Make Her Want You
4.1 (166 ratings)
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4,675 students enrolled
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Make Her Want You

Learn How To Be Naturally Attractive to High-Class Women (A Single-Man's Guide)
4.1 (166 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
4,675 students enrolled
Created by Benjamin Schwarz
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Determine what women want in a man and what is actually attractive for them
  • Turn yourself into a more attractive man with 7 simple tweaks
  • Pave the way to a fulfilling love life and perhaps welcome a special woman into your life. Who knows...
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  • Basic social skills (...have friends)

Make Her Want You is designed to help Single-Men become more attractive to high-class women. Your journey to a happier and more fulfilling love life starts here. Because without attractiveness every relationship is just friendship.

Here is what You'll discover:

  • Get clarity and Learn What Women Want in Man
  • Determine which mistakes might have destroyed your attractiveness in the past
  • Uncover 7 Attractiveness Boosters that you can easily implement into your day-to-day life

Make Her Want You makes you naturally more attractive to high-class women.

Many men try to impress women by the "perfect" pick up line, by NLP or other Conversation Techniques or simply by showing off. However, it usually doesn't work that least not for high-class women. 

This course is not about Pick-Up or Seduction techniques. It is about the most important part in successful seduction AND successful relationships: Your Personality

In the first section, You'll learn in 3 simple lectures what women find attractive. What is attractiveness? What determines what we find attractive? And What should I focus on to increase my effect on women?

Then, in the second half of the course, You'll learn to shape your inner attitude for more attractiveness and to radiate attractiveness through your eyes, your body and your entire behavior.

I have 20 lectures for You. All lectures are 101 and directly with me. They are about 3-8 minutes long so you can easily go through this course in one day and start your journey to a happier love-life by tonight.

At the end of this course, You will know exactly what you have to do to become a more attractive man to high-class women. Even will have a plan to integrate everything you have learnt into your life within the next 7 days so that you not only know how to become more attractive but that you truly ARE more attractive.

Who is the target audience?
  • Single men who are sick of only being a friends with the women they desire and who want women's heads turning
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Introduction to the Course
2 Lectures 09:37

After this lecture, you know what is to come in this course. You are well prepared to get started...after the Last Word of Caution in the next lecture.


In this lecture, you'll learn that every woman is different and that the advice in this course can only be a generalization. You will know afterwards, that only watching the videos will bring you nowhere. You rather have to implement what you learned! 

One Last Word of Caution
Understanding Women
5 Lectures 18:25

A quick Intro into Understanding Women so that you are better prepared for what's to come.


In this lecture, you will learn the origins of attractiveness. You'll get insights on how the female brain works and what women are attracted to. Hint: It's different from what men are generally attracted to...

Male vs Female Brain

After this lecture, you finally know what you have to focus on to improve your effect on women.

In the past, the movie industry and a rather female oriented society has given you a blurry and oftentimes wrong image of what women want. Now you can let go of that wrong image and get clarity about what women want.

What women want

By now, you might have already detected some mistakes you've done in the past that have harmed your attractiveness on women. After this lecture, you will know what the most common mistakes are so that you can avoid them!

The Mistakes Most Men Make

Just a quick recap of what we have learnt about Women and What is Attractive to them.

Wrap Up

This short quiz is some fun exercise to test if you have paid attention in this section. 

Quiz time: How well do you understand women now?
3 questions
The 7 Attractiveness Boosters
10 Lectures 37:37

This is a short Introduction into the 7 Attractiveness Boosters so that you are well prepared for them and not overwhelmed right away.


Before we can start with any Boosters, you have to get some basics right. 

In this lecture you'll learn that Hygiene, Nice cloths and a Fit Body build up our launch pad for our journey into the stratosphere of attractiveness.

The Basics

Authenticity is the key to Attractiveness. Without authenticity all efforts with women are worthless.

After this lecture you will know about the importance of Authenticity and you can work on becoming more authentic with a simple little exercise.

