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Listia: How to Use It To Build a Home Based Business

Learn how to sell on Listia only 1-3 hours a day.
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How Much Are You Willing To Invest To Receive A Monthly Salary Of Over $1000?

Some would pay $5.000, $10.000, even $24.000, if you consider it as an investment that returns in just two years!

Well, now you can invest a lot less money and earn the same amount in your pocket by simply purchasing this course. Take a look at the second lecture, which is made public, to see a few facts from my Paypal account.

Keep in mind that this course is available at this price only this month.After this, the price will increase.

This is a medium length course that teaches you how to earn extra money or even make a monthly income with Listia. It is about different techniques of internet marketing, which can also be used for other websites.

There is no special requirements in order to take this course, all you need to know is a few basic things like computers and surfing the internet.

This course contains video materials with presentation to highlight main ideas, screencasts which show you step by step instructions to do certain tasks, text material that contains additional help (links, detailed instructions, rules, etc.) The course can be divided into several days or it can be completed in a few hours straight. We would recommend dividing it, however, because the amount of information can be overwhelming for some and there are hands-on tasks that need to be done.

The course is structured around main ideas highlighted In presentations. Each section has a conclusion. The beginning of the section highlights the main ideas, which are then elaborated and the conclusion recaps those ideas to summarize the information presented. There's also a quiz at the end of each section to strengthen your knowledge.

For your comfort, we've arranged the presentations into videos, but they can also be downloaded in the “Additional Resources" tab of the course.

Taking this course can be very rewarding as it shows not only specific information for Listia, but general techniques for making money on the internet.

Who is the target audience?
  • This course aims at teaching people to earn money from the comfort of their home.
  • College students and people in their first year at a full time job can all get a ton a value from this course.
  • This course was designed for people who know little or nothing about making an income online. Even if you're more experienced, you still may learn a thing or two.
  • This course is not for you If you're wanting to make $1000 untill tomorrow by pressing a few buttons.
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What Will I Learn?
Understand a few specific techniques of internet marketing
Setup the work environment needed to conduct a home based business
Properly setup a Paypal account, an Ebay account and a Listia account
Master the techniques of getting tons of credits on Listia
Learn how to convert credits into cash and goods
Know the secrets of how to easily run a hugely successful Listia account
Learn how to efficiently ship goods all around the world
Substantially increase your Listia earnings
Learn the secrets to interact with your buyers and sellers
View Curriculum
  • You should already be familiar with computers and have an internet connection
  • Come with a willingness to learn.
  • Be prepared to put in a small effort and reserve some time to make sure that you properly understand all the lectures.
Curriculum For This Course
Expand All 24 Lectures Collapse All 24 Lectures 01:01:01
Introduction to the course
4 Lectures 04:18

Hello and welcome to this course!

This course is composed of multiple materials. Each section begins with a welcome lecture, explaining the broad idea in that particular section and preparing you for it. You will have video material, audio, text and a quiz to deepen your knowledge.

Preview 01:10

This lecture shows what are the possible amounts of money that you can make and how much time is needed for that.

Preview 01:49

Thank you for purchasing this course! We hope you'll enjoy taking it as well as we've enjoyed making it. For any questions or feedback, please ask us and we'll be happy to help.

This lecture describes what are the prerequisites to start earning on Listia.

Preview 01:04

In this section, you have learned a few basic things you will need:

  • what materials are at your disposal
  • what are the prerequisites to start earning on Listia
  • what are the possible amounts of money that you can make and how much time is needed for that
Conclusion to Section 1
Introduction to Listia
7 Lectures 19:22

Listia Is eBay, But for Free Stuff!

When you have something that you don't need anymore, but don't want to trash, you tend to give it away. Sometimes they go to friends, sometimes you post them on Craigslist. But there's no system based on merit or need. After all, some people need a lightly-used baby stroller more than others.

Preview 00:58

This lecture teaches you to properly choose and create your personal Paypal account.

Additional reading material can be found at How Do I Get a PayPal Account.

Creating a Paypal account First!

This lecture teaches you to create your personal EBay account and to customize your pre-chosen EBay username.

Additional reading material can be found at How to register an EBay account.

Creating an EBay account Second

Getting started with Listia is easy and free! Below are the different ways of signing up with our site. New users get 1000 free credits to start:

Standard Sign Up

Visit to sign up and register. All you need to do is enter a user name, email and password. After you confirm your registration through the confirmation email, you’re all set!

Facebook Sign Up

You can register and sign up for Listia with Facebook! Simply go to and click on the "Sign Up with Facebook" icon. A pop-up window will appear for you to login and click "Allow" on the Facebook login form. Signing up through Facebook will get you 100 bonus credits.

