Magic Masterclass for Card Tricks and Magic Tricks
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Magic Masterclass for Card Tricks and Magic Tricks

An expert professional magician teaches you the basic magic principles for great magic tricks & impressive card tricks
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Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1 student enrolled
Created by Matthew Cope
Last updated 8/2017
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What Will I Learn?
  • Perform impressive but easy to do magic tricks with cards, coins and other objects
  • Have the background knowledge of magic techniques to be able to create your own tricks.
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  • All you need to get started is a deck of cards and other simple objects you find around the house.
  • For a few of the tricks an extra secret magic gimmick is required which you may have already or can be easily obtained very cheaply.

Beginners Magic Masterclass Teaching Amazing Magic Tricks and Impressive Card Tricks

This course is all about teaching you the main principles of magic via the basic techniques, allowing you to master them easily and perform impressive magic tricks that will amaze your friends, family and anyone else you choose to perform for.

Everything is taught in an informal but concise style by me; a full time professional magician and fully qualified teacher. I make all of the tricks and principles very easy to understand having taught each one to over 500 individuals on a 1:1 basis during my live magic masterclasses.

There are tricks with cards, coins and other everyday items, the majority of which need no specialist materials. I have also included an introduction to using a special magic gimmick which is easily and cheaply available. As I say, this isn't a necessity for most of the tricks but I've included this additional tuition to get you further along the road to becoming a great magician.

You'll be able to watch and read through the majority of the material in a couple of hours but this course is intended as a resource for you to keep coming back to and working on to develop as a magician. You'll be performing tricks like "Sister Cards" in a matter of minutes. With tricks like the "Coin Vanish" you'll understand the moves straight away and be performing them soon after but only practice will make you a master.

You'll see each trick how it's intended to be performed followed by an explanation video showing you the method and techniques with a roaming camera for you to get right into the action. Some of the tricks require separate "utility moves" you can use for a few different tricks in this course as well as thousands in the future. These "Utility Moves" also have their own detailed instruction videos.

  1. Amazing Magic Tricks & Impressive Card Tricks.
  2. Taught By A Full Time Professional Magician.
  3. Tested On Over 500 live students.
  4. Special Insight Into Invaluable Magic Gimmicks.
  5. Utility Moves Give You The Tools To Create Your Own Tricks.

I look forward to starting you on your magical journey,


Who is the target audience?
  • This Magic Masterclass is for beginners to magic wanting to perform impressive magic tricks for their friends, family and colleagues.
  • The material is intended to give newbies the foundation of techniques they can use to build more and more magic tricks.
  • This course is intended for those who would like to learn actual magic tricks, not for those who would just like to learn flashy card moves.
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Curriculum For This Course
37 Lectures
Start Here
1 Lecture 02:42

Welcome to the Beginners Magic Masterclass, check out the video so we can begin your journey into performing great magic together.

Preview 02:42
Card Trick Performances
6 Lectures 10:57

A spectator chooses a card which can then be revealed by the magician in any way they wish.

Preview 01:36

It's a bet the spectator doesn't think they can possibly loose but you're a magician so you always win.

Preview 02:12

A spectator's pulse gives away the location of their card.

Preview 01:59

A great card revelation with a kicker ending

Preview 01:24

A very easy way to have a spectator choose a card then be able to tell them what it is.

Preview 00:57

An impossible looking trick where the spectator does all of the work themselves.

Sister Cards
1 Lecture 00:40

What to expect from your explanations.

Explanations Introduction
Utility Card Moves
3 Lectures 09:00

This is a great card control that's really easy to do. It looks like you're shuffling the deck fairly but really you're keeping track of one particular card the whole time. 

Overhand Shuffle Control

The most simple way to get a spectator to choose the card you want them to choose but there's much more to this than you may first think so watch carefully.

Cross Cut Card Force

This is a legitimate shuffle if you go all the way through the deck but by altering it a little you can get away with a very deceptive & fair looking placement.

Hindu Shuffle
Card Trick Explanations
5 Lectures 18:26

You'll need to have learnt the "Cross Cut Card Force" for this one and the "Overhand Shuffle Control" will come in handy too.

Simple Card Revelation - Explanation

You'll need to know the "Hindu Shuffle" for this one & the "Overhand Shuffle Card Control" will come in handy if you don't want to have to peek and remember a different bottom card each time.

