Make Her Want You - PREMIUM
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Make Her Want You - PREMIUM

Learn how to Attract, Seduce and Keep high class women in Your Life (A Single-Man's Guide)
5.0 (9 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
23 students enrolled
Created by Benjamin Schwarz
Last updated 2/2017
Price: $195
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  • 4.5 hours on-demand video
  • 2 Articles
  • 8 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
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What Will I Learn?
  • Learn to determine which of your behavior is either attractive or repulsive to women
  • Discover how to raise your attractiveness to women systematically
  • Control and manage Approach Anxiety
  • Impress high-class women just by who You are, more than ever before taking the course
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  • You should have basic social skills (friends)

I believe, everyone deserves to experience love.

There are men who struggle with meeting new women.

Most of the times, these men are kind, lovely, and awesome.

They have everything a woman would wish for as a partner.

But still, these men don't find a girlfriend.


Because these men don't know how to build up tension and attractiveness. And Without attractiveness every relationship remains just friendship.

Make Her Want You - Premium is designed to help Men boost their attractiveness to high-class women in all facets. 

You'll discover:

  • What Women actually Want in Man
  • Where your inner strength comes from and where Your journey is going
  • How to be attractive from within
  • Simple tricks to Defeat Approach Anxiety
  • How to become the most charismatic and attractive YOU

And much, much more.

In Short: Make Her Want You - Premium makes you naturally attractive to high-class women.

Many men try to impress women by the "perfect" pick up line, by NLP & Conversation Techniques or simply by showing off. However, all of this doesn't get men very least not with high-class women. 

This course is not about Pick-Up or Seduction techniques. It is about the most important asset in successful seduction AND successful relationships: YOU and Your Personality

At the end of this course, You will know exactly what to do to become more attractive to high-class women. You will know how the love life of Your dreams looks like and You are going to be on Your best way to live this dream.

Who is the target audience?
  • Nice and smart men who often end up only as a friend for the women they desire
  • Single men who struggle with getting female attention or who are nervous meeting new women
  • Men who are fed up with manipulative Pick Up and Seduction Techniques and want to convince women just with who they are
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Curriculum For This Course
58 Lectures
Introduction to the Course
3 Lectures 26:10

Start here to see where our journey is going...

Preview 10:02

So that you get the most out of this course, I'll give you some very short instructions on how to proceed. 

How to Proceed with This Course

Rules ease our lives. I shot a quick video for 3 tiny rules that you shall follow during this course.

Rules for this Course
Understanding Women - extended
5 Lectures 25:40

Discover where attractiveness comes from, what it actually is and what it serves us for. 

Old brains and ancient mechanisms

In this video, you will have it black on white (actually white on black) what women want in a men.

In short: What women find attractive

What Women Want - extended

Sometimes it is good to learn from bad examples. It gives us a new perspective on the topic. That is why in this video you'll see 3 common mistakes that guys make destroying attractiveness.

Common Mistakes

Wrap Up: Understanding Women
Values and Visions for Your Love Life
6 Lectures 40:05

Let's build up the hard core of attractiveness! In this video you will learn the value of values and how to find out which values you have for yourself.

Preview 09:33

After you have created your value hierarchy it is time to envision your most beautiful and inspiring vision of the life of your dreams. 


Additionally to the exercises presented, you can do another quick exercise of about 10 minutes to find out your true "end goals".  

Draft Your Life's Vision

Refine your vision here. 

Refine Your Life's Vision

Learn about the concept of "Reciprocity" here and get some guidance about the type of women you like.

What You Want in a Woman and What You Have on Offer

Wrap Up: Values and Visions for Your Love Life
Set Your Goals Right
5 Lectures 23:26

"I wanna learn how to get more attractive, not how to set goals
I know man. But both attractiveness and your drive toward your goals are positively interlinked. Find out more in this video

Goals and Attractiveness

Learn how to set goals right in this video. Especially, in the area of relationships it is hard to set meaningful and inspiring goals. Find some guidance here.

Goal Setting Part I

Goal Setting Part II

Wrap Up: Set Your Goals Right
Align Your Beliefs
5 Lectures 16:48

After you have set your goals, aligning your beliefs is probably the most important thing to do....In this video, I'll explain how much your subconscious belief-system influences your daily life.

The Power of Beliefs

In this written lecture, You'll get some help starting to find out what you believe deep then assess if your beliefs empower you for your goals or if they hold you back. 

What do You Believe?

When you have found hindering beliefs (which I guess you have), don't let them stop you anymore. Learn how to change a hindering belief and replace it with one that empowers you.

How to Change a Hindering Belief and Replace It with a Serving One

Wrap Up: Align Your Beliefs
Attractiveness From Within
5 Lectures 38:06

All Attractiveness starts with Authenticity. But what do you have to do to stay authentic? What makes you authentic? I will answer these questions in this video lecture.

I am giving you the video about the attractiveness booster "Authenticity" from my free course MAKE HER WANT YOU for you to download. This is just for you and please don't share this video publicly. I added it here so that you can go back and take a closer look at authenticity again.


