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A Guide To Transform Your Life and Create A Life You Love
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About This Course

Published 7/2015 English

Course Description

Live Unstoppable - 7 Steps to Soaring Transformation is a step by step process into the core of transformation. Your instructor Jacquelyn Jones, a Master Life and Business Strategist has studied, tested and combined the most profound teachings and brought them together in this unique comprehensive learning experience that is packed with repeatable, reliable tools and strategies for you to remove barriers and blocks that may be holding you back and guide you to create a life you love living; a life of unstoppable success in all areas of your life.

The 7 Steps to Soaring Transformation tunes you into your higher self and unleashes the glorious power within you to live your greatness. In this journey, you will be taken through the proprietary 7 step process in an easy to understand, hands-on, fun and engaging experience. Each of the 7 Steps has key lessons, tools, strategies and “life work" exercise that ignite feelings, thoughts and new perceptions that bring forth shifts, and when applied to action, create miraculous and soaring transformation.

What you will learn is how to attain inner and outer success, a life of abundance and prosperity as well as an inner feeling of completeness that allows a fullness of life to dwell and expand from within you, and it all begins in your core.

So come along! Begin your journey to soaring transformation NOW. You are in the right place. It's the right time. Don't wait another second…. A happier more abundant life is waiting for you. Join the movement, your success starts NOW!

Over 40 lectures and 4 hours of content!

The 7 Steps to Soaring Transformation are...

  • Evaluate and take 100% responsibility
  • Evoke and discover your core desired feelings
  • Envision and create what you desire most in life
  • Engage and begin your journey of transformation
  • Expand and step-in to a higher vibration of being
  • Empower your mind and soar from your core
  • Emerge and celebrate your becoming

Get Started Today! You Will Be So Glad You Did!

What are the requirements?

  • No requirements are needed before starting this course. Ideally have a strong desire to want more in any area of your life.
  • Willingness to invest in the most deserving person and that is yourself!

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Ability to move from stopped to unstoppable and transform your life.
  • Break through barriers and blocks that hold you back.
  • Create greater abundance, happiness and success in all areas of your life.
  • How to move from stress, lack and overwhelm to a life you love living!
  • Learn how to attain both inner and outer success and unleash the power within you!

Who is the target audience?

  • Seeking greater prosperity, happiness and success in your life
  • Posses a desire for more purpose and to reach your fullest potential
  • Desire for less stress, struggle and to have more fun and freedom

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Introduction

In this lecture you will engage in the course overview, a journey into a powerful transformational process. You will gain a view into this exceptional experiential program, designed to provide you with tools that allow you to go deeper than you ever imagined, tools that allow you to breakthrough to creating an unstoppable life. You are embarking on a proven, reliable, repeatable formula to soaring transformation. It is an invitation to fully engage in the course and all that is available to you including bonuses, meditations, exercise and more. You may even want to have a three ring binder to keep the “work life” exercises and material provide for you. A good notebook will provide you with a place to keep your material track your growth and will also be a great place for you to journal.


In this lecture you get my commitment to your success and a view into the first process of transformation, tapping into your heart and feelings. You will gain the knowledge to the structure of the teachings that are simple (but not always easy). Each of the 7 Steps has key lessons.

The 7 Steps to Soaring Transformation are:

  • Evaluate
  • Evoke
  • Envision
  • Expand
  • Engage
  • Empower
  • Emerge

So are you ready? Let your Journey begin…..


Beginning with the foundation that everything we do is driven by a desire to feel a certain way. Along the journey you will discover how to make your feelings the heart of the matter. You will discover where to start when you want to transition or change your life.

Section 2: Step 1- Evaluate

In this lecture, you will gain the knowledge that there is only one person responsible for the condition of your life and that person is YOU! The truth is, we are each consciously or subconsciously creating our experience through the thoughts we have and the meaning we give to events and the actions we take.


In this key lesson you will be using the Life Wheel, to assess your satisfaction in the four core areas of your life, your Health, your Relationships, your Vocation and your Freedom. This lesson is designed to give you a pulse check on where you are now.


In this lesson, you learn the power of gratitude. When you choose positive feelings, you raise your vibration which opens you up to greater flow and opportunities. What you appreciate, appreciates and you attract more of what you are grateful in. Everything is energy and you become a vibrational match to the energy you are in.


In this lesson you uncover the dissatisfaction you have in your life. You will better understand what part of that dissatisfaction comes from actual discontent and what part comes from a greater longing or desire for something more in your life. You will explore what it is costing you to live in longing and discontent. This is the gap between where you are today and where you would love to be in your life. Being able to define this gap is a key step in building the bridge to the life you would love!