Feel The Pulse - Explanation

You'll have to have learnt the Hindu Shuffle for this one so check that out first if you haven't already

Turn Over Card - Explanation

A classic of magic you'll be able to do with any deck (even a borrowed one) make sure you've learnt the "Hindu Shuffle" first though.

I Know Your Card - Explanation

I love this trick, it's self working after your initial work but the key is in the detail of how you give your instructions.

Sister Cards - Explanation
Coin Trick Performances
5 Lectures 03:07

An impromptu miracle, the magician passes a coin through the table then back again before a final unexpected killer finish. 

"Coin" Through Table

The magician makes a coin or any small object vanish into thin air.

Coin Vanish

The magician rubs a coin on their elbow and it completely vanishes.

Elbow Clean Up

A spectator blows on a coin and it completely disappears.

Blow Vanish Clean Up

A coin passes through a solid table top, the audience actually hear it pass through!!!

Coin Through Table
Coin Trick Explanations
4 Lectures 11:23

This is an awesome trick I love performing when out to dinner, in a cafe or at a BBQ. You don't need any extra gimmicks, you can borrow everything you need and it gets amazing reactions from a live audience. 

"Coin" Through Table - Explanation

A great method of vanishing a coin, this uses possibly the most common method known as the French Drop. Watch the video carefully as it's 10% move & 90% acting to make it look good.

Coin Vanish - Explanation

Once you've done a coin vanish like the French Drop, you're left "dirty" ie. you have a coin in one of your hands so you can't show them both empty. You need to ditch it somewhere so these are some methods of doing it without getting caught. 

Clean Up - Explanations

Unlike the other "Coin" through table, this is an actual coin going through the table with no cover etc. It's a great way to use the technique taught in the "Coin Vanish" and you're not left having to conceal or ditch a coin.

Coin Through Table - Explanation
Special Gimmick Performances
6 Lectures 06:08

The magician burns a hole in the centre of a borrowed napkin then magically restores it right before the spectators eyes.

Burnt & Restored Napkin

Another classic of magic, make a handkerchief magically disappear.

Vanishing Handkerchief

Once you've vanished the handkerchief, you could just make it reappear but this is a more interesting way of doing it using a napkin. The magician pulls the handkerchief from the centre of an empty napkin.

Vanish & Appear Hank In Napkin

A great way to produce your handkerchief, I absolutely love the smoothness of the clean up on this one too.

Vanish & Appear Hank In £20 Note

A very clean coin vanish with a small coin, it completely vanishes even in short sleeves.

Little Coin Vanish

A trick that can be performed whilst out to dinner or for large audiences. The magician pours salt into their empty fist, it quickly vanishes only to be poured out of the other hand.

Passing Salt
Special Gimmick Explanations
5 Lectures 21:49

All the hard work for this trick takes place when the audience aren't paying attention to it so it's perfect misdirection. You can also make it seem completely impromptu when out for dinner or at a BBQ.

Burnt & Restored Napkin - Explanation

There is so much more to this than stuffing your handkerchief into the gimmick, make sure you pay close attention to the finer points of this video.

Vanishing Handkerchief - Explanation

Here are a few options for reproducing a handkerchief magically either once you've made it vanish or as an opener to a routine.

Handkerchief Appearances - Explanations

A very clean vanish of a coin or other small object, you will need to use a special gimmick but handle it properly and it will go undetected. 

Little Coin Vanish - Explanation

You're gimmick is often associated with a vanishing handkerchief but not many people link it to other effects and this is a great trick to use it for.

Passing Salt - Explanation
Final Thoughts
1 Lecture 00:41

Thanks for learning from the Beginners Magic Masterclass, if you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me a message and I'll try my best to help you out.

Magically yours,


Beginners Masterclass Final Thoughts
About the Instructor
Matthew Cope
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Magician & Instructor at Letterbox Magic

Matt is a full time professional magician with over 22 years experience of performing magic. he is also a fully qualified teacher with 10 years experience in that field.

Matt teaches and performs magic daily now taught magic to over 1,000 people face to face.

His day job sees him performing magic at weddings, dinners, trade fairs and corporate events all over the UK and occasionally a few international engagements. With over 22 years of performing under his belt, he's the perfect guy to teach you how to get on the road to performing some amazing magic.