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About This Course

Published 1/2015 English Closed captions available

Course Description

This course is designed to help active and passive job seekers polish up their profile for their search. If you are looking for a new opportunity or job, this course will help you in your pursuits as we work to polish and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Learn to master your profile on the most popular professional social network.

  • Leverage all of LinkedIn's tools to differentiate you from your competition
  • Optimize your profile to show up in search results
  • Structure your profile to highlight your strengths and personal brand

Your LinkedIn™ Profile Is Visible – Polish It

One's LinkedIn profile is one of the most visible professional representations of who she or he is. With more than 300 million members and 93% of all recruiters using this networking site, it's clear that a powerful, polished profile can pay dividends to those willing to invest time in their profiles – and in themselves.

Content and Overview

I want to help you have a cutting-edge, polished LinkedIn profile that will prepare your for your job search. Those who take this course and actively participate in the lessons should have a much-improved LinkedIn profile upon completing all lessons. Profiles will be optimized for a job search helping you to get the position you deserve.

Who should take this course, who shouldn't?

This course is designed for beginner and intermediate LinkedIn users who already have a LinkedIn profile that needs to be touched up future opportunities. Those who do not currently have a profile should not take this course until they have registered for a LinkedIn profile. This is a video-based workshop. Students will get the most out of this by not passively watching the lessons but by actively making edits and updates to their profiles as we move through each element of a fully developed LinkedIn profile.

How long is this going to take?

Your online presence is worth taking time to develop and fine-tune. The main sections of this course will take circa two-four hours to complete while making updates to your LinkedIn profile.


"When it comes to standing out on LinkedIn, it's the little and often overlooked things that count. Sterling knows better than anyone I've met how to optimize your presence — and that can have enormous payoffs in getting the job you're looking for!"

– Jon Ogden, Director of Content at MX

"Sterling is extremely thorough in his analysis and his suggestions for improvement are concise and easy to follow."

– Braden Thompson, Marketing and Communication Professional

"I always have had a LinkedIn profile and like most, I just put down the basics and didn't invest a lot of time in keeping it up. Sterling evaluated and made recommendations to my linkedIn profile 2 months ago. I still have some work to do based on his analysis, but since I have made some of the changes he recommended my rank in views has increased by about 30%. His knowledge and expertise really helped me better my online presence."

– Preston Hopkin, Client Account Executive at AtTask, Inc.

"Sterling did a fantastic job at evaluating, critiquing, and helping me update my LinkedIn profile. I've received tons of compliments on how professional my profile is as well as I've noticed a very significant increase in the amount of views I have received since heeding Sterling's advice and suggestions. I'm very satisfied with my current position and role, however, it has been really nice to see the amount of companies and recruiters that reach out asking for more information from me and if I would have interest in working for them. I can credit a lot of this outreach to the advice received from Sterling. I would highly recommend Sterling for any consulting needs in regards to any of the major social media outlets."

– Tyson Harding, Project Manager at New Dawn Technologies

What are the requirements?

  • Students must register for a LinkedIn profile before starting this course.
  • This course is delivered in workshop-format for professionals who already have a basic LinkedIn profile set up. Since the goal of this course is for students to complete it with a very polished LinkedIn profile, students will be asked to actively follow along and update their LinkedIn profiles in a lesson-by-lesson cadence. Students will be asked to submit their updates for feedback and will be encouraged to provide feedback to fellow students of this course.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Update one's increasingly visible LinkedIn profile
  • Optimize one's LinkedIn profile highlighting professional strengths
  • Maintain a strong presence on LinkedIn
  • Leverage all of LinkedIn's tools to differentiate you from your competition
  • Structure your profile to highlight your strengths and personal brand

Who is the target audience?

  • This LinkedIn course is meant for working professionals who are not familiar with LinkedIn or who are somewhat familiar with LinkedIn but do not know how to fully optimize their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Those who have no LinkedIn profile but would like to establish one will find this course helpful. Those who have a profile that they would like to improve who are looking for areas where they can polish their profile will also value this course.
  • Those who do not have a LinkedIn profile need to establish one before taking this course.
  • This course is designed for beginning and intermediate LinkedIn users. Ultra-advanced users may learn from this course, but it's primarily focused for other experience levels.

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Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Welcome to this workshop!

I'm Sterling Morris and I'll be your guide as we work to improve your LinkedIn profile. I'm glad you joined me. I'm excited to help you.

If you'd like to dig even deeper into the subject, I will include related articles I've found to be useful for each lesson. Remember to ask me any specific questions you have related to each lecture in the comment section.

I'll dedicate my efforts to help you to improve your profile in every way possible. I love LinkedIn and the great opportunities it can open up for working professional who fully leverage its features. I can't wait to get started.


