Fat Loss Blueprint: Lose Weight Starting This Week
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,028 students enrolled
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Fat Loss Blueprint: Lose Weight Starting This Week

Learn how to lose fat effectively using concepts used for their excellent results.
4.5 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
1,028 students enrolled
Created by Andrew Gallgan
Last updated 12/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Understand underlying concepts of fat loss
  • Pick out what fat is, and what fat isn't
  • Create a weight loss plan that anyone can use
  • Set due dates that their minds can wrap around
  • Implement food strategies that will make losing fat easy
  • Add important extras into their diet to make fat loss even faster
  • Point out why New Year's resolution diets don't work
  • Know the important of bodyfat percentage to fat loss
  • Choose what kinds of foods to eat to maximize weight loss
  • Utilize their brain to work smarter about their fat loss
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  • No knowledge of fat loss techniques, how to think about fat loss, or specific food benefits is necessary. Everything will be covered.
  • All a student needs is a good attitude, and a pen and paper.

Course Description

This course is for those who are interested in making their weight loss goals a reality but have no idea where to begin.

If you need to lose weight, and don't have any experience of doing this challenging task, you'll learn by understanding the fundamental concepts of fat loss, and then putting together the only plan you'll need to lose fat in the easy-to-follow lessons in this course.

Create A Plan, Set A Due Date, No Exercise Is Necessary

  • Learn The Why Behind Fat Loss Success Stories
  • Set Up A Comprehensive Plan You Can Follow
  • Make Fat Loss Easy By Creating Habits

Weight Loss Will Change Your Life Forever

You'll jump right into this course by learning the fat fundamentals, bonus tricks to attack fat, and get your fat burning to fall off before you know it.

Too many people make the mistake of jumping into weight loss expecting that they can rough through on will power alone. There's a reason why most diets are broken at night.

In this course you'll learn methods to leverage your body and your mind to work for you. If your body could take more calories to metabolize and digest a food, why would you eat that food?

Contents and Overview

After a brief introduction to energy's important role in fat loss, you'll learn what makes a good calorie so you can choose the right food to eat to keep you full while losing fat at the same time.

You'll then tackle energy management by means of freestlying, or skeleton planning. You'll get to know the value of using calories and kinds of calories, as well as how easy they are to work with.

Once your RMR and lifestyle energy are calculated, you'll add tricks used from the megabooster section to provide a strong parachute to your goal weight.

Example plans, and set up are spread throughout the course along with the choice to stick to a freestyle plan where you can choose to lose fat by understanding the fundamentals I will teach you.

I back up what I say with facts, studies, and results that have been gaining traction in the fitness community as fat loss needs become greater in the industry with more people desiring weight loss.

By the time you complete this course, you'll have gone from a complete novice on fat loss, energy, and their relationship to a results-based informed train on its track to a weight loss goal with a plan to keep them on track along with a habit creation schedule.

You'll be getting additional content as I continue to add to this course, and answer any questions that you may message me with, or post in the discussion section of this course.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course is meant for weight loss beginners that have no prior experience losing fat consistently according to their goals.
  • Unless you consider yourself an expert in fat loss, or have lost large amounts of fat over a relatively short period of time, this course is for you.
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Curriculum For This Course
This Course Can Change Your Life
3 Lectures 03:15

Let me explain to you what you're going to learn in this course! Let me give you a brief summary of what you're going to learn.

Preview 00:50

Losing weight has changed my life, so let me sell you on the reason why this course can change you.

Preview 01:14

Welcome! Get comfortable with asking questions, and getting involved with discussions throughout this course. However, before you go on with this course, please read and understand this disclaimer.

Eating Is Your Friend
6 Lectures 13:38

You require energy to stay alive. You use energy every day. Logically, you'd run out of energy at some point if it were not replenished. This is where food comes in. Get ready to change your mindset about food as I explain key concepts about nutrition you may never have heard before.

Preview 01:55

Where does the extra energy go? Or in other words, if I eat more calories than I use to live, plus the calories I use to do what I do every day, what happens? Get ready to learn how your body stores that before it starts storing those excess calories (energy) into fat.

Preview 01:59

Toss low fat diets out the window as I explain the fundamental nutritional difference between low fat diets, and low carb diets. Learn why people feel tired, and fall off diet plans when they try to take on low carb diets, and be happy that you are listening to this lecture because I explain the solution.

Preview 02:55

Protein is of huge importance to any person with any fitness goal period. Learn why protein is the cornerstone to any good diet, and get excited to learn the benefits protein has, such as "unseen" calorie drains in the hundreds of calories each day!

Preview 02:49

Is an 100 calorie candy bar the same as 100 calories of broccoli? Pat yourself on the back because I know you got the answer right. The calories are NOT the same. Why does this matter to you? If you want to feel great, and lose fat then this lecture is extremely important because it is a gamechanger.

Calories Aren't Created Equal

Eating 6 - 8 meals is a nuisance, and unrealistic for most people, and studies have shown that they don't effect the metabolism as much as popular media outlets rave that they do. Keep eating 3 meals a day with a smile on your face while I explain what eating schedules work.

Keep Your Eating Schedule

Is eating your friend? Solidify your understanding of this important section by taking this quiz to test your knowledge.

