Lose Belly Fat Fast - Using Real Food WITHOUT Torture Diets!

The Fastest Way To Lose Fat Using Real Food WITHOUT Torture Diets While Eating WHAT You Want Using Intermittent Fasting
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Published 2/2016 English

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- Revised and Last Updated on December 03, 2016

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Hey, let me ask you a question...

Is this YOU?

Have you been frustrated and STRUGGLING with weight loss? Are you tired of spending years following the usual advice of fitness experts like cranking up your cardio and trying another diet?!?

If you're like many others, you've likely tried every weight loss fad diet. Whether it's Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach Diet or Atkins, even if you lost "some" weight, you gained it all back and more? You're not alone.

The weight-loss industry is a machine. It makes making billions of dollars off pain and suffering, raking in huge profits, and delivering minimal or NO results. THEN.... they seduce you into buying their NEXT product with more lies and false claims.

If you know what I'm talking about and are fed up, then this might be for you.

There are solutions and methods to achieve healthy weight loss BUT it's almost like an “Underground” society reserved for athletes, celebrities and fitness gurus.

However the good news is there ARE Fat Burning Secrets using a little-known “flexible” diet lifestyle that literally FORCES your body to melt away 1-2 pounds of stubborn belly fat every week consistently.

Stay with me for just a few moments and I'll reveal what you need to know and how you can experience what I did!

First, let me introduce myself. Hi I’m Tim and I want to let you in on this "little secret." It’s a secret that took me years to fully understand. It’s also something the fitness industry does NOT want you to discover. And I hate to say it, but you very own doctor is unlikely to share it with you because medical doctors aren't even aware it exists.

The secret I’m talking allowed me to DROP 22 pounds of fat in as little as 12 short weeks without dieting or starving myself.

The best part about this secret was I was able to strategically eat the foods that the so called, “nutritional experts” told me to avoid if I wanted any chance of losing stubborn belly fat.

What I discovered was a NEW and EXCITING way to eat that gave me the FREEDOM to enjoy my favorite foods with family and friends without having to starve myself.

Again, if weight loss has been a challenge for you in the past I want to show you how you can still enjoy your favorite foods while dropping those unwanted pounds and inches off your waistline at the same time.

The BEST part is, it’s not a “fad” diet, but a whole NEW way to approach that fits perfectly in anyone's busy lifestyle and "normal" eating.

So IF you are ready to learn this ground-breaking and exciting way to eat, while losing weight at the same time, simply click the button and I’ll see you on the inside.

What are the requirements?

  • Download Your FREE Fat Burning Calculator In The First Section Of The Course
  • Get the approval from your doctor before making any big health changes.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • An Increase In Your #1 Fat Burning Hormone By 700%
  • Transform Your Body To Look Your Best Ever In ONLY 25 Days All While Eating WHATEVER You Want Every 7 Days...
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes & an Easing of Symptoms
  • Discover why intermittent fasting is the BEST method for fat loss
  • Begin intermittent fasting for maximal fat loss
  • Choose the right flexible diet based on individuals lifestyle
  • Increased Insulin Sensitivity So You Can Eat More & Stay Slim
  • Customize when to eat "cheat foods" for optimal fat loss
  • Do intermittent fasting & never get hungry!
  • Do intermittent fasting easily and have fun
  • Build a lean physique effortlessly without starving yourself
  • A Decrease In Your Stress Hormone So You Burn More Belly Fat
  • Lose up to 8-16-20 pounds of fat in 4 weeks
  • Eat big meals until you are SATISFIED and lose belly fat like you never have before.
  • Be more energenic than you've ever been before
  • Discover that Losing weight never tasted so good! In fact, with these underhanded food strategies, you'll never use the word "diet" again!
  • Reverse the aging process
  • Increase in Your Brain Function For Better Memory and Concentration
  • Increased Testosterone If You’re a Man
  • Decreased Inflammation So Your Joints Heal & Feel Better

Who is the target audience?

  • You enjoy food with friends and family
  • Anyone with the desire to loose stubborn belly fat
  • Those who have failed with diets and gained the weight back.
  • Those who want something new and fresh without compromising lifestyle.
  • You want freedom from hunger and food-obsession
  • You want a simple strategy you can follow for a lifetime
  • You want to understand the scientific proof behind the method
  • You want results quickly, and you want to keep them for life!...

