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Make Friends, Beat Anxiety and Improve Your Social Skills

NEW: A scientific based course helping you to make more friends and have a fun and active social life.
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Last updated 4/2016
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Want to make more friends? Renew old friendships? Get a more fun and active social life? Seek no further, we want, and can help you! As a student in this brand new course you will learn all the best practices on making friends and improving your social skills based on scientific research. You will get an answer to every question you ask in the course discussions and you will receive over 30 exercises to improve your social life and happiness.

We have been giving workshops on various social skills such as making friends, corporate trainings for influence and persuasion, flirting and dating for over 8 years. This is our first fully online course, and we worked really hard to make a strong course that helps you reach your social skills goals.

Some reviews from our other courses include:

  • After taking the course I am often cheerful and it gives me a lot of energy. Also the drama class and single event group gives me a lot of satisfaction. After class we often go out for dinner, and I am no longer the shy guy that sits scary and quietly in the corner. I like to meet people now and have a conversation with them. I can really recommend this course to others. You can always make up an excuse not to do it, but the insights and lessons I got were extremely valuable. If you are not happy with your lifestyle, this is an excellent course! - Paul.
  • "The combination of theory and practical exercises proved to be very strong. Also the fact that the course does not only focus on how to, for instance, have a good conversation. It focuses on your whole lifestyle and therefore the results were amazing and lasting. I am really thankful and happy for taking this course." - Daisy.
  • "I found it a very good course. I really grew as a person, step by step. I found every week very useful with good exercises." Evert.

Research shows, and our clients tell us, that healthy social relationships is one of the most important things, or the most important thing we can do for our happiness and health. Research tells us that it doesn't matter if you are an introvert or an extravert: Having sufficient friends and good quality relationships makes people happier. But not only happiness is improved by getting better relationships, also confidence, less depression, less illness and more meaning are a proven result from having better and more friends. As a bonus, people who improve their social lives outside of work, tend to do better at work as well!

This course is geared towards getting as much of these benefits as possible. We want to help you become happier, more confident, less lonely and lead a more meaningful life by improving your social life!

We gathered the latest research, the most proven methods on making and improving friendships and social skills mixed them with our experience in making workshops and designed this making-friends course for you. We helped many people with improving their social lives, join them and enrich your life!

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Who is the target audience?
  • You, if you want a happier social life!
  • People who feel lonely.
  • People who feel shy or have social anxiety.
  • People who want to make friends.
  • People who want to renew old friendship, or deepen their current ones.
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What Will I Learn?
Over 30 scientifically proven exercises to reach your social goals.
Every question you have about making friends answered.
Make new friends & renew old friendships.
Get a more active and fun social life.
Increase the quantity and quality of existing and future friendships.
Way more fun and a lot less anxiety in your social relationships.
Better social skills.
A lot more happiness, fun and energy in your life.
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  • Willing to invest at least 2 hours a week in the course.
  • Believe that it is possible for your life to get much better.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 68 Lectures Collapse All 68 Lectures 05:47:40
Course overview and goal setting
4 Lectures 18:54

This lecture will give you an introduction to the course on how to make friends, beat anxiety and improve your social skills.

Preview 04:27

In this video, you will learn more about the structure of the course. We have different sections in this course focused on your mental skills & lifestyle and we have sections focused towards your social skills.

Preview 04:59

This lecture will give you a first insight on your own social situation and how to improve from there.

Preview 08:28

First exercises of this course, this is where the real change comes from! Good luck, and remember: We are there to help you!

Preview 01:00
Understanding change and learning
7 Lectures 44:44

Learn how to realize lasting change and personal growth. This will help you to improve your social skills and self-esteem.


Learn how your old and modern brain work and how you can use your environment to make change happen.

Elephant, rider and clocky

In this video you will learn to tweak your environment. This is a very important lecture for your success in this course and the rest of your life.

Tweaking your environment

How do we learn? And I don't mean learning for your next test, but learn how to make friends, increase self-esteem and improve your social skills. Watch this video to learn how.


Making friends and improving your social skills starts by setting goals. In this lecture you will learn about a unique model which will help you to set and achieve your goals.

