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Logic Pro X: Pro Production Techniques to Improve Your Sound

Learn how to make better music in Logic Pro X easier and more effectively!
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Created by Joseph Evans
Last updated 9/2016
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This course is very easy to devour and was created to be a resource to help you produce professional music in Logic Pro X. If you want to take your Logic & music production skills to the next level, this IS the course for you.

By the end of this course you will be able to...

    • Produce more professional sounding tracks with a more creative, efficient and productive work flow

    • Create tracks that rival the Billboard top charting songs

    • Arrange your song with advanced production techniques

    • Make your drums 'KNOCK'

    • Use modern production techniques to set your beat and melodies apart from the competition

    • And much, much more!!

    • 30 Day Full Money-Back Guarantee

    • Download or Stream Now - it's up to you.

"Pro Production Techniques for Logic Pro X - Tutorial" was created to help intermediate to advanced level music producers take their beats to the next level.

    Who is the target audience?
    • Take this course if you already know how to make banging beats and instrumentals.
    • Take this course if you want to learn tips in tricks in Logic Pro X that the majority of other producers don't know.
    • Take this course if you want to improve your productivity in the software.
    • Take this course if you want to stay current with today's sound.
    • Don't take this course if you are an absolute beginner to using Logic Pro X (I have other courses to help you learn the basics, but this course is for more intermediate and advanced music producers, beat makers, and composers)
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    What Will I Learn?
    Use "Key Commands" to increase your productivity in the software.
    Quickly track & professionally track out your beats in Logic Pro X.
    Use several modern production techniques and effects to set your beat instrumentals apart from the competition.
    Make your drums & 808's Knock!
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    • You need to have a Macbook Pro or other Apple Computer with Logic Pro X installed and ready to go.
    • You need to know the basics of how to record and operate the software.
    Curriculum For This Course
    Expand All 27 Lectures Collapse All 27 Lectures 02:08:20
    Welcome to "Logic Pro X Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for Music Producers
    1 Lecture 03:35

    This is the introduction. In this lecture I just wanted to reintroduce myself and what you will learn after completing this course. Excited to have you aboard, let's go!

    Preview 03:35
    Logic X Tutorial: Important Key Commands
    2 Lectures 08:46

    You will be able to use several "key commands" to help you navigate in Logic Pro X. Some of the things we will cover consist of moving the playhead left or right, several ways to zoom in or out, how to use your trackpad and or apple mouse to quickly move anywhere in the project window, and a few other great short cuts, that if practiced will help increase your overall productivity in the software. Practicing and getting use to using these "key commands" is truly the key! Anyone can learn something, but you have to apply it to your craft to actually benefit from the knowledge.

    Preview 03:02

    You will learn several "key commands" in Logic Pro X that will help you edit your music. Some of the commands we will cover will help you copy, paste, and split both audio and midi software tracks. You will also learn some tips on quickly saving your work, creating new audio midi tracks, opening main creation and editing windows, and several other "key commands" that will help you create a more efficient workflow while creating music.

    Editing "Key Commands" in Logic Pro X
    Logic X Tutorial: How to make your beats KNOCK!
    10 Lectures 51:01

    You will learn how to download and use the Kontack 5 Sampler for Logic Pro X for FREE! This sampler is by far way easier to use and create music with than the EXS24 in my opinion and by the end of this lecture I am sure you will feel the same.

    Preview 06:21

    You will know how to load and sequence drums with your new Kontack 5 Sampler. We will cover my quick creation method (3 step process) using this sampler in Logic Pro X.

    How to quickly record drum patterns using the Kontack 5 Sampler

    You will know how to instantly, with the click of a few buttons, layout a fire 808 drum pattern in Logic Pro X. We will be using the Piano Roll feature to do this and cover a few creation tips as well.

    How to make catchy Trap 808 Drums

    You will be able to instantly make your 808 drums stand out with one effect in Logic Pro X. We will also cover why most producers 808s and Kicks don't work together and how to fix this problem.

    Preview 03:12

    You will be able to record your own unique high hat drum patterns using Logic Pro X's Piano Roll Feature. 

    Preview 06:01

    In this second lecture on trap high hat tricks you will learn several different ways to record your own unique high hat drum patterns using Logic Pro X's Piano Roll Feature. 

    Trap high hat tricks using the piano roll (Part 2)

    You will be able to use the Piano Roll Feature to record amazing melodies in Logic Pro X. We will also cover several editing tips using the piano roll to speed up the process.

    Preview 06:30

    You will learn how to apply the proper delay effects to different instruments in your instrumentals to take your beats to another dimension. With this technique and your creativity you will really be able to create a unique sound when applied in moderation.

