The Art of Less Doing - Make Everything in Life Easier

What Would You Do With An Extra Hour EVERY Day? Make life easier with this course!
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Course Description

In the Spirit of this “Get More Done - Make Life Easier” Program, I’ll be writing Less, and Have Past Students Do the Talking about How You’ll Finally Get More, Have More, and Be More by Doing Less...Guaranteed.”

“Might be the most efficient, effective session of learning ever! If you want to be more productive (which less face it, we all do to some degree) but don't have the time or capacity time to work out how - go to this class. Go on. Just do it.” - Shannon

“Ari is a very knowledgeable and organized teacher. He's had a lot of experience in the 'art of less doing,' and was happy to share his tips and tricks with us all. I definitely recommend taking a class from Ari." - Malcom

“I highly recommend this “Get More Done - Make Life Easier” class. Ari has a deep knowledge of digital tools and methodologies that allow you to accomplish more in less time. I learned a tremendous amount of things that I plan on implementing in my daily routine - from clever strategies for things we know we should be already using (email filters), new tools and services that allow others to accomplish things for you (virtual assistants). I always had an inkling that technology could help me be more organized and efficient, if I just knew what tools to use and how to use them. It can, and Ari is an inspiring example of how to get there. ” - Michael

If you have trouble managing emails, getting tasks done, managing your time, making time for personal activities, or having the ability to travel disrupting your life, this class can help.

Less Doing provides tips and tools for optimizing, automating, and outsourcing everything in your business and personal lives. Everything from dealing with email, to more efficient fitness regimes, to outsourcing everything is covered. Reclaim your time and your mind.

After this class you will be able to:

  • Get more done by doing less and make life easier
  • Never have more than 10 unread emails (without spending your day in your Inbox)
  • Ditch your to do list today
  • Spend less time communicating and get more results
  • Disband the optional and focus on the essential
  • Delegate tasks effectively
  • Create systems of automation that you can "set and forget"
  • Learn the steps to begin optimizing your health

Take this ultimate The Art of Less Doing: course right now and make life easier than ever before.


What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 13 lectures and 2 hours of content!
  • Get more done by doing less
  • Never have more than 10 emails in your inbox
  • Begin to optimize your health and wellness
  • Ditch your to do list completely
  • Delegate task effectively
  • Create systems of automation that you can "set and forget"

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who finds themselves feeling "overwhelmed" by everything going on in their life
  • Entrepreneurs, 9-5ers, freelancers, students, parents


Section 1: The 9 Fundamentals of Less Doing
The Journey to Create a System to Save People Time
Never Miss An Opportunity to Act On Your Best Ideas

Free Your Mind, Use Your Brain for the Things You Really Want, Stress Less

Custom Solutions for Every Challenge
Learn how to work on your timing to do things when you are most able to
Errands are not efficient and you shouldn't be doing them
Group Similar Tasks Together For "Economies of Scale"
Use Limits As Your Guide to Greater Efficiency
Apply 80/20 to Finances to Get a Handle on Where Your Money is Going and Save
Become Superhuman
Section 2: Be Even More Effective
Another great Udemy course offering and discount
Another great Udemy course offering and discount
Conclusion and list of tools and fundamentals

Instructor Biography

Ari R. Meisel , Achievement Architect

Ari Meisel started three companies in the technology sector before high school. After graduating from college, Ari visited upstate New York and bought a group of 1880's cigar factories with the vision of creating luxury lofts. Ari created LEED Pro as a green building consulting business and to operate the LEED Pro Blog on green building materials which got picked up for a book called LEED Materials: A Resource Guide to Green Building. Most recently, Ari has been developing LEED certified, mixed use properties in the Hamptons through Meisel Development. In order to keep up with all of these ventures, Ari had to develop several systems and processes to make managing several ventures at nice feasible, so he co-founded Less Doing. Through his methodology of Achievement Architecture, Ari helps people optimize, automate, and outsource everything in their lives and be more effective. Ari has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and spoke at TEDxEast.


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    • David Kadavy

    40,000% ROI for me

    I was completely stopped up in my work. All of the demands were stifling my creativity, but I needed my business to grow. As an independent creative professional, I needed to learn to leverage technology and delegation to free myself up to do the things that I'm good at. One year after taking this course, my revenue has grown 50%, which is pretty much a 40,000% ROI on the course. It may sound silly to attribute ALL of that growth to this one course, but it was a seriously huge factor. For the first month after taking the course, I made it my top priority to practice these principles across my business, and implement the tools that Ari recommended, where appropriate. It has remained one of my top priorities over the past year. Applying my learnings resulted in an instant burst of creativity (from not being so stressed out), and I had a breakthrough year in my business. If you feel like you're your own bottleneck in your business, with some commitment, this course might be good for you, too.

    • Berto Alvaro

    Not for everyone

    I felt like the course has very specific applications to people who have a professional and personal lifestyle similar to that of Ari Meisel--someone who blogs, reads a lot of articles, runs some small businesses, etc. I will probably end up using 10% of the elements presented here. This course was recommended to me via David Kadavy's blog, who I imagine fits the description I gave above. But I guess when I read David's blog, I was expecting Ari's course to be more about fundamentals, but instead it is most applications that don't apply to me. (I'm a tech professional.) Certainly many others have found value in this course, I'm just presenting my own experience in this review.

    • Brigitte ROUJOL

    Beaucoup des services présentés fonctionnent uniquement en Amérique du nord

    Ari Maisel partage avec beaucoup de générosité ses outils, ses pratiques pour être plus productif et plus efficace. Faire mieux et plus en moins de temps. Toutefois les français de France seront déçus car de nombreux services (géniaux) présentés par Ari ne sont disponibles que sur le territoire nord-américain. Bref une grande frustration sur ma possible mise en oeuvre des outils. Le cours reste pertinent pour les grands principes présentés. il ne vaut cependant son prix (97$) pour la valeur apportée à un français vivant en France.

    • Sahir Jafri

    The Art of Less Doing Review

    Ari provides excellent in-depth information & resources on the Art of Less Doing! Thank you very much!

    • Russell Olsen

    Content was lacking

    This seemed more like a bunch of random websites than a methodology. I walked away with a few thoughts, but was left wanting some substance. I would suggest you don't spend your money on this.

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