Discover Magical Spiritual Witchcraft At Work And Play
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Discover Magical Spiritual Witchcraft At Work And Play

Everyday Rituals & Gifts for the Spiritual Solitary Witch and an online tribe you count on for support.
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4.6 (106 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
786 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • Create magical altars, cast sacred circles and spells with ease.
  • Craft and lead ceremonies for your family and community should you so choose.
  • Create a variety of simple magical practices that require no special tools, discovering a rich path to your own divinity
  • Engage with the Sabbats and how to celebrate them, working intuitively and intelligently with the phases of the moon
  • You will be naturally gifted the ability to reinstate your Divine Power
  • Build your confidence by weaving and walking your magical unique spiritual path
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  • Somewhere deep down inside you know that you have that magic living in you.
  • You will be better prepared for the course if you have a regular meditation practice. Whilst not essential, it is helpful.
  • Come with an open heart and mind and let your self fly
  • This course will not teach you the history of Witchraft
  • This course is not Wicca

Merry Meet. Do you want to bring some magic into your life? Do you wish to co-create and bring more luck and wonder into your life? Then take this course. This is magical spiritual course about showing you easy to follow gifted approaches to bringing sacred spirituality into your everyday life through ritual, easy spell casting and more. Discover how to make your actions matter by casting spells and engaging is the sacred times of the moon and the year. Learn to dedicate alters and more as you begin to move through life with love with ease. 

This is an interactive course, you will be working with me. As your guide I am here with you daily to assist answering your questions. My heart and soul are here in this course. So join me as we:

  • cast a spiritually infused sacred circle
  • cast spells
  • perform ritual
  • recite powerful invocations
  • decorate seasonal altars and so much more.
  • dare to be more than we could have ever imagined

This course aims to bring the sacred alive within you so that the your potential is opened and becomes transformative for all of you who sign up. You will be able to bridge this magical spiritual path with your family, business, community, becoming of greater service to the planet.

Moving into the sacred realm is an essential part of Witchcraft. If fact it may be said it is the very essence itself. This is an ancient path for those who hearts are true. This is one of the ancient ways that has survived the rigours of both time and persecution. The craft is not what is was thousands of years ago, nothing is. It has moved and morphed so that it is just as relevant today as back in the Mists of Avalon.

Come, lets celebrate together in perfect love and perfect trust. 

With all my courses I aim to create a sacred global community from which we can all safely do deep spiritual work. I know there are mixed feelings about courses taught online in this way. There are pros and cons. However time, isolation and distance gift us an opportunity to work with a global community.  We are joining our hearts and spirits together on behalf of our mother Earth as we once again resonate in frequency with her upon the sacred magical path that is Witchcraft.

Some student reviews from my other courses:

"This a beautiful course I highly recommend it!" Gayla M

"Wow! I'm so glad I took this course! Sharon's passion and enthusiasm are positively contagious! I've taken several Udemy courses on similar topics and while I've been pleased most with all of them, Sharon's courses are much richer in content. She is a wonderful teacher and extremely knowledgeable. I've already signed up for 2 of her other courses and have started them and am just as thrilled as I am with this one. THANK YOU SHARON!" Lisa

"I enjoyed this Journey with Sharon and learning the rites. Thank you Sharon for having this. I grew in my spiritual walk as a healer. I look forward to continuing my learning as a Shaman" Thomas

Please Note: All students who enroll in this course also will receive periodic free and discounted access to my other top-rated current and upcoming courses.

Who is the target audience?
  • Are curious about this ancient sacred religion. People are often intimidated by the words like "religion" and "spirituality". However our lives are empty without the nectar they provide.
  • Discover a simple way of living a magical life without "Hollywood trappings"
  • I am not a high priestess, nor do I have a coven, I am a solitary witch who was taught by her matrilineal grandmother
  • Dare to be more than you ever imagined as you are in the right place
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Curriculum For This Course
56 Lectures
Merry Meet, I Am Delighted To Be With You
3 Lectures 11:12

Merry meet.

Dear friends, if you have come here via the promotional video please tick that you have completed this lecture as it is the same as the promotional video - a teaser of the delights to come. However i do ask that you read this text and download the resources. Please be aware that Udemy asks you to review all courses very early. Generally way too early to get into the nitty gritty of the course. You do not have to review at this time, it is your option to review later.

