Life Transformation: A Method and Strategy

Empower Yourself, Life Coach Yourself and Learn Effective Life Management tools!
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About This Course

Published 5/2016 English

Course Description

Are you dissatisfied with your life? Do you think there is something out there better for you but don’t know exactly where to find it?  Do you feel that you have reached a plateau and that you could use some help in extending yourself further? Transforming your life is not easy, but if you are successful at doing so, it is a very rewarding achievement.  Much wisdom is necessary for efficient management of your life; it is hard to keep track of everything and most importantly to remember it all and use it at effectively transforming your life. Have you ever actually tried to? Have you ever listened to motivational speakers, become excited about a world of possibilities, but the next day returned to reality, wondering how to spark this transformation? You must follow a structure that will progressively bring forward the knowledge you need to know at the time you need to know it; a structure of life management and self-empowerment. A structure that will progressively guide you in the steps you must take for the successful transformation of your life. A structure that will involve the effective management of your beliefs, actions, and behaviors.

This is exactly what this course is intended to do, provide you with this structure! This course is designed to present you with the knowledge and tools to start the transformation of your life. It will teach you a method that you can apply in serving any area of your life!

This course is made up of eight parts. In two of these parts, called Method Marks, you are going to learn how to build the structure referred to above. You can apply this structure to any area of your life.

The course will then guide you in applying this structure by taking six life transformation steps, called Life Marks, that are related to the Self-Growth, The Physical Environment, and the Health Areas of your life.

These steps are:

Healing from your past - Mark 1

Managing your perspective - Mark 2

Controlling your mood - Mark 3

Managing your physical environment - Mark 4

Managing your fitness needs - Mark 5

Managing your nutrition needs - Mark 6

What are the requirements?

  • An eagerness for self-discovery and self-empowerment
  • An open mind and willingness to receive
  • A willingness to invest efforts and strive for a better life

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 60 resources: Exercises, checklists and cases studies of Game Plans and Systems
  • An optimized theory to application delivery and theory integration
  • Develop a strong self-awareness
  • Take responsibility for your life
  • Hold yourself accountable for your words and actions
  • Develop an aptitude in defeating limiting beliefs and behaviors
  • Develop skills in relating to circumstance
  • Have a better appreciation of "perspective"
  • Have a better appreciation of intention, promises and the power of words
  • Acquire a strategic life transformation mindset
  • Master the mechanisms needed to transform a life
  • Learn how to expand your system of beliefs
  • Learn how to set rules to maximize the benefits and limit the drawbacks of your experiences
  • Learn how to translate your solution to problems and desires into effective action plans (Game Plans)
  • Learn the psychology of Game Plan execution
  • Learn how to build a system to support you in effectively managing different areas of your life
  • Learn how to cultivate values and become who you want to become
  • Learn how to expand your comfort zone
  • Learn how to be effective at expanding your life

Who is the target audience?

  • People willing to be more effective at fulfilling their desires
  • People willing to have fewer problems
  • People willing to have better control over their lives
  • Students
  • Young professionals
  • Self-empowerment lovers
  • Results seekers

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Section 1: Course Introduction

This lecture will give you an overview of what we will be doing together in this course.


Skeptical about being coached or being helped in managing your life; this lecture will make you change your mind!

Section 2: Have a Feel of What Life Management Is

In this lecture you are going to learn how to start looking at your life in manageable chunks.


In this lecture we are going to talk about a mindset necessary to cultivate any change in your life: The "Fresh Start" mindset.


In this lecture we are going to talk about what, being strategic in the management of your life is.

Section 3: Mark 0A - Designing and Adopting Guiding Systems

In this lecture we are going to talk about the root of managing our behaviors.


Have you ever heard from others: expand your beliefs system? What does it mean? What does it imply? And why is it of concern to us?


In this lecture we are going to talk about an essential process to effectively serving your life and guarantying results in different areas of your life and we are going to talk about why we are often not naturally inclined to!


A checklist is one of your best allies in keeping in track with the life you want to live. Let's talk more about this in this lecture.

Section 4: Mark 0A - Managing Your State

In this lecture, we are going to talk about one of the most important keys of your life transformation: the management of your state!

Section 5: Transition to Life Marks 1 to 3

This lecture will guide you in starting the next phase of the course and assist you in managing your expectations with this regard.

Section 6: Mark 1 - Tabula Rasa, A New Beginning

This lecture will give you explanations about why we bother investing efforts in healing from our past rather than just moving on!


This lecture takes you over the first step of the healing process: identifying your emotions!


This lecture teaches you how to use your emotions to guide yourself in tackling certain areas of your life.


In this lecture we talk about another important step in minimizing the impact (past) circumstances have on us and thus heal from our past.


Acceptance and forgiveness might sound a bit like religious terms to you... But they aren't necessarily; they are a key to healing from your past and to get you closer to empowering yourself; take this lecture to understand why.