We'll cover every essential section of your LinkedIn profile in this course. Each section of this course aligns with the vital sections you'll want to strategically fill out in your LinkedIn profile including:

  • Headline
  • Summary
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Skills & Endorsements

We will describe:

  1. How to make edits
  2. Why suggested edits are important
  3. Examples of real profiles of real working professionals in displaying how to make edits.

I'm Sterling Morris. I'm teaching this course because I love LinkedIn and because I love to teach. I'm fascinated with LinkedIn's ability to place professionals in positions where they can amplify their careers and benefit the organizations that find them.

I'm currently working on my PhD in Instructional Technology at Utah State University. I'm studying how to best help professionals learn new skills including how to polish their LinkedIn profile for the marketplace.

Over the years, I've helped dozens of people improve their LinkedIn profiles and get placed in jobs they love. Among the 10,000+ professionals on LinkedIn who work for my company Intermountain Healthcare, I'm often the most viewed profile; in addition to views, I have been contacted quite frequently with job offers despite being tied to the university town I reside in while completing my program.

I'm excited to teach you a bit more about what's worked for me on my profile; I'm also excited to learn from you about what's worked for you. A lot of learning can occur when provide feedback, observations, and share wins about our work on our profiles during this course.


There are many ways to take this workshop course. A few tips include:

  • Watch the lectures in HD
  • Watch the screencasts in a separate screen than your profile editing screen, if possible

You can take this course, lectures 1-27 in numerical order. Upon completing the course, you will have a nicely polished profile. If you, rather, are interested in working on specific sections of your LinkedIn profile, find the corresponding Udemy section and begin lectures there.


Benchmarking elements we'd like you to provide include:

  • 90-day profile views. For example, 350
  • Your ranking among total connections. For example, #22 out of 2,040
  • Your ranking among company employees on LinkedIn. For example, #100 out of 1,000
  • Profile screen shot

Click here to learn how to take a screen shot with a Mac. Click here to learn how to take a screen shot with a PC.


The course goal

Polish your LinkedIn profile for a job search

Don't forget to...

  1. Ask questions you have in the comment section of each lecture
  2. Submit your initial benchmarking stats
Section 2: Headline Section Elements

Your LinkedIn profile is important. Why? Because:

  • It's often the first item recruiters see
  • Having a LinkedIn profile picture makes your profile seven times more likely to be viewed
  • It's your opportunity to set a good first impression

A good profile:

  • Is properly sized/cropped – at least 200x200 pixels
  • Is current, take within the last year to three
  • Is properly lit – not too dark, not too light, not blotchy
  • is consistent with the attire you wear in your industry
  • Focuses on you without distractions in the background. Avoid cropping yourself from a wedding photo, family photo, etc.
  • Communicates who you are as a person and a professional. It captures your personalities

Additional notes

Don't forget to turn off your notification settings so your network connections don't see the dozens up updates you'll be making. Once you're done working on your profile, turn this notification setting back to on.

Access Pixlr by clicking here.

Crop your profile photo to 500x500 pixels.


LinkedIn background images

Adding a LinkedIn background image is a great way to differentiate your profile from others. In this lecture, we'll talk about how you can select, crop, and place a high-res banner on your profile using free software.


  • 1400 x 425 pixels
  • 4MB or smaller

But where can I get a stunning high-res image?!

There are a lot of great sites that allow you to access creative common images that are free for you to use on LinkedIn.

  • Flickr – you can search for images relevant to your profession on Flickr using flickers search bar. Be sure to select "commercial use allowed" under "license" to find images you can use. I also enjoy
  • Unsplash – all photos uploaded to unsplash are licensed with the creative common 0 attribution and can be used for your banner. What's more, the images are very high quality and artistically beautiful.

Your profile name is important

Your profile name is an important element in your profile's ability to show up in search results. We'll talk about how to improve your profile's searchability by potentially modifying your LinkedIn name, and we'll also talk about how to edit your name in this lecture.


Your professional headline matters

Your professional headline plays an important role showing up in search results. LinkedIn's search algorithm seems to heavily weigh words included in your headline. If you want to show up in search results for search on someone in the area of Accounting, make sure accounting is included in your headline. In this lecture, we'll talk about two ways to update your headline:

  1. Key-word rich headline highlighting major personal brand areas you want to be associated with. E.g., Accounting | Finance | Advising
  2. Sentence headline. E.g., I'm a passionate, engaged social entrepreneur


Clean up your profile URL – get a vanity URL

Vanity URLs are clean and may have SEO benefits for your LinkedIn profile. We'll discuss how you can clean up your URL if you haven't already.

Additional Items

Don't forget the following items to your top profile section:

  • Metro-area location
  • Industry you work within

Your current and past positions listed in your "Experience" section of your LinkedIn profile are referenced and appear in your top profile area. Make sure your current and past positions are updated. If not, we'll talk about how to update them in lectures 17 through 21.