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.



In this lecture I introduce myself and my experiences os losing 22 pounds of fat while eating my favorite cheat foods!

In order to figure out what you NEED to eat to Burn Belly fat while eating your favorite cheat foods, make sure to download your FREE Fat Burning Calculator here=>http://turnaroundfitness.com/free-fat-burning-calculator/


Intermittent fasting is a weight loss plan that is often misunderstood by those who have heard about it. There are also many people who don't know about this type of weight loss plan, as it is not as popular as most other methods which are focused on for losing weight. Intermittent fasting however, is one of the most natural means anyone can employ to lose weight and to stay healthy.


Contrary to the thinking of many, intermittent fasting is not about eating certain foods but about a dieting pattern. Nut-shelled, it is about coming up with a conscious plan to help your meals. With a rigorous plan, intermittent fasting allows one to fast some times and eat normally other times of the day.


For a very long time, fasting has always been associated with religious beliefs or dieting. But that's no longer the only purpose of fasting as different research findings have also indicated that fasting is generally good for your health, especially the heart.

The same applies if you're physically sluggish or mentally clogged and you're looking for something that will clear up your mind and leave you in a perfect health.

How is this even possible?

What are the exact health benefits of fasting?

Find out in section 3 as we'll learn 7 benefits that fasting is healthy

There are many different diet plans out there, but all of the successful methods have one thing in common: you take in fewer calories than you burn on a daily basis. When you burn more calories over time, you lose weight. If you don't, then your weight will not drop

In this section you will learn 2 popular diets and how they work


Though there are a number of diet plans available nowadays, most individuals struggle throughout their lives to get in shape. The reason behind this is they are not successful in choosing the right plan to lose weight. It is therefore important to first understand your body and the reason for losing weight i.e. whether you want to get rid of stubborn fat or lose weight for bodybuilding.

Whatever the reason is carb cycling is going to work for you, if followed in the correct way. Unlike other diet plans which are pretty hard to follow, carb cycling is an easy yet effective diet for losing those extra pounds because you can still enjoy the foods you love.


Here's a great article on the effectiveness to eating carbs before bed to burn MORE Belly fat Fast.

Section 6: CAN YOU LOSE FAT AND BUILD MUSCLE (Diet & Exercise)

We are well aware of the fact that loosing fat is not enough to keep your weight off for too long. Unfortunately, most of us find their weight coming back after some time. The reason behind this is as soon as you return back to normal eating from a weight loss plan or intermittent fasting, the fat redevelops and you gain weight. The only way to keep your weight off is to build muscle along with losing fat so that there is no room for the fat to show up later.

Is it possible to lose weight and build muscle at the same time?

Find out in this educational lecture


While Intermittent Fasting, or IF, is fast gaining popularity as “the new perfect diet designed to guarantee weight loss”, in reality this concept has been practiced since the beginning of time. In all earnestness, intermittent fasting is not really a diet; rather it is a dieting pattern or what can most appropriately be termed as a lifestyle change.

So if you are intrigued by the whole concept of IF, here is some worthwhile information that will demystify this eating pattern and tell you exactly what intermittent fasting really is, how it works for your body and even give you your intermittent fasting Grocery List so that you can prepare wholesome nutritious meals to ensure good health.

The aim here is to not only understand what intermittent fasting does for your body, but to get a clearer picture of how you can best incorporate it in to your own lifestyle to make a positive change.

Section 8: NO MORE 6 MEALS A DAY

Exercise is the old faithful; but to shed those unwanted pounds it’s important to pay attention to your diet.

You simply can not out-train a BAD diet!

Enough has been said about the ill effects of dieting so be careful as a wrong diet plan can do more harm than good in the long run.

Fitness experts have been advocating the 6 meal theory for better metabolism and weight loss – but a modern and definitely safer take on dieting which is gaining popularity very rapidly, is intermittent fasting. This method is better than the previously touted 6 small meals diet. It means NO MORE 6 meals a day.


Intermittent fasting isn’t a diet, but a diet pattern. In easier terms: it is about making a conscious choice to skip certain foods. Intermittent fasting means consuming the calories during the specific window of the day, and choosing not to eat during the remaining part of the day. Now there are several different ways to make use of intermittent fasting:


This article expalins why you need to cheat on your diet to burn more fat.

