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Love Magnet: Snag the Ideal Mate With the Law of Attraction

Looking for love? Use the power of your mind & the Law of Attraction to draw a fulfilling relationship into your life.
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Last updated 4/2016
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What Will I Learn?
Understand, in detail, how the Law of Attraction works and how it relates to the construction of our reality (and everything in it!).
Identify limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors that prevent one from finding (or maintaining) a satisfying romantic relationship.
Transform limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors into empowering ones.
Align with a higher vibrational frequency.
Detach from outcomes, and overcome doubt, frustration and concern.
Establish higher levels of confidence, happiness, and self-love.
Identify signs of success, and learn how to react effectively to potential love interests and hopeful situations.
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  • Beginners are welcome, no prior knowledge on the Law of Attraction is required to complete this course.

Course Description

Though attracting love can feel frustrating, it doesn’t have to be at all!  Attracting and maintaining a fulfilling relationship is something anyone can do when the right thoughts and expectations are focused on and projected. This course will help you release negative thoughts and expectations about love and help you harness the power of your consciousness so you can become a magnet for your dream relationship through the Law of Attraction. 

Masterfully Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Love Life

  • Learn how the Law of Attraction actually works from start to finish (and prepare to have your mind blown!).
  • Identify what’s been causing the problems your current love life, and transform it quickly and easily.
  • Learn dozens of easy processes to feel better about love and relationships and improve your confidence. 
  • Practice thoughts and behaviors that align you with love and personal fulfillment.
  • Identify signs of success, and respond appropriately to them!

Learn About Love Attraction From A LOA Expert

My name is Andrea Schulman, I am a Law of Attraction coach and educator and I was nominated for the LOA Leader Award in 2015. I work one-on-one with Law of Attraction students around the globe. My advice on love and the Law of Attraction has reached millions, and has been published on some of the world's biggest consciousness websites and magazines, including Heart Centered Rebalancing, Simple Reminders, Conscious Life News, Expanded Consciousness, Spirit Science and OMTimes Magazine.

Contents and Overview

This course contains over 39 lectures, 3.5 hours of video content and a wide variety of tools and resources to enhance your learning experience and practice your new attraction skills and techniques.

It’s important to understand that love attraction is a process. Often, people jump right in and try to “attract” love without taking some of the necessary first steps.  

So to begin this course, we will go over the process of the Law of Attraction to ensure you understand fully how it works and have some manifestation experience before we tackle love attraction. Even if you are an experienced student of the Law of Attraction, I highly recommend completing these sections of the course.

After we have thoroughly examined the Law of Attraction, we will turn to the topic of your love life and uncover any limiting beliefs or behaviors you’ve been projecting. Transforming your limiting beliefs and behaviors is the most important work of the course and should be fully completed before moving on to later sections.

Next, it will be time to set your intention and get you into alignment with love. We will discuss some important points on attraction that are often neglected, including the process of detachment and the role of self-love. 

Finally, at the end of the course we will discuss signs of success, and offer you some tools to help you respond to potential mates as they are attracted to you.

By the end of this course, you will have established a healthy new paradigm for love and relationships. You will also have achieved greater levels of confidence, self-love, happiness and well-being.  Finally, you will feel better about relationships and experience a positive transformation in your love life and in the types of partners you attract.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is designed for students who are having difficulty attracting, or keeping, the kinds of romantic partners they really want.
  • This course is for students who want to find or grow a meaningful and fulfilling relationship.
  • This course is NOT for students who are hoping to learn how to attract one-night stands or multiple casual relationships.
  • The best students for this course are open-minded, and willing to examine their beliefs and behaviors.
  • Students must be willing to take this course step-by-step, as jumping ahead for a "quick fix" will likely be unsuccessful.
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Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 38 Lectures Collapse All 38 Lectures 03:55:11
1 Lecture 12:11

In this introduction, you will uncover the objectives for this course, and hear my personal story of love attraction.

Preview 12:11
What IS the Law of Attraction?
5 Lectures 28:34

In this introductory lecture, we will begin our discussion on the basics of the Law of Attraction.