    Using the delay effect

    This very important lecture will demonstrate the importance of going back through your tracks after the basic ideas are in place and switching out sounds to make sure everything works perfectly together. This process is very important and can be the one thing that will separate your beats and music from those that don't implement this technique into their daily practice during the creation process in Logic Pro X.

    Sound Selection Is Key

    You will learn a quick way to change the velocity of the notes in any pattern or sequence. This will help create a more polished and consistent sound and can also give your tracks more life if you take the time to properly make these adjustments.

    How to change your velocity settings in Logic X.
    Logic X Tutorial: Modern Production Tips & Tricks For Beat Makers and Producers
    11 Lectures 57:11

    You will learn how to unlock all of Logic Pro X's editing functions. This will help you avoid getting frustrated during the creation process (you don't want to get into the groove of creating and want to edit something real quick, later to find out the quick editing technique you are trying to use in the software is not available. Trust me this sucks and this lecture will help you to avoid that)

    Preview 02:20

    Project organization is one of the most important tips when it comes to producing music. You will learn how to use my organization tip to help save time while working in Logic Pro X.

    How to organize your tracks to save time during the editing process

    You will know how to export your midi instrument files in Logic Pro several ways. This is very important because certain production tricks can only be done to an audio file.

    Preview 07:48

    This is part two where we will continue in building on several exporting techniques.

    Advanced Exporting Tips in Logic Pro X (Part 2)

    You will learn how to use the fade tool to create a really cool effect on any audio track called the "Tape Stop Effect" in Logic Pro X. This effect will make your tracks sound like they have a personal dj chopping up the mix. 

    Tape Stop Effect

    You will learn how to use the fade tool to create a really cool effect on any audio track called the "Speed Up Tape Effect" in Logic Pro X. This effect will make your tracks sound like they have a personal dj chopping up the mix. 

    Speed Up Tape Effect

    You will learn how to apply a side chain effect in Logic Pro X. The side chain effect is used to create more room for the low end frequencies of a kick drum to shine over the low end frequencies of a bass. Use this effect to make your kick drum stand out in a muddy or bass heavy mix.

    Preview 07:57

    You will learn how to use the vocoder to create a machine like vox effect used by the internationally know futuristic band Daft Punk in Logic Pro X. 

    How to use the vocoder to get that daft punk feel on your tracks in Logic Pro X.

    You will learn how to use the Forced Legato feature in Logic Pro X to polish up any sequence, pattern, melody that isn't quite playing right because the notes are different lengths. The Forced Legato feature automatically extends all the notes in your sequence to the next note, which creates a more even sound throughout your tracks.

    How to quickly and accurately change the note length for a better sound.

    You will learn how to hide unwanted tracks during the creative process. This helps you to create as much as you like to get the initial idea out and then cut what doesn't work with the direction of the track, while still keeping the original in tack. 

    A quick tip to increase your efficiency level while working in Logic X.

    You will learn how to freeze your tracks. This technique is used for times when you have way to many effects and tracks and your computer gets a "system overload" message in Logic Pro X. Freezing the tracks temporarily converts your files into a form that make it easier for Logic Pro X to process all of the effects, instruments, etc. It's best you use this technique during the editing and mixing steps of the creation process because there are several limitations to freezing your tracks.

    How to freeze your tracks so you can free up more processing power
    Logic Pro X Tutorial: Tips & Tricks for formatting your beat into a song
    3 Lectures 08:06

    You will learn how to use the muting hot key in Logic Pro X to arrange your beats into song format while still giving you flexibility to make adjustments in the future if needed.

    Tracking Secret #1

    You will learn to convert Instrument Tracks from the EXS24 Sampler into audio in Logic Pro X. This will help you to create certain cool effects to the mix.

    Tracking Secret #2

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    Joseph Evans Jr better known as EVAJ MUSIC is an ASCAP Accredited Music Producer, Composer, & Songwriter. His music is licensed to several major networks such as MTV, VH1, TruTV, Bravo, on shows such as "Real Housewives", "Love & HipHop Atlanta", "Fuse News", "Hardcore Pawn", and "Guy Court". He has also worked with several independent artists over the past 10 years.  

    He is a Full Sail Graduate and an active NARIP Member. Currently residing in Atlanta, GA. Joseph is actively pursuing licensing opportunities in film, television, games, and advertising.    

    "Enroll in one of my 17 courses on topics such as: Logic Pro X, GarageBand, Audacity, Music Production, Mixing, and Music Theory and learn what it takes to develop your craft and polish your music." - Joseph

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