Learn like a Superhero, Think like a Supervillain.

Accelerated Learning, Creative Thinking and NLP. Helping you to achieve your Superhuman potential.
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About This Course

Published 11/2013 English

Course Description

This course is designed to give you an introduction to your personal talents and potential. Learn Like a Superhero introduces you to the way you learn as an individual with Accelerated Learning. SHowing you the best ways to approach any projects more effectively. From completing Accredited and Non Accredited Training to remembering more and reading more effectively.

Think like a Supervillain shows you how you can tap into your creativity in ways you had never previously imagined. WIth techniques taken from geniuses thinkers and artists that have helped shape the world we live in today.

Along the way you will also pick up a couple of NLP skills to help you continue your life in a more successful and manageable way.

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness to learn
  • A commitment to better yourself
  • The desire to earn more and be happier

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn Faster
  • Remember More
  • Think Faster
  • Create Fantastically
  • Become More Confident about you abilities
  • Access your brains superhuman potential

Who is the target audience?

  • You are

What you get with this course?

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30 day money back guarantee.

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Section 1: Learn Like a Superhero

Your first lecture on the path to becoming a superhuman learner, giving you a simple and understandable introduction into Accelerated Learning.


Do you remember when you learned at your best? Was it last week, last year, when you were at school? This lecture will give you a brief run through of your abilities and how to reawaken your learning potential.


All of us will go through the same essential stages in every learning process, whether we are aware of them or not. This lecture will show you the 4 stages so that you can take control and learn more successfully.

Section 2: Multiple Intelligence

How intelligent do you consider yourself to be? The chances are you are vastly underestimating you true abilities. You may not have known this but all of us have multiple intelligences which means different strengths. When you understand your strengths you can then begin building a superhuman learning program.


Our multiple intelligences are currently agreed at 10. We each have our strengths and weaknesses. What matters is how we use them to our advantage. This lecture will show you how to start.


Multiple Intelligence - Linguistic. Probably the most well know of the ten, put simply how good are you with words?


Multiple Intelligence - Logical / Mathematical. When it comes to numbers and problem solving how would you rate yourself? Are you a human calculator and a Sudoku demon or do numbers leave you cold and confused?


Multiple Intelligence - Artistic / Visual. What do you think about art? Is it important to you or just something people waste money on? What impact does imagery have on you, can you read maps and instructions?


Multiple Intelligence - Musical. Does music make your world go around and if so does this make you more intelligent, find out here.


Multiple Intelligence - Interpersonal. Are you a people person who loves being part of a team? If so I bet you never thought all of this socialising made you more intelligent did you?


Multiple Intelligence - Intrapersonal. If you would rather sit down with a good book then mix with people guess what could be one of your strengths as well. This lecture will show you how you privacy can be a unique strength in your super learning arsenal.


Multiple Intelligence - Physical / Kinaesthetic. Sometime just getting stuck in is the only way to learn isn't it. If that sounds like you then you never know you may just be a physical / kinaesthetic learner.


Multiple Intelligences - Naturalistic. I have some of my best ideas when walking my dog, this give me a Naturalistic learning strengths what other ways can nature impact on our ability to learn? This lecture will give you a few examples.


Multiple Intelligence - Emotional. Attaching emotion to something is one of the best ways to remember something. Emotions should not be bottled up they should be embraced, if you don't you could be missing out on one of your key learning abilities.


Multiple Intelligence - Existential. Have you ever looked up into the sky and asked "Where did we all come from?". If you have chances are you are an existential learning a great strength as you always have a question. Want to know more? Then watch this lecture for some answers.


Once you have learned a little about how you can be far more intelligent than you previously imagined. This simple test will help you to discover your top 3 intelligences so you can start exercising your strengths and building up any weaknesses, to become a truly rounded learner.


If you are completing this course via an App then you may not have been able to view the Multiple Intelligences test. This is an alternate walkthrough to ensure that you are able to complete the exercise


Now you have completed your test and discovered your potential, this lecture will give you a few ways to take advantage of your strengths and build upon your weaknesses. Here you will find a couple of dozen ideas that you can implement pretty much straight away into your learning regime.

Section 3: MASTER your Mind

In addition to this technique being a fantastic approach to learning anything. It can also be used as a fantastic project management tool and motivational exercise. This is one of the techniques that I genuinely use on everything that I do. in the next few videos you will learn how to really become a MASTER at anything.


Motivation is a key first step in any project. If you start off with the wrong intention you are only setting yourself up to fail. This lecture show you how to quickly establish the right motivation for any learning project.


We are spoiled for choice about where we can learn today. Discovering the right way of Acquire the information is what this lecture is all about.


Do not get Search mixed up with Acquire. This video will show you what makes the difference between knowing something and becoming an expert in something. You can trust me I am an expert and I will show you how here.


In our lifetime we will literally learn millions of facts and figures. Just how can you be expected to remember all of them. Well it's not easy but with triggers this will show you how to remember what really matters.