Introduction to Section 2

By the end of this lecture, you will uncover an easy (and working!) definition for the Law of Attraction. 

Thoughts Become Things?

In this lecture, we will identify some real-life evidence for the Law of Attraction. This will greatly help you develop the belief you need in order to be more successful at intentional creation. By the end of this lecture, you will be in the process of collecting more personal evidence for this phenomenon. Collect as much as you can, and keep up with this process as the course progresses! 

Is This Stuff for Real?

This segment contains a short visualization exercise to help you manifest a few small things in your life.  Manifesting small things like this will help you accumulate verifiable proof that the Law of Attraction is always working. 

Practice this visualization exercise several times to get more and more comfortable with the process of attraction. Your belief and faith in the process will help you tremendously as we move forward.

Belief Visualization Exercise

In this conclusion we will review what you've learned so far about the definition of the Law of Attraction and the proof we have uncovered about it. 

Conclusion to Section 2
How Does the Law of Attraction Work?
6 Lectures 51:43

In this introductory lecture, we will begin our journey of understanding the process of the Law of Attraction.

Introduction to Section 3

Here, we will discuss the infinite nature of the universe. This will help you understand and believe that the possibilities in your life (and more specifically, your love life!) are limitless. 

How BIG Is the Universe?

In this lecture, you will learn what consciousness is and how it relates to the process of creation. You will also make an important personal connection to the source of consciousness. This will help make your work with the Law of Attraction feel more natural and intuitive to you. 

Consciousness Is the Key to Creation

In this lecture, you will learn what "vibrational energy" is and how it is relevant to the creation process.

Your Vibrational Energy

In this lecture, you will learn why your energy needs to "match" the energy of the reality you wish to get to. You will also uncover the process of "tuning in" to a desired reality.

Tuning In

In this conclusion, we wrap up our discussion on how the Law of Attraction works.

Conclusion to Section 3
Removing the Love-Repellent
5 Lectures 25:35

In this introductory lecture we will set the stage for the most important section of this course: identifying and transforming limiting thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Please note: be very thorough with this section of the course-it will greatly improve your ability to attract the kind of love you really want.

Introduction to Section 4

In this section you will learn what limiting beliefs are, and why they are so destructive to the love attraction process. Additionally, you will identify some of your personal limiting beliefs, and begin the process of transforming them into more positive ones.

Limiting Beliefs

In this segment, you will uncover the importance of using positive language, along with several common language "traps" that prevent love. You will also gain access to a number of resources to help you improve the quality of your language in order to become a stronger magnet for love and relationships.

Transforming Limiting Language

In this lecture, you will identify limiting behaviors that prevent love from manifesting in your life. You will also learn some techniques to help you project positively-expectant behaviors that are more magnetic for a satisfying love life. 

Transforming Limiting Behaviors

In this conclusion, we will wrap up our section on limiting beliefs, behaviors and language.

Conclusion to Section 4
The Love Blues-Love Problems Decoded With the LOA!
6 Lectures 38:09

In this introductory lecture, we will begin to dig deeper into common love issues that result from limiting beliefs and behaviors.  

Introduction to Section 5

In this segment, you will learn why some people have a hard time attracting dates and experience a long-term "dating dry spell." You will also uncover some common limiting beliefs that create this problem, and you will gain access to an exercise to help overcome this issue if you are suffering from it.

Dating Dry Spells

In this lecture, you will learn why some people attract the same kind of "bad" boyfriend or girlfriend repeatedly with the Law of Attraction. You will also gain access to some tools to avoid this common problem in your love life. 

The Never-Ending Wheel of Jerks

In this segment, we will explore why some people find themselves in long-term, unfulfilling relationships. You will also gain access to several exercises to overcome (or prevent) this issue from occurring in your love life.

Stuck in a Bad Situation

In this lecture, you will learn why some people are able to attract a love interest, but they are unable to get him or her to commit or take the relationship to the next level.  You will also learn how to establish beliefs and behaviors that will help you close the deal in a future relationship.

Can't close the deal!