Referral Link Sign Up

If a friend referred you to Listia, use their unique URL link to sign up. This way your friend will receive bonus credits for referring friends and you will get 250 bonus credits for signing up through a referral! The steps of signing up are the same as the standard sign up.

To protect users from fraud, there are a few methods of account verification that help buyers avoid untrustworthy sellers. Verification is optional but highly recommended if you want to show that you are serious about your listings.

Currently, we offer two levels of verification:

  • Listia Verified
    This means that the account has been personally verified by Listia's staff, and the account owner is in fact who they claim to be. This verification applies only to accounts that represent organizations and other public-facing entities (Listia's official account is an example), and cannot be automatically earned.
  • Verified Account, Level 1
    When a user has provided phone verification in addition to connecting with a verified1 Facebook account, they receive this first level of verification. Phone verification means that the user has successfully given us a valid phone number they have access to.

What are the benefits of becoming verified?

  • Visitors to your auctions will see that you are verified and have more confidence in bidding on your listings.

In addition to these verification levels, we also have the following tools:

  • Credit Card or Bank Account Verification
    This shows that the user has successfully verified that they have a working credit card or bank account.
  • Facebook and Twitter profiles
    Users may choose to show their Facebook and/or Twitter profile links on their Listia profiles. This is especially helpful for newer users who have not had time to build up their Listia reputation yet. Use these links to check out who the user is and help ensure that you are not dealing with a fake or fraudulent account. Users can choose to opt-out of showing these links as well if they prefer to keep things private.

Looking to verify your account? The following links may help:

Although verification does not necessarily mean a user is 100% trustworthy, it is an additional tool that can help users decide whether or not to bid on a listing. Users who have completed all the verification steps and have good feedback on the site can generally be considered more trustworthy than those without verification.

Preview 03:10

This lecture is about the Listia interface. It is an introductory material to the website and it's main functions.

Preview 02:26

A user’s feedback rating is a good way to see how reputable someone is. An example feedback rating could look something like "(20) 75%". What this means is that the user has received 20 feedback ratings where 75% of those (excluding neutral ratings and rounded to the nearest whole number) were positive. The number of feedback ratings include neutral ratings as well. When a user has a percentage of "NA" this means that this user has not received any non neutral feedback ratings yet. Feedback can be given for a period of up to 90 days following the end of a listing.

When Negative Feedback Is Not Allowed

The possible feedback options are closely tied to the state of a listing. We realize there are some scenarios where you would like to leave a negative feedback, but in these cases please explain your situation with a neutral feedback. If you leave negative feedback and your listing goes into one of the following scenarios, your feedback will be removed automatically and you will be able to leave new feedback.

Winner can't leave negative feedback for seller when:

  • Listing completes normally
    When credits are transferred to the seller from the winner without any form of dispute, the winner can't leave negative feedback for the seller. If the exchange warrants negative feedback to the seller, the winner should file a request for their credits to be returned.
  • Winner doesn't respond, no longer wants the item or refuses to pay shipping
    If a winner does not fulfill their end of the exchange (not responsive, refused to pay shipping, decides they don't want the item, misread the auction details etc.) the seller will keep the credits and the winner can't leave negative feedback for the seller. This is to protect sellers against getting negative feedback from unresponsive or uncommitted bidders.
  • Listia favors seller in a dispute
    If a winner is found to be at fault during a dispute, the seller will keep the credits and the winner can't leave negative feedback for the seller. This is to protect sellers against getting negative feedback from bidders who do not comply with the rules of the marketplace.
  • Listia settles a dispute
    As of 7/2/2012, in rare cases where a dispute is settled because it is too difficult to favor one user over the other, both users will receive equal compensation and neither user can leave negative feedback for the other user.

Seller can't leave negative feedback for winner when:

  • Listing completes normally
    When credits are transferred to the seller from the winner without any form of dispute, the seller can't leave negative feedback for the winner.
  • Winner requests a refund from seller and seller does not respond or agrees
    If a winner requests a refund from the seller and there is no reply from them or they agree, the seller can't leave negative feedback for the winner.
  • Listia favors winner in a dispute
    If a seller is found to be at fault during a dispute, the winner will get a refund of credits and the seller can't leave negative feedback for the winner. This is to protect winners against getting negative feedback from sellers who do not comply with the rules of the marketplace.
  • Listia settles a dispute
    As of 7/2/2012, in rare cases where a dispute is settled because it is too difficult to favor one user over the other, both users will receive equal compensation and neither user can leave negative feedback for the other user.

Abuse Policy

We do not edit feedback comments unless they contain:

  • Personal information about another member
  • Comments that do not reference the relevant listing
  • Profane, inflammatory, vulgar, obscene or racist remarks
Getting positive feedback and fans at the same time

In this section you have learned what Listia stands for and what accounts you need to start working with it.

