Legacy Leader Blueprint
4.8 (4 ratings)
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Legacy Leader Blueprint

Experience complete turnarounds in your personal and professional life through simple leadership strategies.
4.8 (4 ratings)
Instead of using a simple lifetime average, Udemy calculates a course's star rating by considering a number of different factors such as the number of ratings, the age of ratings, and the likelihood of fraudulent ratings.
21 students enrolled
Created by Richard Rierson
Last updated 5/2015
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What Will I Learn?
  • Gain genuine influence, loyalty, and respect from those around you.
  • Advance your position in any organization.
  • Learn practical but powerful leadership skills that will produce a lifetime of significance & purpose.
  • Learn the step-by-step path to developing yourself & Transformational Leadership that will allow you to lead others to high levels of success.
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  • Bring an open mind and a willingness to "opt-in" to the leadership journey.
  • The situation you find yourself in right now is a perfect opportunity for leadership development & growth.

Most people view leadership as simply an opportunity to make others follow you blindly or without question, no matter the goal or task.

This belief allows people to falsely believe that leadership is about the leader, and not about those being led.

Not fully understanding what leadership is we naively put too much emphasis on what the leader cares about, and doing only what the leader says.

This is the very root of bad leadership.

Real, effective, common-sense based leadership is never about the leader at all!

A real leader pours him/herself into the people they lead & adds real value to their lives as much as possible.

It's all about the people being led, not the leader.

The Legacy Leader Blueprint is a course that lays the groundwork for a lifetime of transformative common-sense leadership; A leadership philosophy that allows everyday people to create:

  • More leaders
  • More opportunities for others success
  • More solutions & creative free thinking
  • A life of significance & purpose leading to more time & economic freedom

We've all experienced ineffective leadership in our lives. Think of a time in your life when someone was put into a leadership position but they were not ready for it.

This course highlights why this is such common problem and how we can break through this misconception, begin a lifetime journey of significant growth, & start producing dramatic results.

It's all about learning how to be Calm, Confident, Consistent, & Courageous in every aspect of your life.

By the end of this course you will understand Transformative Leadership which leads to the following benefits:

  • A more fulfilling personal life
  • Unlimited business growth
  • Higher team performance
  • Increase sales & customer satisfaction
  • Genuine loyalty & commitment
  • Increased initiative, accountability, & motivation
  • The potential to make a significant dent in your universe
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone looking to drastically change their mindset on leadership.
  • People who have never considered themselves a leader but have the desire and willingness to learn how to lead.
  • Leaders who are looking for a roadmap to increase their leadership presence & influence.
  • Anyone who is tired of living in mediocrity & is ready to transform their lives into one of significance & purpose.
  • This is NOT a course in management theory but rather a blueprint for starting the lifelong leadership journey with intention & focus.
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Curriculum For This Course
20 Lectures
Leadership Foundations
5 Lectures 51:54

Answering one of the most asked questions when it comes to leadership. We examine what leadership is, and most importantly, what it isn't….

This lesson exams the critical foundations of leadership that will allow you to completely sidestep negative results & avoid the mistakes many others have made.

It's less about "talent" & "charsisma" and all about adding value to other peoples lives.

How well you lead will determine how successful you will become.

Preview 12:44

A detailed examination of the differences between Leadership & Management.

You will learn that it's not a matter of Leadership Vs. Management but that the two go hand in hand.

You cannot be a great leader unless you are an effective manager.

You will also learn the 5-Levels of Leadership and how effective management can help you advance to the next level.

Leadership vs Management

Tackles four common myths about leadership that may be holding you back in your leadership development.

The four myths covered in this lesson are:

  1. Leadership is about Position & Title
  2. Leadership is about Charisma & Personality
  3. Leaders must have all the answers
  4. Leaders are born, not made
Debunking Myths of Leadership

Increasing Your Leadership Influence

In this lesson we explore one of the fundamental & foundational concepts of leadership.

Setting the example is being fully intentional & aware of how you are being perceived by others; because the unfortunate fact of life is that "perception is reality".

Understanding that as a leader you are constantly on stage and that you are a role model.

Setting the Example
Leading Yourself
5 Lectures 52:34

Confidence is the cornerstone of leadership. It is the foundation to your natural charisma.

The question is how do you become confident; especially in new situations when your knowledge & experience is limited.

This video shows how we need to focus on "need to know" items only to set a baseline level of confidence; and how we need to stop "worrying about being wrong".

