Make Amazing Free Viral Graphics for Facebook & Social Media
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Make Amazing Free Viral Graphics for Facebook & Social Media

Using free photo and image design sites to create stunning images for your websites amazing your friends and colleagues!
4.0 (88 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
4,529 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Completing this course will give you mastery over the best website for copyright free professional graphics at no cost.
  • Building stunning professional graphics will be a snap when you graduate from this training.

  • Generating social media posts on sites such as Udemy, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr and much easier will take you just minutes — or seconds.

  • Only basic point and click web skills are required for this course.

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How to Create Amazing Professional Images They’ll Think Cost You Thousands — For Free!

Dear fellow Interneteer, have you ever needed a super professional graphic but did not want to pay for one? I have.

Let me give you a list of places where I need FREE professional graphics

  • Udemy Educational Announcements (and responses).
  • Udemy Promotional Announcements
  • Udemy Content PowerPoint Slides
  • YouTube Channel Headers and Videos
  • Blog Posts and Design Elements
  • Pinterest Posts
  • Facebook Headers and Posts
  • Google+ Headers and Posts
  • LinkedIn Posts
  • Twitter Posts
  • Tumblr Posts
  • And much, much more!

I used to get super frustrated buying images and paying for subscriptions like Adobe Creative Cloud. Let alone the time it took me to run complicated software to create branded images and videos for my online teaching campus here at Udemy.

Like Mana from Heaven!

Then Daniel Hall showed me a couple of tricks that allowed me — and will soon allow you — to …

  • Find amazing professional images at the push of the “enter” button on your keyboard for FREE.
  • Add a stunning array of special effects in a fast point and click design environment to spit out insane graphics perfectly sized for any of the uses above. And this is FREE too!

Hi, I am Dr. Scott Brown. I am the author of a number of top rated investing courses here at Udemy. And I oversee the University of Puerto Rico Act 20 and 22 Guide.

Hence, I find myself constantly training professionals to help me publish or co-author Udemy courses. So, I created this course with national [and international] thought leader on internet marketing attorney Daniel Hall.

Imagine having the power to put together a jaw-dropping Mona Lisa for your next post. Create a stunning Udemy Promotional Announcement graphic in seconds to add high impact to your next post or project. This is all waiting inside for you.

In the meantime, here are some kind words from our student body.

Anyway, all the best and thank God you are doing what you do. You are one of those few inspiring individuals that are in a sea of confusion.” -J. C.

Enroll now.

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Think This is Scarcely Worth Your Time?

Think again! I used to waste hours on graphics that take me less than five minutes today — literally.

Enroll in this time saving little miracle course now! How valuable is the time in your life?


P.S. WARNING: Every day you delay learning the money and time saving graphic design tricks you’ll discover inside means doing more work and less fun!

P.P.S. Click that button up there and enroll right now.

Who this course is for:
  • Anybody desiring to create amazing free graphics should enroll in this course right now!
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+ Welcoming You into Course by #1 Ranked Udemy Educators Daniel Hall & Scott Brown
2 lectures 07:07

Daniel Hall is a legend on the trial circuit. Not because of his activities as an esquire but due to his amazing escape from high paid but unforgiving hours of punishing effort as a healthcare trial attorney.

When proof of damage was flipped to patients in the California malpractice system and spread countrywide Daniel was in a fix. He had to either move to another branch of law or retool.

He created a program called “Speakers Cruise Free” and the rest is history. He is now one of the most highly paid experts on making money online in the world today.

The graphic design techniques in this course are among an array of actionable secrets he normally keeps hidden in his marketing arsenal. He shares them with you now.

Preview 00:54

This is a warm welcome from Scott. He is a professor of finance from the AACSB Accredited Graduate School of Business of the University of Puerto Rico. He explains how this course trains his team!

These essential skill programs help him train his MBA students in creating graphics for high impact posts on their websites.

And this creates more powerful business communication skills. The free course is a gift to his student community.

Preview 06:13

This quiz test your knowledge of the discussion board. It also tests your understanding of the personal message system. And finally you are queried on announcements both educational and promotional.

Assessing Your Understanding of How to Reach Out to Us Udemy Course Instructors!
2 questions
+ Sourcing Free Graphics From Pixabay & Other Professional Quality Image Websites!
10 lectures 30:41

First it is very important to understand what CCO Public Domain is. According to Wiki Creative Commons, “A person using CC0 (called the “affirmer” in the legal code) dedicates a work to the public domain by waiving all of his or her copyright and neighboring and related rights in a work, to the fullest extent permitted by law. If the waiver isn’t effective for any reason, then CC0 acts as a license from the affirmer granting the public an unconditional, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty free license to use the work for any purpose.”