1.) Authenticity

Many Men get it wrong with women from the moment they start thinking.

After this lecture, you won't belong to these men ever again. Your thinking will be more positive and successful so you will get it right with women right from the start.

2.) The Right Attitude

After this lecture, you will be able to use one of the most effective and efficient tools to radiate attractiveness: Your Eyes

3.) Eye-Contact

In this lecture, you will learn how important a strong body language is and how it can make you naturally more attractive.

4.) Strong Body Language

In this lecture, You'll learn that smiling makes you more attractive. You'll also learn to distinguish between a true (and attractive!) and a false smile.

5.) Smile!

In this lecture, you'll learn that being needy is one of the biggest killers in the attraction game. Thus, You'll also get an alternative to being needy. 

6.) Non-Neediness

After this lecture, you'll know the way into total freedom: You'll learn how to break the vicious cycle of being rejected by girls and how to instead live more present and succeed with the opposite sex.

7.) Outcome Independence

Just a quick recap of the 7 Attractiveness Booster.

Wrap Up

In this short Quiz, you can practice what you have learnt in the last section about attractiveness booster. This shall be your last theoretical exercise before you will have to implement these booster practically. 

Quiz time: Attractiveness Boosters
8 questions
What's Next?
3 Lectures 26:52

In this Extra Lecture You will find a chapter of my Book "HOW TO MAKE HER WANT YOU: The Easiest Way to Seduce Women and Become the Man You Deserve to Be".

It compliments what You have learned in the last section and goes deeper into different aspects of Attractive Behavior. One of them is "Unreactiveness". We have mentioned it somewhat in the lecture "Strong Body Language" but it might not have received the attention that it deserves.

Just for You: A chapter of my Book "HOW TO MAKE HER WANT YOU"

Wow! Congratulations! You have come so far in your development to becoming your most attractive self. Now You understand what women want and how you can give it to them through the 7 attractiveness booster. Discover what to do next in this lecture.

How To Go On From Here

You know how to implement the 7 Attractiveness Booster and are well on your way to the love-life of your dreams. You have made a huge leap but what you have learnt was only the tip of the iceberg. The journey to being truly attractive to high-class women is something that needs time and experience. 

But this journey can be accelerated.

Do you want results fast?

Then check out this lecture...

Bonus Lecture: Taking Things to the Next Level
About the Instructor
Benjamin Schwarz
4.2 Average rating
175 Reviews
4,681 Students
2 Courses
First Dating Expert (for Men) in a happy relationship

                                  Every man deserves to experience love.

I was that typical nice guy: Either unnoticed by girls or their best friend...just never their boyfriend.

After the third time hearing: "let's just be friends", I've had enough.

I wanted to change something. So I made contact with the "Pick Up Community" (the guys that make it a science to seduce girls).

I've spent years studying Pick Up techniques so that I could become the next Casanova...

None of these Pick Up techniques worked out for me

They turned me into something I didn't want to be. As a result, I met the wrong women.

Meeting the wrong women is dangerous. I once dated that girl who almost drove me into criminal circles, if I hadn't pulled the break soon enough...

I knew techniques alone wouldn't do the job for meeting the right women. So I tackled the real problem in my dating life: My weak and insecure personality.

With the help of experts, I have worked on myself, my social skills and my personality. 

Suddenly, awesome ladies would turn their heads after me..without me even doing anything special :). 

Ultimately, I have had the greatest success in my love life: I was ready for a woman different from all the others. 

She is beautiful, kind and she laughs about my stupid jokes :). Even better, she tends to forget these jokes after a while so I can tell them over and over again! :D

Today, years later, I am helping men who are like me back then: Nice, smart and pretty much awesome, but struggling with being considered as a potential partner by the women they desire. 


Because every man deserves to experience love.

And sometimes You just need a little guidance to turn Yourself into a man who is able to attract, seduce and keep the woman, You desire.