This lesson also highlights the top three "confidence killers" and what we can do to combat them.

Preview 11:28

We all have limiting beliefs. The exceptional leader recognizes this and dedicates his/her life to learning how to squash negative self-talk, doubt, & fear.

This lesson talks about four questions to ask yourself in determining if a belief is a "limiting" or "empowering" belief.

All of us as leaders have all we need already to become exceptional leaders; it's just a matter of intentionally "slaying the dragon" on a consistent basis.

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

As leaders we must consistently fight against a negative self-image.

The reality is that we limit our leadership potential if we have a negative inner-core; you cannot outperform your own self-image.

This lessons explores six-steps we can take to improve our self-image; to include:

  1. Eliminating negative self-talk
  2. Avoid comparison
  3. Deliver tremendous value to others
  4. Build your character blocks
  5. Do something that scares you
  6. Begin disciplined habits
Building Your Self-Image

This lessons focuses on "knowing yourself & seeking self-improvement".

You can't effectively begin to lead others until you truly know who you are and where you going.

This lesson highlights five intentional steps you can take to become deliberate in your improvement process:

  1. Get an honest leadership assessment of yourself.
  2. Get an honest assessment from your peers.
  3. Devlop a strong interest in people.
  4. Surrond yourself with better leaders.
  5. Become a master at speaking & writing
Intentional Introspection

Success in leadership depends on developing consistent daily habits.

You will never change your life until you begin to change how you do things on a daily basis.

You must ensure that you completely understand who you are and what areas of leadership you need to work on. In additon you need to be sure that what you are working on is connected to your purpose and "big why".

This will allow you to sustain yourself during the ineveitiable tedious & difficult aspects of your journey.

Disciplined Consistency
Leading Others
5 Lectures 55:27

Empowerment is where the leadership rubber meets the road.

Without empowerment people & organizations cannot reach their full potential.

When you can't / won't empower people you introduce barriers to your organization that stifle potential & growth. You keep these barriers in place long enough, your people will eventually give up.

At the root of all non-empowerement is a level of insecurity.

If you find yourself hoarding your power; if you truly don't value your people, then a fundamental paradigm shift is in order.

The more power & authority you give away, the more valuable you become.

Preview 09:22

Without trust you don't have leadership; you need to learn how to extend trust to yourself and others.

Your character is what communicates your leadership.

When trust is gone, everything falls back.

In this lesson you will learn how:

  1. Trust is created through Character, Compentence, & Connection
  2. How to truly extend trust
  3. Why restoring broken trust is so valuable
Instilling Trust & Confidence

This lesson explores how we can create an environment where our people fee free to take the initiative; to ask for forgiveness instead of permission.

It all begins with us, building upon the previous lessons on Empowerment & Trust, this lesson explains that we can take it to the next level by:

  1. Promoting Decentralized Decision Making
  2. Rejeciting a "Zero Defects" Mentality
  3. Promoting a 75% Solution to Decsion Making
  4. Focusing on "Intent" - the "What" & "Why"
Fostering Initiative & Assertiveness

Knowing your place as a leader has little, if anything, to do with where you reside in an organizational chart.

Instead it has everything to do with fully understanding what you can affect in your current situation as a leader; and consequently putting all of your energy and focus on where you can be the most effective.

As leaders we pride ourselves on seeing the big picture and providing big solutions; but you have to be honest and humble about what you can affect in any given situation. Focusing too much on the large victory, the overwhelming situations, and the frustrating circumstances takes precious time and energy on what we can truly affect.

Knowing Your Place

Accountability & Responsibility.

People often use these terms interchangeably; often believing that they mean the same thing.

If you are interested in dipping your foot into the leadership pool, you must understand that there is a subtle but very powerful difference between accountability and responsibility.

As a leader you must understand that you can delegate responsibility to numerous individuals all day long; but only one person can be held accountable.

If you want to consider yourself a true leader, be prepared to have the courage to do what's right regardless of the consequences.

Remember that you delegate responsibility and hold accountability.

Accepting Accountability
Transformational Leadership
5 Lectures 59:10

What do you think of when you hear the word courageous?

I used to think it meant to be "fearless"; when in reality being courageous actually means being afraid but doing the right thing anyway.

Your life will grow or shrink in direct proportion to the amount of courage that you choose.

The bottom line is that you will be afraid; fear and uncertainy never goes away. If we can learn to get used to this reality, and work through the fear, something remarkable will happen on the other side.