This means that you can use any CCO Public Domain image in your graphic designs. Woohoo! We are on our way today!

Pixabay was founded in Germany as an open source CCO Public Domain multi-media website. It was Ulm, Germany in fact.

This was the birthplace of Albert Einstein. And the city of Ulm has the church with the tallest spire.

Preview 02:58

Editor’s pick is the place to go when you don’t have a specific topic in mind. It is also great if you have multiple subjects in the same slide.

These are photos deemed to be of a higher quality in terms of clarity and composition.

New editor’s choice photos are being added constantly. Don’t be surprised to see new photos every time you login to Pixabay.

Did you know that the city of Ulm in Germany that gave birth to Pixabay is on the River Danube? That makes it a stop for tourists in its own right.

This protestant city was an important stop on trade routes extending as far south as Italy in ancient times. Ulm has been an important city of abode of German kings.

It is a typical Bavarian city. And that means amazing beer!

According to the European Beer Guide the city has 9 vital beer pubs that should be checked by all.

Sourcing the Very Best PHOTOS for your Graphics by Editor's Pick is the Fastest!

Illustrations are conceptualizations by professional graphic artists. These can add additional context beyond photos.

Illustrations are great for buttons.

You can also use an illustration to match a topic more closely. You can use an illustration with a lot of math formulas for the background of a slide in a technical talk.

These look like hand drawn pictures made by artists.

Famous illustrators include Norman Rockwell who lived from 1894-1978. Rockwell created designs for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

Another is the creator of Peanuts, Charles Schulz.

His first job was with a Catholic magazine. But when newspapers picked up his work “Sparky” became famous.

Our favorite illustrator is Ted Geisel. You may not recognize his name but you would know his work at a glance.

Ted is better known as Dr. Seuss! Check out Martini Bird!

The print will cost you a few thousand. Work from famous illustrators that is original.

Dr. Seuss worked at Dartmouth. He was a famous ad man for Madison Avenue before he became famous for his cartoons.

He wrote political cartoons during the war. He was committed to helping the World War effort as a Captain to create reading primers.

Sourcing Design ILLUSTRATIONS for your Graphics by Editor's Pick is the Bestest

Vector graphics employ points and lines and curves that make up shapes. These are geometric primitives that can be explained by simple math expressions.

Control points called nodes influence the shape.

This allows computer programs to design cartoonish designs commonly called clip art. Simple shapes and symbols make up clip art.

These professionally designed images are used to illustrate personal and commercial projects. The can be used in greeting cards or adverts.

This media is termed clip art because it would come printed in sheets that were clipped out and added to the paper printing or T.V. imaging process.

This is akin to the coupons on bonds that were clipped and sent in. The term coupon does not make any more sense than clip.

But both date before the digital age.

An open source community such as Pixabay gives you access to hundreds of thousands of free images. And at the simple click of a button.

Sourcing VECTOR GRAPHICS for your Projects by Editor's Pick is the Quickest!

Pixabay offers up a huge number of CCO Public Domain videos you can add to your Udemy lectures and promos. The broadcasting, editing, recording, and producing of non-static moving images is video.

The birth of video traces to Charles Ginsberg in 1951. He created the first video tape recorder for use on the cathode ray tube (CRT) system.

Sony developed the video cassette recorder (VCR) in 1971. Beta was created to compete.

These have morphed into digital video discs (DVD). The most recent innovation is Blue Ray.

Streaming now allows high definition (HD) streaming through broad band. These are required on Udemy.

Key factors in videos are the number of still in a time unit of video is the frame rate. Six is the low end while 120 is the high end.

Interlacing produces a smoother and more lifelike reproduction. Examples include NTSC, PAL, and SECAM.

Video screen dimension is measured by aspect ratio. Udemy prefers an aspect ratio of 16:9 for high definition.

Sourcing A Crazy Array of VIDEOS for by Editor's Pick is the Creative Way!

A category divides a population into similarities. This creates functional groups.

Pixabay photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos are grouped by category.

By dividing the Pixabay database as such you can browse by category. These are:

  • Animals
  • Architecture/Buildings
  • Backgrounds/Textures
  • Beauty/Fashion
  • Business/Finance
  • Computer/Communication
  • Education
  • Emotions
  • Food/Drink
  • Health/Medical
  • Industry/Craft
  • Music
  • Nature/Landscapes
  • People
  • Places/Monuments
  • Religion
  • Science/Technology
  • Sports
  • Transportation/Traffic
  • Travel/Vacation

These categories allow you to match your project with a particular demographic. Demographics are statistics that are highly specific to human population.

