Know Your Life's Mission and Purpose In 7 Simple Steps
4.6 (38 ratings)
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Know Your Life's Mission and Purpose In 7 Simple Steps

This course is all about helping you find your life's mission and purpose. Bounce out of bed loving your life!
Best Seller
4.6 (38 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
260 students enrolled
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What Will I Learn?
  • If you do the exercises you will know what makes your heart sing, what you life purpose and your life mission is.
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  • You will receive a PDF file for print, make sure you can print PDF files.
  • You will need Excel or an Excel reader so you can download an Excel spreadsheet.

Are you fed up wasting time doing something that is not 100% in alignment with your passions, desires and your talents?

Then you're in the right place.

"I have literally spent over 10K US dollars in the past 2 years paying for programs that were supposed to help me develop an online business. In less than 5 minutes, from a free YouTube video and your course, I found the answers I was looking for. And it was so simple.” Marilyn

It's no surprise that the majority of humanity is doing something other than what they have come here to do. It shows in the epidemic proportions of sad and depressed people. It's time for a radical change!

I will show you how to find your purpose and mission in life and how to go about moving forward in a hopeful way and with deliberate intent. In 7 steps I will show you just how simple it can be to narrow down your gifts and desires for what makes you happiest.

You will watch videos, download handouts and receive lots of questions to answer, which will help you access a part of you that perhaps has been dormant for way too long.

You will also do a guided visualization to help you access your subconscious, so you can tap into what your real passions and desires are for your life.

If you are looking for entertainment, this is not the right course for you. 

This course is for those of you who are willing to dig deep by doing the exercises and participating. Trust the process!

“Wow, thank you for this lecture... My life purpose in one word is challenge… It is so easy once I saw the pattern...” Julia

Who is the target audience?
  • For those who are fed up with their current life situation.
  • For those who are ready to make a positive, lasting change.
  • For those who are eager to find out their life's mission.
  • For those who want to find out their life purpose.
  • For those who are ready to live by inspiration and motivation.
  • For those who want to stop procrastinating living the grand life.
  • For those who want a simple step-by-step plan to finding out what makes your heart sing.
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Curriculum For This Course
22 Lectures
Start Here - Course Introduction and Overview
4 Lectures 18:15

Welcome to this amazing course! Watch this short video for an important course overview message.

Preview 03:14

Please introduce yourself to the group. Watch me introduce myself and then follow. 

Preview 02:23

This is a brief explanation about how to use deduction to coming closer to what is important to you. Your spreadsheet will be attached to your next lecture.

Preview 00:29

Let's dive into this course. Please print this handout. You'll need Excel or an Excel reader to view this handout. This is just one way of how you can sort through the many ideas you may have about how you want to move forward in life.

Preview 12:09
7 Lectures 23:48

Is there a difference between your life purpose and your life mission? Yes, there is! Watch this video for how you can discern between life purpose and life mission.

The Difference Between Your Life's Purpose and Your Life's Mission

Let's dive into the work and discover what your life purpose and mission is. Please do the exercises thoroughly, it will help you in discovering important things about yourself. There are no handouts to this lecture but there are handouts in the next lecture. Before you move on with this lecture, make sure you watch the video recommended in this lecture.

Know Your Life's Mission and Purpose in 10 Minutes

Print the attachment and get a notepad and pen ready to do this exercise. This is a very important exercise, don't skip it! This exercise may take you anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Don't rush it. Keep your handout with you and add to it as your subconscious percolates important information to the surface.

Let's Figure It Out Together - Your Life's Mission and Purpose

What if you don't get it right the first time? No worries, let's listen how we can course redirect again and again. People often want someone to tell them what their life should be like and what they should do. Life doesn't work this way. You may start with something and 5 years later your life took several u-turns and detours. It's okay, in fact, it's better than okay. This is the journey called life. Enjoy it. Choose every day to live the life you want.

Course Redirecting Again and Again - Start Somewhere, Anywhere

Don't underestimate the simplicity of this exercise. Most of the time people are not discovering their life purpose and mission because they think it has to be complicated. It doesn't. In fact, the more complicated you make it, the less likely you are to discover what your real life purpose is.

Answer These Two Questions

Just a quick check-in video to helping you complete this course. At the end of the course I will send you a congratulatory email that contains a special gift. So make sure you complete this course!

How Completing This Course Will Help You Succeed

Just because you may want to skip your current field of expertise doesn't mean you need to throw out everything you've ever learned. Combine your experience with your new-found love for what you truly want to do. In this video I'm asking you to comb through your past experiences and your expertise. Combine everything you've ever done and find the gems in each of those experiences. You will discover a pattern emerge. Find this pattern because it contains instructions from your subconscious about what makes you happiest.

Exercise - Finding Gems In Your Past

What's the difference between a life purpose and a life mission?

Quiz: Difference Between Purpose and Mission
2 questions
2 Lectures 01:47

In this section I'll share about a different tool you can use to learning more about your life's template. This is an interview between Janet Hickox and myself. Janet is a Human Design coach. She loves her work, as you will see. Listen to how Human Design may help you shed some life on your mission as well.

Human Design To Knowing Your Life's Template

Listen to my story as I went through a time of total loss, even homelessness, and back to reinventing myself and my life. I was at the height of life and lost it all. Going back to my previous life wasn't an option. Reinvention was my only way "out." I'm hoping that my sharing my story you will find hope as well.

Recovering From Total Failure
2 Lectures 02:13

Sometimes our minds are thinking negative thoughts too frequently, which prevents us from moving forward. Read here how reprogramming your mind can help you find your life's purpose and mission. Follow the link in this article to listen to your mental program. Unfortunately it was too long to be permitted here on the Udemy platform.

How To Program Your Mind To Discover What Your Mission Is

I want to check in with you and see how things are going. Please leave a review if you feel ready and you think this course deserves to reach others as well. If you have feedback for me on how I can improve the course, will you send me a personal message instead?

Check-In Time

How does this apply to your life's purpose and mission: "Love does not come to you from your horizon, love spreads from within you far beyond your horizon?"

Quiz: How Does This Apply?
1 question
4 Lectures 42:57

This is the first part of a motivational call I did with one of my students. Let's hear how she got out of her funk and into a life of true meaning.

How One Woman Stayed Motivated, Part 1

This is the second part of a motivational call I did with one of my students. Let's hear how she got out of her funk and into a life of true meaning.

How One Woman Stayed Motivated, Part 2

This is the third part of a motivational call I did with one of my students. Let's hear how she got out of her funk and into a life of true meaning.

How One Woman Stayed Motivated, Part 3

This is an update on Agne and how she is doing today. It includes a picture of her gallery. Enjoy!

Update on Agne
3 Lectures 04:30

Let's do a review of what you've learned in this course. If you have feedback for me, please send me a personal message. If you haven't yet left a review, please do so. I know other students would love to hear from you.

Course Completion - Final Words

Attached you will find a list of some great TED talks to help you stay motivated. As you are watching these TED talks, YouTube will find ways to show you similar videos. Watch them too. Get motivated and show yourself that you truly are ready for change.

Great TED Talks To Motivate You

Here are additional courses with discounts to help you on your journey. Enjoy!

Bonus Lecture
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