Learn to Love Yourself and Live a Life of Happiness Now
4.6 (5 ratings)
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545 students enrolled
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Learn to Love Yourself and Live a Life of Happiness Now

Blueprint to Growing Your Love Vibration & Inner Light
4.6 (5 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
545 students enrolled
Created by Helena Berggren
Last updated 12/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • Be more accepting and loving towards self
  • Understand how loving yourself positively effects your world and those around you.
  • Know how to use EFT to remove blocks that may be hindering you from loving yourself fully.
  • Know multiple techniques to increase your own love vibration.
  • Be able to pick the right self-love technique depending on the circumstances.
  • Feel more at peace with yourself.
  • Know some of the science of love and how powerful it is.
  • Learn to see signs that your love vibration is increasing.
  • Feel true empowerment by using self-love techniques
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  • Able to dedicate about 30-60 minutes to each section in order to fully take advantage of the exercises.
  • Have an open mind.
  • Able to take notes when prompted.
  • If privacy is important make sure you are somewhere you are free from interruptions.

In this course you will discover how to unblock negative thinking about yourself and your abilities, so you will feel an internal freedom to follow your dreams and be happier with who you are. 

Over 500 students are already enrolled and enjoying the benefits of increased happiness! 

You will learn some easy techniques to help you increase your own love and light and watch your life improve. You will understand why self-love techniques are the foundation of self-empowerment in everyone's life. No matter where you are in your life right now, as you learn to respect, appreciate, and love yourself more and on a deeper level, other things in your life will make a positive shift too. 

Join the force of love so you can spread more light and happiness into the world, starting with yourself. 

Latest Update: January 9, 2016

Build Your Foundation To a Happier and More Fulfilling Life By Challenging Yourself To Take And Complete All The Actions In This Course        

  • Understand that love is the foundation to happiness and empowerment in your life
  • Identify areas that need your attention for you to feel emotionally free
  • Learn do-it-yourself tricks to quickly get yourself back on track
  • Find out how to love You the best
  • Recognize that love will grow exponentially and that you always must start with yourself
  • Understand that self-empowerment and love starts from within

In today's society we hear more and more about people being stressed out, depressed, and overwhelmed. More is expected of us with seemingly less time to do it. We are pressured to look a certain way and to be a certain way, and no matter how much we try we seem to fall short of these standards. This course will help You bypass all of this so that you can in fact love yourself just as you are. Appreciate your uniqueness and be exactly who you were meant to be - because that is where the magic happens! 

What you are getting in this course
This course is divided into seven sections and includes lectures to go over specific topics related to the subject of growing your light and self empowerment through love. Self empowerment and Love isn't just a "fluffy" thing that people feel. Love has scientists and doctors engaged. Book after book have been written about the subject and there is more to love than just a feeling. This knowledge will help you understand why love is so important in your life and why it all starts with You. The lectures flows down into actions that will help you change your habits so that you can reap the benefits of love in your life as soon as possible. One important addition to this course is the EFT sections. EFT stands for 'Emotional Freedom Technique' and is an easy to learn technique I will teach you in order for you to get rid of blocks that may be holding you down. You see, if I tell you to look into the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful and nothing in you believes it; the exercise will most likely not work. With EFT we will change those beliefs and open ourselves up to love. In other words, with these combined techniques you will start to allow yourself to love yourself and with that comes true self empowerment! 

Not only will you walk away from this course with new knowledge about love but you will also feel more confident and the the love inside and around you will increase. 

I can't wait to meet you and see you transform! 
Much Love and Blessings
~Helena, the SunnySoul Coach 

Who is the target audience?
  • Everyone that wants to feel more in power of their own life
  • Everyone who is looking to learn easy techniques to improve their own self-love
  • Everyone interested in living a happier life
  • People that are struggling with self worth, feeling stuck in the "funk", and/or is ready to change.
  • Everyone who wants to know how to use EFT to feel better about themselves
  • This is not for people that are not willing to put in the work it takes to reach a new and better self by following the action steps in this course.
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Curriculum For This Course
39 Lectures
Your Own Foundation of Love
7 Lectures 17:33

Introduction to what loving yourself is all about. When we start to build a foundation of love everything else we build on top of it will be stronger.

Preview 04:43

Prayer - Open Me up

Understand the structure of this course! There are three "types" of lectures: Theory, EFT and Action; these are explained here.

Preview 02:50

This EFT session will help you open up your mind to the possibilities this course is offering you. Many come in to a course like this with the belief that "this probably won't work for me but I'll try anyway". With EFT we will remove those limiting beliefs so we can fill that space up with positive thoughts and excitement instead. 

Follow along and tap on the same spots on yourself while repeating the words to yourself out loud. 

Preview 07:35

Take a moment and think about what you would want out of this course... List is available for you to download. 

Your Personal Goals

First action of the course. Identify things you love about yourself now to strengthen your own self-view.

Action: I love this about myself
What words do you Use?
7 Lectures 22:31

Words are not just a collection of letters, they hold an electrical charge to them too. We feel this charge every day no matter if the words are spoken to us, by us, or contained in our brains or hearts as silent whisperers. We will jump right in to look at some amazing studies on how words can change your world. You don't want to miss this one!

The Multiple Effects of Words

Prayer - Open me up to receive

Physical change usually does not happen over night, but our mental state can. With EFT we will shift our minds to start loving ourselves the way we are right in this moment. Allowing ourselves to love our flaws and talking and thinking kind words.

Follow along and tap on the same spots on yourself while repeating the words to yourself out loud. 

EFT: This is the way I look right now

Learn how to transform your water bottle into a bottle of love.