You must remember that you are talking to a specific group with your images. By matching the demographics of your people in your niche with the categories of Pixabay you can better stimulate demand for your courses.

This is because your marketing material with speak to your niche.

And this is exactly what legendary marketers are skilled at, speaking to their Niche. The world wide web is a swarming sea of desires seeking to be fulfilled by people you you and I surfing the web.

These people are looking for confirmation that your offering will fix their problem. This is as true for those sourcing a high school cookie bake as it is for a patient seeking heart donor.

So pay very close attention to matching media category to the specific demographics of your niche.

On Tapping into Even More of the Hottest Modern Design elements with CATEGORIES!

A search engine is a computer program that preforms a database query from algorithm parameter inputs controlled by the user. The best known are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Vannevar Bush pushed scientist to work together to build a body of knowledge that could help mankind. This was in the bloody aftermath of World War II in 1945.

Harvard and Cornell developed the SMART system under Gerard Salton was based on the Magic Retriever of Text. He created a theory of indexing that are the foundation of modern search engines.

Project Xanadu came after that under Ted Nelson in 1960. ARPANet came in 1972. Also notable were the Archie, Veronica, and Jughead systems.

FTP came before the web that was influenced by Tim Berners-Lee.

Bots known as spiders make the search engines run today. These search the web for information that allows you to do a Google search.

The Pixabay search engine allows you to do immediate searches for multimedia images that are specific to a keyword you are using to base a graphic.

Using the Pixabay SEARCH Engine to Find the Perfect Photos with the Perfect Fit!

A pixel is a tiny area of a display screen. This forms the most basic unit of space that can be handled by graphic programing. It is used to measure the most common sizes of photos.

Pixabay offers image sizes in small, medium, large, and original formats. The precise dimension of each format is given in pixels.

As an example one photo I am looking at as I write this is 640 x 480 pixels for the small format on Pixabay. The original format is much larger.

It is 4,608 x 3,456 pixels.

It is very important that you match the size of the Pixabay image you download to your Canva project dimensions. Also pay attention to download speed.

The larger the photo the higher the file size.

The small photo in this example has a file size of 112 KB while the original is 2.9 MB. If you are hosting your own websites, you want to find the balance between pixel dimension and file size.

Higher pixel dimension increases the clarity of your images. Higher files sizes increase the bandwidth your images hog.

Downloading Exactly the Right SIZE of Image is Critical for a Win-Win-Win Today!

You can organize your images by project or type. I do not reuse images for the reasons explained in the next lesson.

Hence I organize my images by project folder. I have a folder for each Udemy course.

Then I have a sub-folder for images associated with that course. But I do this so as not to repeat.

The Joint Photographic Experts Group created the JPEG (JPG) format standard for graphic images. This is the best format for displaying photos on a computer or handheld screen.

This is because each pixel retains the complete original color information. This is known as lossy.

But details are lost on compression.

So the JPG format is great for 24-bit color, photographs, an image with in excess of 256 colors and works for small file sizes.

Another format is the GIF. These can be animated. These won’t go above 256 colors but work great for logos and icons.

But these create far too large of file sizes as compared to the PNG format for most of your uses.

The most common format outside of JPG you will use for your images is PNG. This format is the Portable Network Graphics.

These are lossless in that all data is used. They create small files sizes and are best for text images, logs, and icons. The drawback to the PNG format is that they are not as good as JPG for photos and cannot be animated.

Downloading and Organizing Images in Easy to Find Folders for GIF, JPEG, & MP4!

When you watch the nightly news you see a lot of graphic designs. But you never see them repeated.

This is done by design.

For this reason, it is a good idea to never repeat an image in any of your Udemy lectures. Ditto for marketing except when you want to tie the reader back to something with a graphic.

And thus, I invoke what I call he One Use Rule (OUR) of Udemy Course creation.

The same goes for transitions in your videos or any other special effect. Go sparingly.

If you do a good job selecting the right photo, illustration, vector graphic, or video on Pixabay you won’t need much work. There is nothing worse than putting the lipstick on the pig of a photo with design extras.

Start with a solid foundation image and the rest follows.

But first take the time to search a little harder for a photo you have never used in any of your online projects, Udemy courses, and social media posts.

The One Use Rule for Perpetually Engaging Artistic Graphics Projects Production!

Now that you have been trained we must test you to certify you as a professional Pixabayologist. You may take this quiz as many times as you wish.

This quiz seeks to determine your level of preparation in searching out the perfect photo for your graphic design project. But it does not stop there. We also query how well you know other aspects of the Pixabay system.

