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About This Course

Published 6/2014 English

Course Description

Welcome to the world of digital info product creation! Warning - once you enter this world there is no turning back :) Truth is that discovering the secrets to digital product creation will open a world of opportunities for you that can totally change your life.

There have been many success stories of regular people just like you and me that have created some basic info product online and the next thing they know, affiliates are promoting the living daylights out of it and sending massive profits into the creators bank account while they are sleeping.

Seriously it happens! One guy was interviewed on TV and able to retire off of a guide that was basically a compilation of knock off recipes to popular appetizers at well known chain restaurants so that people can make them themselves at home.

Well I'm not going to say I was interviewed on TV but I certainly have learned the secrets to creating a high quality info product on any topic or in any niche and I do it all the time in my online business. In fact these courses you're taking on Udemy is one form of an online digital product and you can be replicating the simple tactics involved to create digital products of your own, over and over again. And when its done right will leave you with some nice profits rolling into your bank account.

But that's not all. More importantly, with the power of product creation you also have the power to positively impact peoples lives. And by using the internet and with the power of today's social media your reach can be enormous!

It's no secret that people are desperately searching the web every single day to find answers to the problems that are haunting their daily lives. Whether it's about how to make money online, how to cure insomnia, how to stop hair loss, how to lose weight, how to get through to rebellious kids, how to get your ex back, how to cope with a cheating spouse, how to pick up chicks, how to cope with death of a loved one, how to cook healthy food that tastes great, how to improve your golf swing, how to kill it at the black jack table, how to train your dog, how to stop your cat from scratching up your new I need to keep going???

Fact is that any problem that might cause people to lose some sleep or start searching the Internet for answers or information is a problem that you yourself can help with and also profit from! The opportunity is truly endless. And don't think that just because there are already products out there on these topics that you can't create another one.

Truth is that competition is a good thing and a sign you are on the right path. Why try and chop your way through a thick jungle full of nasty insects to reach your destination when you can cruise down a paved highway going 65 in your comfy air conditioned vehicle jamming to your favorite songs!

Hopefully you get my point by now and for those of you who are thinking that it's something that you can't do, I'm here to tell you you're WRONG!! Honestly if you've made it though grade school or at least have the skills or persistence to pass the 6th grade than you can create products online. No joke.

It's not as much of a mystery as everyone wants you to believe. It's actually very easy once you use a couple of basic mind hacks to instantly get you thinking like a product creator and with the right guidelines and simple formula for doing so. And once you do it once, you will have kicked the door of opportunity wide open and stepped onto a path of living the internet lifestyle. And with the right guidance and tools in your belt like digital info product creation will often result in working only when you want to and from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Even airplanes can have internet connection these days! :)

So if this is something you may be interested in discovering for yourself then I highly suggest you check out this course that will teach anyone how to easily make their own info products on any nearly subject for repeat profits online!

You won't be disappointed ;)

To your success,


What are the requirements?

  • Just your laptop, some speakers and be ready to learn!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • To help people discover the easy step-by-step methods for creating profitable info products for making sales online!
  • Reveal which types of info products that will be easiest for you to create.
  • How to use free info to uncover the best and most profitable topics for your products.
  • Uncover simple mind hacks to easily wrap your mind around and make things simple.
  • Discover the how you can quickly become an expert in your topic of choice.
  • How you can have products practically create themself as you uncover your topic info.
  • Simple formatting tweaks to take ebooks from bland to awesome in a few easy steps.
  • Discover the power of video and how you can easily create them to create high value products.
  • Find out extra steps you can do to take your products to the next level and build a full business around.
  • How to further leverage your products content to bring in even more sales, subscribers and longterm profits!

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone interested in making money by selling info products online!

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Creating Digital Info Products for Profit!

Just an intro to the wonderful world of info product creation! :)

Section 2: Time to Get Your Feet Wet and Your Mind Right!

In this lesson you'll learn how to determine which types of info products you can easily create and which are the best options for you to make your process as easy as possible!


In this course I'll show you more a bout the different types of products you can create and the best and easiest ways to deliver them to your buyers!


Here's just a brief intro to choosing a great topic for you that will sell. Certainly check it out but there's much more to come in the next video!


Now here's the real meat and potatoes to discovering how to select the best topic for you and ones that will sell nearly effortlessly. If you don't already know which topics are most profitable and easiest for you to tackle, you're certainly going to love this lecture!


Now that you've found out how to choose a great profitable topic for yourself to easily create a product around, you'll need to know how you can position it to be unique and stand out from the others. Just another bottom line booster for you :)


Now this lecture is a must see because it will take all the doubt and complication to this whole process and throw it out the window. You'll instantly discover why you're already an info product creating mad scientist but you don't even know it. It was realizing this info that really changed everything for me!