Action: Water of Love

This lecture will help you set up for the next meditation session. Get everything you need up front so you don't scramble as you click play :) I want You to be able to just focus on the task at hand. 

Preparation for Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Prayer - Let me see my own beauty

Meditation exercise to get you comfortable in your own skin. Seeing your own beauty and practicing talking gently to yourself.

Action: Mirror Mirror on the Wall
One For All - All For One
3 Lectures 04:47

Understand how to feel better about yourself by treating others with love. Just like the boomerang - it will come back to you.

Like a Boomerang

Prayer - Speak Love

There is a big secret out there, a secret we all know - it just isn't spoken about. When we give love to someone else we are giving it back to ourselves instantly. Practice increasing the love in your life by adding love to someone else's life. That's what I call efficiency at its best :) 

Action: A Day of Shared Bliss
The Language of Your Heart
2 Lectures 05:05

Love is shared in many different ways, and you will learn that people respond to different types of expressions of love depending on their love receptors. None is right or wrong: the more you learn about these love receptors - called love languages, the better equipped you will be to increase the love of yourself and others around you.

Speak Your Heart

Prayer - Love Myself
Me Myself and I
6 Lectures 22:44

Alone is strong! Understand why spending time by yourself is important for your longevity and energy to keep your love vibration strong.

Alone vs Loneliness

Prayer - Let me hear You

This EFT session will help you remove possible fears and even shame about taking time for yourself in the busy world we are living in today.

Follow along and tap on the same spots on yourself while repeating the words to yourself out loud. 

EFT: Being with myself

It's time to get your calendar out and schedule some time off - time for yourself! Ideas of activities, time saviors and getting it done. 

Action: Disconnect for 60 minutes

Prayer - Guide Me

Indulge in this 9 minute daily meditation session to allow your energy deposits to be refilled so that you can be your best self today, tomorrow, and every day. Use it as often as you wish. 

Meditation: Love Fuel for Your Day
The Side Effects of Love
4 Lectures 18:48

Why is Love so important? Isn't it just a feeling? It wouldn't be so intriguing if it was "just" a feeling would it?! Love is an energy that is POWERFUL and you will learn just how powerful in this lecture!

The Power of Love

Prayer - Vibrate at Love

We all have this list somewhere stored inside of us. We believe that we would be better if we just had this one thing, or looked like this or that... Always striving, never satisfied. Let's take that list out and actually work on it together!

Preview 01:38

Using your "I would love myself more if..." list You will select items, one at a time, and release them with EFT. The EFT script can be used for any "iffy" feelings about yourself.

Follow along and tap on the same spots on yourself while repeating the words to yourself out loud. 

EFT: Kick Those If's Away
Love Your Body Now
6 Lectures 35:21

We all know that one person that looks like a rock star, yet complain about everything about their looks and body. And then, we also know that one person that seems to be completely at peace with who they are without looking like a rock star... Most of us are right in the middle. This lecture will help you understand that is far more beneficial to love an imperfect body, than to dislike a perfect one! 

Your Physical Body

Prayer - Allow me to Love my body

This is one of my favorite tapping sessions! Will use the tapping tree that was completed in the previous lecture. We will tap on the various issues in one sitting. You can use the pre-filled tapping tree or use your own. Just replace things with items on your own tree. 

Follow along and tap on the same spots on yourself while repeating the words to yourself out loud. 

EFT: My body

In order to deal with our body images and what we think and feel about our own bodies You will fill out a "tapping tree". This lecture will define the different sections of the tree and how to use it. Make sure you download your own blank form to help you complete this task. 

Preview 03:42

Prayer - Love the home of my Soul

It's time to give yourself the touch of love. This meditation exercise will allow you to shower your body with appreciation and love while also giving it the much needed physical touch. 

Action: The Love Bath
Bonus - Additional Information
4 Lectures 08:22

Let's review the course and your goals together. Take out the list of goals you wrote at the beginning and see how far you have gotten today. 

Course Completed - what happens next?

If you are ready for the next step - here is some information for you. 

Bonus: Get my Free Assessment Report to take you to the next level

List and links to Helena's other courses.

Bonus - Other Courses by Helena

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About the Instructor
Helena Berggren
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SunnySoul Coach™ | Life Coach | Speaker | Author

Helena has been in the field of coaching for 18 years already. She started out as a dance choreographer and coach for one of Sweden's national dance teams, where she became the first coach in Sweden to take her team to the finals in the world championship in 2004. "I worked my team up from pretty much nothing. The girls were in their young teens without much individual competition experience when I created the group" she says. "I had the same group of girls for years with only a few replacements here and there and was able to shape and inspire them through physical and mental practice. It was a full blown team effort when we did something that had never been done before in Sweden's history, and I am proud to this day for it!" she continues.

Helena also holds an undergraduate degree in Sport Management with a minor in sport psychology (among a few other majors and minors) and have been adding on to that knowledge ever since. Through her professional and private life she has always striven to help others excel; from process driven problem solving methodologies to mindfulness and praying. It is no wonder she was the Continuous Improvement Coordinator and Soft Skills Trainer at her last job before going out on her own.

In 2015 she decided to start her own company and pursued an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) clinical practitioner certificate to use as a base for her work as an Emotional Freedom Coach and her dream is coming full circle! Her slogan is: 

"Find the Miracle in You" 

Part of Helena's mission is to inspire and help as many people grow as possible. Touching their heart, mind, and soul, and guide them to make positive changes and unlocking their doors to their inner miracles available; which led her to naturally invest time, love, and effort into creating online courses. These courses are available for people that cannot attend, or are complimentary to, her on-premise workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. She is the SunnySoul Coach™