SELF LEADERSHIP: Maximising Your Potential in Work & Life

Based on my 20 years working with over 50,000 students helping them become happier, more motivated, engaged & fulfilled.
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About This Course

Published 10/2015 English

Course Description

With over 1,000 students in the first 2 weeks, this course is getting some great feedback.

“Helps define the big questions we all have about our lives - and then provides tangible exercises that empower us to take control.” - Brad Hook

“This course takes complex life, work & personal financial issues and makes them simple.” - Virginia Steed

“Thanks for the practical tools - excellent and easy to use.” Leonie Stanfield

Increasingly we live in a world where we are all too busy and constantly feeling pressured to do 'more with less'. In this environment, rarely do we get time out to stop and focus on just our self – our life, our work, our finances, our motivation … what do we really want?

This course is your opportunity to stop, refresh and refocus with practical systems, strategies and tools – the good news is, it's all about YOU!

The challenge is that most people know what they don't want; fewer know what they do want.

This innovative course helps put you in the driver's seat of your own life and allows you to maximise your potential in life, work fulfilment and personal finances, with clarity and control, now and in the future.

Join Ian Hutchinson (BBus, GDip Psy, CSP), CEO and founder of Life by Design, PSA 2012 Educator of the Year, author of '52 Strategies to Work Life Balance', 'People Glue' and 'The Lifestyle-Driven Financial Planner', as he guides you step-by-step through this proven, logical but eye-opening and inspiring process that will help you gain amazing clarity and control in all areas of your life.

This is a cut-to-the-chase program, with downloadable tools & resources that will maximise your potential in the key areas of your life and help you live a Life by Design rather than of a life by default.

In our increasingly busy lives, psychologically most of us want to be able to make more informed decisions about our life, work and the balance between the two – but sometimes just don't know how. Clarity creates control and small things can make a big difference.

Strategies to creating a Life by Design, rather than a life by default, are often easier than we think, and through Ian's guidance and over 20 years' experience in helping individuals, this course shows you how.

Copyright - Please note all downloadable worksheets provided in this course are for single print & individual use only.

What are the requirements?

  • Commit to downloading the tools, worksheets & systems and doing the exercises

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Take more control of your life, work & finances than you ever thought possible
  • Feel more successful, in control & happier about your future direction
  • Be more successful with improved motivation in work & life
  • Dramatically improve your work life balance, simply and easily
  • Have more financial freedom and reduced stress with your own cash flow system
  • Increase your own motivation by setting up your Personal Motivational Plan
  • Use proven downloadable systems, worksheets and tools
  • Maximise your potential and be more than you possibly ever imagined
  • Create a ‘Life by Design’ rather than a life by default

Who is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to feel happier and more successful in their life, work and personal finances

What you get with this course?

Not for you? No problem.
30 day money back guarantee.

Forever yours.
Lifetime access.

Learn on the go.
Desktop, iOS and Android.

Get rewarded.
Certificate of completion.


Section 1: Welcome

Like many people you're probably busy and rarely take time out to focus just on you. Well, the good news is, this course is all about YOU!.

I am happy to introduce myself to you and to this course, where you will learn to be happier and more successful in your work, your life and your personal finances so your more in control moving forward and living more a life by design rather than a life by default.

Over 20 years, I have worked with over 50,000 students and the questions they have asked me have varied from:

  • I want to make more informed decision about my future
  • Is this the life that I really want? What's my dream?
  • I don't have enough time to do what I love. How do I find the time?
  • I'm successful but still don't feel fulfilled.
  • I know I should be happier in life but how?

This course is really about Clarity Creates Control.

Most people can tell you what they don't want, fewer know what they DO want.

Using cut to the chase, proven, step-by-step process that in a matter of minutes you will:

  1. Improve your job fulfilment
  2. Clarity your life priorities
  3. Control your cash flow
  4. Clarify what engages & motivates you

And you will have strategies around all of these processes to ensure your success.

Let's get started.

