Lose Weight: Four Simple Steps to Easy Weight Loss
4.6 (24 ratings)
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Lose Weight: Four Simple Steps to Easy Weight Loss

Stop Dieting and Discover Four Simple Steps to make your Weight Loss easy
4.6 (24 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,695 students enrolled
Created by Elaine Hilides
Last updated 6/2016
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What Will I Learn?
  • you'll be able to ditch the diet mentality
  • understand why you should listen to your body and not to your mind
  • learn how one small change can make a huge difference
  • understand why planning is a vitally important step in your weight loss journey
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  • all you need is an open mind and a willingness to change

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In these Four Simple Steps to Easy Weight Loss, you‘ll discover how to ditch the diet and let go of the diet mentality, how listening to your body instead of your head helps you to lose weight, how to make one change that will transform your daily diet and why preparing is such a vitally important step on your weight loss journey. There are also four simple weight loss tips to help you on your journey and four simple non-diet recipes for you to try.

This course is different from any other weight loss course because weight loss, or gain, is never just about the food we eat. This course will help you see that weight loss is more about the way we think about ourselves and the food we eat and how easy it is to change that thinking.

I am a Wellbeing and Weight Loss Coach and have been working in this field for more than a decade. I am also an author and have Diplomas in Diet, Nutrition and Raw Food Nutrition.

Learn how how these simple steps can transform your life

  • you’ll get four simple tips to help you on your weight loss journey
  • you’ll get chapters to help you change the way you think and the way you eat forever
  • you’ll get four simple, tasty non-diet recipes to try at home

About this course

This course is for anyone who has ever been overwhelmed with diet information and would just like some simple steps to follow to lose weight. For anyone who is desperate to change their eating habits and is fed up with a barrage of different, contradictory diet information. This course will make your life, your weight loss journey and your food choices, simple.

My problem in the past was that I loved food and as a consequence ate too much. I have stopped eating diary foods and bread - these have been substituted with soya milk and gluten free bread and I have never felt better. My only regret is that I did not discover Elaine 20 years ago.

It’s been amazing, I’ve lost 2 stone already and know that the rest will gradually go too. I just have a different relationship with food now, it doesn’t rule my life, yet I still enjoy my meals. And some of the suggestions equally to other areas of my life too, so generally I’m feeling more confident and optimistic, and even enjoying exercise too! I really can’t praise this system enough.’

Who is the target audience?
  • anyone who is fed up with diets and just wants simple steps to lose weight
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Curriculum For This Course
34 Lectures
Welcome to this Course
1 Lecture 01:53
  • In this course you will get four invaluable tips to help you on your weight loss journey 

    You’ll also get chapters explaining: 

    • Why you should Ditch the Diet
    • Why you should listen to your body and not your mind
    • How to make one small change
    • Why planning is a vitally important step

    You’ll also get four simple, tasty recipes you can try 

    There are also exciting bonuses: 

    a chapter from my book, ‘MindFullness: The No-Diet Diet’ book 

    Top Ten Recipes ebook

    40 Top Tips ebook

    Podcast of a live coaching session

Preview 01:53
Tip 1: Sneaky Snack
1 Lecture 01:59

We all like a snack, don't we?  Find out how this sneaky snack can help you on your weight loss journey.

Preview 01:59
Step 1: Ditch the Diet
3 Lectures 12:13
  • The first step on this journey is the ditch the diet. You know that diets don’t help you to lose weight. If they did, there would only be one and you would only need to go on it once. But how many diet’s have you been on during your life? How many times have you started a diet on Monday and felt great. But, by Friday, you’re already getting bored and, after all, it is the weekend and we all know that calories don’t count at the weekend, do they?

    Well, you’re probably in the grip of a diet mentality.

Preview 03:40

When you’re on a diet, you deny yourself the foods you think you want to eat and as soon as you stop the diet you go straight back to eating those foods because you haven’t addressed where the desire comes from. If you stop eating bags of chocolate buttons because you’re on a diet, you still want the buttons but you’re being ‘good’ and not eating them. You’re probably saving them to eat when you’ve reached your ideal weight. Hmmm, let’s think about that one? 

Why Diets make you want to eat more

  • You know that eating food that is natural and not made in a laboratory will make you feel good and allow the pounds to drop off. So why would you eat processed food that is full of sugar, salt and fat rather than a choosing a healthy option that probably tastes better? Because we’re surrounded by food type products that contain these ingredients and people that are eating this types of food and it feels normal. Every advert on tv is for processed food and drinks, we never see an advert for an apple on tv do we?