Unfortunately people often let small things get in the way of accomplishing their goals, like thinking they don't know enough about anything to create a solid info product that can actually change their lives. Well this lecture is to show you how you can become expert enough on any topic you want to be able to make sales with it. If you don't already know, it's a must see!

Section 3: Digital Info Product Mastery

This lecture is designed to give you some very simple, yet very powerful methods for creating amazing info products that people will love. It's very simple strategies like this that are often overlooked because things are always made to be more complicated than they should be but can certainly put a lot of money in your pocket if you follow them!


In this course you'll learn how you can easily use a great free tool like Xmind to begin your product outlines and even export the content into your documents with just a couple of clicks. It's a great tool that makes the process very easy so check it out!


Here's a bit of an intro to some Ebook structuring to prelude the lectures to come. Just to get things going! ;)


And now for another intro type video describing the simple yet super effective tools I use to create all of my info products. For some reason people naturally love to make things more complicated than they need to be, but that only leads to more work and less'll be thankful to know how simple it really can be! :)


This is one of my favorite parts of the process because it's taking all your important info and making it pretty for all the people that buy your info products. Again, nothing needs to be overcomplicated and these few simple techniques will make you a pro in no time.


In this lecture, you'll discover how I take a plain looking document and spruce it up to make it easy on the eyes and most importantly easy to read. With just a few easy tweaks you can make your ebook products look professional and stand out from the rest so you'll want to see this!


There are many times when video is king and can really take your products to the next level. Not only that but they can really have a higher perceived value so you can often charge more money for them. More importantly, they aren't tough to create so I just want to show you how!


Continuing on from the previous video where I described to you the process and tools I use for video, I'll now take you into my Camtasia program and actually show you how I quickly and easily create my video products exactly like the ones you're watching here.

Section 4: Taking it to the Next Level

Having a great info product is the biggest part of the puzzle but there are some additional things you can to do really build upon your product and be able to make it look professional and also grab the attention of the people that can promote it for you and make you money.


You've made such great progress but why stop here? There are many ways you can use the product content you just created to benefit you in other ways. There are many pieces to the puzzle, that can make you even more money such as having a home base website, an email list you can market to and being able to bring more web traffic to your product and this is going to show you how you can do all of that very easily with the work you've pretty much already done!


All I can say is Congratulations! If you've made it this far and followed what I've shown you to easily make profitable info products then you're well on your way to having some massive changes in your life if that's what you want. Many people seek this type of info out wanting to make a new life for themselves and experience the freedom the internet lifestyle can bring. Regardless of what you're going for you have the power to use this info in many positive ways and many people do. Thanks for checking out this course and I'm happy to have shared this info with you! :)

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Instructor Biography

John Zapata, Online Business Owner -

I'm just a regular guy that wanted something better for myself and my family than the relentless daily grind and all the stress that comes with it...which lead me to start searching for that something and ultimately take the massive leap into the world of online business, digital product creation and Internet marketing.

Well it was a leap that I'm so glad I took because it turned into a lifestyle that literally set me free. No more 9-5+, hour long commutes and feeling like a zombie going into work every day. I'm pleased to say that I now sleep in whenever I want or need to and if I decide I want to take the day to go catch a baseball game and stuff myself with hotdogs, beer and nachos, I do!!!

I'd be lying if I told you it was an easy road though. The online business world is full of over hyped false promises and hope that will soon fry anyone's brain when subjected to too much of it. Anyone who's tried their hand at self navigating the stormy waters of Internet Marketing can surely relate. Luckily I was determined not to fail and after several years of trial and error and thousands of dollars spent learning the necessary skills I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

The Internet Marketing and online business world is much like a high speed locomotive. It takes forever to build up speed and momentum but once it does it can't be stopped! Much like each step along the way to building an online business is adding another 5-10 MPH of speed to the train, each building block is necessary to get it going and gives your business the momentum it needs to thrive. For me, it was the discovery of digital product creation that gave me the first 20 MPH in my business and got the train moving and the confidence I needed to keep going.

There are many ways to earn a living online and everyone's journey is different...but I love to share my story and teach others the methods that I have learned and use every day in my online business. Truth is, everyone needs a good mentor, trainer or coach to guide them into the world of online business, otherwise you'll just be another vessel in the water with no captain to guide it!

And that's what now gives me the joy of teaching others that are also looking for something better or even just a way to make some extra money to pay the bills or take the family on that Disney vacation the kids have been screaming for to follow my footsteps and reach their goals as quickly as possible.

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