Setting goals

A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

Understanding change and learning
5 questions

Exercises for this week will help you make lasting change, and kick start your friend making progress.

Self-esteem & lifestyle
8 Lectures 55:57

If you want to make new friends and relive old friendships, you need to have self-esteem. Without self-esteem you won't have sufficient social skills and the courage to start conversations and meet people. In this video we will talk about self-esteem and will elaborate on this in all other lectures in this section and other sections.


Gratitude has proven to be a major influence on your happiness and self-esteem. In this video you will learn how to apply it in your life.


Your identity has a big influence on who you are and how you behave. With the right identity you will have much more self-esteem and make more friends.


Giving value is very important for making friends. When you have a lot of value to give, meaning you are a valuable person, people will feel more attracted to you and respect you. In this video you will learn how to give value to others.

Giving value

Your lifestyle is very important for your self-esteem and for making friends. Watch this video and learn how to have a healthy and great lifestyle.


The ABC of change is extremely important if you want to realize lasting change, make friends and have a fun social life. In this video I will explain what the ABC of change is and we will start changing your limiting beliefs.

ABC of Change

A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

Self-esteem & lifestyle
6 questions

Work on your self-esteem with these exercises.

Mindfulness and social skills
8 Lectures 42:35

Mindfulness is one of the strongest 'techniques' for personal growth and improving your social skills. It has a big influence on the ABC of change and will give you a much easier time making friends. Learn what mindfulness is and how to use it in your daily conversations.


By putting expressiveness and energy into your conversations, you will have more fun, lively and better conversations with others. In this video you will learn how to take your conversations to the next level.

Expressiveness and energy

Chunking is a strong technique to lead and keep the conversation going. The chunking technique prevents you from having awkward silences during the conversation. Instead you will lead great conversations that keep on going.


If you tend to only ask questions or only make statements, this video is important for you. Your reply is of great importance for the quality and continuation of the conversation.

Your reply

What questions do you ask? And do they add a lot of value to the conversation. Learn how to ask great questions, based on scientific research, and improve your social skills.


Listening is just as important as speaking. On average we do it 50% of the time during a one-on-one social interaction. Learn to listen actively and get your conversations into a natural flow.


A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

Mindfulness and social skills
5 questions

Work on your social skills this week!

Making a first impression
8 Lectures 41:20

How do you start a conversation? What is important? How do you not get stuck or get nervous? You will learn this during this section. This video will start the section of with an introduction to this topic.

Starting a conversation

There are great myths going around the web on how to start a conversation. Conversation starters are both easier and more difficult than people think. In this video you will learn what to say when you want to start a conversation with someone.

Conversation starters

You have learned a lot about verbal communication, but nonverbal communication is just as important. In this video you will learn the basics of body language and how to apply it.

Body language

Your smile and eye contact are of great importance for your social skills. It is important for starting a conversation and during a conversation. Watch this video and learn how to use it in your social life.

Smiling & eyecontact

To make a great first impression, you need to look and smell great. In this video we will discuss the topic of grooming.


Learn how to get into a peak state and improve you have everything you have learned so far in this course. Getting into a peak state will really improve the first impression you make.


A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

Making a first impression
4 questions

Learn how to make the perfect first impression with these exercises.

8 Lectures 37:39

Bonding is of great importance to make friends and relive old friendships. In this section you will learn how to bond within the first few minutes of the conversation and how to keep and strengthen the bond on the long run.

Introduction to bonding

Where did you meet your friends as a child? It was probably through school, sports or something else you had in common. You had a similarity with another kid and he or she became your friend. Finding similarities with others is very important to create a bond and make friends.


Make sure your conversations don't stick to work and study. Self-disclosure, the second skill for bonding, is telling something about yourself. This gets the conversation and trust to a deeper level, making it easier to create a lasting bond with another person.


How does if feel when your receive a compliment? How often do you give one? In this video you will learn how to give a compliment.

Give a compliment

Mirroring is deliberately copying someone's word or gestures. You will often get this advice in interview trainings. In this video you will learn why this is important for your social skills.


After creating a bond with someone, you will need the right lifestyle to maintain and strengthen this bond. Learn how to have the right lifestyle in order to realize this.