Witchcraft is a very loose and dare I say broad term that covers an expansive set of ritual practices. Now there are just a few misconceptions about witchcraft that I would like to cover first:

  1. Witchcraft has nothing to do with the Christian versions of "satan" or the "devil". In fact in most cases Witchcraft and Christianity have no connections at all. 
  2. The thought that if you are a Witch you are automatically a "Wiccan". Wicca is a religion that follows a set of guidelines and religious beliefs. Witchcraft is a Spiritual practice.

Witchcraft is about finding your own personal power and following whatever spiritual or religious believes that fit the best for you. Know that there is magic everywhere - you simply need to know how to look. My aim is to give you a snapshot of practices to stoke the fires that burn within you.

Please know that your course manual - which may or may not become the beginnings of your very own Book of Shadows is located in the resources section under Gods and Goddesses in the next section of this course.

In love and light


Preview 04:25

Hello there

I come to you in perfect love and perfect trust with this humble offering to assist your magical sacred travels. This is an interactive experience where we will work together along they scared and deeply spiritual pathway of witch craft.

So mote it will be


Preview 04:47

Greetings, please know that there are an endless number of variations of this creed, this is simply one that appeals to me. The Creed is a beautiful poem that is self-explanatory to most, it covers the basics of how to hold yourself high everyday!

Please join me in love and honour as we recite the Creed together. A copy of it is in your manual. Plus the words appear on the screen and there is a copy here for you to download. This is a deeply held ritual prayer and a very spiritual welcome to you all.

Preview 02:00

We live in a magical world surrounded by nature, we use nature to feed us, to dream the dreams we need to dream
Sources of Endless Power
1 question
This Ancient Path That Goes On From Here to Evermore
4 Lectures 15:57

While some traditions of Wicca and Paganism honor an all-encompassing "The God" or "The Goddess", others worship specific deities. There is a vast pantheon of deities out there. It is beyond the scope of this introductory course to welcome them all here. However your own curiosity will breathe the magic you need to see to reveal them to you. Blessed be.

Please see that your course manual is here for you to download. You will find many of the spells, rituals and more within it.

Gods and Goddesses

Why Cast A Circle?

Simple - it is very helpful when casting a spell to create a sacred ritual space, and casting a circle is a fabulous way to do this. It helps to protect and ward off your very own monkey mind and external distracting energies, plus it helps you to gently move into a ritual state of mind. Not everyone casts a circle in the same way and often it’s best to experiment a bit and find what works for you.

Listen to your intuitive heart  when you perform any ritual. We use these trinkets and sacred objects in ritual as it helps to draw us is and we see that sacredness, happiness and magic can be found everywhere and in the smallest of things. It is merely a method to assist you to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful moments. More or less is your call.


Preview 02:29

Prepare to enter the magic of the circle, that which goes on from here to evermore. Create a space that is pure and beautiful to work with. This is a deeply spiritual practice, we enter into the sacred time. Blessed be

Preview 04:15

Join me as we cast a sacred circle together. You need no tools just be prepared to open sacred space and draw this circle of love and light around you. Together we draw this delicious magical circle, literally wrapping ourselves inside a protective cocoon, this is deeply nurturing, protective veil from above and below. There is no separation, we are one with all of creation.

This is a fabulous opportunity to heal and to ask for what you truly need.

This is a great example to show you that magic is literally here, there and everywhere.

Let Us Cast A Very Personal Circle Together to Bring Us All Into Sacred Space
The Magical Toolbox
8 Lectures 32:05

Welcome to your Magic Toolbox. May I say up front you do not have to go out and purchase tools. There is plenty within your home that you can craft and use to help you on your sacred path.

In this section we will learn about the various sacred tools that are common to the witchcraft. Together we will bless each tool in ceremony. You will have a small list of ingredients to gather, however know that this comes from you heart so you may choose to work within the imaginary realms and know that this is a very potent way to cast and work together.

Preview 02:33

Opening sacred space to consecrate your magical tools is you deliberately taking yourself into a magic space where your dreams will be aired and heard. Those that are true may be granted to you.

