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Magical Manifesting

A 6 week course in Quantum Manifesting teaching you everything you need to know to manifest your heart's desire!
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405 students enrolled
Created by Shannon Nicole
Last updated 11/2015
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What Will I Learn?
Clear Any Blocks to Manifesting Your Dream Life
Delete Old, Limiting Beliefs and Re-Program New Healthy Beliefs That Are in Alignment With the Life That You Wish to Create
Manifest ANYTHING That Your Heart Desires
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  • Students should have a pen, paper, a small box or an envelope, computer and internet access

If you want to manifest massive wealth, better health and improved relationships you need to understand that manifesting is an inside job. You simply cannot manifest amazing things in life if the vibes that you are giving off are all out of whack.

In this course you learn how to master the art of Quantum Manifesting to create everything you want in life as if by magic!

This is a 6 week course structured into easy to follow steps.

In step one you learn how to use Quantum Energy Healing to clear out your energetic blocks & negative belief systems that have been hindering you from manifesting the life that you have been striving for.

In Step Two, we focus on Quantum Energy Reprogramming to reprogram your Quantum Field with new healthy beliefs that are in alignment with everything that you wish to create in your life.

In Step Three you learn two ancient magical manifesting meditations (which use sound, mantra, and the sacred I AM THAT I AM miracle frequency embedded into the meditation music) that literally transforms energy into matter creating ANYTHING that your heart desires.

Included in this course are the following:

-an easy to follow schedule

-step by step instructional videos

-downloadable subliminal mp3s

-special sound meditations encoded with the miracle I AM frequency

-a guided meditation to teach you how to tap into the power of your heart

What if you realized that you really did have the power to create the life that you've been dreaming of? This course will blow the roof off of what you always thought was possible and blast you to the next level! In this course I will show you how to create a life you love AND your heart's desire - with power and velocity; creating more joy and fulfillment in your life than you ever thought possible. Get ready to up-level your life to infinity and beyond!

Stop sitting back watching everyone else manifest all the things you desire. Take control of your life & start manifesting the life of your dreams today!

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for those who are familiar with The Law of Attraction, Energy and Quantum Physics
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Curriculum For This Course
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Magical Manifesting Introduction
1 Lecture 04:46

Welcome to Magical Manifesting!

Each day we begin our day with the daily Heart Space meditation. The Heart Space is the cosmic doorway leading to everything you've ever wanted. Included in this lesson is the guided Heart Space Meditation video. Please refer to this video daily. Once you get the hang of it, you are free to practice the Heart Space meditation on your own, if you wish. It is recommended that you practice this meditation at least once daily, however you can do this meditation multiple times a day. The more you practice, the more positive benefits you receive.

Second, we begin the lesson in Energy Healing to clear out the junk from the past that's been energetically repelling you from the life that you want. We will practice this daily in Step One. You are welcome to continue this practice beyond Step One, however it is not required. As always, the more you use these practices, the better.

Third, we begin the lesson in Self Energy Healing. This is your daily self-practice for Step One. You can easily follow along with the Energy Healing video, or, after you get the hang of it, you can choose to practice on your own for the duration of Step One. Again, the more you practice, the more positive benifits you receive.

Please take note to download the Magical Manifesting Schedule to ensure to follow each step carefully.

Preview 04:46
Daily Heart Centering Practice - Heart Space Meditation
1 Lecture 03:59

This is a short, sweet & easy meditation that will have an amazing impact on your overall well being and is especially good to do frequently if you experience anxiety or are experiencing emotional problems of any kind. You will find that doing the Heart Breath while focusing on your love picture will calm you quickly, as the process works to sync your heart rhythms with your brainwaves creating psychophysiological coherence.

Psychophysical coherence refers to the synchronization of our physical, mental, and emotional systems. It can be measured by our heart rhythm patterns: The more balanced and smooth they are, the more in sync, or coherent we are. Stress levels recede, energy levels increase, and our brain and the "Heart-Brain" works together. This creates optimal clarity, perception and performance for maintaining a high energetic vibration and optimal state of being for manifesting.

Please refer to your Magical Manifesting Schedule to follow each step carefully. Please note that the Heart Space Meditation is a daily practice in the 6 week course.

Preview 03:59
Step One - Week 1 - Quantum Energy Clearing
1 Lecture 07:05

To begin Step One, we focus on writing down anything that we feel maybe be blocking us from manifesting the life that we desire. We then perform an energy transmutation exercise to transform the lower vibrations of your blocks into the higher vibrations of love to release them from your energetic field.

