great Concepts provoking Reflection

    The instructor, Adriaan, presents some great concepts here that will probably prove to be most useful for a medium level internet marketer. BUT, THE MOST IMPRESSIVE POINT IS THAT ADRIAAN IS EXTREMELY PRO-ACTIVE IF YOU YOURSELF SHOW INTEREST AND ENTHUSIASM BY ASKING QUESTIONS; HE JUST CREATED A BONUS LECTURE SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSING QUESTIONS I HAD ON MY OWN NICHE - THIS IS ALMOST UNHEARD OF IN THE ONLINE WORLD AND I HAVE JUST UP-RATED THIS REVIEW FROM 4 STARS TO 5 STARS - EXCELLENT VALUE ADRIAAN AND WELL DONE! The course represents superb value for the cost ($10) and would easily be value at 4 or times that price. The main advantage is the overview which can act as a blueprint or business plan for how to monetize a quality content web site. So many people throw up websites and then look to monetize them but that is a a backwards way of proceeding and you wouldn't start any other business that way. There will be times when the whole process of creating content feels like a slog but if you know you are following a business plan based on a higher level wisdom as expressed in this course then you will know that you are just following a process which leads to success so the "slog" will be bearable. That said, I would like to have seen more detail in this course. I would willingly pay a higher price for it; or maybe Adriaan is missing a trick and could be selling a separate course showing how to proceed on a step by step level. I would definitely like to see more examples of the editing on a portal concept and also more examples of other webmasters doing well with Adsense at different levels starting at $500/month all the way up to $10,000/month - maybe some analysis of those websites and what they are doing well and where they could improve - this would be extremely useful and I'm sure I would not be alone in being very willing to pay a premium price for such info - it could even be an at-distance coaching course - think about it Adriaan. All in all - very useful info presented here and unless you are very experienced I am sure you will find the content thought provoking.

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