Section 2: Introduction

In this program we will be looking at:

1. Maximising your possibilities in work and life

2. Life priorities and work life balance

3. Personal job fulfilment

4. Personal cashflow management *

5.Top motivational drivers

6. Strategic action plan

* If for any reason you are unable to download this spreadsheet template which is PC & Mac compatible, you may like to try free software such as OpenOffice for PC & Mac.


There are three pillars of self leadership:

  1. Job satisfaction
  2. Life balance
  3. Personal finances.

Get clear on what they individually mean to you and you will be empowered to refocus your energies.


In this program you will be using a couple of quick-win tools straight away.

The first tool you will be using is the Lifestyle Priorities tool - how you can strategise for greater success in your own life.

You will then get to look at your Job Fulfilment and how you can improve that for yourself.

The third tool you will be taken through is the Personal Cashflow management system - getting more control of your personal finances.

By understanding and getting clarity around your life, your work and your finances, you can start to take greater control and live a life by design rather than a life by default.

Section 3: Lifestyle Priorities - The 4 Step Process

Wouldn't you like to improve your happiness?

By identifying your top life priorities, and putting strategies in place to ensure you focus on them, 90% of people will indeed experience an increase in their own sense of happiness and wellbeing.


Introduction to the 10 Lifestyle Priorities.


Lifestyle priorities - Exercise Step 1 is to identify your top three lifestyle priorities, from the balance wheel of 10 options. The mindset you need is only to think of the next 12 months, and what would be your top priorities in life.


Lifestyle priorities- Exercise Step 2 is to now score (or benchmark) how satisfied you are feeling about the top three priorities you have identified. Score out of 10.


Lifestyle priorities - Exercise Step 3 is to determine three strategies for each of the priorities you have identified that would ensure a greater sense of happiness and success. Theses strategies should be specific, measurable and those which you can control yourself.


Lifestyle priorities - Exercise Step 4 is the final step. Here you will come to understand the true power of Clarity Creates Control. The results speak for themselves.



Well done on getting to this point of the program. Clearly you respect yourself enough to want to live a life by design and make some positive changes in your life!

Hopefully now you can see that by getting CLEAR on what you want, you can CREATE much more CONTROL.


Keep up the momentum and remember please message me to:

  1. Get more clarity or ask a question
  2. Let me know how you are going
  3. Ideas on other lectures or improvements
  4. Share your wins and success stories

So, keep going and finish this course. You deserve to live a life by design!


If you have appreciated what you have seen so far, can I please ask for just 60 seconds of your time to help other future potential students (just like you were before you committed to taking this course).

By reviewing this course, your feedback will help other students understand what you have got from this program and how you have benefited. In doing this you will give others more confidence to better decide if it is the right course for them (or not...LOL).

Not only will your review help other students, but it will also help me continue to make my courses the best they can be.

Just click the ‘REVIEW COURSE’ link in the top right hand corner of the course dashboard and drop in your thoughts.

Thanks in advance - Ian :)

Section 4: Job Fulfilment - The 6 Step Process

Get ready for the Job Fulfilment exercise. Learn how to improve your own job fulfilment in considering your key skills and opportunities for challenge and get clarity around areas of meaning and purpose in your life. Be sure to download the tool now.


90% of people can improve their own job fulfilment simply and easily by making a couple of small changes.

Step 1: Benchmark (out of 10) how satisfied you are in the areas of skills, challenges and meaning in your current role.


Step 2 : Skills - in your perfect job in your perfect world, what skills would you most like to be using?


Step 3: Challenge - under the guise of two different scenarios, you will imagine the ideal challenges you would like incorporated into your role, further opportunities for training and development. Throw any limiting beliefs you may have out the window, now is not the time for those!


Step 4: Opportunity - reframe your mindset in the way you look at your role, and what you do, for a greater sense of meaning and purpose.


Step 5: Implement - now you have a ready-made list of all the possibilities to look forward to in your role. Now you get to look at how you may be able to implement some, if not all, of them!