Putting Your Knowledge of Pixabay Under the Microscope to Help You Succeed Today
10 questions
+ Transforming Priceless Free Images into Incomparable Graphics Using Canva Site!
10 lectures 39:45

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is the 7th ranked university in Australia and 98th in the world. It is located in Perth Australia.

This is a research institution.

The school gave birth to Canva in 2012 by Graphic Arts Professor Melanie Perkins. Cliff Obrecht and Cameron Adams are co-founders.

Melanie noticed how students faced such difficulties in learning graphic design basics that they gave up. Professor Perkins worked with professor Cliff Obrecht to create a yearbook tool for students and teachers called Fusion Books.

Canva required a lot more tech muscle. Hence, they brought in Cameron Adams as a third co-founder for Canva.

The enormous utility to you is access to an extremely powerful drag-and-drop electronic online design canvas. This allows you to create graphic designs masterpieces with your photos in seconds.

This is of particularly high utility to internet graphic consumers when you consider the fact that you can access top quality professional photos from Pixabay.

An Introduction to the Canva Free Graphic Production Template Driven Environment

Canva allows you to create graphics using preset dimensions. You can create a design for social media.

Presentation templates exist as well.

And you can select different poster sizes. Need a Facebook cover in a snap?

That’s no problem on Canva.

But a Facebook post is not the same size as a Facebook cover. No problem.

Just pick the preset for a Facebook post.

Blog graphics, ads, cards, email headers, and more are a snap on Canva. And you can drill down into the design template categories I just ran you through.

For instance “Social Media Posts” is divided into Twitter, General, Pinterest, Facebook, Facebook App, Tumblr, and Instagram.

The next category “Documents” break down into U.S. letter, presentation, A4, U.S. & A4 letterhead, magazine, and resume.

This allow you enormous control. You just pick the design and move on.

The Canva drag-and-drop system is so powerful I have created graphics for posts between opening Pixabay and downloading from Canva in less than 5 minutes!

Using Canva Custom Design Templates for All Your Professional Graphic Projects!

After selecting your design, you will see a vertical menu on the left side of your screen. At the top is search. Below that is Layouts, then below that is Elements, and then Text, Background is just below that, and Uploads is at the bottom of the left side vertical menu of your Canva electronic canvas.

Layouts are pre-existing graphic designs created by professional artists. Some are paid.

But many are free.

I don’t use layouts as much as I used to. But they are very helpful when I need a graphic super-fast!

When selecting a layout pay close attention to the number of words and characters in the graphic before you add your text.

You may run into the problem that you have too many words for your design. In that case you can treat the number of words in the original graphic like a Craig’s List line ad where you are restricted to a certain number of characters or words.

Tapping Professional Creative Power of Layouts in the Canva Design Work-space!

The next feature below Layout is Elements. This gives you access to images that are specific to holidays, grids, frames, shapes, lines, illustrations, icons, photos, and charts.

Most of these elements are free. Then can be easily combined with photos.

And you can pick up some amazing clip-art in this area. Illustrations and vector graphics are also available.

You can use the grids and frames to create stunning sectioned effects on your graphics. Charts allow you to provide numerical and short statistical facts to convert you project to an infographic.

Shapes allow you to call out attention to an area of your graphic.

The fact that these are all professionally designed means that you don’t have to do anything but point, click, and resize the element you add to your work.

If I were making a living as a graphic artist I would be terrified. Canva puts the power of professional design in the hands of a rank amateur like myself.

Utilizing Canva Elements in Your Creative Graphic Designs for All Your Fun Ways!

Text designs are located just below Elements in the vertical sidebar menu to the upper left of the Canva electronic canvas of your design project. This will give you an amazing spread of predesigned text editable vector graphics.

That is below the standard heading, subheading, and body text sections at the top.

Need a magazine cover title? No problem.

How about a high impact call out?

As before you have to pay close attention to the amount of text you can fit on the text graphic. Always remember that less text is better.

You can tell the rest of the story in the post.

Use these text elements very sparingly. It is easy to clutter a design by trying to do too much.

Take a minimalist Zen approach to all of your designs and you will improve over time.

In fact, this is kind of like Bonsai for me. Graphic knitting!

Packing Punch In Ad Spaces With Canva Text Designs They Won’t Believe You Made!

The Background tool option is below Text elements. The six primary colors at the top allow you to create basic backgrounds. The plus button brings up the color selector where you can program the background colors of the graphic.

Need a background for an Amazon product, book, or Kindlebook listing? Those HTML codes are ff9900 and 146eb4.

If you want a graphic with a background for Facebook you could use 3b5998.

Below that you have a series of solid and pattern backgrounds at the click of a button. Many are free.