This lecture summarizes the key learning points in the Evaluate step and provides you with a list of the tools and strategies to learn and use repeatedly on your journey to transformation and in life.

Section 3: Step 2 - Evoke

In this section you will be introduced to the process of awakening, exploring and clarifying that which you most desire to feel in your life.


In this key lesson you will learn and go through a process to help you move out of your head and into your heart. Getting in touch with your feelings and emotions is key to your transformation.

Quiz - Awakening To Your Ideal Life
2 pages

In this lesson you will explore words that mean the most to you in a feeling way. As a bonus you will also be taken on a guided meditation to explore your core desired feelings in each of the four areas of your life: your Health, your Relationships, your Vocation and your Freedom. Be sure to experience this meditation in a quiet place free from distractions. Have your journal handy some you can take notes about your experience following the meditation.


This meditation will allow you to further explore and anchor those feelings you most desire.


In this lesson, you will narrow your focus to the few core feelings that resonate most with your soul. These are your Core, Desired Feelings, a key aspect to your soaring transformation!


This lecture summarizes the key learning points in the Evoke step and provides you with a list of the tools and strategies to learn and use repeatedly on your journey to transformation and in life.

Section 4: Step 3 - Envision Part I

In this lecture you will come to know that you are full of endless possibilities. You will your life purpose, your intention and your vision and how to begin living a vision based life and not a conditioned based life.


In this key lesson you will deepen your knowledge of self-worth, your sense of deserving and acceptance. You are worthy of that which you desire; it is your birthright.


In this lesson you will learn that developing self-love is an essential key to all of life. It is the portal to walk through for your journey here on earth, in relationships, career, health and prosperity. You will learn that love is the essence of who you are and the difference between self-love and self-esteem.


In this lesson you will learn how to uncover and name your limiting beliefs, your stories and paradigms. You will also gain tools to know that you are not your story, how to distance yourself from them and discover the 3 C's to greater Self-Love; self-Clarity, Self-Compassion and Self-Care.


This lesson helps you uncover, discover and develop greater acceptance and self-love. This is powerful exercise was learned from the great Louise Hay of Hay House.


Ho O'ponopono is an ancient Hawaiian releasing technique to help you loosen and release old limiting beliefs, paradigms and stories that you have held on to. The meditation practice should be completed in a quiet place.

Section 5: Step 3 - Envision Part II

In this lecture you will deepen your clarity to the transformation you desire. Your clarity is key, and this step is a deep dive into defining your purpose, intentions and visions and how to test all that you want to bring forth into your new life.


In this key lesson, you will define your Purpose in life. Your purpose is connected to your soul and answers what is your unique Gift or contribution that you bring to the world. Your purpose is aligned with your soul and is also referred to as your driving force as it pulls you forward.


In this key lesson, you define your Intention in life. Your intention answers the question “why” and is your motivator. Your intention is broad and general, not specific. It is what gets you out of bed in the morning. Your intention expresses the long-term impact you hope to have in the world.


In this key lesson, you will define and write your Vision. Your Vision represents the total journey you are taking. It represents "what" you are doing with your life and can reflect your daily marching orders. Your Vision maps the course that enables you to live your Intention and Purpose.


This lesson helps you to avoid getting stuck in over-planning. You will gain the one simple step you can take daily to continually make progress toward your Vision.


This lecture summarizes the key learning points in the Envision step and provides you with a list of the tools and strategies to learn and use repeatedly on your journey to transformation and in life.

Section 6: Step 4 - Expand

In this lecture, you will receive a review of what you learned in the first three steps. Then you will be introduced to the GAP, the barriers between the life you know and the life you desire to bring forth. There are three obstacles that can cause you to revert back to the pull of old limiting beliefs, paradigms, habits and your old life. They are fear, constriction and resentment. In this Step, I will be guiding you with tools and strategies to recognize these obstacles when they show up, as well as, giving you tools and strategies to help you expand beyond these barriers.


In this key lesson, I will guide you to understand that fear is not your enemy; it is your friend and should not be pushed away. Fear tells you that you are stretching into areas you've not experienced yet. It shows you where and how you are evolving and becoming that person you desire to be. I will also share how to turn that fear into a source of energy to propel you forward.


In this key lesson, I will guide you to know how constriction, lack and a scarcity mindset only serve to hold you back from living a more fulfilling life. I will introduce you to the Law of Circulation as a foundational strategy to guide you to overcome constriction and how to use it in favor of bringing more abundance and prosperity into your life.