Connections matter

A profile with 500 or more connections shows the coveted 500+ symbol on the profile. What's more, a profile with a lot of connections is more likely to show up in search results. This lecture will describe why connections matter and provide tips on how to grow your LinkedIn network.

Connect with fellow students

Don't forget to past a link to your profile in the comment section of this lecture along with your professional headline. If you see students whose headline intrigues you – perhaps students in your same field – connect with them. Chances are, you'll see some great industry-related content shared from them in your LinkedIn feed now and in the future.


More rather than less information is preferred

We'll talk about the "Contact Info" section of your LinkedIn profile in this lecture. Generally speaking, more information is better than less information when you're trying to find a job. Fill out and share any information in this section you feel comfortable sharing.

Section 3: Summary Section Elements

The description section – one of the most important sections of your LinkedIn profile

This section is heavily used by LinkedIn's search engine to display your profile as a relevant result in searches. It's important that you load this section with relevant information about yourself in a compelling, easy-to-read way where visitors can scan your profile, become sold on who you are, and want to learn more. In this lecture, we'll talk about how to concisely and powerfully tell your story in a scannable, powerful way.


Make it visual

People love visual content. Many people naturally latch on to visual elements of your profile and the fact that LinkedIn allows you to display visual content coupled with the fact that few people take advantage of this functionality provide an excellent opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from your competition. In this lecture, we'll talk about types of media you can add to your LinkedIn profile summary section.

Section 4: Experience Section Elements

The importance of listing your company name correctly

LinkedIn is an advanced network that allows users to search for others who work in the same organization. LinkedIn also allows for company profiles. Many LinkedIn users make the mistake of not correctly listing the company they work for on their LinkedIn profile. This lecture will illustrate how to properly link your companies of employment, past and present, in the Experience section of your profile.


There is strategy to filling out your job title. We'll talk about it in this lecture. Don't hesitate to post questions you have regarding this step in the comment section of this lecture.


Job description do's and don'ts

One of the biggest mistakes people make in listing their job description on LinkedIn is defaulting to just listing responsibilities. We're going to talk about how to communicate the fact that you have built and developed skills in your position in a powerful way. Tips for this lecture are inspired by Google's SVP for People Operations at Google – i.e., a big human resources mind.


More than 46 percent of consumers say they trust online written reviews. Recommendations are powerful and add a lot of oomph to your profile. We'll talk about why recommendations are important and how to get them in this lecture.



Just like you were encouraged to populate your summary section with two to five visual media items to add color and vibrance to your profile, I encourage you to do the same for each of your job listings.

Example of media items

Section 5: Education Section Elements

Listing your education is important

Members with a school on their profile get seven times more profile views! Not only does a profile with education listed get more traffic, recruiters need to see if you have the educational requirements many jobs require. In this lecture, we'll talk about how to get your education section started.


We will discuss potential items to include in your activities and societies section for your education in this lecture.


We'll discuss the various detail you should consider adding to the description section of each degree listing on your LinkedIn profile in this lecture.

Section 6: Skills & Endorsements Section Elements

LinkedIn allows you to list as many as 50 skills on your profile. This is a great area to show off what you know. Other LinkedIn users can endorse you for skills you have listed. We'll chat about how you can optimize this section of your profile in this lecture. Although these skills' endorsements are valuable, they are no substitute for getting the personalized recommendations for each job listing we talked about in lecture 20.

Section 7: Summary

Congrats! You did it! Polishing up your LinkedIn profile is a lot of work, but it can really pay off! Well done. Before you go, can you submit your concluding benchmarking data? this includes:

  • 90-day profile views. For example, 350
  • Your ranking among total connections. For example, #22 out of 2,040
  • Your ranking among company employees on LinkedIn. For example, #100 out of 1,000
  • Profile screen shot

~~~~~ Yea, You did it! ~~~~~



You made it through this course. I'm sure your profile is looking as impressive as ever. I hope it plays an important role in helping you reach your professional goals as you encounter new opportunities. Thanks for taking this journey with me.

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Instructor Biography

Sterling R. Morris, LinkedIn Consultant, PhD student in Instructional Technology

I'm Sterling R. Morris. I consult professionals on ways to improve their LinkedIn profile to help them achieve their professional goals. LinkedIn is my passion – it's what I think about while I'm in the shower. LinkedIn's talented team of developers are constantly updating its features making it a powerful way to connect with associates everywhere. Staying up-to-date with these changes is challenging but something I actively do to provide the most timely and relevant suggestions possible to those I consult.

Some of my favorite things to do are sail, read non-fiction, and run. I also enjoy triathlon and recently completed a 140.6-mile Ironman triathlon.

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