Small changes can make the biggest differences.

At the end of this exercise you will see how with a few small changes and a reframing of your mindset, you too can be more fulfilled in your own job, and you can control more than you may have given yourself permission for in the past.

Section 5: Personal Cash Flow - Step by Step System & Scenario Showcase

With greater awareness comes greater control.

If you haven't already done so, download the cash flow template and guide book from the resources section now.

NOTE: If for any reason you are unable to download this template which is PC & Mac compatible you may like to try free software such as OpenOffice for PC & Mac.

Getting Started - Setting Up Your Cash Flow
Creating Cash Flow Options - Scenario 1
Creating Cash Flow Options - Scenario 2
Creating Cash Flow Options - Scenario 3
The Power of Cash Flow Reviews & Check Ins
Why Do Cash Flow Reviews & Check Ins?

See how a cash flow can be done for short, medium and long term goals.

8 pages

Your cash flow guide book. Also available as downloadable pdf.

Section 6: Motivational Drivers - The 4 Step Process

What are they 7 motivational drivers?

In this section you will be introduced to the 7 drivers of motivation, in no particular order as they all differ in priority for different people.

Motivational Drivers - Exercise Step 1: Identifying Your Top 3 Drivers
Motivational Drivers - Exercise Step 2: Benchmarking
Motivational Drivers - Exercise Step 3.1: Strategies for Improvement
Motivational Drivers - Exercise Step 3.2: Strategies Enhancement
Motivational Drivers Exercise Step 4: Results Potential
Using This Tool As A Personal Engagement Plan (PEP) @ Work
Section 7: Next Steps & Wrap Up
Summary, Conclusion and Next steps


Well done!! Clearly you respect yourself enough to want to live a life by design, and make some positive changes in your life!

Hopefully you can see now, that by getting CLEAR on what you want you can CREATE much more CONTROL.

Now, please make sure the time and effort you have invested in getting clarity isn't wasted, and implement the strategies you have developed for yourself with the help of the downloadable tools I have provided for you.

You deserve to live a life by design!


Let's keep in touch and always feel free message me to:

  1. Get more clarity or ask a question
  2. Let me know how you are going
  3. Ideas on other lectures or improvements
  4. Share your wins and success stories


If you have benefited from this program as much as I hope you have, then please just take 60 seconds to give me some feedback.

Your review will help other students understand what you have got from this course and how you have benefited. In doing so you will give others more confidence to better decide if it is the right course for them..

Not only will your review help other students, but it will also help me continue to make my courses the best they can be.

Just click the ‘REVIEW COURSE’ link in the top right hand corner of the course dashboard and drop in your thoughts.

Thanks and best wishes - Ian :)

Section 8: Resources Vault

This Resources Vault provides a summary of all the key tools and worksheets that you will need for this course as used in the following order:

1. Lifestyle Priorities tool

2. Job Fulfilment tool

3a. Cash Flow System template *

3b. Cash Flow System Guidebook

4. Motivational Drivers tool

Why not download them now? Enjoy!

* If for any reason you are unable to download this spreadsheet template which is PC & Mac compatible, you may like to try free software such as OpenOffice for PC & Mac.

Section 9: Bonus Material
Extra Resources & Links
1 page

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Instructor Biography

Ian Hutchinson, Life & Work Engagement Strategist, Founder @ Life by Design

For the past 20 years I have helped over 50,000 students/individuals as well as 100's of teams and organisations become happier, more motivated, engaged, fulfilled and on purpose through simple, easy-to-use innovative tools, worksheets & systems.


  • * Employee Engagement & Motivation
  • * Employee-Driven Productivity
  • * Self-Leadership
  • * Work Life Balance
  • * Talent Maximisation
  • * Career Development
  • * Lifestyle Planning & Life Design


Central to my philosophy is helping people take more responsibility, and therefore control, of their own life and work motivations and engagement, by providing them with the thinking, systems and tools to get clarity in what they want both in life and work.