In this key lesson, I will take you through the third obstacle which is resentment. The antidote to resentment is forgiveness. It means to “give for.” Forgiveness is a shift in perception. When we forgive, we give one perception up for another. We give up the negative perceptions of people and things that have hurt us in the past in order to allow ourselves to receive positive. Forgiveness is a key tool for bridging the gap from the life you have known to the life you would love to live.


This lecture summarizes the key learning points in the Expand step and provides you with a list of the tools and strategies to learn and use repeatedly on your journey to transformation and in life.

Section 7: Step 5 - Engage

In this step you will be guided to trust life's unfolding, this means to engage in the truth that the Universe is truly on your side. You will learn the importance to cultivate strong relationships, spiritually, in loving and fullfilling relationships and in gaining support and having partners in believing. This step will guide you to aligning with a greater energy and loving what is.


You will learn the importance to cultivate strong spiritual relationships and the most important one, is the one with your self. This also means the importance in trusting that the Universe is truly on your side. To trust in life's unfolding and to trust your heart.


Research shows that strong relationships contribute to a longer, healthier and happier life. In this key lesson, you will receive tools to increase your experience in relationships that are more supportive, nurturing and loving and help you to also better understand those relationships that do not fit that bill.


This bonus recording will allow you to understand that all relationships are an opportunity to open up to a greater expansion within. There is an ancient saying that says. "You have no friends, you have no enemies you only have teachers." Especially in difficult relationships it is our spiritual opportunity to say how might I learn from this.


In this lesson, you will be introduced to the power of the Mastermind. Based on Napoleon Hill's key principles of success, the most successful people in the world surround themselves with partners in believing who help to keep them in a higher mind. This key lesson will help you understand the value of the Mastermind and guide you in creating your own circle of support.


This lecture summarizes the key learning points in the Engage step and provides you with a list of the tools and strategies to learn and use repeatedly on your journey to transformation and in life.

Section 8: Step 6 - Empower

This lecture introduces you to the Empower step and allows you to see the power starts with you, always with you. Each day we get to choose how we want to feel, what we will focus on and the choices we make. What a gift each day to know that you are Omni-potent.


In this key lesson the true power of "I AM" is revealed - the I am of you core, your spirit, your heart.


A teaching story and poem that is the powerful truth of I AM.


The power you have begins with listening to your voice of intuition, also referred to as the still small voice. Your voice of intuition is your higher voice, your inner spirtuality. It is the voice of truth that is as loud as our willingness to listen.


In this key lesson we become aware that when we justify our actions, when we are in shame, blame or complain we lose our empowerment. When we are calm and act rather than react we come to live from empowerment.


Failure, set-backs and let downs are all feedback. We are not meant to succeed at all things, we are meant to find what works and does not. We are all meant to fall down and learn. See failure as a set-up, for a come back.


This lecture summarizes the key learning points in the Empower step and provides you with a list of the tools and strategies to learn and use repeatedly on your journey to transformation and in life.

Section 9: Step 7 - Emerge

This lecture reviews the key learning points of each of the 7 Steps to Soaring Transformation.


This key lesson reveals that each one of us is given our own unique calling to soar, to live the life we most desire and to create all the success that we envision. Each one of us was put on this earth to fill our purpose. If you follow your heart even if you take a detour your life purpose will not go away.

It is your time, embrace your beautiful self and soul, this world needs you!

Your gifts are waiting to unfold, allow, release, step-in fully in to all you are meant to be, do, and have....transform and soar. This world needs you!

Celebrate You! Celebrate and Soar!


Section 10: Acknowledgment

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Instructor Biography

Jacquelyn Jones, Master Life and Business Strategist

Jacquelyn Jones is a Master Life and Business Strategist, with over three decades in building businesses and transforming lives. Jacquelyn is a sought after inspirational consultant, trainer and speaker expertly guiding women, business owners and organizations to create personal and professional change, from the power of their authenticity. She is best known for empowering the greatness within that creates profound internal shifts at accelerated rates. Jacquelyn has built three successful businesses and continues to serve as a strategic advisor to many hundreds of women, business owners and organizations. A graduate of UCLA with Master certifications in Strategic Intervention, Life Mastery, Relationship and Executive Business Consulting. Jacquelyn teaches a proven step by step formula that builds success, breaks income barriers and raises leaders to build thriving organizations and a life of fulfillment. Her in-depth expertise enables her to help leaders thrive in an ever-changing world. Jacquelyn is a compassionate honored mentor whose mission is to help women in every economic condition worldwide transform the quality of their lives.

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