Preview 07:05
Step One - Week 1 - Quantum Energy Healing Session
1 Lecture 06:43

In this video you follow along with a Quantum Energy Healing session. You will set the intentions to receive this energy healing from me, as well as simultaneously performing the energy healing on yourself.

This helps to further heal and repair your energetic field. When we correct our vibration, we can then come into alignment with the things that we are working on manifesting.

Self Healing
Step Two - Weeks 2-4 - Quantum Energy Reprogramming
5 Lectures 58:08

In this video I show you how to create a digital vision board to program your energetic field with the images of what you want to manifest into your life. This tells the universe exactly what you wish to create in your reality.

Step Two - Quantum Energy Reprogramming

In this video I show you how to quickly and easily create a digital vision board. Creating a digital vision board enables you to create multiple vision boards with different themes. You are not limited to what you can find in magazines, you can literally google any picture you want and save it to your computer. I show you how in this step by step video.

Step Two - Quantum Energy Reprogramming - Creating a Digital Vision Board

This subliminal affirmation mp3 was designed to be listened to in the morning. It has been created to uplifting ambient sounds and should be listened to daily for the duration of Step Two.

Step Two - Quantum Energy Reprogramming - Subliminal Affirmation mp3s

This subliminal affirmation mp3 was designed to be listened to mid-day. It has been created to a silent track so that you can listen while at work and not be disturbed or distracted. This track should be listened to daily for the duration of Step Two.

Step Two - Quantum Energy Reprogramming - Subliminal Affirmation mp3 Mid-Day

This subliminal affirmation mp3 was designed to be listened to in the evening. It has been created to a relaxing ambient ocean melody and should be listened to nightly for the duration of Step Two.

Step Two - Quantum Energy Reprogramming - Subliminal Affirmation mp3 Night
Step Three - Weeks 4 through 6 - Magical Manifesting Meditations
3 Lectures 26:23

We have arrived at the final step. Congratulations! You've done some excellent work clearing out old, limiting beliefs and reprogramming your energetic field with NEW healthy beliefs that are in alignment with the life you intend to create! Well done!

The following manifesting meditations have been created and encoded to the miracle I AM THAT I AM frequency. That in itself, is enough to help you manifest anything that your heart desires, but in addition to that, we repeat ancient sound mantras. The "Ah" quantum sound frequency specifically moves the creative energies found in the sacral chakra, or the sex center, which is located around the area of the reproductive organs, up into the center located between the eyebrows, which is the third eye chakra (area of pineal gland). By moving this energy, you shift its expression from creating a baby into creating other desires, such as the things that you intend to manifest. The sound of Om is the sound of cosmic consciousness. When we repeat the sound of Om, we merge as one with all of creation.

In the morning we spend our time in meditation creating, and in the evening we spend our time becoming one with all of creation.

Step Three

Magical Manifesting Morning AH Meditation

Magical Manifesting Evening OM Meditation
A Magical Thank You
1 Lecture 01:00

Now that we have completed the course I encourage you to release any attachment to the things that you have worked on manifesting over the past 6 weeks. Your work is done and now it is time for you to let the universe deliver.

When we release any attachment we create space, energetically, for everything that we desire to flow into our lives. If we rigidly hold onto HOW or WHEN things are going to manifest, that creates tension and resistance which creates an energetic block, keeping everything we worked on just out of our reach.

You are welcome to begin the course again with fresh new things that you want to manifest. The beautiful thing about these techniques, is now that you have learned them, you can use them over and over again, creating a magical life!

Thank you so much for taking this journey with me, I am honored to have been able to teach you this practice, that has brought so much transformation and joy into my life. It is my wish that you go on to create a Magical Life of your own.


Shannon Terry

Releasing Attachment
About the Instructor
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149 Reviews
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Master Energy Coach

Shannon is a Master Energy Practitioner, trained in the Usui System of Natural Healing and teaches others how to tap into their own divine healing abilities. Shannon specializes in using energy to heal emotional issues and to promote self-growth.

Shannon gives back to her community by teaching Energy Healing tutorials and creating fun and inspirational videos on her youtube channel. She is a passionate writer and spiritual and self-growth enthusiast.

Shannon is a proud mother to two girls and two fur babies. They live in a quiet country town in Northern California. 

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