Most people know what they DON'T want; fewer truly know what they DO want. As such, many people live a life by default, rather than a life by design and sometimes find themselves unmotivated and disengaged in life and work.

In an increasingly busy world we are all being asked to “do more with less". But there is a lot more that we can control in our life, work and finances than many of us are giving ourselves permission for. There are things we can't control sure, but the key is getting real clarity on what we can control. I will show individuals and organisation how, simply and easily.

“Ian combines a deep knowledge of human motivation and behavioural change with real world practical processes to make change simple" Richard Hirst, Head of Organisational Development, 3 Mobile


I have has a Bachelor of Business in Management and Marketing, and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and have studied internationally in career development (which all combines makes me a very confused individual!)

My work has been profiled on national TV programs such as Reality Bites (ABC), Today Tonight (Channel 7) and The Today Show (Channel 9) and as well as in international print media, The New York Times.

In 2012, I was inducted into the Australian Professional Speakers Hall of Fame when he won the Educator Award of Excellence.

“Ian prompted transformational change in our organisation. He is a game-changer!"
Steve Rowe, HR Director, Pfizer


I founded Life by Design in 1997, and have grown to be one of Australia's most innovative human potential specialists. Whilst my head office is in Sydney, through Life by Design, I have helped individuals and organisations across the world.

For me, life is my life's work. I believe that one of the world's most easily fixed social problems is that many people lack direction in their lives and live a 'life by default' rather than a 'Life by Design'. Clarity of purpose dramatically improves our happiness and the ripple effect will benefit our communities and the world. The world's collective achievement of individuals fulfilling their purpose will propel this planet and its people towards a more purposeful and meaningful future.

“Ian made a difference to not only our team culture but also many individuals' personal lives. Highly recommended" Mike Goodall, General Manager, ANZ


I have authored two books: 'People Glue: Engagement & Retention Solutions That Stick', '52 Strategies to Work Life Balance' and I am creator of 'meCentral', a world first Employee-Driven Productivity system (licensed in 5 countries) that simply and easily increases motivation and activates employee engagement responsibility at all organisational levels, from HR to People Leaders to employees.

My programs enable individuals and organisations to fully realise their potential by increasing engagement and motivation with quick win tools and sustainable systems.


I have worked globally (delivering in North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East) and over two decades of local experience consulting to the majority of Australia's top 10 companies. These include organisations such as;

  • * Coca Cola
  • * Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • * Deloitte
  • * Ernst & Young
  • * 3 Mobile (Vodafone)
  • * McDonalds
  • * Pepsi
  • * M.L.C
  • * ING
  • * Pfizer
  • * Roche
  • * Johnson & Johnson
  • * Abbott
  • * Eli Lilly
  • * National Australia Bank
  • * Australia & New Zealand Bank
  • * Perpetual Investments
  • * Commonwealth Bank
  • * Bankers Trust
  • * Westpac

Alongside this extensive list of companies across various spectrums, I have also worked with many Best Employers such as Randstad, S.A.P. and Flight Centre just to name a few.

“Ian's deep insights into self-leadership and individual & team engagement are thought provoking and ideal for leaders looking for practical ways to build empowerment within their teams" Phil Tennant, Business Unit Head, AstraZeneca

People Glue: Increases people leaders' ability to confidently engage and motivate their people, maximising performance and productivity in teams.

Self-Leadership: Maximises individuals' ability to take control of their own engagement in work and life, creating a happier, motivated, self-responsible individual.

Launch Pad: Helps students get clarity and make better informed decisions about their life purpose and therefore future career transition.


I live overlooking the ocean in the Northern Beaches of Sydney (Australia). I am a self confessed doting dad to my beautiful daughter, Sierra. I am totally passionate about my work, “walk the talk", holidaying 12 weeks a year and live by the philosophy:

“Have a fun youthful attitude, keeping things simple and above all remember that life is for living"

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