In this conclusion lecture, we will wrap up our discussion on common love problems and their association with the Law of Attraction.  Please note: Make sure to complete the "Preparedness Checklist" pdf before moving on to section 6. 

Conclusion to Section 5
Becoming a Love Magnet
8 Lectures 46:46

In this introductory lecture, we will prepare to establish love attraction.

Introduction to Section 6

In this lecture, you will set your intention to attract love in a unique way, and you will learn why letting go (or detachment) is a critical step in the process. 

There's Only ONE Thing to "DO"

In this segment, you will gain clarity on why your good feelings are so very important to the process of love attraction. You will also gain access to a resource with multiple processes to inspire "good vibes."

Good Vibes Only

In this lecture, I explain how distraction can be a powerful tool to help detach from outcomes, limiting beliefs and negative thoughts about attracting love.

Be a Master of Distraction

In this lecture, you will learn why setting new goals is an important step in the process of detachment and letting go. You will also select a new, exciting goal to work toward in order to promote distraction from your primary focus of love attraction.

Set a New Goal

In this lecture, you will learn about the most important thing that will influence your ability to attract love. You will also understand why this factor is so critical, and have a plan to enhance this factor in your life.

The Most Important Thing of All...

This segment contains a short, guided meditation you will use to attract enhance feelings and beliefs of self-love and acceptance. 

Self-Love Meditation

In this conclusion lecture, we will wrap up our discussion on becoming a love magnet.

Conclusion to Section 6
Approaching the Finish Line
5 Lectures 25:58

In this introductory lecture, we will open our discussion on a few final things you need to know and understand about love attraction.

Introduction to Section 7

In this lecture, you will learn the three factors that will determine how long it will take for you to attract love.

When Will I Attract Love?

In this lecture, you will learn an effective strategy to cope with doubt, frustration or concern. Please note: if you are feeling positive and optimistic, please just move on to the next segment. Keep your positive momentum moving you forward. 

Coping With the Waiting Game

In this segment, you will learn how to identify positive signs of success. You will also learn a powerful process to help you respond effectively to potential love interests and hopeful situations.

Signs of Success

In this conclusion, we summarize our discussion on approaching the finish line with love and the Law of Attraction.

Conclusion to Section 7
Go Get 'Em!
2 Lectures 06:45

In this introductory lecture, we will set the stage for you to finish this course on becoming a love magnet.


In this short quiz, I will offer you some hypothetical romantic situations and issues, so you can test out your new knowledge and skills on love attraction!

Self-Assessment: Test Your Skills!
10 questions

In this final lecture, I will wrap up our course on becoming a love magnet. We will also identify the core issues of love attraction that played a part in my successful love journey, so you can make meaningful connections between what you've learned and how it plays out in the "real world."

Thank you for enrolling in my course on love attraction.  I wish you the very best as you move forward in life.  Be sure to share your successes with me!

Conclusion to the Course
About the Instructor
4.7 Average rating
19 Reviews
64 Students
1 Course
Law of Attraction Coach & Educator

Andrea Schulman is a Law of Attraction coach and educator from Palm Bay, Florida. She is the founder of Raise Your Vibration Today, which offers a Law of Attraction resource website along with other LOA services. Andrea coaches people one-on-one, runs a membership website and is a live speaker for group events.

In addition to coaching and teaching, she is also a popular blogger on the topic of the Law of Attraction, and her articles have been featured on many large spiritual and consciousness websites including (but not limited to) Heart Centered Rebalancing, Simple Reminders, Expanded Consciousness, Conscious Life News, OM Times, Spirit Science and The Mind Unleashed. She is also a frequent radio, podcast and telesummit speaker.

Before launching her career as a Law of Attraction coach and educator, Andrea was a high school psychology teacher for seven years, and is well-versed in student instruction and content delivery.

Additionally, she attended the University of Michigan and received a BS in psychology in 2001. As such, she has a wide range of understanding on the human psyche and applies that knowledge to help her students reach their highest potential with the Law of Attraction.

In her personal life, Andrea has been happily married for 10 years and has two young children, ages 7 and 5. She practices yoga, enjoys learning about technology and spends her free time with treasured friends and family.

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