Here is an invocation to close you sacred space

Devocation of Deities
When you’re ready to wrap up the ritual, stand at the altar and say:
Lady of the Moon, of the fertile Earth and rolling seas,
Lord of the Sun, of the of the sky and wild,
Thank You for Your presence in our circle today.
Stay if you will, go if you must,
But know that you are ever welcome in our hearts.
We bid you hail and farewell.
Dismissing the Quarters
Start in the West this time, and go counter-clockwise. Hold up your hands (wand, athame, etc.). Say:
Powers of the West: powers of Water;
Thank You for Your presence in our circle today,
For sharing your deep mysteries and intuition,
Hail and farewell, powers of the West.
Go to the South, hold up your hands (wand, athame, etc.) and say:
Powers in the South; Powers of Fire;
Thank You for Your presence in our circle today,
For sharing your inspiration and courage,
Hail and farewell, powers of the South.
Go to the East, hold up your hands (wand, athame, etc.) and say:
Powers of the East; powers of Earth,
Thank you for Your presence in our circle today;
For sharing your stability and growth,
Hail and farewell, powers of the East.
Finish in the North, hold up your hands (wand, athame, etc.) and say:
Powers of the North; powers of Air,
Thank you for your presence in our circle today;
For sharing your wisdom and knowledge
Hail and farewell, powers of the North.
Finish the ritual with a final declaration, such as:
The circle is open, but never broken!
Or the circles is open and goes on from here to evermore blessed be

Opening Sacred Space To Bless Our Tools

I personally use my Athames / Ritual Sword - I have two that you will see) to determine and focus my will and power to a very specific purpose. My larger masculine athame is very powerful and does not like to be neglected. These tools have their own power and wielded correctly bring love and magic to your side. Please do not use they as props - they are a direct aid in helping you discover something sacred, something pure, something beautiful that is manifesting just for you - in perfect love and perfect trust.

Amazing Athames - (The Element of Air)

You can find a small stick from the outside world and decorate it, just as a teaser of what you can use. Look around and you will see there is magic in the air and wands are literally everywhere you seek. 

Wondrous Wands (The Element of Fire)

Cauldrons are a multi purpose pot indeed - from cooking the smudging to burning a ritual fire they are be used anywhere. If you are in Australia please be aware of our fire restrictions, although representing the west, the water and the womb we use them to light fires - that are put out by the water! Please know that a cup or a chalice may also be used on the magical path to represent the element of water. Magic indeed.

Creative Cauldrons (The Element of Water)

Whittle away whittle away whittle away by the magical power of three. Go out into nature and a staff will be granted to thee. Magic Earth, magical home, blessed are we.

Sturdy Staffs (The Element of Earth)

This world is truly magic - look around and you will see there is magic is the air. What are you focusing on right now, go to it and ask it if it is sacred to thee - it will be, as you have been called - do not be blind and see through the layers to another time and world that is calling you now.

Other Magical Objects

Looking back in order to go forward on your magical path

Overview of Your Magical Toolbox

You are encouraged to have a journal in which you record how you travel through this course, your feelings, your findings.
Book of Shadows
1 question
Our Homes are Magical - Lets Have Some Fun Together
5 Lectures 22:25

I don't know about you, but my home is a magical haven, a sanctuary that when you arrive you are transported on the fairy wings of love and respect. Magic is everywhere and nowhere more than your own home. 

As witches we are responsible for all of our actions and are beholden to care for our Earth mother. Any small action you do is appreciated from rejecting plastic bags at the supermarket and eating wisely! Engage and your heart will direct you.

Magical Space Magical Home

This is a beautiful magic simple ritual to bring you into peace and harmony, balance is the aim. As above so below. Call it what you may bringing balance into your life is the gateway to another way of living a more authentic life. 

Please join me, put aside some time to enjoy the peace that this brings.

Bringing Balance into your Being

A Book of Shadows is an invaluable keepsake containing information gathered along your sacred path. You can easily purchase one already made online these days. However it is much more fun to craft and create your own. I have three and they are a celebratory mix of a great years years of spells and recipes for healing foods and more. The magic of the herbal garden and more is all within these pages of mine. However I must confess that I have not kept accurate record of where and when information came to me. Given this is a oral tradition such intricacies as copyright never occurred to me as I was hunting and gathering. Many now claim great works of words, however to me they are a gift to be shared by all who come with an open heart and inquiring mind. 

Thus if any words are claimed by another my humble apologies - I will credit where I am able - so mote it will be.

Pride and Place - Creating Your Magical Book of Shadows

Welcome one, welcome all. 

Just to let you know that this video (or part of it) also appears in my Spiritual Shamanic Rites course. However I used all my wonderful witchy tools in that video so here is an abridged version of it. 

Take some time out and look around your home, where can you create and make space sacred? Maybe you have a room that you can dedicate to your ritual practices - then go ahead and make it a retreat to go into.