Lifestyle and bonding

A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

5 questions

Make a stronger connection with people.

Become your own coach
4 Lectures 14:06

Learn how to coach yourself and improve on the elements that you choose.

Self coaching: Step one to six

Step 6 to 10 on how to coach yourself.

Self coaching; Step six to ten

This is your Change Cheat Sheet. Print it and hang it somewhere that reminds you of your goals.

Change Cheat Sheet
2 pages

Cope with setbacks and resilience
8 Lectures 38:21

Everybody copes with setbacks and the feeling of failure every now and then. Learn how to overcome these setbacks and become a stronger person, making it easier to make friends.


We discussed the topic of mindfulness before. In this video the concept of mindfulness is geared towards your resilience.


Emotional resilience is of great importance to cope with setbacks and come out stronger. In this video you will learn how to improve your emotional resilience.

Emotional resilience

Cognitive resilience has everything to do with your cognitive skills as discussed in the ABC of change.

Cognitive resilience

Taking action, after experiencing a setback, starts with the right focus. Learn how to get your focus right and take action.

Taking action - your focus

After setting the right focus, it is time to ask the right questions. In this case, we mean asking yourself the right questions. Do you ask yourself ´Why am I such a failure?' or 'How can I learn from this and do better next time?'. When experiencing a setback do you ask yourself 'Why is my life so difficult?' or 'What am I grateful for?' You will learn to train yourself to ask these better and healthy questions.

Taking action - asking the right questions

A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

Cope with setbacks and resilience
5 questions

Learn how to deal with setbacks!

7 Lectures 32:11

Building on resilience is the freedom you experience and take. Learn to do and say what is important for you, without being put down by your own thoughts or by others. This will make it a lot easier for you to make new friend, relive old friendships and live a fun social life.

Introduction to freedom

Knowing you have enough already, in any situation, raises your freedom. In this video you will learn how to obtain an abundance mindset.


When you experience independence, you will massively raise your freedom. You will have a much easier time to do and say the things you want.


Being assertive and pro-active are very important elements of your freedom. In this video you will learn how this works and how you can become more assertive and pro-active.


Your social freedom is another important element to the freedom you experience. Learn how to increase your social freedom.

Social freedom

A short summary of everything you have learned in this section.

What did you learn?

Did you understand everything from this section? Test it in the quiz.

4 questions

Do these exercises and improve your freedom.

Be your own coach
6 Lectures 18:17

This is the last section of the course. We will start with an overview of everything you have learned.


From here on, you can be your own coach and improve the things that you want to improve. We will discuss the Change Cheat Sheet again, with a little twist this time, making it easier to use on the long term.

Become your own coach

Thank you for taking this course. These theories and exercises have helped me a lot in my life, and I sincerely hope it will do the same for you.

Thank you

The Change Cheat Sheet with focus on the long term.

Change Cheat Sheet 2
2 pages

Your last exercises. Become your own coach, keep growing, meet more people and make more friends. Enjoy!


Thank you!

Thank you!
About the Instructor
3.6 Average rating
4 Reviews
45 Students
1 Course
Coach, Personal growth fanatic, online teacher

Ruben de Boer is an offline and online trainer / coach who helps people get the most out of their lives. He has experience for over seven years in the field of coaching and has worked with hundreds of clients.

He helps his clients in the fields of social skills, self-esteem, goal setting and lifestyle. His passion for personal growth and helping people comes from his own his own journey on personal development and happiness.

The success of his courses come from the focus on realizing true and lasting change and the use of academic studies.

3.6 Average rating
4 Reviews
45 Students
1 Course
Fascinated by people, change and innovation

I’m a very curious person who loves to solve complex problems, whether it’s in business or in social relations.

My last enterprise was ‘Soulve Innovations’, a consulting and tech start-up which grew to more then 10 employees in which we help doctors to spend more time with patients, and improve patient communication with our ICT products. Before, I set up an organisation for helping people that are lonely or want to improve their social skills, called ‘The Natural’. With this organisation we helped over a 1000 people in 3 countries, and presented at many events and were invited to nation wide television and radio shows.

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