A little diversion into Neuro Linguistic Programming here. It shares a few ideologies and techniques with Accelerated Learning and I will share with you one of the simplest and most well known.


If you carry this out along with the video you will not be disappointed. Anchoring is one of the quickest techniques you can learn and it can be used with almost everything from learning to boosting confidence to relaxation. If you like it let me know maybe I will add a couple more techniques for you to try.


Exhibiting is all about showing the world what you know, whether you do it on line in the flesh or in the mirror. As long as you take the time to practice and share what you know.


Once you have completed any learning activity in fact any activity at all you need to look back and reflect. this lecture will show you what to look out for and make the most of that time.

Section 4: Memory Skills

Even the smartest of us could do with a few pointers in remembering effectively. This section is all about memory and by the end you should with practice be able to use yours more effectively. Be prepared thought these techniques while easy to learn take effort to master. These techniques are similar to those used by world memory champions so you can if you want develop them as far as you want to.


If the first thing you think about when you see this title is a famous boxer then you are already halfway there to learning this technique. Watch the lecture to find out how to get the rest of the way.


Memory skills are great to build this one will show you how easily you can remember 10 great scientists from the 20th Century. I had no knowledge of half of these scientist when I found this list but when I put them through this technique I can now remember who they are and what they did quickly and you can too.


This technique is rumoured to be thousands of years old and it still works today. In only 12 minutes you are going to learn one of the easiest and most memorable ways of remembering around.


In Accelerated Learning we do not expect you to become experts instantly in fact we encourage repetition and practice, but managed the right way. This is your chance to quickly refresh on the Scientists Journey. I would recommend you rematch this video at least a couple of times the first week after learning and then revisit every few weeks until you know them all off by heart.


Congratulations you can now remember 10 scientists you can now achieve anything. Well that may not be true but there are multiple other uses for the Journey method and here are just a few.


Similar to the Journey method this is a great simple and in fact even faster way of remembering a list of items. In this instance items that are good for your brain when you eat them. The PEG system is a fast system that anyone can master in literally minutes.


Apart from hanging up your washing what else are pegs good for, here are a couple of examples.


I can already hear some of you saying "I don't just want to remember lists". This is why this lecture will give you some of my personal approaches to remembering things. If you use them all and the PEG and Journey you will be well on your way to a superhuman memory.

Section 5: Power Reading not Speed Reading

Have you ever really tried speed reading? How did you get on? Power reading is an alternative approach to speed reading focussing more on reading more effectively rather than just faster. Some of the following techniques were my introduction to Accelerated Learning and I have been honestly using them for almost ten years now. Try them all out I am sure you will find at least one that works for you.


As an introduction to Power Reading I am going to take you through a simple 5 step process. When you are ready we will begin.


As you will have seen in the MASTER motivation is vital. Reading isn't always fun so finding the right motivation will help you find the resources and energy to complete the exercise the right way first time.


We all have our particular approach to reading that we do not even think about "Unconscious Competence" if you will. This section is simply about having a look at what and how you currently read and thinking for a moment about how effective it is for you.


Now you have looked at the way you read, it's useful to understand the process behind that. This video should hopefully give you a little insight into how you can improve your reading.


Some of you may think that parts of this section may talk down to you, they don't. Sometimes in life we have to go right back to the beginning and correct what we have done wrong as well as learn what we have been doing right all these years and build upon it.


The final step in Power Reading for now and if you practice every step and begin incorporating what you have learned, you may not instantly read twice as fast. However what you will find is you read more effectively and in time you will read faster whether you read twice as fast is all about how motivated you are and how much effort you choose to put in, it is possible though.

Section 6: Think Like a Supervillain - Creative Thinking

This half of the course is going to show you how to come up with truly innovative ideas as well as amazing fresh approaches to problem solving. So if you are ready to start Thinking Like a Supervillain, jump on in.


It is very common for people to get Creativity and Talent mixed up and even think that they must go together. This lecture will give you a little run down on your possibilities.


A simple and fun start to creative thinking. These questions can be answered multiple ways but they do require a little lateral thinking. See how many you can get right.


What could you really do with Creative Thinking? This next section will show you a couple of amazing approaches to new product development that you never know could lead to your million pound idea.

Section 7: The Idea Box

I have only just been informed of a problem with the video with lecture 48. Until I am able to fully correct this issue this is a presentation I gave with my former business Clear Futures Group. It covers pretty much the same as the video for lecture 48 you just have to suffer looking at me while you learn it. One other thing I have to apologise for the poor sound quality, the air conditioning was up full and no one in the building had any clue as to how to shut it down.


Once you have completed your first idea box for drawing it is easy to think that all it is good for is creative artistic projects. As with every other approach to thinking there are always easy it can be incorporated into a business development way. This lecture will show you how you could incorporate an idea box into expanding your business or inventing the next big thing.


Now that I have shown you two really fantastic uses for the idea box, it's really time for you to get used to creating your own. This lecture will just take you through the very simple steps you need to follow to start your own.