I genuinely love my tools and love setting up sacred space. However know you need none of these, you can use nature, you can use energy alone. It is your personal touch and the love that you bring that makes this all work together.

Creating your own sacred space lets you express your very human need for ongoing spiritual nourishment. Whether it's at at work, at home, or anywhere else such as a hotel room. We we decide to dedicate and create sacred space we benefit for the centred peace and dedication it brings.

Make your space a reflection of you, your sacred space might contain a single object such as a statue, or an altar for ceremony you creating. It may be an entire room, home, garden arranged with offerings and objects that have special meaning for you.


Preview 04:29

Different people build altars for different reasons. Some build them to honour their ancestors or remember a friend. Some use these as a creative kind of therapy. They build altars to support them in building a new life for themselves or to help them get through an illness or other challenges. Some altars are built for support and others are for release. 
Some people use altars as centre points for meditation or ritual. Other people build altars, which are artistic or activist in nature. Some altars are memorial, while others are subversive. Some altars are built to honour deities, and some to honour self. Some altars are built at demonstrations, events and marches and can take on a very political tone. Some are built in natural areas to celebrate and connect with Gaia, and these contain nothing foreign to that space. 
Some altars are meant to last the length of a ritual or holiday season, while others are with us for years. An altar is not merely a construct on a high, square, flat table. Some altars are small and fit into our wardrobes. Some altars are large. Some are round and some have several levels. Some altars are built indoors and others can only exist outdoors. Some are in temples and some are in trees. Some altars are so large that we can stand within them. They are not only a part of sacred space, they actually are sacred space itself. Some of these installations become a kind of shrine. 

All About Altars
Heal the Planet, Heal Yourself by Becoming Whole and One With All Of Life
6 Lectures 52:56

Gather your compass and discover the magic of the elements, we know them as Earth, Air, Fire and Water - when was the last time you honoured them? Here is your invitation into discovering them here and now this world.

During this section you will once again be doing ritual with me, so be prepared to work together as we engage in our own personal discovery of elemental magic

Preview 09:37

The foundation of all the elements is the Earth. Earth is the receiver of the magic from the celestial rays and influences and in it are the seeds of all things. It is brought alive by the other elements and the heavens, and brings forth all things of itself. 

Earth is the element of stability, foundations and of the body. The Earth is the realm of wisdom, knowledge, strength, growth and prosperity. It is also the physical Earth on which we live and the very heart of life. 

Calling the element of Earth is vital in spells and rituals of prosperity, business, fertility and stability. Our mother Earth is a feminine element.

The Element of Earth

The element of Air is vital for our survival, without it we could not be here! Air is the manifestation of movement, freshness, communication and of the intelligence. Sound is another manifestation of this element as sound cannot happen with the magic of air!. As an element, it is invisible, but its reality can be felt in the air that we breathe in every day.

To connect with the power of this element, find a place with clean air and breathe it in deeply. Let yourself experience the energy of this element, and reflect that we can never possess the element Air energy it comes our way then leaves as quickly as it came.

The Element of Air

The element of Fire is both creative and destructive. It is fire that we and our ancestors used to warm our homes, we use it to cook our food, we sit around it to ward of the darkness of night, and it fuels our passions. We can actually make Fire, unlike the other elements. Its physical form can only take place by consuming some other element.

To feel the Fire simply go outside and feel the rays of the Sun on your face or hear the logs and smell of smoke from a burning fire. As you gaze into the transformational flame of a candle, become engaged deeply with the amazing element of Fire. 

The Element of Fire

Water just like air we cannot live without it. Only earth and water can bring forth a living soul. Such is the greatness of water that spiritual regeneration cannot be done without it. 

The ancient philosophy guru Thales of Miletus wrote that water was the beginning of all things and the first of all elements and most potent because of its mastery over the rest. Pliny said a little later that "Water swallow up the earth, extinguishes the flame, ascends on high, and by stretching forth as clouds challenges the heavens for their own, and the same falling down, becomes the cause of all things that grow in the earth" 

No apologies, just to explain I am an ancient historian and philosophy student! 

The Element of Water

Wild wonderful magic is held here within the elements. Magical life if you dare to breathe and call them to you. Earth, Air, Fire and Water and the foundational wonders that are gifted to you.

Elemental Wonderland Thank you
Drawing Down The Power of The Moon
10 Lectures 41:32

I grew up simply in love with the moon and never tire of being under her steady gaze.