  • You've learned how to create a Paypal account and how to link your credit or debit card to it
  • You've learned how to create an Ebay account and to customize your pre-chosen Ebay username
  • You've learned how to create your Verified Listia account
  • You've managed to get some credits to start with and got positive feedback to start building your reputation

Quiz about the accounts needed and the Listia interface

Introduction to Listia - Quiz
4 questions
Getting Down To Business
7 Lectures 21:41

This lecture is about the terms and conditions of Listia and about some prerequisites before starting to list items on Listia.

Things you need to know before listing auctions

This lecture includes 4 different methods that are about assuring yourself a decent income from Listia.

Ways of earning with Listia

This method explains you how to forward items from eBay to Listia and how to make a profit out of it.

An example text of shipping and payment detail is described below. You can use this text in your listings or create another one based on this.


Shipping Details:

Item will be shipped within 2 biz days through Regular Air-Mail after payment received, and No Tracking # will be provided through Air-Mail

5-7 weeks to arrive (it usually takes 1-3 weeks!)

Shipping Payment: Paypal ONLY

If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase please contact me immediately so that we may resolve any issues at all.


Another example text is for customers who have won an auction. After winning the auction, you will receive an e-mail notification and you have to log in on Listia and get in contact with your customer. The example text can be used in this situation:



Please provide the full shipping address and make the shipping payment

$X.XX dollars flat rate shipping

Please specify "YOUR ITEM'S NAME" and your Listia username when you pay the shipping fee

Shipping Safety: Paypal is the safest way to collect payment for shipping

Shipping payment with paypal instructions:

If you need an invoice please provide your paypal email address.

Shipping time: maximum 5-7 weeks to arrive (it usually takes 1-3 weeks!)

Thank You!


Purchasing and Selling - Part 1

The second method is exactly the opposite of the first one meaning that you will find items on Listia to forward them on eBay and of course you will make a profit out of this one either.

Purchasing and Selling - Part 2

The las two methods show you how to find items on Listia which you can sell later on. It will also help you to convert credits to cash.

Purchasing and Selling - Part 3

This lecture is about relisting all auctions at once, it is the essence of making real profits with Listia.

Activating Schedule function to increase earnings

Quiz about the rules and ways of earning on Listia

Ways of earning on Listia - Quiz
5 questions

  • In this section you have learned a few things about the Listia terms and conditions, the rules that apply on the site and the consequences that can apply if not abiding to those rules.
  • You have learned how to forward items from Ebay to Listia and how to make profits by applying shipping fees within the limits of Listia’s rules
  • How to convert your Listia credits to cash or valuable goods
Tips and tricks
6 Lectures 14:14

Excel document for helping you out on your daily tasks.

Keep things organized

This lecture is about tips and tricks based on our experience selling on Listia. We descibe the knowhow for several situations that you can encounter.

Different answers for different situations

This lecture is about the different possibilities to earn even more credits on Listia. Some of the ideas are listed below, but feel free to search for new ideas and post them in the discussion board.

1. Login to your Listia account daily for pleasant surprises, like extra badges and/or credits

2. Find the "Credits" section on the left side of the screen (scroll down) and do tasks, complete surveys, watch videos and get daily deals for extra credits.

3. Share your auctions via Facebook to get credits each time

4. Find recipes on the internet and pack them into PDF documents that you can deliver digitally to your customers

5. Use the referral tools to get some banners that you can post on your blog, forum or website (Listia Referral Tools)

Other ways of earning credits can be found here too.

Earn Even More Credits

This is a short video about Bitcoin and the technology behind it. It is a video for any level of technical knowledge, no need to be an IT professional to understand it.

Learn what is Bitcoin

This is a bonus material about the innovative digital currency called Bitcoin. The video shows a possible way of creating a Bitcoin wallet (we used Bitstamp, but you can find many Bitcoin exchanges worldwide).

The video also shows the steps of converting Bitcoins into cash as listed below:

1. Create a user account on the Bitcoin exchange

2. Go to the "Deposit" area and get your bitcoin wallet address (34 characters, alpha-numeric)

3. Give the wallet address to your Bitcoin auction seller from Listia

4. Wait for the coins to arrive (don't forget to ask for a transaction ID to check the status of the transaction!)

5. Sell the Bitcoins in the "Buy / Sell" area

6. Withdraw the cash in the "Withdrawal" area

Remember these steps apply for many exchanges, not just Bitstamp. The theory is exactly the same for all of them.

For any questions or suggestions, please post in the discussion board.

Convert Bitcoins to cash in a few easy steps

Thanks for purchasing this course, please leave a review and look out for more courses from NOSIS Academy in the future.

Have a great day, bye

Final Conclusion to the course
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