Notice that there is not a single paid background you could not recreate in facsimile from Pixabay for free!

I have never needed to pay for a background on Canva. It is highly unlikely I ever will.

I can’t rule out a paid membership to Canva down the road. That would be if I need work above what I can do now.

Giving a Stunning Backdrop to Stage Your Graphics with a Canva Image Background!

The Uploads selection is bellow Background. This displays the images you drag-and-drop into your upload manager.

To upload an image to your Canva upload manger you simply drag and drop from the folder on your computer drive holding the image.

The image is displayed once uploaded. Click the image to add it to your project.

The image loads smaller than the design. To make the image a background you can resize and crop.

This is exactly what I did when I made an educational post regarding Donald Trump. I always thought it was funny when he fired people on his T.V. show “The Apprentice.”

I needed a graphic for the post.

I thought it would be funny if he got elected and told all of Congress that they were fired! So I used a photo of the dome of the White House.

Then I used a text graphic with the words “You’re Fired!” I didn’t need a photo of The Donald.

He made the two-word phrase a household brand.

Uploading Images From Your Drive to the Canva Environment is Very Fast and Easy!

To download your new graphic to your hard drive you select Download. This is a rectangular button to the upper right of your screen.

It is between the Share and the Make public buttons.

When you download a graphic to your drive you can select the format. The first is “Image: for Web (JPG).”

The second is the “Image: high quality (PNG).”

The third is “PDF: standard.” While the fourth option is “PDF: for print.

You will get the “Your design is ready” when the download is complete. I have experienced times when there is unusually heavy traffic on Canva that the design fails to download.

Just come back later. This has been very rare.

The design will show up in your download folder. Once there, you can move it to a project folder.

Or you can upload it directly to your social media post or other project. Uses are only limited by your imagination.

Downloading Graphics From Canva to Your Drive For Use in Your Social Media Post!

The course image on Udemy is a sacred place. If you get it right your sales are boosted.

Get it wrong and it just looks ugly.

That is why I jumped for joy when I discovered that Udemy will design a graphic for me! But I ran into trouble when Udemy Design got backed up.

Earl at Udemy asked if I wanted a placeholder. “Sure!,” I wrote.

But then when the ugly placeholder was up and the course was live I wasn’t sure what to do.

Udemy requires very high pixilation quality. So photos have to be large.

That is what Udemy means in their guidelines by, “Course images should be high resolution, and sized 2048 by 1152 pixels.

I went into Pixabay and Canva and ferreted out how to create a reasonably good graphic while I wait for Udemy design. In this training I show you the entire process that ends with a vector graphic image for one of my Udemy courses.

Example: Changing Out a Placeholder Image of a Udemy Course with Custom Sizing!

This lecture is in article format to give you access to links to bonus items

The bonus items are posted here.

This quiz seeks to ferret out your level of retention of the different aspects of the Canva design environment. This allows you to see just how well you learned from this training. It has been an honor to teach you!

Analyzing Your Capacity of Command of the Flexible Canva Graphic Designs System!
10 questions
+ My Viral Posts and How I Create Them
6 lectures 19:52

My viral traffic system consists of three parts.  Each part engages my community by fostering education within my niche of finance.

The first component is my viral WordPress blog.  This piece is very important because it allows me to create content that would otherwise be impossible. 

And it also lets me own my statistics.  This something I cannot do in the walled gardens of the other two parts of my viral traffic system. 

The second part is my FaceBook Fan page.  This allows me to set up a broad audience in a special way.

The results are cost per engagement (like) rates as low as $0.01.  I used to pay over $0.20 per like. 

This means that what cost me $200 in FaceBook advertising costs me $20 for the same results with this amazing system I am showing you now. 

The third and final component is a free course on investing hosted by Udemy that allows me to stay in contact with my community that grows from my viral traffic.  

My Trafic System Consists of Three Parts

A viral website is created with a special WordPress theme.  WordPress blogging skills are worth their weight in gold here. 

The Viral Website

The FaceBook Fan page allows you to generate massive social proof at an extremely low cost.  The secret sauce is setting up your audience. 

The Facebook Fan Page

A free Udemy course in your viral blogging niche allows you to capture students who are truly interested in learning from you.  Some of these students will enroll in your paid courses.  

The Free Udemy Course

Daniel Hall, J.D. runs a powerful podcast series.  One of the lectures explains how to set up your unique viral blogging system.  

Viral blogging dovetails perfectly with the skills you have learned in this course.  

Real Fast Results Podcast

Bonus Lecture: My Special Udemy Coupon Offer to You

Bonus Lecture: My Special Udemy Coupon Offer to You