Lose Weight By Eating More Article

Intermittent fasting has become a popular term in the health and weight loss industry. Unlike the many weight loss gimmicks being circulated out there every day, fasting is a research proven way to limit calories, increase metabolism and enjoy fat loss benefits. The concept of intermittent fasting is based on evidence that eating less promotes a healthier and longer life. You are expected to alternate between a fast period where you go without food and a feast period where you feed. This might sound simple and straight to the point, but it takes more than that to make fasting work for you. The following guide provides different steps you must take to ensure effective intermittent fasting to be successful.

Section 11: BONUS (TurnAroundFitness Blog) and Other Udemy Courses

Make sure to check out my other Udemy courses to help you reach your desired goals


Make sure to check out The TurnAroundFitness Blog for more FREE content!

"Your ultimate FREE source for diet plans, workouts, motivation, and expert advice on building muscle, losing fat and gaining strength."


For Men (and Women) who want a flexible diet and workout plan to lose 10-20-30 pounds of belly fat while building muscle simultaneously in just 12 weeks...WITHOUT starving yourself or living in the gym..

Get 180 Muscle Right NOW for 50% OFF Using This Coupon Code=>https://www.udemy.com/the-180-muscle-method/?couponCode=Limited+50%25+OFF

Is This You?

  • Have you been BUSTING your ass in the gym and have LITTLE to NOTHING to show for it?
  • Have you been in the gym for years and years but still struggle to put on any amount of size-able muscle gains while losing that stubborn 10-20-30 pounds of belly fat?
  • Do you want a flexible diet and workout plan without starving yourself with the so called, "Chicken and Broccoli" diet or living in the gym?
  • Do you want more "Confidence" around your friends, dating relationships or your job?
  • Do you lose motivation easily?
  • You can't afford a personal trainer or nutritionist?

And Finally... Do You Ever Get The Feeling Of Just Giving UP?


The 180 Muscle Method  Is A 12 Week Transformation Program That Uses The “Secret Metabolic Intensifier”  Protocol That Turbocharges The Size Of Your
 Muscles, Give You Strength and Incinerate Stubborn Belly Fat…
All At The Same Time! Leaving You Feeling Leaner, Stronger, Motivated and Energized ALL In Only 180 Minutes A Week!

What's The Significance To The Number 180?

  • The Number 180 You might be wondering the significance of the number 180? The number 180 is the most important number in this program because it is the number that has the most scientific significance in 180 Muscle.
  • Antagonist/Agonist The term One Eighty literally means, “Opposite Direction.” The entire 180 Muscle method program is a complete 12 week workout program where you train antagonist/agonist muscle groups or (opposing muscle groups).
  • 180 Minutes A Week (4 Days)One Eighty is representative of the number of minutes in the program (180 minutes a week). Train only for 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week which equals 180 minutes total a WEEK!
  • 180 Most Optimal The number 180 was chosen because of the fact that it is the MOST optimal number for many of these variables when it comes to unleashing your body’s own anabolic hormones for maximum muscle growth – naturally!As will be explained in the program, 180 minutes a week has been proven to be the most optimal amount of time you need a week to notice any amount of muscle gains.
  • Reps One Eighty is the ideal amount of reps (90 reps antagonist/90 reps agonist) needed to not only build size but, to burn stubborn fat all over your body.

With 180 Muscle You’ll Be Able To:

  • Experience volcano-grade burns that will take your physique to places it's never been before
  • Experience a body-altering effect that feels unlike anything else. It's time to grow again by awakening every untapped and underutilized muscle fiber.
  • Learn techniques that will help to ensure every single workout is a winning workout and that out-performs the previous workout.
  • Use a very specific finishing move (DRTS) that will help to flush blood and nutrients into the muscles when added to the end of your normal body-part workout
  • Maximize every single ounce of your strength potential and catapult you physique into the next league.
  • Builds what I like to call, “Confidence Boosting Muscle” that leaves you UN-Stoppable!

Get 180 Muscle Right NOW for 87% OFF Using This Coupon Code=>https://www.udemy.com/the-180-muscle-method/?couponCode=Limited+50%25+OFF

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