Eating Is Your Friend - Quiz 1
5 questions
Your Mega Booster
3 Lectures 08:49

If protein is the cornerstone to your diet, then water is the foundation. Hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of people that ventured out towards a fat loss goal have cited water as one of the greatest weapons in their weight loss arsenal. Learn why the turn to water can be your biggest unfair advantage in the war against fat.

Just Add Water

Adding spices such as turmeric, and cayenne pepper to your diet can turn the theory of "eating to lose weight" into a reality as fast as lightning. Feel the heat, and bite the bullet as I explain a powerful mega booster that will knock your socks off.

Spicing Things Up

Your body can be used for you, or against you and the choice is yours. Actually make the changes you want to make this time by using yourself to your advantage by understanding how humans rationalize their poor decisions. Understand the importance of your due date for your goal, and remember to never to change your goal, and only change your plan if it's not working.

Work Smarter

Have you understood the underlying concepts of the megabooster section? I hope you already know how important it is to be happy in life, so make sure you have this knowledge by taking this quiz.

Maximize My Fat Loss... Smiling
3 questions
You Have Options
3 Lectures 04:17

The knowledge of the resting metabolic rate was one of the first pieces to the puzzle I learned to unlock the secret of easy fat loss. I am the kind of person that loves seeing the numbers, and predicting results and if you are too, then get ready to learn an extremely powerful tool for losing fat, and keeping track of your energy.

Resting Metabolic Rate

Resting metabolic rate only takes into account the how much calories you burn just for existing. However, unless you're in some extremely rare and unusual circumstance, you do things during the time you have each day. Learn to take this into account, and pile this up with your RMR to have a big picture look on your calorie expenditure.

A Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Calculate Your RMR
The Beginning Of Your Journey
6 Lectures 16:16

Can someone lose pounds of weight by just eating junk food? Amazingly, the answer is YES! Remember that you use energy to live, and if you take in less than that energy, you'll lose weight. Solidify the idea of calorie deficit theory put into perspective, and then learn how you can use the theory to your benefit.

How A Professor Lost Pounds Eating Twinkies

Any goal, and by extension, any diet plan begins with the end in mind. Planners start with the outcome first, and the rest then is filled out according to that desired outcome. I put outcomes into perspective, and begin the planning portion of this course in this lecture.

What Do You Want To Look Like?

The second step to any good plan is setting an end date, or a "due date" for whatever outcome you have chosen for yourself. It's imperative that you choose the right timing because an end date that is too soon can be extremely difficult, or virtually impossible while an end date that is too far away can leave you exhausted, bored, and can you see you fall off your plan.

Timing Is Essential

Essential to your goal, learn the fundamental concepts of desired pounds off into needed calories lost and discover how a for-sure diet is actually very simple.

Convert Pounds To Calories

The culmination of the planning stage, put everything together and create your plan for your goal on your time set. Get a pen and paper, and get determined to make a change that you will never forget!

The No Non-Sense Method

This the Master Plan for Your New Weight Loss Journey!

The Plan
The Key To Success
3 Lectures 06:57

No one has ever lost fat by making isolated decisions about each food choice and why every time they went to eat. Their diet would break within a couple weeks or less! Habits are what make extremely difficult things actually seem like a stroll in the park.

Why Do Habits Matter?

Habit creation is very difficult unless you're lucky and you were somehow born with great habits, and few bad habits. I've never met anyone so lucky. But you're in luck because once you simply hear of this simple concept, your thought on habit creation will change. Learn why habit creation is simple, and use this new skill to implement the plan you created to lose fat.

Habit Creation In Minutes

The habit calendar that I use to maximize the success of my choices is attached here. Just start from wherever you are!

Your Calendar
1 page
Megaboosting Bonus and Q&A
2 Lectures 00:57

My farewell to you all, for only a short time - I will continue to add to this course! I welcome all questions. Thank you so much again!

Last Words

This is the beginning of the questions and answers section, along with additional content for this course. I look forward to adding to this course regularly.

Have Any Questions?
About the Instructor
Andrew Gallgan
4.5 Average rating
4 Reviews
1,028 Students
1 Course
Entrepreneur, Engineering Student & Fitness Addict

I am an engineering student, entrepreneur, and fitness instructor based in South Florida. I am passionate about solving problems, and tackling challenges by using all forms of leverage and have fast tracked many people to their fitness goals. Learn how to get to your fitness goal from my "concept-method pyramid" teaching style.

"I am a problem solver. I love fitness, the human body, and making the world a more easy place to live in is my passion." - Andrew

I currently live near Miami, Florida where I am building my life, and my company. I began my fitness and nutrition career in college after I lost a significant amount of weight. I found that excessive weight was a problem for me and I solved it. Fitness came so naturally that, I knew it was the career for me. I'm a Mechanical Engineering major with a fitness addiction. I won the Congressional Medal of Merit award when I was a senior in college.

My motto is to teach methods that build on concepts. In my courses, you will be fast tracked through the underlying, and fundamentally important concepts before being taught result driven methods. Understanding why you're doing something, and then doing it is a great way to build enthusiasm, and perseverance which are key components in fitness, and life goals..

My goal is to give my students the ability to change their lives with the skills they learn in my classes.