Section 8: SCAMPER - New Product Development

This techniques is an almost perfect selection of questions to ask yourself when you begin any project. Each section can be useful on it's own but when you add two together you start to begin to see true opportunities and when you complete all 7 sections you will often find you are left with a really incredible new innovation.

What can you think of to run a SCAMPER through?


The first step in your SCAMPER will be to discover just what can be substituted in your product, process or idea.


The second step is to look at what things can be brought together and combined. Just think about a swiss army knife for example, some of those are ridiculous in size now that they have combined nearly everything into a pocket knife (you just need really big pockets).


Third is looking at what sometimes simple Adaptions can be made to change the idea completely. Sometimes it is the smallest changes that make all of the difference.


Now we look at Modify also know as Magnify and Minimise. Just changing the size makes all the difference, think about you mobile phone and your TV how would you get on with those twice the size of half the size?


What else can you use this for? Often products and services get missed because we believe they can only be used for one thing. Vinegar and lemon juice make great window cleaners, sometimes a little experimentation pays off.


Eliminate is all about getting rid of what doesn't work. Sometimes it can just be too old or cumbersome sometimes it could be a character in a story you are writing. Eliminating in a SCAMPER helps make the process easier by putting it all into perspective.


When we look in a mirror everything looks the same yet slightly different. This is the same when we take a different perspective to what we are working on. Try turning it upside down, inside out on it's side, see what works for you.


The Idea Box and SCAMPER are fantastic for developing new ideas, but creative thinking is so much more than that. Problem Solving is something we have to do everyday in one form or another applying a little creativity to that activity can make the old new, the boring fresh and may even help you overcome that barrier that has been standing in your way for years.

Section 9: Think Like a Genius

What are the other possibilities with Creative Thinking? The rest of this course will show you some of my favourite ways to come up with solutions to problems you may not even be aware of, yet.


To begin with lets just think for a moment about what genius means to us. Do you have a friend that you consider to be a genius or do you hold scientists or musicians us as genius creators? We all have people we aspire to that we look up to, just what is it that makes these people so special?


I believe that genius is simply a state of mind and the right motivation. We can all achieve incredible things if we just put the effort in. This lecture will introduce you to your state of mind and the most effective ways of thinking.

Section 10: Daydream Creativity

When do you come up with you best ideas? When you are active or when you are relaxed?

This lecture will begin your journey into achieving a creative state of mind fast.


Do you have any idea what effects daydreams have had on our evolution. Science is often built upon the work influenced by daydreaming.


One of the greatest Surrealists Salvador Dali had a great technique of achieving an incredible daydream creative state that I will take you through.


Before you begin the Daydream exercise there are a couple of steps that I would like you to prepare for.


Now just get yourself comfortable and prepare to let yourself just relax into your own daydream world, enjoy.

Section 11: Create like a Zen Master

Now you know the power of daydreaming you can begin to harness it's opportunities with creating your own powerful visualisations to help you remain motivated and prepared. Just like Nikola Tesla and Jensen Button.


Whatever your opinion of Apple products you have to admit they have pretty much changed the face of modern computing and communication over the past few years. From the iMac, the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone the company has gone from the edge of despair to becoming one of the most cash rich in the world. A lot of people put that down to the attitude and genius of just one man Steve Jobs. This section introduces you to an approach he may have take whether consciously or not.


The first step in becoming a ZEN creative master is to just learn that opposites should attract for a reason.


How simple would you say your life is right now. We often overcomplicate things by bringing along pre-conceived ideas. What do you think would happen if we just always started from a blank canvas>


Imagine you are riding on a hot air ballon and it is going down, you need to get rid of your possessions one by one until you can stabilise the weight and fly once more. What is holding you back that you can simply discard right now?


Whatever way you look at it we are all responsible for ourselves, some of us will genuinely get lucky and jump a couple of steps ahead. You are the only person than can help you to achieve your goals, so just how can Self Reliance really be a creative thinking breakthrough?

Section 12: Conclusion - Where next?

Congratulations you have completed the "Learn Like a Superhero" course. You are now ready to take the bull by the horns and start learning and creating in truly mind blowing ways.

I hope you have enjoyed the course and I would encourage you to repeat at least the sections you enjoyed at least once more maybe in a couple of months just to help that knowledge become long term memory.

If you have any questions or want more information on a section just get in touch.

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Instructor Biography

Ian Gilbert, Marketer, Writer, Creative Thinker, Coach.

By day I am a professional marketer incorporating more than 10 years of experience in a full mix of both on and offline approaches to marketing. By night I become my Personal Development persona dedicated to helping people to achieve their potential through sharing my discoveries and experiences as a trainer and a coach.

Therefore I have two main approaches - 'Mythical Marketing', all about incorporating the old and the new approaches to creating great Marketing Messages and helping businesses to grow.

Then there is 'Learn Like a Superhero' with two books already available on Amazon focusing on Accelerated Learning, Creative Thinking and Personal Development.

With more planned throughout the year, stay tuned to see what is coming next.

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