Our Moon plays a very profound role when it comes to spell casting, when we craft our magic we should always have in the back of our minds what phase the Moon is in. Did you know that your subconscious mind is ruled by the moon. We are able to empower our magic and spell casting by aligning them with the various the phases of the Moon. By consciously tapping into the energy of the Moon you will be divinely guided. Your life maybe be transformed by working with the different energies of the Moon. 

Even if you only spend a few minutes I highly recommend that before performing rituals or spells it is a good idea to meditate to reach an altered state of consciousness. If you already believe in higher powers and higher energies, you will naturally respond to the waxing and waning of the Moon’s energies. When casting spells you are working with the subconscious mind, the elements, and with energy, the Moon is accessed and its transformational powers utilised. 

Rituals and spells ask you to fire the magic that you will be invoking, and then working with the universal life force, you become as one with the energy flow of the unseen. Patience is required, be gentle with yourself as you start to resonate with the moon and work with her.

Preview 02:12

The following will be re-recorded. I am at our farm at present and do not have the facility to be able to do so. Whilst the farm brims with magic everywhere, the internet and technology does not feature.

About Dexter- the Magical Yappy Dog Next Door

Who doesn't love the new moon and her gentle energy waiting for us! 

"Somewhere....something incredible is waiting to be known" Carl Sagan.

For may witches the New Moon offers the greatest range of new possibilities and is the perfect timing to draw new desires in your life: new job, new love, new car, new self. Whatever you desire, the wonderful energy of the New Moon is a fabulous lunar phase to ask for it to come in your life and manifest itself.  We are going to cast a spell together summon a new job our your lives either if you have one and want a better or different job or if you are unemployed at the moment. However you can alter the words to bring anything you are wishing for. For example I am wishing to manifest a new farm house and organic garden.

"You have watched my descent. Now see my rising" Rumi

New Moon Measures

Please have ready the sheet containing the job of your dreams 

4 outer white candles and one central pillar candle (orange is great for manifestation)

Herbs: Cinnamon, sandalwood, basil and bay (substitute the sandalwood if you have none locally - I often use the bark of a lemon scented gum)

An Essential Oil of your choice - or sprigs of fresh rosemary or lavender from your garden

Cauldron (or any other pot that is fire/heat resistant if you with to burn your blessings)

Tea light for the burning.

An envelope if you wish to make the spell a part of your dreaming.

New Moon Spell

The waxing crescent moon rises at noon.

During The Waxing Moon

The waxing moon is the period of time between the new moon and the full moon. Every night, the moon gets a little larger. Any spellwork that requires growth should be done now. Spells: Courage, motivation, inspiration, friendship, elemental magic, healing or luck. See everything around you expanding. 

If you are a garden witch grow plants that need to reach to the heavens.

Waxing Moon

Welcome to the magic of drawing down the blissful evocative power of moon. Enjoy the power and the majesty.

"Sometimes grace is a ribbon of mountain air that gets in through the cracks" Anne Lamott

Preparation for your Full Moon Ritual

The full moon rises at sunset.                                                                                                                                      The energy is intense and everything is responds the ocean tides, plant growth, human behaviour (many new borns arrive at this time).

Full Moon Ritual

The Waning Crescent Moon Rises At Midnight

As the moon withdraws slowly from our skies reflect of what you have built and what you need to let go. Honour the old ones in deep and name, go out of your way to make time for them during this moon phase. This is a also great time to cleanse the house!

Waning Moon

Here is your Dark Moon Decent Ritual for honouring this magical time of the month.

"This is what it feels like to be brilliantly achingly alive. Alive in the shatter. Alive in the empty. This is what it is to belong to things we cannot possibly understand. This is what it is to trust in the terrifying wisdom of our own becoming” Jeanette LeBlanc.

The dark moon rises at sunrise.

The dark moon is when it appears there is no moon in the sky at all. This happens because the sun, moon and Earth are in alignment. Given the moon is between the Earth and the sun, she is invisible to us, hiding her charms, however we know that this is the time to retreat!

The Dark Moon

I simply love the Dark Moon, I always treat is as the perfect time for me to withdraw, to retreat. This is a time for great dreaming, for meditating deep down into the core of our Earth Mother and letting go of trauma, of any grief you have stored in the cells of your being. This is a time, these precious few days where you can "stay home" and heal. Call for justice, call for healing. Request for the Crone mother healing, strength and compassion.