Leadership is courage in action and it is the virtue that is needed to enable us to declare that "I was here, and I made a difference."

Preview 11:21

Making "Sound & Timely" decisions is the hallmark of a transformative leader.

Timeliness is actually just as important, if not more important, than making sound decisions.

It is much more advantageous to learn how to make rapid, sometimes inferior, decisions than it is to make "perfect" decsions too late.

Even though we are taught to make decsions in an "analytical" fashion, 90% of the time we make our decsions intuitively. As leaders we need to take advantage of this truth and learn how to make rapid decisions under stressful situations.

To enhance rapid decision making we can study the OODA loop theory devised from USAF fighter pilot tactics from the Korean War.

OODA stands for Observation, Orientation, Decsion, & Action


There can be nothing more frustrating than working in an enviroment where you report to ineffective leadership.

As transformational leaders we need to learn how to effectively deal with this all too common challenge.

We really have two choices: we can find a new job or choose to stick with it and try to make a difference.

It's important to realize that our job isn't to "fix" the ineffective leader; rather it's our obligation to focus on adding value to the organization & the ineffective leader.

Steps we can take to improve the situation include:

  1. Develop a professional relationship with the ineffective leader
  2. Determine this leader's strengths
  3. Leverage this leader's stregths
  4. Complement this leader's weaknesses
  5. Share leadership resources
  6. Affirm this leader publicly
Succeeding Under Poor Leadership

Leaders are made or broken during a crisis.

To be a transformational leader you must learn how to compartmentialize and be the calm force in turbulent times.

"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.." as Publilus Syrus said centuries ago; it's so true. Leadership is easy when everything is going our way.

But the whole purpose of leadership is to take advantage of opportunities and set the example when things aren't so great.

The reality is we will all be tested; and at times severely, during our lifetime. You will utilize skills and tactics that you rarely use when faced with a crisis.

The good news is that compartmentalization is a choice and a skill that can be honed.

Leading in a Crisis

Rules can be a good thing. We need them in our society for order, civility, and safety.

In the aviation community, pilots literally live and die by them. It's been said that a pilot's Flight Manual (rule book) is written in blood; you don't follow what's in the rule book, bad things can and will happen.

However, there is never a substitute for common sense & sound judgment.

In this lesson episode we explore:

  1. That rules are necessary, and can be a good thing.
  2. However, there may be times that doing the right thing is in direct violation to the rule, regulation, process or law.
  3. As leaders we need to be prepared to have the courage to always do the right thing.
  4. No rule, regulation, or rule can cover every possible contingency.

Too often we focus on being effective managers and making sure that all of our rules and processes are followed to the letter; sometimes at the expense of common sense.

As leaders we have to keep our eyes on the big picture and realize that rules are man-made and can't deal with every possible contingency.

Leaders realize that rules and process are required, important and necessary; but leaders also realize that doing what is right sometimes is in direct conflict with what the rule book dictates.

Leaders understand there is no substitute for common sense and sound judgement.

Battling Bureaucracy
About the Instructor
Richard Rierson
4.8 Average rating
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21 Students
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Executive Leadership Coach & Host of Dose of Leadership Radio

Richard Rierson is a husband, father of four daughters, & John Maxwell Certified leadership coach, trainer, & speaker.

He loves helping professionals & organizations develop an authentic leadership presence, crush limiting beliefs, & overcome mediocrity.

He's the host of the top ranked business Podcast & radio show "Dose of Leadership", a show of inspiring interviews with high quality leaders such as Steve Forbes, Barbara Corcoran, Fred Smith, Bob Lutz, Stephen M.R. Covey, Jim Kouzes, David Allen just to name a few. The podcast has been downloaded in over 145 countries across the globe & ranked by Fortune as a Top Business Podcast.

Richard additionally serves as a pilot at Bombardier Aerospace and has previously held multiple leadership positions at the Vice President & Director level for Bombardier, Value Place Hotels, and The Hayes Company.

Richard served ten years active duty as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps and ten years part-time with the Kansas Air National Guard & Air Force Reserve. He has accumulated over 6,500 flight hours as Captain/Aircraft Commander in multiple types of aircraft.

Richard is a born & bred Wichita, KS native and received his BS of Computer Science from Wichita State University in 1991. He is also a 2007 recipient of the Wichita Business Journal's annual 40-Under-40 award.