You've been sold a lie by the Diet Industry
Recipe 1: Mushroom Soup
1 Lecture 01:08

You can have this mushroom soup with or without cream depending on taste and where you are in your weight loss journey.

A Simple Soup
Myth: You Need to be on a Diet to Lose Weight
1 Lecture 09:06
  • On one level, you know that diets don’t work. How many diets has the average person been on and how often has the weight stayed off after the diet has finished?

    People make changes when they’re on a diet that are temporary and temporary changes don’t lead to permanent weight loss. It’s far better to find a satisfying eating plan that you can live with long term, one that satisfies you and doesn’t make you feel deprived.

The Diet Myth
Tip 2: Spice Up Your Life!
1 Lecture 02:12
  • We like to grind pepper on our food for the taste without being aware of the health benefits. Black pepper was once called the King of Spices and at one time only the wealthy could afford it. Pepper contains piperine which can be effective in treating cancer, digestive problems, heart disease, high blood pressure and loss of hearing.

Spice up your Life
Step 2: Listen to your Body, Not Your Mind
6 Lectures 17:44
  • Not only is there a relationship between the way we think and weight control, but often, the way we think, is the determining factor of whether we manage to lose weight or not. The people who don’t change the way they think about food and about themselves are the ones that fall off of the diet and then decide that they have must have chosen the wrong diet and so they search for a new, better diet. These are the people who are on a diet forever and diets will only ever provide a temporary fix.

Preview 03:19

  • Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Would you put up with a partner or a friend who told you the destructive, harmful things that you probably tell yourself. No! You’d get rid of them so why are you hanging on to these thoughts?

Is your mind your friend?

  • Our cells respond to our thoughts and our emotions, our mind’s perception of the world changes the biology and chemistry of our body which changes the cells in our body.

    How amazing is that?

The Science bit ...

We forget that the thoughts we have, the voice in our head is made up! We don’t follow every thought that we have, do we?

It's all made up!

  • Your body wants to work properly, it’s a machine designed to work properly. Your body is designed to be healthy.

    One of the ways that our body tells us that we have had enough to eat is that the food doesn’t taste as good as it did when we first started to eat. So many people tell me that they want to continue to eat their meal or cake/chocolate bar because it tastes so good and this is one area where we are definitely listening to our head and not to our body.

Your Body wants to work Properly

There is not one function in the human body that is not already present in every single cell. For example, you have various systems: digestive, respiratory, excretory, musculoskeletal, endocrine, reproductive, a nervous system and an immune system but every one of those functions exists in every one of your cells. In fact we are made in the image of a cell.

You can influence your cells with the way you think and the way you eat. How amazing is that?

Look at some of the things happening in your cells
Recipe 2: Garlic Pasta with Marinated Tomatoes
1 Lecture 01:26

Make this simple garlic pasta with marinated tomatoes

Garlic Pasta with Marinated Tomatoes
Myth: Obesity is Genetic
1 Lecture 08:59
  • You can blame your genes for your eye colour but can you blame your genes for the size of your jeans?

    Well, no. Sadly not. While there are some rare genetic conditions that can cause obesity, such as Prader-Willi syndrome, there is no reason why most people cannot lose weight.

    Only 1% of obese people can blame their parents and researchers believe that obesity is behavioural rather than genetic and that the government policy on obesity should be re thought.

Can you blame your genes for your weight?
Tip 3: Benefits of Banana
1 Lecture 01:39
  • I have heard people say that we should avoid bananas becausebut you’ll never look at a banana in the same way after this tip!

Banana Benefits
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Elaine Hilides
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Elaine has successfully worked as a Wellbeing Facilitator for the last 15 years helping people in the fields of anxiety, depression, addiction and weight loss, showing people how a simple understanding of where their feelings and experiences come from can transform their lives.

She has helped hundreds of clients get the life and body that they want. Elaine also has a no.1 weight loss book on Kindle, 'MindFullness:The No-Diet Diet Book'.

Elaine is a Three Principles Practitioner and Trainer, an International Speaker, a Diet and Nutrition Advisor and Raw Food Coach and her passion is sharing all that she knows with her clients to help them to be all they want to be.

MA, BA(Hons), MSNLP, Diploma in Diet and Nutrition, Diploma as Raw Food coach, TT3P