Section 7: Mark 0A - Rules V.S. Guiding Systems

In this lecture we are going to understand the difference between Guiding Systems and Rules in managing our daily behaviors.

Section 8: Mark 2 - Your Story, Your Perspective

In this lecture we are going to go over the benefits of perspective management; among which: "being positive".


In this lecture we are going to talk about the pre-requisites for being successful at managing our perspective.


In this lecture we are going to talk about the process of managing our perspective.


In this lecture we are going to see how you can manage your perspective by setting relevant rules.


In this lecture we are going to talk about the limitations of perspective management.


In this lecture, I am going to continue talking about controlling perspective and discuss actions and behaviors that are meaningful to that:

Preventing yourself from fueling stories that do not serve you! 

Preventing yourself from spotting patterns!

Section 9: Mark 3 - Instant Happiness

In this lecture we are going to talk about why controlling our mood is of interest to us and how it serves our strategy.


In this lecture we are going to talk about how we can actually control our mood more easily. 


In this lecture we are going to talk about some useful rule you that are useful to abide by when it comes to controlling your mood.

Section 10: Inner Core Closing Remarks

Let's wrap the first part of the course; shall we?

Section 11: Transition to Driving Forces

In this lecture, I am going to remind you about some of what was covered in the first part of the course (Inner Core) and introduce the next part of the course: Driving Forces.

Section 12: Mark 0B - Game Plan Design, Execution and Psychology

In this lecture, I am going to present you with an overview of designing Game Plans.


In this lecture, we are going to talk about Game Plan design in more depth: 

the mindset you should have to get started and to improve it.


In this lecture, we are going to talk about the initiation of a Game Plan. As in the beginning of its execution.


In this lecture, I am going to talk about your comfort zone when it comes to executing your Game Plans.


In this lecture we are going to talk about the psychology of executing your Game Plans and the strategies to adopt for this purpose.


In this lecture, we are going to talk about another type of action you will find in Game Plans: DIMAs.

Section 13: Mark 0B - Systems and Investments

In this lecture, we are going talk about building systems to keep certain areas of your life in check.


In this lecture, we are going to talk about the concept of preparation as it relates to adopting changes or systems.


In this lecture, we are going to talk about the completion of Game Plans and introduce the concept of investments in relation to your Life Quality.

Section 14: Mark 0B - Method Summary

In this lecture, I am going to show you how to apply the method you have learnt so far in transforming an area of your life, through a comprehensive example.

Section 15: Transition to Life Marks 4 to 6

Just a little overview of what we will be covering next so you can manage your expectations with this regard.

Section 16: Mark 4 - Home Sweet Home

In this lecture we are going to understand why we bother in keeping our living space clean and tidy.


In this Lecture we are going to talk about the proper allocation of your focus in the design of your Game Plans and we are going to talk about the meaningfulness of your Gameplans.

As in, a proper allocation in bringing an effective solution to one of your problems


In this lecture we are going to see how we can manage our behaviors to serve the state of our physical space.


In this video we are going to talk about how to create Game Plans to serve areas of your life by applying the method on maintaining our homes in good shape!

Section 17: Mark 5 - Invigorate Your Body

Let's see, in this lecture, how handling the fitness area is important to us and in serving our life transformation strategy.


In this lecture, we are going to address some of the limiting beliefs and behaviors you may have when it comes to keeping the fitness area of your life in check.


In this lecture we are going to talk about the difference between habits and commitments when it comes to following this method.


In this lecture we are going to talk about some specific and circumstantial strategies to expand our comfort zone on a given moment.

Section 18: Mark 6 - Fuel Your Life

In this lecture we are going to talk about the benefits of a proper nutrition when it comes to transforming your life!


In this lecture we are going to talk about some of the meaningful behaviors you can adopt to keep healthy.


In this lecture we are going to talk about useful nutrition rules you can abide by.


In this lecture I am going to explain some for the Rule setting recommendations I have made as a recommendation for handling the fitness area of your life.


In this lecture we are going to go over some guidelines that are useful to follow in designing a nutrition Game Plan and building an nutrition system.

Section 19: Closing Remarks
Closing Remarks

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Instructor Biography

Marc Tabet, Life Strategist

My studies and professional opportunities in engineering have taken me to different parts of the world, obliging me to re-adapt and rebuild my life from scratch in each situation. I was struggling; and although life had granted me a lot, I couldn’t find a way to escape from my problems and be happy. My situation drove me to dwell in the world of self-empowerment and find answers to how I could manage my life better. Vancouver, where I now live, was great for that! It offered me numerous opportunities to meet extraordinary teachers, who have shared with me invaluable wisdom to help me find my way back to myself. I have spent thousands of hours putting all that I have learned together. Driven by my passion, I decided to quit my engineering job, complete a training in professional coaching to complement my findings and share them with whoever is willing to benefit from them. I am now a Life Strategist providing coaching services that abide by the standards of the International Coach Federation, and training to companies and individuals.

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