As we start to leave this phase turn your attention to the wings of the new.

Time to truly let go - here is a spell for you. 

You will need a piece of paper and pen, one candle and a finger bowl of water.

Light a candle. On a paper write down what it is you wish to let go frustrations, concerns or grinding fears. Allow the words come from your heart. Some find it helpful to say the words aloud they are written.  When you are finished fold the paper up slowly wave it over the candle flames three times and then burn it in the candle flame. After you burn your paper, dip your fingers in the water and sprinkle yourself with it whilst saying by the power of three:

I release these words, I release this tension, I release this negativity from my life.

Be at peace for you are done!

Dark Moon

Wild wondrous moon, call on her often and honour her passage through time. Magic is above waiting for you to draw down her power.

"If you do not fill your energetic field with new experiences, new ideas and new versions of yourself, your field becomes dim and worn, bored with the same old story" Barbara Marciniak.

Overview of Working With the Moon
Seasonal Rites - A Time For Celebration and Devotion
18 Lectures 01:56:55

Welcome - There are 8 Sabbats that make up the Magical Wheel of the Year. The Sabbats are solar, seasonal and represent the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. These days are Samhain, Yule, Imbolc, Ostara, Beltaine, Litha, Lughnasadh, and Mabon. Dive into the magic and breathe bliss into your year. Some only celebrate the four major Sabbats, it is your choice.

Preview 02:42

Walk right into the shortest day of the year or the longest night - readying for the sun to shine once again. The wheel turns as it does. Celebrate Yule with gusto.

Yule - Mid Winter and The Shortest Day

Prepare to weave magic in your life. Join in magical ritual spells and prayer to infuse the the power of this Sabbat. Yule is calling you home to celebrate.

Magic fuels our lives everyday in everyday.

Yule Ritual

This festival reminds us that spring is coming soon, and that we only have a few more weeks of winter to ... Join me for magic is in the air and soon the flowers will bloom.


Spells, Ritual, Prayer join me to find the path to sing in your hearts for when the flowers bloom magic is truly in the air.

Imbolc Ritual

Ostara brings the birth of a great many things. Painted eggs and more all mark the bringing of Ostara, Modern witches and pagans have generally accepted the spelling "Ostara" which honors this goddess as our word for the Vernal Equinox.


Once again you are invited to join me we pay homage to Ostara. You will be working alongside we opening sacred space, setting up you alter reflective of the season and engaging in ritual to work with the spiritual energetic blessings of Ostara.

Ostara Ritual

The Beltaine fires are burning, come one come all and let us dance and sing with joy in our hearts. 

One of the most important parts of the Beltane celebration was the lighting of the Beltaine fires. The bonfires represented the growing power of the sun from spring to midsummer. In days gone by cattle and farm animals were driven around the fires, and brave humans would leap across the bonfires.


Please join me and prepare your sacred altar dedicated to Beltaine. We will join with great spirit and perform a ritual dedicated to this wonder filled Sabbat.

Beltaine Ritual

The longest day of the year or the shortest night are here, the height of summer is celebrated is gusto.

Litha - Midsummer

Once again I am here in Sweden to celebrate mid summer with my Swedish family. The community will decorate and raise the maypole and there will be a lot of singing and dancing celebrating all night long. 

Litha, or Midsummer, is a celebration of the summer solstice. Here's where you'll find all kinds of info for this summer sabbath!

Summer solstice celebrations have been held throughout history. Join me as together we celebrate Litha, and find the light and power in our own lives.

Litha - Midsummer Ritual

Welcome to the major harvest festival - what are you reaping? What have you sowed. All it conspiring to work with you at this time.

Corn, grains and berries are of particular significance at this holiday (see recipes below from corn, flour and grains).  Traditionally, the newly harvested grain is made into bread to be shared with all in this celebration.  Fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for canning and preserving.  We celebrate and partake in the fullness of the Earth while beginning to make provision for the cold months ahead.

This was also an occasion for handfasting and displaying of their skills and specialized crafts.  Through the centuries, Ireland’s country-people have celebrated the harvest at revels, wakes and country fairs. 

Lammas or Lughnasdha

Please come with me as we create our sacred alter dedicated to this season, join me in ritual working alongside each other in perfect love and perfect trust.