Discover 3 Attitudes that can guarantee you Your success with women.

Again, I am giving You three more videos from my Course MAKE HER WANT YOU for you to download. You can download and watch them again to understand the 3 attractive attitudes better. Please do NOT share these videos. I give them out in this course exclusively for You!

Attractive Attitudes

Self-confidence decides whether you take the next step or not. That is why You must build up self-confidence to continue your journey to an awesome (love) life. Learn in this video, How you can build up self-confidence with 3 simple tricks.


Wrap Up: Attractiveness From Within
How To Get The First Impression Right
6 Lectures 20:32

Gain some simple insights on how to improve your looks.

In the resources you will find my cheat sheet when it comes to working out. Get some links to short exercises you can do on your own at home. You don't need to buy a gym membership at all! I personally hate travelling to the gym every time. It puts up a barrier to work out. I love work outs that I can do anywhere, at any time, for free. Here they are...

Your Looks

When searching for a woman, men oftentimes forget how important the people around them are. Indeed, they make you more attractive. Find out how in this video...

How You Treat People Around You

In this lecture you will learn what attractive body language is and how you can adopt it so that consequently become more attractive. 

Also have a look at the resources!

Amy Cuddy shows you HIGH POWER POSES which raise your levels of Testosterone (Sex hormone) and decrease your levels of Cortisol (Stress hormone) so that you even become "chemically" speaking a more attractive alpha male. 

Her story touched me. She used body language to turn her life around and to develop the self-confidence to become a scientist at a leading university. 

Her message: Not only fake it till you make it. Fake it till you BECOME it! 

Attractive Body Language

This is my most favorite attractiveness booster revealed for You.


Wrap Up: How to Get The First Impression Right
How To Approach A Woman
5 Lectures 26:16

In this lecture you will come across the 3 most common mistakes most men MAKE when it comes to approaching women. 

Sorry in advance for any linguistic mistakes of mine in the video ("mistakes men do") sounded so right to me! ;)

What Most Guys Do Wrong Approaching Women and How To Avoid It

"What should I say?!" is a common question in the head's of men. Find out in this lecture how can you ALWAYS come up with something to say to a woman.

"What Should I Say?!"

Approach Anxiety is a deeply rooted fear within us. You probably won't get rid of it totally...and you don't need to. Better learn how to cope with approach anxiety and make it your ally in this video!

How To Deal with Approach Anxiety

Wrap Up: How To Approach A Woman
How To Boost Your Talking And Flirting Skills
8 Lectures 34:30

In talking and flirting there is only one rule to follow...

The One Rule

Learn in this video where your talk should lead to.

Direction of the Talk

A woman needs to trust you, before she allows herself to get intimate with you. Discover in this video, how you can There are some special strategies build up trust between you and her FAST. 

How To Build Up Trust

This interactive video helps you build up the ABILITY every great conversationalist has.

A Pocket Full of Stories

In this video, You learn about a language that puts women (and people in general) on a wonderful journey when you speak with them. Get this right and they will be coming back for more...

Flowery and Emotional Language

After this video, you will be able to use a body language strategy that replaces half of all pick up techniques out there.


Wrap Up: How To Boost Your Talking and Flirting Skills
Social Calibration
4 Lectures 11:54

After this lecture, you'll have the insights needed to start getting real life results.

What Is Social Calibration and Why Is it So Important

In this lecture, you will get to know a set of exercises that help you get socially calibrated. Complete these and you are more than ready for the last step in this course.

The Exercises

Wrap Up: Social Calibration
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About the Instructor
Benjamin Schwarz
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First Dating Expert (for Men) in a happy relationship

                                  Every man deserves to experience love.

I was that typical nice guy: Either unnoticed by girls or their best friend...just never their boyfriend.

After the third time hearing: "let's just be friends", I've had enough.

I wanted to change something. So I made contact with the "Pick Up Community" (the guys that make it a science to seduce girls).

I've spent years studying Pick Up techniques so that I could become the next Casanova...

None of these Pick Up techniques worked out for me

They turned me into something I didn't want to be. As a result, I met the wrong women.

Meeting the wrong women is dangerous. I once dated that girl who almost drove me into criminal circles, if I hadn't pulled the break soon enough...

I knew techniques alone wouldn't do the job for meeting the right women. So I tackled the real problem in my dating life: My weak and insecure personality.

With the help of experts, I have worked on myself, my social skills and my personality. 

Suddenly, awesome ladies would turn their heads after me..without me even doing anything special :). 

Ultimately, I have had the greatest success in my love life: I was ready for a woman different from all the others. 

She is beautiful, kind and she laughs about my stupid jokes :). Even better, she tends to forget these jokes after a while so I can tell them over and over again! :D

Today, years later, I am helping men who are like me back then: Nice, smart and pretty much awesome, but struggling with being considered as a potential partner by the women they desire. 


Because every man deserves to experience love.

And sometimes You just need a little guidance to turn Yourself into a man who is able to attract, seduce and keep the woman, You desire.