It is a time to ask ourselves:  “What are my talents?  What are my skills?   How do I express my creativity?  How do I use my abilities to re-craft my world ... to add beauty .... color ... richness?  Our skills may include woodworking, designing, creating, sewing and needlecraft, art, music, dance, sports or communication, organizing, healing, parenting, problem solving etc.  Whatever our talents or abilities, this is a time to recognize them and honor them, and to share our recognition of the talents and abilities of others around us.  If you have had an interest or urge to develop a particular skill or creative outlet, now might be the time to make a pledge or commitment to yourself to pursue your interest.  By offering the fruits of our labors back to the Universe we enrich both ourselves and our world.

Lughnasdha Ritual

Mabon marks the middle of harvest, it is a time of equal day and equal night, and for the moment nature is in balance. It is a time to reap what you have sown, of giving thanks for the harvest and the bounty the Earth provides. For finishing up old projects and plans and planting the seeds for new enterprises or a change in lifestyle. Mabon is a time of celebration and balance.


You know the routine well by now! Together we create a seasonal alter and perform a beautiful ritual to mark this time of balance. Blessed be.

You might like to make this magical Mabon recipe:

Hot Apple Cider

Apples rule the heart and cider is often seen as love potion, by adding some cinnamon (ruled by Jupiter and the Sun) we are ingesting the sunlight of love and light. Warm it gently and enjoy.

Mabon Ritual

Welcome to this great festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter. Samhain is known by most people today as Halloween, but for many witches and pagans it is considered a Sabbat to honor the ancestors who came before us, marking the dark time of the year. It's a good time to contact the those who have passed through the veils.


Can you believe that this is the last of the seasonal rituals we will create our altars and perform ritual for. May the great blessings of the Sabbats be with you. 

Let yourself merge with the sacred divine and reconnecting your fluid nature with all of life. This is a time of reflection and spiritual growth.

Samhain Ritual

Thank you for the passing of this year with me as we have joined together in celebrating with spells, invocations, altars and wonder filled rituals. I hope this course has inspired you to create and craft your own ritual and spells, turning each day into magic. May you connect with your Soul's light finding that deep well of nourishment that replenishes the springs of love, hope and wonder for this life we have been gifted.

Overview of the Seasonal Rituals
Well done - this may be over however you have only just begun
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Merry meet and merry part, the circle is open yet remain unbroken and goes on from here to ever more.

Blessed be


Magical Blessings

Greetings dear friends,

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bright blessings


Bonus Lecture
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Offering spirit based courses to encourage kindfulness and peace within each and everyone of us. Every student is personally welcomed by me. In addition I perform a small sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space of the courses. These course offerings have active discussion boards/forums. Please share your stories in our sacred space as they move to enrich us all. Let us plant the seeds of inspiration and love together.

I believe in “personal spirituality” and the ability we each have to create a path for ourselves that is of our own making. There are often criticisms against people who create a personal spiritual path for themselves, taking a little Buddhist meditation and adding in a bit of drumming, and then a healthy dose of yoga and some trance dancing for good measure. Interestingly, this is simply judgmental language to label this “cafeteria spirituality”. Whilst I do not advocate that people go from course to course, book to book, finding elements of the sacred within certain practices and adopting them is fine by me!

It is very empowering  knowing what we know in our hearts and claiming it, regardless of whether or not it is popular or approved of by others. Within my courses I try my best to provide the resources that support “the spiritual journey” because it is that Mystery that I serve. I am not inspired to serve something made by humans, controlled by humans, and manipulated by us so we can fulfil.

Weaving magic, spirituality and crafting with nature is the way of my ancestors. It is a gift we all have deep within the core of our beings. However it has been beaten and educated out of us. It is time to reclaim who we really are. What are you waiting for? Over 10,000 people have enrolled in my classes. 

I stand here with you all as a woman who embodies the elemental innocence of my youth, the transformational growth of middle age, the welcoming dignity, compassion, and acceptance of my crone years, I embrace the growth and  wisdom of my future years as they unfold.

Abundant blessings on your path.

I believe in the gift of giving back; a percentage of my income is donated to a range of charities. This year 2017 money will be donated every month to the global conservation group "Tree Sisters - The Million Trees Campaign" - this is a not-for-profit organisation working to assist and rehabilitate forests, their initial aim has been reached - to fund the planting of one million trees in a year. Once we have achieved this, we will then aim for One Million Trees per month, then per week, and then per day - which we will achieve when 700,000 of us are standing for the trees. Are you with us?

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